Turned on Its Head

by Matt2670

Copyright© 2015 by Matt2670

Incest Sex Story: The following story is a fictionalized account of my attempted revenge on my cousin Ricky's father, an event that wasn't detailed in Riding The Rambone, a somewhat exaggerated autobiographical account of my emo twink existence since age fourteen. My usual total failure, hence the title.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   Fiction   Humor   Incest   Cousins   Uncle   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   .

My previous posting, Riding The Rambone, was a somewhat exaggerated autobiographical account of my emo twink existence since age fourteen. The following story is a fictionalized account of my attempted revenge on my cousin Ricky's father, an event that wasn't detailed in Riding The Rambone. Even so, one of SOL's guidelines is a minimum age of fourteen for any character engaging in sex, or any other type of erotic activity, including nudity or masturbation. (From their guidelines page.) That in mind, every character in this story is fourteen or older.

No worry about me. I'm nineteen in the story (21 in real life), and Ricky is fourteen. His sister is sixteen, but she has no role, significant or otherwise. He is my cousin in the story, though I have no cousin named Ricky in real life. I've sucked one of my cousins, but he is not Ricky's role model. I modeled Ricky on myself, so I could be auto-fellating myself in the story, LOL. Follows, the story.

I was nineteen. Ricky was five years younger. I was queer, queer as you get. I'm what gays call an emo twink. Ricky was straight, and almost fifteen. He had sucked me, experimentally, just a little bit.

"I thought you'd be bigger," he said thoughtlessly.

"I'm bigger than you are, dude."

"Not by much," he pointed out.

That was true. "Big enough, though."

"For what?" he asked, appearing honestly puzzled. I put him on his hands and knees on the bed, and fucked his ass.



"Does this mean I'm gay?" he asked.

I patted his rear end and told him no. This was after I came in his ass and he was face down now, my hand on his bottom. "It only means you had sex with your cousin."

"I feel kinda gay," he said. "You came in my ass."

"I coulda come in your mouth," I pointed out.

"Ewwwww!" He shuddered squeamishly. "Do you really do that?"

"It's not as unhygienic as you think," I said. "They're your bugs--" I patted his bottom again. "--so they aren't really harmful to you. That's what I read, anyway."

He still looked revolted. "You do that?"

"Does that bother you?"

He grimaced. "Eww ... yuck." Then he looked thoughtful. "You just fucked my butt, and I sucked your dick."

"Just a little bit," I reminded him.

"I still did it. I can't believe you came in my ass. I won't get pregnant, will I?"

I turned him over and fondled his testicles. He got a real hard-on. He liked being touched.

"Wanna kiss me?" I asked.

He shivered and broke out in gooseflesh all over. "No."

I kissed him anyway, without much resistance, and showed him how to french kiss. It got really intense for a time.

"Will you fuck me again?" he whispered.

I fucked him again, this time on his back at the edge of the mattress, holding his ankles. I put my 5-1/2" to work. He got off on it, breathing laboriously and fingering his penis. I had him count as I slowly fucked him. He liked that too.

"Shouldn't you use a condom?"

"Do you have one?" I asked.

"Maybe Mom does. We could look in her room?"

"Ricky ... I already came in your ass. Horse is kinda out of the barn, kid."

He looked puzzled again.

"Never mind."

I was tickled by his slender, 5" long cock. I really liked sucking it. A boy's cock is the best.

I was babysitting tonight. Well, staying over with Ricky, as a houseguest. It was after eleven, so phone calls were done with. I had him to myself all weekend, until Sunday night. What a sweet deal.

"How many times?" I asked.

"Oh. I stopped counting. Was I supposed to keep counting?"

"One hundred and fifty-six," I recited. "One hundred and fifty-seven. One hundred and fifty-eight..." He started counting again.

"I like your cock up my ass," he confessed. "I liked it when you came in me too. I want to suck your cock some more. Later!" he amended quickly, reddening. "I'm getting sore though. Could you lube me some, Matthew?"

I grinned at him, and kept sliding my cock slowly in and out of his ass. He was counting the insertions and deletions on his fingers, one at a time, keeping track.

"Two hundred," I said, pressing into him deeply as I could. I needed a bigger cock. He shivered like I had one. He reached two hundred, and I stopped.

"You don't want to pull out?" he guessed.

"Fuck no. I love your tight ass. Actually, I love your super tight asshole and the incredible feel of your fourteen-year-olds rectum. I wish I was long enough to fill it up," I apologized. "I would really like to see you moan when I bottomed out."

I held still in his ass. He tightened various muscle groups to squeeze my penis, which I liked. I wanted to suck him, but couldn't get to it without pulling out. And just like that, I exploded in orgasm and spurted hot jism into his bottom. He moaned, tightened all over, arched his back and enjoyed the onrush of hot semen. My cock is small, but I make up for it with massive ejaculations. I just came and came and came. Finally, it ended.

"Wow," he sighed. "That was so effing crazy. How much did you put inside me that time?"

"About a quart," I guessed. "It felt like--"

"A gallon!" he enthused. "You came and you came and you came!" He sighed so contentedly; I had to grin.

"Sorry for making you raw. That's how it goes, you know. Boys always get raw, even with lubricant."

That wasn't true, but I didn't want him thinking badly of me, because I didn't want to leave his ass, even to lube it. My cock loved it in there. I wished I hadn't come.

Sighing, I eased out and helped him sit up. He looked at me wild-eyed as I guided his mouth to my softening penis and put it in. He shivered violently but closed his lips around it and began to suck. Good boy ... your first A2M.

My first A2M came at the cock of another boy, named Michael. I was--crap, fourteen years old--and he was house sitting with me, over the weekend while my parents were away. He fucked my ass, and then introduced me to A2M. David though, Ricky's father, taught me to like and look forwarded to it. I wondered if he suspected what I'd do to his son tonight, what I had planned for the weekend. I loved Ricky, but planned to turn him utterly queer. Like his dad did to me.

"This is gross," he complained, shivering. "I can taste myself, yuck, and you too, I think," he said, shamefaced. "It's pretty yucky, too. Do you swallow cum?" he asked.

"All the time. It's pretty yucky, but swallowing is part of the job. You get used to it," I assured him. I released his head and waited expectantly.

"You want me to suck it more?" Without waiting, he leaned in and reconnected his mouth to my cock, looking up as he sucked. I was beginning to harden again, pretty impressively too. His age, I imagine.

He was close to his fifteenth birthday, but I had caught him at fourteen, just how I'd wanted. I'd never expected to catch him at all. It was a dream, come true. His father must be a crack-head, I thought. He had to know I'd do this. Maybe, he wanted me to.

"Hands on your knees," I said, "and close your eyes."


"Because I'm fucking your mouth. You'll like it better being totally submissive while I do it. You're a twink now, like me. Twinks love being submissive and having their mouths fucked. I'll be gentle with you; don't worry. I'm a twink too."

He smiled uncertainly, and closed his eyes. I began to slow-fuck his mouth, gentle, as promised, in and out. He began to moan and make guttural noises almost immediately. My fourteen-year-old liked having his mouth fucked.

Ricky was 5'5" tall and said he weighed 128 lbs. He was blue-eyed and blonde, and looked like his sister Jackie. She was sixteen, away with mom and dad for the weekend. I was so fortunate in that. She being home would ruin everything. I love Jackie, but not girls.


"What?" I said distractedly.

"Did my father do this to you?"

I blinked, startled. "How do you know that?"

"You were fourteen too, right?"

How did he know this shit?

"Yes," I confirmed. "The minimum I could be and still write this story."

He wrinkled his brow, and looked at me questioningly. I explained the guidelines SOL had about age. "Oh," he said, confused. "What's SOL?"

"Never mind about that. Tell me about you and your dad. Did you... ?"

His eyes popped open. "No!" he exclaimed, appalled. "No way! Why would you ... no way!" he repeated. "That is so gross."

I was so effing relieved. He'd corrupted me, his young cousin; I'd die, knowing he corrupted his own son. Especially at the age he corrupted me: fourteen.

"How do you know about me and him?" I asked.

He became red faced with embarrassment. "My dad accidentally copied me on one of your emails. He never noticed, and I guess you didn't either, because I never saw a reply."

"I never hit Reply All," I muttered. "What did you read?"

"About you and him when you first did it."

I tried to think back. That exchange had to be back in January, on the anniversary of my first suck. David always writes to remind me. He's a shit that way, the bastard.

How much detail was in the email, I wondered. David is pretty obtuse, usually. You have to be with email. The providers read everything you send or receive for ad-targeting purposes. It can be dangerous, being too clear, or saying too much.

"You figured it out, huh?"

"I didn't know what he was saying at first. He was ... I don't know the word... ?"

"Alluding?" I suggested

"I guess so," he said. I noted he had lost his adorable hard-on. I was effing losing mine too. Effing David.

"So you know about him and me. So what?" I didn't ask this unkindly or gruffly.

"I don't know. Just wondering if this a payback, or something like that."

Mother-fucking crap.

"I can't deny it is," I admitted grumpily. "Why didn't you say something? You knew what I was doing."

"I like what we're doing." He leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock. "I wanted to do it ever since the email. Before that even, only since then, you know, with you. I knew you'd like to do me too. Who wouldn't, you know... ?"

Who indeed, I thought disjointedly. Son of a gun.

"Do you know what else I've done?"

He shook his head and I filled in my life's story, short a couple of details. Like Griff. Only, Cory didn't have Griff then, did he? The other ones then. I also held back on the Rambone too, only shit, Cory hadn't bought that either. I'm messing up my story here. (Read Riding the Rambone if you want to know what I'm talking about.) Still, Ricky was stunned.

"In the road?" he exclaimed. It took a moment to register what he was freaking about.

"Twice," I reminded him. "One night after the other. I did it four times in all, and never got caught."

This is from Riding the Rambone too.

When I was sixteen, I went for a joyride in my mother's car. They were gone for the weekend and it was Friday night. I knew this road, way out in the country (White Ground Road), which might have been in West Virginia. It was miles long, twisty and turny, and totally deserted. I stopped where power lines go overhead. I had Mom's vibrator (of course, I did), and her tube of KY lubricant. I wanted myself well lubed for the expected dash out in front of the car.

I waited a moment for my heart to slow and to catch my breath, lights off to check for oncoming cars. There were none: it was eleven-thirty at night.

Go, Matthew, go, I extolled myself!

I jumped out, vibrator and tube of KY in hand, raced to the front of the car and skidded to a halt. The lights! I had forgotten the lights! I raced back and turned them on, then glanced around frantically for oncoming cars. I still had the road to myself.

I yanked off my shirt on the way, unbuttoned my shorts and worked them down as I hop scotched in front of the car. I dropped my shirt on the road and wiggled down my jockeys, hopping out one-footed, naked expert for shoes and socks. I kicked off my Sketchers, and awkwardly yanked off my socks, and then I was nude. I had a perfectly, frustratingly flaccid penis. I had worried about that. You can't beat off a flaccid penis.

I checked both ways again, listened for telltale sounds--what if someone had their lights turned off like a crazy person?--and dropped to my knees.

Ow! That fucking hurts!

I quickly spread KY up and down the shaft and tossed it away. I wasn't worried about replaceable tubes of KY. I bent over and not so carefully inserted Mom's vibrator inside me. I forgot to turn it on. Fuck! Too late.

I started to masturbate. My penis refused to cooperate. Frustrated, desperate now, I reached back and fumbled with the end of the vibrator, and miraculously, it turned on. I gasped as though I'd never experienced prostrate stimulation before. My worthless penis got hard as a railroad spike in record time. It was instantaneous, the hardest erection I ever had. I went back to stroking, dropped my chest to the rough, dirty pavement, and made a humiliatingly guttural sound in my throat. I came almost before I knew I was there.

OMG it was good! I spewed hot jizm out my peehole, wasting maybe the best orgasm ever. I clenched the vibrator viciously with my asshole, daring it to move, beat the shit out of my cock, scraped myself up all over on the pebbly asphalt. My knees caught it the worst, the tips of my toes, my chest, even my chin, right cheek and right shoulder. I don't know how I did that. I came what felt like Ricky's gallon onto the pavement and ruptured my balls. Finally, ten minutes later, I finished. I almost collapsed on my face.

I got out of there, back in the car clutching Mom's precious vibrator and my clothes, which I continually, frustratingly dropped. How I didn't lose anything is a mystery.

I started the engine, yanked the shift lever into drive, and somehow closed the door as the Merc shot forward, tires squealing. I should have wrecked it, I should have. It wasn't under control. It had rear wheel drive and fishtailed crazy, back and forth on the road, hitting the shoulder and spuming gravel everywhere. I began to laugh. Craziest, stupidest thing ever, ever done!

"That's when the cop went by?" Ricky asked

"Scared the piss outa me," I said. "I so freaked out, I almost ran off the road again."

The cop had glanced over as we passed, just naturally curious, watchful for drunk driver syndrome. He had to think it weird that I was shirtless, but it was July, a warm and muggy night. I was still effectively naked, struggling to get both feet into my jockey shorts. Why had I done something so stupid? I watched his brake lights flash in the mirror, made a pitiful, mewling sound, sure I was going to jail, but the intensity dropped as he drove on. I swore never to be stupid again. I did it the next night, right in the same spot, adding to my spill. OMG.

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