Dad Etc

by Gandalf564

Copyright┬ę 2015 by Gandalf564

Incest Sex Story: Youth explores sexuality with his brother and neighbour, and later his Dad

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Rape   Gay   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Father   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .


Chapter 1: Discoveries

Have you ever wondered about your sexual origins? If I were to be honest with myself, I would admit I'm gay, or at the very least Bi-sexual. From a very early age, I can recall having sexual thoughts about men. In a young person this can be possibly explained away by raging hormones, confusion about pre-pubescence, chemical imbalances, ad-infinitum.

Yeah, yeah, that's great in a teenager. I'm talking about when I was nine. I guess I was developing early, like masturbation at this age, with success! Boy! That was a great time for me. Well, sort of. Mum and Dad split up when I was nine, and that was pretty ordinary. In fact it was bloody frightening!! Their rows were loud and violent, with Mum coming off second best. My brother and I often were victims of Dad's temper, and sought solace in each other's company. We often masturbated together for if nothing else, something to do that was ours alone.

One day, just after my 14th birthday Jake suggested we play strip poker. I eagerly agreed, as I enjoyed seeing him naked. The only problem was, that I didn't know how to play cards all that well, and often lost the hand, and ended up naked far quicker than Jake. Sometimes I suspect Jake let me win, sort of teasing me with a glimpse here and there of his older and more developed body. I could barely contain myself if I won a hand. A few times I actually got Jake naked, which was a massive rush for me, I couldn't help myself, and grabbed his large cock in my fist and started to stroke

it gently back and forth. It wasn't long before a huge white jet of cum exploded from Jake's cock and hit me in the face, temporarily blinding me with its intensity. Several more spurts covered my hands and wrists, until I looked like a melting dish of ice-cream.

At first, I was a bit worried, and thought I had hurt Jake, judging from the moans, and the amount of cum everywhere. Jake closed his eyes and said he needed to rest for a while. I was crestfallen, and slowly got dressed again, not really noticing the mess on my hands and face. I wandered out of our room, and looked out the front door into the neighbour's flat across the hall.

Heather was in her kitchen, bending over the baby's crib, tucking Sissy in for her morning nap after feeding. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first, but I instinctively got a hard-on. Heather was partially deaf, and so didn't hear me gasp at seeing her naked behind peeking out from under her mini-skirt. Brett however, did hear me, and happily ran to the door shouting my name. Heather heard Brett's happy cries and turned to see me standing in our doorway with my shorts around my knees masturbating at my private peepshow.

Because of Heather's partial deafness, she spoke with a dull droning voice which didn't carry well, but I heard her distinctly say "Oh my God".

Brian, Heather's husband must also have heard her, and stepped out from behind the front door. I was caught! I had gone too far to stop and shot a load of cum on the lino near the door, and quickly fled to the bedroom to Jake's protection. At this point in time, Jake was still naked and I had my shorts around my ankles feeling terrified, bum in the air trying to crawl under Jake to hide. Brian burst into the room looking for justice. What he saw could have been laughable, and in fact must have been, because he laughed.

I turned and looked straight at him, and grinned self-consciously, embarrassed, but still turned on by what I had seen, my young cock still rampant and standing proud. I quickly moved to cover my nudity, but Brian merely smiled more broadly and said "too late now mate, I've seen it already"

I reluctantly let my hands drop, and stood up from the bed where Jake was watching Brian.

"So what are you going to do Brian?" I asked much more bravely than I felt.

"well, I was going to fuck my wife, but I might do that to you now Michael" he replied as he undid his trousers, letting them drop to the floor. "Wow! That's some cock you have there Brian," I gasped at last.

"But how will you fuck me? I don't have a cunt."

"Come here" he commanded, "I'll show you how" By this time, Jake had realized what was happening and got off the bed and stood between us.

"You ain't fuckin' my little brother Brian" he snarled

Brian smiled again and said " yeah, I am and you too if you want"

"Is this gonna hurt Jake?" I asked, completely terrified by Jake's change in demeanor. "Not if he's careful bro" "So you're gonna let him fuck me then?" "Yeah, but I'm gonna fuck him at the same time, either that or his wife"

"Hey now, wait a minute!" protested Brian

"Listen Brian, I'm gonna fuck you or Heather if you fuck Michael. That's how it is".

I was astounded at Jake's aggressiveness, and his amazing cock, standing proudly out in front. Jake left the room, only to return moments later with the jar of Vaseline from the bathroom cupboard.

"Do it right mate, and don't hurt him OK?" Jake stipulated as he hand over the jar. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Jake was selling me to Brian for the sake of a wank!

"Help me Jake" I pleaded.

"I am Mick" Jake answered

It was then that I realized Jake's cock was bigger than Brian's, and I knew what was coming after this event.

I surrendered myself to the situation and allowed Brian to paw me and slobber over my pre-pubescent body.

I only had a few wispy pubic hairs, and none on my asshole, so Brian quickly went to work with his tongue, licking and prying into the intimate reaches of my youthful sex, arousing the internal fires and bringing a whole new dimension to what I understood as sex.

Meanwhile, Jake was licking and sucking on Brian's cock and balls, rimming his asshole with his fevered tongue. I was helpless in the grip of ecstasy, and tried to maintain my sanity as Brian ministered my nether regions. Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet slide into my ass. It felt really good, so I groaned with pleasure. "Did I hurt you Michael?" Brian asked solicitously. "Aaaah fuck no, keep going Brian" I managed to say.

Brian kept going, and I thought I would lose my mind. Then, the game changed. Brian smeared Vaseline on his fingers and pushed two fingers up my ass. I felt a bit of pain at first, but as he worked the fingers in and out a few times I started to relax. Brian upped the ante with three, and then four fingers, working them in and out. Jake could see I was ready, and leaned forward over Brian and asked, "ready?" I just nodded.

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