The Lesbian Lifestyle of Linda Lonnigan

by downtomyankles

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Erotica Sex Story: Linda was loving, Linda was lonely, Linda was a lovelorn lesbian.

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Little Linda Lonnigan was a happy child.

She was the youngest daughter of Jack and Ethel Lonnigan who were both pillars of the community and reputed to be of original Colonial stock. No hint of lack of moral fiber or shady dealings was ever connected to either of them and that is why it was shocking to find out the hidden truth about their lovely daughter Linda.

The Lonnigans only had the one child and they doted on her. They felt that they were fortunate to have a child of such beauty and charm and a sense of obedience that constantly made her the apple of their eye on more than one occasion.

She excelled in academics and was proficient in several sports that visually displayed her physical prowess in no uncertain terms. Linda was dedicated to her studies and she shunned the company of the opposite sex because her mother firmly instructed her that such shenanigans would certainly result in lower grades and terrible pimples.

Unfortunately, she was not the sort of female child that made friends easily because she had a direct manner and spoke what was on her mind without any attempt at either discretion or deceit. That turned off most if not all boys and tended to make the average female her age shun her because it simply was not "normal".

On an early spring morning shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Linda was preparing her applications for her University studies and tried to decide if it were better to find a location close to home or to take a shot at a larger seat of learning that would be distant from her familiar surroundings. She knew her parents could afford either choice so she decided to try for the very liberal University in another city that boasted of thousands of successful students in almost every program of study. It took several weeks for the reply to return to her mail box but she was duly notified that she had been accepted for the next term and that she would be living in the "new girls" dormitory right on campus. It all seemed like a dream to her and her only worry was that the new room-mate would not like her and it would be an uncomfortable situation for both of them.

She was told that she could select one of her friends from her local school who was also accepted to room with but in all honesty she really had no friends to speak of and it would be no different than taking "pot luck" with whomever the University assigned.

Linda had recently fallen into the filthy and degrading habit of Onanism although she was loath to use her fingers or hands and relied on her collection of pillows and stuffed animals to achieve a satisfactory release. She found it to be stimulating and good exercise especially while in a prone position and managed to improve her flexibility with repeated sessions.

One time in an unlucky early morning self-gratification incident, her mother witnessed her wild release on her favorite teddy bear called "Sparky" and she remarked,

"Mustn't be too hard on Teddy, dear, he will be invaluable in your University days."

It was her mother's way of telling her that she would be far better off using teddy bear and her other toys and pillows to achieve release rather than falling into the trap of being some inconsiderate lad's cum-bucket to be used at his convenience and at the expense of her studies. It was certainly a counter-cultural position but in retrospect Linda could see the wisdom of sticking with the undemanding teddy bear and eschewing the normal methods of male stimulation of the female reproductive tract to achieve the "tingle" that all young girls aspire to when their juices are running wild at the midnight hour. She personally found the sight and scent of male organs to be somewhat off-putting and didn't see why she should be the one who had to welcome it inside her most private places of feminine sensitivity and to accept her role of "taking" whatever the boy wanted to dish out.

It just didn't seem fair.

In Linda's mind, it seemed like she would be far happier to be making some boy or girl take what she wanted to do to them and to act in a proper respectful manner for her controlling position. In other words, she really liked being on top and making her partner submit to her rather than the other way around.

It was this sense of things that made the likelihood of finding a suitable male companion almost impossible and after careful thought on the subject, she realized what she really needed was a female who would submit to her will and obediently let her have her way until her happy "tingle" was achieved.

It turned out that Linda's dormitory room was located at the far corner of the top floor far away from any supervisory interference and that suited her just fine. She had just completed putting away all of her possessions when the first valises of her new room-mate started to arrive. She saw from the tag on the cases that the girl was called Emily Broad and that that she was from the big city at the other side of the country. She tried to visualize the girl and decided that she must certainly wear glasses and have a hooked nose that needed to be straightened.

When Emily entered the room, Linda's heart skipped a beat because she was without a doubt the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. The fact that she wore absolutely no make-up and had a figure that would make any boy's eyes follow her wherever she went was so apparent that she never doubted it for a minute. The appealing sensuousness of the young student was definitely not lost on her in the silence of the empty room. She waited for the vision in pink and white to speak so she could be certain she was not some sort of tempting mirage sent to test her weakness of character.

"Hello, there, you must be my new room-mate. My name is Emily Broad and I hope we can be the best of friends. I see you have the bed by the window and that leaves me with the one by the bathroom and that is perfect for me in case I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sometimes I forget to go before bedtime and it is such a bore to jump up in the dark."

She smiled with what she hoped was her best effort at establishing rapport and replied,

"I am Linda Lonnigan and I would be happy to switch beds with you anytime you want or we could push them together and have a lot more room for studying at the other end of the room."

Emily giggled and told her,

"Oh, my, I like that idea but they might think we are closer than just room-mates if we did that."

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