Sheriff's Forester

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A sheriff's job is not just sending men out for the duke or king. I hunt poachers but I also hunt those that preyed on the people. Hunting robbers alone is dangerous since they are more than willing to hunt me. Of course catching poachers can be as dangerous and when they are acting on orders of a noble...

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

I was young for my post but I had been doing it as a deputy it for several years with the old sheriff's forester. My father was a baron but I was only a younger son so I was not going to inherit. I carried the heavy stag into kitchen and ignored the quiet that fell. I shifted it off my shoulder and onto the large butcher table, "I took this from a poacher Anna."

She wiped her hands as she crossed the kitchen, "how long..."

I snorted as headed into the Keep, "a half day."

When I stepped into the small office the old sheriff glanced at me as he continued to speak to one of the court barons. I leaned against the wall and waited and finally the peacock left. The sheriff watched him and then looked at me and smiled, "what did you find Andrew?"

I straightened, "baron Edwards is sending hunters into the Prince's Green. I caught two with a stag, they tried to tell me they just found it."

He snorted, "of course they had hunting points on their arrows."

I smiled, "of course. I also had one of the farmers tell me he saw men to the south in the Ash forest."

He nodded, "the king has had several reports of robbers."

He shifted and looked at the papers on his desk, "tell me Andrew do you have a girl?"

I blinked, "a girl? No."

He took a breath and looked at me, "my youngest daughter by ... by the maid Gwendolyn is of age."

I smiled, "and is a tomboy."

He smiled and nodded, "she is far from being a lady which made me think of you."

I was thinking about it and finally shrugged, "if she does not mind me always in the fields and forests..."

He grinned and then chuckled, "you will either make her very happy or cure her."

I turned to the door, "I am going to head towards the Ash forest to look for the robbers."

He gestured and I walked out with the image of his bastard daughter in my mind. First I went to the armory and replaced my arrows with broad heads. I glanced at Taylor when she appeared and the armorer growled. I grinned as I gestured and moved to a rack of daggers and long knives.

I took one of each with sheaths and then began checking bows. I gave everything to her and filled a quiver and made sure she put it on. Next I led her out and to the sheriff's store rooms where I made a pack and rolled up a tarp and a couple of blankets and towels. I looked at her carefully before I picked two shirts and two pants.

I added a half dozen pairs of wool socks and two long night shirts. I made her put on a pair of small leather socks over a pair of wool ones and was glad when they fit. Next was a stop in the kitchen for several days of emergency rations. I gave Taylor the pack and walked out the door as she followed.

I caught my bow and pack from a hook beside the door and headed towards the Keep gates. I glanced at her when she caught up, "we are going south to Ash forest."

She grinned, "father said I could go with you."

I smiled as we walked, "I will fuck you tonight."

She hesitated and looked at me and I glanced at her, "being a forester makes me very horny. If you want to be like me..."

She smiled and then grinned, "okay."

We walked through the city around the Keep and then out the south gate. She kept up as we crossed the cleared area with farms. Two hours and we were entering an area of groomed forest. I left the road and went into the forest until we reached a stream. I swung my pack off and set it beside a tree before I pulled out a sling.

Taylor had put her pack down and I gestured, "leave the bow and quiver and follow."

It only took a half hour to find and kill a rabbit with the sling. I knelt and began teaching her how to skin and clean the animal. When I was done I gave it to her and we started back to the stream while collecting small limbs and sticks. We set everything down and I led her down stream and pulled wild onions and water crest.

I started a fire and began cutting up the rabbit. Once the fire was burning evenly I sliced and cut up the onions and water crests. I started the rabbit cooking and added the rest with crushed peppercorns and a little salt. After we ate Taylor helped clean up in the stream and I glanced at the sky.

I used a tarp to make shelter and rolled out our blankets and used the packs for pillows. Next I stripped and looked at a nervous Taylor as she took her clothes off. I folded the clothes and put them in my pack and then walked to the stream. She laughed as she ran after me and we waded into the cold water.

I washed the sweat and dirt of the day off and turn her and did the same to her. I pulled her out and to the shelter and pulled out a towel. I dried her and then myself and hung the towel inside the shelter. I gestured to the blankets and Taylor moved in and laid back. I followed and laid beside her and felt her body as she trembled.

When I began to rub and finger her pussy she shuddered and spread her legs. After a few minutes she was panting and shaking as she lifted her hips and humped. I turned and moved over her and she quickly spread her legs. I shoved into her hard and she screamed and bucked and struggled.

I held her as I settled and began to kiss her and hold her under me, "it is done."

She clutched me and cried but I kept kissing her. A few minutes and she shivered and her tight pussy squeezed. She looked at me as I kissed her, "that hurt."

I nodded, "and it is the only time until you have a baby."

She grinned, "we need to get herbs so I can wait."

I began to press and grind and hump and she groaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened. Before long she was wet and slippery and kept moaning. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrust. She wailed and thrashed and lifted her legs up, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I continued to plant my cock and after several minutes I shoved into her and kissed her. I gushed strong spurts of sperm as she wiggled and jerked and her pussy clenched, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was done I relaxed and then shifted and helped her sit up, "your turn to fuck me."

She grinned as she spread her knees wide and started to rock. I woke to the beginning of dawn and looked at Taylor half on me. I caressed her bare shoulder, "time to wake."

She sighed and stretched as she rolled onto her back. I grinned as I turned and bent my head to suck on one of her nipples. She shivered and moaned before she laughed and pushed me away. I moved out of bed and waited to pull her to the stream and started to wash her pussy. I washed my cock and then pulled her out and back to the shelter.

I took out my clothes and dressed before I started putting the blankets and shelter away. I put my quiver on and checked Taylor before I swung my pack on and grabbed my bow. I led her across the stream and south through the forest. A couple of hours and we were leaving the forest and crossing fields.

We crossed fields and climbed stone walls around them all day. It was late when we reached the Ash forest. I lead her in and to the west and stopped beside another stream. I took my pack off and set my bow and quiver aside. There was already a fire ring where a fire had been many times before.

I put up a shelter over a couple of branches and then spread out a ground tarp under the shelter. I spread out our blankets and set the packs inside. I took the sling and led Taylor up stream to a small grassy clearing. This time I had her wait as I stalked a grouse and managed to kill one. I cleaned it and we walked the stream back to camp.

During our the day we had collected roots and wild onions. I let Taylor put them in the pot of water as I made a spit to roast the bird. I listened when the few birds in the forest went quiet and gestured to Taylor and whispered, "get the bows."

I moved the bird off the fire and accepted my bow and quiver. I secured the quiver and caught Taylor and moved towards the side where several dozen saplings were. I ignored the bushes and the stream as I slipped through the young trees. I pulled Taylor down to kneel beside me and nocked an arrow.

She was looking around as she got her bow ready. The six men suddenly pushed through the bushes and spread out as they moved towards the shelter. They held ugly looking knives and clubs. I recognized three from posters and pulled the string back and fired. My first arrow struck a man in the chest.

He gasped and clutched at the arrow as I nocked another and pulled the string back. Taylor fired and I expected her to miss but her arrow struck one of the men in the gut. He screamed as he grabbed it and went to his knees. I shot a third man in the throat and reached for another arrow.

The last three saw us and charged and Taylor fired again. This time her arrow struck a man in the groin and I dropped my bow and stood while pulling my short sword and long knife. I moved right as they crashed into the saplings. I used the sword to slid one of the clubs aside as I stepped in.

I shoved the knife through the wrist and twisted and he screamed as I ripped the blade free. I sliced across and into a sapling and the other man ducked before I snapped a kick out and into his knees. He went down screaming like the others and I moved after him and shoved him onto his stomach.

Taylor watched as I tied the men still alive and searched them. I pulled them together and pulled out our arrows. I looked them over before I went to the fire, "it looks like you need to take down the shelter and pack us up."

Taylor was a little white but nodded and I nodded to the stream, "go wash your face first. We have time to eat before taking them to the road."

The men still alive swore and threatened and yelled. Taylor did not eat much but I did not expect her to. She packed up and after I had put the fire out I shouldered my pack. I moved to the men and yanked them up. The one shot in the gut had died and the one shot in the groin could barely walk.

It was dark long before we reached the road and turned towards the closest village. I pushed and kept the men moving with Taylor behind me. The small village only had a single guard of the Watch and I had to wake him. I shoved the men into the cage in the back and locked it before I came back, "send a message to the sheriff in the morning."

He nodded and stretched and I smiled, "we will use your barn."

I pulled Taylor out and around and spread the tarp over a pile of hay with our blankets. I stripped her and set her weapons aside and pushed her down, "sleep."

I woke to a cock crowing and looked at Taylor clinging to me. I shifted away and undressed and then slowly lifted blanket out of the way. I moved over her and used my knees to spread her legs. I forced my cock into her and she wiggled and groaned. I settled gently and gave her a kiss before I began to press and grind.

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and her pussy tightened, "mmmm?"

I grinned as I pulled back and then buried my cock again. Her eyes snapped open as she clutched me and her pussy clenched, "ooohhhh!"

I grinned as I continued to fuck her slowly and gave her another kiss. She lifted and cocked her legs and then put them around me, "mmmm!"

She began to spasm and buck and I used firm thrusts. A couple more minutes and I was fucking her hard and shoving into her. She thrashed and bucked while her pussy constantly grasped my cock, "yyyeeeessssss!"

Finally I shoved into her and kissed her as I gushed and pumped spurts of sperm. She wiggled and squirmed as she hugged me, "YES!"

When I was finished I pulled out while she continued to pant, "we need to wash and dress."

After we were done and dressed I led her back into the guard building. I sat and wrote out what had happened with the men and ignored them cursing us. I handed it to the guard when I was done, "did you send the message to the sheriff?"

He nodded, "I expect he will send a wagon sometime today or tomorrow."

I stood and headed for the door, "well we are returning to the forest to look for anymore bandits or thieves."

I glanced back, "is there a herb shop?"

I blushed and he grinned, "third house down the road on the left. Tell Angelina she has already let you bed her."

I nodded and led Taylor out and grabbed our packs. The house looked well kept and the old woman was very polite and seemed to know what she was doing. We left after Taylor had a cup of herb tea and I had looked at the rest of the herbs and put them in my pack. I started out of the village and then turned into the forest at the first chance.

I headed west towards the far side and when we reached a stream I crossed and began to follow it. I got my bow ready and gestured to Taylor and began teaching and letting her shoot arrows. She had been lucky to even hit the men that attacked us. Now she learned how to aim and come closer to what and where she wanted to hit.

It was late afternoon when the stream left the forest and went between fields of grain. I pulled Taylor aside and into several large boulders. There was a wooden frame made from tree limbs with an old fire pit in front of it. I spread our shelter over the frame and left our packs as I pulled her after me.

First we cut pine boughs to use for our bed and then we collected dead limbs and branches for the fire. Next I pulled out a line and hook and a piece of hammered tin. It went onto the line above hook and would spin in the water. I led Taylor back to the stream and moved out of the forest and began to toss the line out and pull it back.

The first fish had her jumping up and down in excitement. When I let her try she caught another on her first cast. We returned to our camp and pulled out the water crest and wild onions we had collected while walking. I showed her how to clean the fish and season them as we made dinner.

After we were done we took everything to the stream to clean it and ourselves. The sun was setting as I banked the fire and climbed into bed. I caressed her and she shuddered and growled as she pulled me over and between her legs. I grinned as I gave her a kiss and pushed into her.

She sighed as she wiggled and lifted her legs up beside her body. I humped and pressed and it was not long before she was hugging me while her tight pussy kept squeezing. She shuddered as she started to breathe harder and thrust up, "aaaahhhh!"

I pulled back to fuck her firmly with long, deep strokes. I kept it up as she clutched me and struggled. Several minutes and she was bucking and thrashing around, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She twisted and spasmed and her warm and slippery pussy was constantly grasping. I kept using firm thrusts and rubbed each time I shoved into her. When her eyes rolled up as she stammered and convulsed I buried my cock. I kissed her as I spewed seed into her and she jerked and howled, "ANDREW!"

When I was done her pussy was very slimy and I shifted and rubbed her back. I helped her sit up and tugged on her nipples, "your turn."

She grinned as she wiggled and shifted before she began to rub her messy pussy back and forth. I woke with the pre dawn and glanced at Taylor and gave her a shake. She grumbled and I grinned, "time to hunt."

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