Stalking the Dark

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The attack changed everything, from being free to hiding and hunting those that would enslave us or worse. When it was my turn to hunt I used the drones from a half breed I killed to slip into a building. Now it was a game of stalking and quiet kills before the fleet arrived.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cream Pie   .

The fight for our system lasted two weeks before the Dark won. They had struck the command centers and the duke's manor and estate in the first hours. My father had been one of the duke's advisor and died with him. My mother and sibs died during the first waves of landings.

I was or had been in advanced training to be a forester. Now if we ever broke free I would be the baron of the Allison range. Resistance had started even before the Dark landed and whole populations fled the cities. I had led over two hundred thousand into the Allison range and to a series of huge caverns.

They had food and water to last at least six months. There were many other places the population had slipped into hiding. Food supplies were put into caches while all weapons and munitions were hidden. Men formed into combat groups to fight where and how we could. Some even took the fight to the enemy.

I returned to the capital and the starport and the enemy was everywhere. I watched from an empty building and when night fell it was finally my turn to bring death to the Dark. I watched the patrol and slipped up behind them. I had to be very careful that the few drones that circled them did not see me.

The long bow was a crude weapon as were the steel knife and the chem pistol. When they broke into a store it was my chance and I quickly followed. There were six half breeds in the patrol but only one had the controller for the drones. I waited until they started to loot and pulled the string back and aimed.

The arrow went straight through the side of his head and I was already moving away. The drones froze as the controller registered the heartbeat stopping. I set the bow aside and pulled my knife as they laughed and threw things back and forth. I reached around and yanked the head back of the next soldier as I shoved the blade through the spine and into his brain.

I lowered him as I pulled the knife out and moved towards the next one. One after another I killed them until I got them all. I stripped and moved to the one with the controller. I removed his clothes and put them on. I checked the composite plasma pistol and the assault rifle before I put on the controller.

The drones came alive and I watched them carefully but they acted like I was the half breed. I turned and moved out of the store and headed towards the port and the area where the Dark had set up in. The others that saw me only glanced at the drones before ignoring me. I slipped into one building and walked through it.

I was searching and when I saw a Dark they always had a crowd of drones around them. I waited and watched until one slipped away to go to the fresher. The drones did not follow but guarded the door. I glanced at a maintenance door and grinned as I forced it open. I shut the controller off after I closed the door.

I went to the back and opened the building access ways. I pulled my knife as I slipped into the narrow hall with dozens of pipes and conduits. I moved towards where the back of the fresher would be until I found the emergency access panel. I opened it silently and peered out to see the Dark at a sink.

I moved quickly and he spun, "what are you doing breed!"

I slammed into him and shoved the knife up under his chin and into his brain. I caught him and looked at the door as I backed to the panel. I moved him into the narrow passage and removed the controller for his drones. I took his fancy silver plasma pistol and slipped it under the body armor at my back.

I closed the panel and returned to the maintenance room. I turned the controller on and left and let the drones move around me. I watched another Dark while examining the controller for the first. I grinned when I understood the idiot proof control system and entered a command. The frozen drones by the fresher shifted and moved before they turned and headed away.

Finally the other Dark turned and then came out and headed to the fresher. I slipped into the maintenance room and then the back passage. When I peeked into the fresher he was peeing and I slipped in as I pulled my knife. I caught his head and yanked it back while shoving the knife through his spine and into his brain.

I carried him into the passage and took his weapon and controller. I added his drones to the first Dark controller and then broke the second. I knew they were now going to join the others at a charging station. I left and turned mine on and used the building ramps to go up since everyone was using the lifts.

I killed six Dark on five floors while climbing up and I finally reached the top floor. The whole entrance area was full of drones and I grinned as I sent an order to mine to patrol. I went down and around to an outside set of rooms. I went to the balcony and glanced up before I started to climb between large wrap around balconies.

I climbed onto one and silently moved to a door and slipped the simple lock. I stepped into the huge penthouse before I began to hunt. I found the Dark sleeping and shoved my knife into his brain. I let him spasm and die as I took his weapon and altered the controller for his drones so they were on the first one.

I made a pack and searched the rest of the rooms and it was like he had been stealing anything that caught his eye. I slipped out and onto the edge of the penthouse balcony and worked my way to the next. Of the eight penthouses I killed six Dark and found one penthouse empty. I slipped onto the balcony for the last and largest.

I moved to the door and froze when I saw the two sidhe girls. One was looking right at me before she smiled and turned. I knew she was about to tell her master I was here and started to pull the door open. The other moved and put her hand on my chest as the first began to undress, "master?"

I blinked as the second pushed me back onto the balcony and followed. I looked over her shoulder and saw a naked male Dark come out of the fresher. He struck the girl and caught her hair as he cursed her for interrupting him. He yanked her to her knees but she had turned so his back was to me.

The second was looking back and moved and I pulled my knife as I entered the room. I crossed in long, quick strides and at the last moment the Dark looked back. I caught his hair and shoved the knife through the side of his neck and up into his brain. I ripped it out as I yanked him towards me and let him fall.

I looked at the girl and she smile and I hesitated before I reached down and caught her hand. I pulled her up and smiled as I caressed her face, "thank you."

She nodded and gestured into the fresher, "she is in there."

I blinked, "she?"

I moved to look into the room and growled at all the blood. A woman was suspended over a bathtub with huge cuts. I moved to her and checked but she was dead. I sighed and left and looked at the two girls as I searched for the weapons and the controller. I found a central console and downloaded a few files.

When I was done and ready to leave I sighed and looked at the two girls and gestured. I dressed the girls in the Dark's clothes and put weapons on them. I led them out and used both controllers to put all the drones on the one that had been the Dark's. I led the girls down the ramp as all the drones started up to return to me.

At the bottom I took a breath as I got ready and put the drones on a readiness alert and started for a side door. No one even looked at me until I walked out of the building. Two breed soldiers patrolling the building turned. One opened his mouth to yell while the other lifted his rifle.

The drones recognized the threat and several fired as more sped between me and the enemy. The two soldiers went down as over a hundred drones raced out of the building. They spread out as I started walking and any enemy soldier we encountered was considered a threat and the drones attacked.

The ones with drones tried to send them to attack us. There was a program embedded to prevent them from attacking a Dark sidhe. When they ordered them to attack and the drones detected the Dark controller they turned on their masters. I lost a few drones as I strode away and when we were finally clear with no enemy following I walked into an empty building.

I climbed several floors and lined the halls with the drones before I shut them down on standby. I grinned as I pulled the girls after me and out and headed around the area I had been in. I entered another building and climbed several floors before entering an abandoned apartment. I closed and locked the door and started moving things to block it.

I finally relaxed and smiled at the two girls and stripped them of weapons. I set my pack full of stolen Dark weapons on the kitchen table and looked for food. The two girls started to help as I made a dinner, one was Syntha and the other was Ash. I made sure they ate and drank some of the juice I had found.

It had been a very long day for me and I cleaned up with them helping. I headed towards the bedrooms and stripped beside a bed. I glanced at the girls as I walked into the fresher. I turned the shower on and stepped in and stood under the water. It was a minute before I turned as the girls stepped in.

They were naked and as stunningly beautiful as all the stories. They smiled as I reached out and pulled them under the water. I caressed them and began to gently wash Syntha. Ash smiled as she helped and when I was done I pulled her closer and it was her turn. Finally they began to wash me.

More than once they would wrap hands around my thick cock and give it a stroke. I shut the water off and stepped out and had to look for towels. I dried the girls and then myself before I headed out and to the bed. I stopped before I reached it and glanced at what had been a woman's dresser and the hair brush on top.

I smiled as I went to get it and gestured for the girl to sit on the bed. I brushed their hair and when I was done I moved up on the bed and laid back with a sigh. It was a moment before Syntha straddled me and Ash laid beside us. When Syntha lifted Ash held my cock up. Syntha slowly sat and pushed down and onto my cock.

She spread her knees more and wiggled and leaned forward as her tight pussy was stretched. She sighed and looked at me as I reached up to cup her breasts. It was a minute before she shivered and rolled her hips. She looked at me quickly and I rubbed her nipples. Her pussy squeezed and she shuddered before she smiled.

She started to thrust back and forth and rub her pussy on me. Her pussy began to squeeze my cock and she moaned. A few minutes and she was grinding and her slippery pussy was clenching around my cock, "mmmm!"

She twisted and shook and looked at me and grinned. I was kneading her breasts and she started to rock and lift up and then shove down onto my cock. She jerked and spasmed as she fell and I caught her. I hugged her and shifted until she was under me and began to fuck her. I used firm thrusts and she wrapped her legs around me.

She was still convulsing when I finally buried my cock. I kissed her softly and held her as I gushed strong spurts of sperm. She gasped and her pussy tightened and gripped my cock, "aaahhhh!"

She wiggled and kept hugging me as I pumped cum into her. When I was finished I relaxed and smiled as I gave her another kiss, "thanks Syntha."

She sagged to the bed and smiled softly, "thank you master."

I slowly pulled out as I looked at Ash, "just George."

Ash laid back with a hopeful look as she opened her legs. I moved over her and gave her a kiss before I started kissing down her body. She lifted her head to watch as I moved down and pushed her legs open. I looked at her fuzzy pussy before I opened it and then licked. She shivered and her hips lifted, "ooohhhh!"

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