Savanna's Seduction

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: A big busted black girl is willingly seduced by a middle-aged white man.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Andrew, actually he preferred to be called Andy, was a 38-year-old fan of local high school sports. Though he had no favorite team to follow, he attended games all over the north Georgia county where he lived. He always sat as high in the bleachers as he possibly

could. That was usually the top row on the away team's side of the field or court. That way he not only got a great view of the ball game, he also had a good opportunity to look over the local student body. Or, should that be to get a good look at the local students' bodies?

Actually, Andy was far more interested in the female bodies on the home team's side of the court. He loved watching the cheerleader's short skirts fly up as they did their cheers. Their exposed panty-covered asses were far more exciting to Andy than the ballgame.

Girl watching was his primary reason for attending the ball games. He was constantly on the lookout for a young lady he could meet and possibly take out. It was also why he preferred basketball to football. At the football games, due to the weather, the girls were often too bundled up to offer a good view of their tender young bodies.

One Friday night Andy was attending a basketball game between the two top teams in the local league. It was a hard fought game, and students on both sides were going crazy with excitement.

The home team had just made a crucial goal. That goal gave them the lead late in the game. It was immediately following that goal that Andy spotted her. She was a beautiful light skinned black girl who was jumping with excitement. This girl was black but Andy didn't care. He loved the girls of all flavors and shades. Her huge tits are what drew Andy's attention to this one. He liked girls with big tits, and this girl had huge tits. As she jumped up her tits drooped a bit. But when she came down those tits nearly hit her in the face.

Andy reached into his pocket and pulled out the small pair of opera glasses he carried for just such occasions. Opera glasses were perfect for his purposes. They gave Andy a good look at the girl he was interested in. Also, they were small enough to slip into his pocket and could be partially concealed in the palm of his hand. Few other fans ever knew he had them.

Looking through the opera glasses Andy could see the girl he was interested in had a lovely round face surrounded by lots of curly, soft-looking black hair. Her smooth complexion was the color of rich milk chocolate. Her lips looked perfect for kissing and maybe sucking a cock. She appeared to be about 5'4" or so and had just enough weight to give her some wonderful curves. In addition to her large tits, she had a delicious looking bubble of an ass that filled her snug fitting jeans. She was cute, young, had big tits, and a nice ass. What more could a horny, middle-aged, white man want?

Since the game was coming to an end, Andy decided it was time to work his way out of the gym. He would try to catch and meet the object of his interest in the parking lot. He rushed out to the lot and jumped into his red '63 Corvette Stingray and cruised into the students' parking lot.

Almost as if by fate, the object of his attention came out the double doors just as he parked near the main student exit. Unfortunately, she was part of a large boisterous crowd. No problem though, he had separated his chosen girls from the crowd many times. This one would be easy. She was lagging slightly behind the bulk of the crowd.

"Excuse me miss. I was hoping you could help me." Andy said as he walked up to her.

"Sure! What do you need? How can I help?" The young lady asked.

"I've got a problem with my car." He lied to her as he turned and indicated his Vette. He then began walking toward his car.

"Oooh. Is this your car? It's beautiful, but I don't know anything about fixing cars." She replied. She began to tentatively follow Andy to his car.

"Yes, it's mine, but it's not nearly as beautiful as you are."

The teen smiled at Andy.

"You don't need to know anything about cars to fix this one. The problem is not mechanical." He continued.

"What's wrong then." She asked. She stared at the classic bright red sports car.

"My name is Andrew. My friends call me Andy. What's your name sweetie?" He asked while extending his hand.

"SSSSSavanna. My name is Savanna." She nervously stuttered and tentatively shook hands with Andy.

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Savanna. But you see this car has a real problem." As he opened the passenger door he continued. "See? This seat is empty. Have you ever been in a Corvette? Would you like to sit in this one?"

"Why me?" Savanna asked.

"I'll be honest with you. I noticed you excitedly cheering for your team inside. Your jiggling and bouncing breasts are what initially caught my attention. I knew right then that I had to meet you and, if you'd allow me, to at least offer you a ride home. I know I am much older than the boys you are used to seeing. I would never do anything to upset you. I only want to spend some time and chat with a beautiful young lady like yourself." Andy offered his hand to help Savanna into his car. He could see the excitement and just a bit of uncertainty in her eyes.

"I don't know. I don't know you. Are you going to hurt me?" She asked as she leaned in to look at the Corvette's interior.

"Hurt you? Of course not! Do I look like some kind of pervert to you?" He acted insulted and hurt. "Actually, I am a bit of a pervert. I greatly prefer the company of lovely teen girls like you, than women my own age."

"Well, OK. I'm just a little nervous about taking a ride from a stranger, an older stranger at that." Savanna seemed tense but had not tried to run off.

Andy thought to himself, 'How naive? Of course I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to fuck you if I get half the chance.' Then he responded to her, "That's OK. I understand. If you don't want a ride, I won't force you. I'm a pervert for liking teen girls, but I am not a rapist. Maybe I'll see you again sometime. You have a nice night." Andy then started to close his car's passenger door.

"Wait a minute." Savanna put her arm out to keep the door from closing. "I didn't say I didn't want a ride. I just said I was a little nervous about it."

Andy laughed. "What a confusing young lady. Well Savanna, make up your mind. I need to be going and I'm sure you need to be getting home."

Without another word Savanna slid into the Corvette's passenger seat. "Let's go!" She said. "I'll show you how to get to my house."

With a broad grin on his face, Andy closed Savanna's door and walked around to the Vette's driver's side. He hopped in, turned the ignition key, and brought the fuel injected 427 motor under the hood to life. He had replaced the stock 327 with the 427 several years earlier. He liked the big block's throaty power. "Buckle up!"

As she tightened her seat belt, Savanna could feel the engine's power vibrating through the Vette's seat and into her butt. Her eyes were wide open as was her mouth. She gasped, "Oh wow!" The vibrations in her butt were beginning to make her sex tingle. She could feel herself getting turned on.

She seemed to shiver slightly as Andy pulled out of the school parking lot and onto the main highway. He opened the car's throttle, and Savanna's body was pressed back into her seat. "Oh!" She was enthralled with the raw power of Andy's car. He stomped on the throttle, and Savanna was slammed back into her seat. Each time Andy grabbed another gear Savanna was pushed back into her seat. "Oh my God, Andy. This is so cool."

He asked the teen, "Savanna, would you like to go straight home or go for a little longer ride? It's totally up to you."

Savanna looked at Andy and considered her options. She thought to herself, 'He had promised to take her home and had been doing just that. He hadn't done anything weird. He had done nothing to make her feel threatened.' "Sure, let's go for a ride." She replied. She then leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations of riding in the powerful vintage sports car. The throaty growl from the 427 seemed to be going straight through Savanna's body. Her sex was beginning to awaken. She could feel her wetness building.

A little over an hour later, as he had promised, Andy pulled into Savanna's neighborhood as she had directed him. She had him pull through a park near her home. He pulled to a stop and shut the car off. "Savanna darling, how old are you?"

"I just turned eighteen." She replied.

"Good. That makes you legal in this state. You are a beautiful girl, and if you will allow me, I'd like to see you again. How about tomorrow night?" Andy grinned at her.

She thought about his offer. 'What did he mean I'm legal?' About a fast second later she responded to his question. "Andy, I'd love to see you again. Can you be here at eight PM tomorrow night."

"I'll be right here at eight sharp." Andy promised.

Savanna then leaned over and lightly kissed Andy. He had been right. Her lips were soft and very kissable.

Andy turned in his seat, reached across the car's console, and pulled Savanna firmly to his chest. He could feel her tits rubbing against him. When he probed her lips with his tongue, she opened her mouth and allowed him in. Their kiss became passionate.

The kiss was a little too passionate for Savanna. Breathlessly, she pulled away. "I'll see you tomorrow." She gasped and opened her door.

"I'll be in my blue van. It's not as fast but a lot more practical than this car. See you at eight tomorrow evening, Savanna."

It was precisely eight PM Saturday evening as Andy slowly pulled his custom conversion van into the park where he had dropped Savanna the night before. As he killed the ignition and stepped out of the van, Andy spotted Savanna walking toward him. She was coming from a bench to his right where she had been waiting. She trotted up to the passenger side, opened the door and hopped up into the seat before Andy could open the door for her.

Andy returned to the driver's door and climbed back into his seat. The overhead and mood lights of the custom van came on when the doors were open. Savanna was illuminated by the glow of the van's soft lights. Andy then noticed she was again wearing snug fitting jeans. Her low cut blouse offered a nice view of Savanna's ample cleavage. Her large breasts jiggled each time she moved.

"How long have you been waiting, Savanna?" Andy asked.

"Only a few minutes. You are right on time." She replied.

"Savanna, may I ask you a personal question?" Andy asked.

"Sure. You can ask me anything you like." She giggled and continued. "I may not answer, but you can ask."

As he stared at her chest, Andy asked. "I want to ask you something. I know it's a rather forward question. I couldn't help notice your boobs jiggle as you sat down. Are you wearing a bra?"

Savanna giggled, leaned over, and kissed Andy's cheek. She spoke quietly into his ear. "No! I'm not. I remember how you said my bouncing boobs are what got your attention at the ball game. So, I thought you might like to see them moving free. Is that alright with you?"

Andy grinned broadly. "Alright? Are you kidding? I love natural and free titties."

Savanna then shook her shoulders from side to side. She enjoyed watching Andy as he ogled her swaying tits. With a giggle she ask. "Where are we going Andy?"

"I don't know. I thought we might cruise around a while. Maybe we'll stop for something to eat. I'll bet we can think of something to do before long." He chuckled and put the van in gear and pulled out of the park.

They had been cruising slowly and making small talk for about an hour. Savanna began wondering if something was wrong with Andy, or maybe her. 'Why hasn't he made a pass or something? He has been a perfect gentleman. How boring.' She thought.

"Savanna honey, would you like to get something to eat?"

"No, thank you, Andy. I ate dinner at home. I would like something to drink, if you don't mind."

Andy pulled into a multilevel parking garage and parked his van on the top floor. He climbed out of the driver's seat and stepped into the main body of the van. As he opened the mini-refrigerator he asked his date. "What would you like to drink Savanna? I have soft drinks, beer, red wine, and several different liquors."

"If you don't mind, may I have some wine, please."

"Of course, if that's what you want. Why don't you come back here and have a seat on the couch while I pour you a glass." Andy beckoned her to join him in the rear of the van. A large plush couch filled much of the rear half of the van.

As Savanna slid onto the couch, Andy flipped the mood lights on. After pouring two glasses of wine, he handed one to Savanna. He brought the bottle with him and joined Savanna on the couch.

Andy offered a toast to his date. "To a beautiful young lady who has consented to be my date tonight."

Savanna giggled and took a big sip from her glass. It didn't take her long to finish her wine. Andy poured her another glass full. He then placed his arm over Savanna's shoulders and gently pulled her to him.

She turned slightly and leaned back against his chest. She laid her head on his right shoulder and thought. 'Thank God! It's about time.'

Andy bent over her and, as she looked up at him, tenderly kissed her soft lips.

Savanna cooed and eagerly returned the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly and their tongues swirled around each other.

Andy slid his right arm further around her shoulders and lightly stroked her right tit. When she offered no resistance, he reached down and cupped the tit in his hand. He squeezed and hefted it as if judging its weight and firmness.

Savanna moaned and pushed her chest out as if offering her tits for Andy's pleasure. Her nipples quickly grew hard and erect. After a few minutes of having her right tit fondled, Savanna sat up and pulled her blouse off. Both tits were then hanging free as she again leaned against Andy's chest. "Is this what you want, Andy? Do you like my Double D boobs"

"Oh yeah, baby. Your tits are fantastic. "I love them." He then turned her so her back was even more toward his chest. Both of his arms reached around her so he could fondle both tits at the same time. As he kneaded her tits, her nipples became even harder. They were almost as hard as small stones. Savanna moaned when Andy gently pinched them. Andy then slowly moved out from behind her and laid her down on the couch. He hovered with his face over her chest. He placed kisses all over Savanna's tits and firmly sucked each of her nipples into his mouth. Her nipples were centered in very large aureola.

Savanna reached out and began rubbing her hand up and down Andy's crotch. She soon had his cock at full erection and straining to be free.

As she rubbed Andy's cock, he became much more aggressive in his attention to her tits. He attacked them with lust in his heart. He placed a large love bite on the inside of each tit near its aureola.

Savanna was constantly moaning and vigorously rubbing Andy's cock. She loosened the button of his pants and lowered his zipper. She then reached in, firmly grabbed his ridged cock, and pulled it free of its confinement. She gasped, "Oh my!" She was staring at over seven inches of rock hard cock.

Andy followed Savanna's lead. He released the snap of her jeans and lowered the zipper. When he slid his left hand into her pants he found her panties soaking wet. He then noticed her jeans were also soaked with her pussy's lubricating juices. He withdrew his hand and slid it back in under her panties. Andy was pleased to find Savanna shaved her pussy. Her pubic mound was so smooth she must have shave her pussy earlier that evening. He preferred bald pussy, and he couldn't feel a single hair anywhere near her pussy, pubic mound, or even her asshole. Her crotch was as bald as a baby's ass. Andy spoke softly into Savanna's ear, "I love bald pussy."

Savanna was moaning and cooing as Andy continued to chew on her tits and pet her soaked pussy. When he tried sliding a finger into her pussy, Savanna gasped and froze up.

"No Andy! I'm still a virgin. I'm sorry." The girl looked like she was about to cry.

Andy comforted the tense teen. He pulled his hand out of her pants and said to her. "It's alright baby. Maybe some other time." He smiled at her, gently patted her pubic mound, and passionately kissed her lips.

Andy was a horny old dog who preferred younger women, but he wasn't a rapist.

"I'm so sorry, Andy. Maybe I can do something else to please you."

"Sure! What do you have in mind?"

Without saying a word, Savanna sat up and pushed Andy onto his back. She still had a firm grip on his hard, thick, seven and a half inch cock. Slowly, she resumed stroking it.

'OK, she's going to give me a hand job. That's nice too.' Andy thought to himself.

Then to his surprise, Savanna bent over and took his cock into her mouth. She eagerly sucked and licked his cock like she knew what she was doing. Her head bobbed up and down, and she quickly had Andy's cock hitting the entrance to her throat. She tried to push his cock into her throat but just couldn't get past her gag reflex.

"Oh baby! That's fantastic. That's it! Suck it baby!" 'This girl has sucked a cock or two before tonight.'

By then, Savanna had been stroking and sucking Andy's cock for quite some time. He was about to cum. He warned her of his coming eruption. "Savanna honey, I'm getting close. I'm about to cum."

Savanna seemed to bob her head up and down Andy's cock even faster. It was all he could do to resist grabbing her head and shoving his cock deep into her mouth and throat.

"Here it comes baby!" Andy then shot four long spurts of cum into Savanna's mouth. He stroked her hair as she continued to suck the remaining dribbles of cum from his cock.

When she had sucked all the cum she could coax from Andy's cock, Savanna sat up. She looked around for somewhere to spit her mouthful of cum. Finding nothing to spit in, she swallowed twice. She then grinned broadly at Andy. "That's the first time I've swallowed cum. It wasn't too bad. I think I can get used to swallowing your cum."

Andy pulled Savanna down on top of him. He kissed her tenderly. "That was great, baby."

"Thanks, but I'm still sorry I couldn't let you have me." Savanna apologized again. She continued to stroke Andy's cock as she laid her head on his chest.

"That's OK, baby. I understand." He stroked the hair on her head and thought to himself. 'Soon baby, we'll get in your cherry pussy soon enough."

Andy and Savanna cuddled for a while longer before she needed to get home. Andy fired up the van and headed for Savanna's house. Upon arrival there, she directed him to pull up right up in front of her home. Several people were still out. They all saw Andy as Savanna got out of the van and the interior lights came on.

Savanna rightly expected she would be in for some ribbing. After all, she was a black eighteen-year-old, and her date was a thirty-eight-year-old white man. Sure enough, Andy heard them teasing her about the old man she had been with. Surprisingly, the fact that he was white was not even mentioned.

Savanna just smiled at them and replied. "He may be a little older than I am, but he is such a gentleman." She said nothing more and went into her home.

Over the next week, Andy gave Savanna a ride home from school almost every afternoon. They frequently had dinner at a nice restaurant and stopped to cuddle before he took her home. Their evenings were usually capped off by Savanna giving Andy a blow-job. She was getting better and better at it. She could soon let him pop the head of his cock into her throat for brief periods of time. She'd continue to suck and lick as Andy fed her a load of cum. She'd then swallow it all, She always had a broad smile on her face when she was finished.

When Friday night rolled around there was another basketball game scheduled. This one was an away game. Andy told Savanna he was busy and unable to attend the game. So, he arranged to meet Savanna outside the opposing team's gym after the game.

Andy had only been waiting about ten minutes when the game ended and the fans came boiling out. Almost immediately he spotted Savanna running across the parking lot towards his van. It was evident she was again not wearing a bra. Her big tits swayed and bounced as she ran. She had a huge grin on her face as she neared the van. She grabbed the door handle and practically jumped into the passenger seat, leaned over, and placed a lingering passionate kiss on Andy's lips.

Andy responded by throwing his right arm around Savanna's shoulder to pull her tightly to his chest. His left hand quickly found and firmly squeezed her right tit. "Oh baby, you know I love your titties when you let them swing free. I'll bet you gave half the men and boys at the game hard-ons when you cheered for your team."

"Well, maybe a few." Savanna giggled. "Where are we going tonight?" She asked.

"I thought we'd find and nice quiet spot and have a private picnic her in the van."

"Mmmmm. That sounds romantic. Let's go!" She agreed.

Before starting the van, Andy stepped into the back and brought Savanna a drink he had prepared for her. It was sloe gin and orange juice known as a sloe screw. It tastes like cherry OJ but has quite a kick after consuming a few of them. As Andy pulled out of the lot he smiled at Savanna and asked. "Savanna dear. Since it's dark in here, would you mind unbuttoning your blouse and letting your tits hang free? You know how much I love your tits."

Savanna smiled at Andy. She then sat her drink on the van's console, and replied, "I'll do better than that." The busty teen then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, and tossed it to the rear for the van. "You like?"

Andy expressed his approval of her actions, "You know I do, sweetheart. Gorgeous tits like yours should be displayed whenever possible." He then reached out and squeezed her left tit and tweaked its nipple.

After about a twenty minute drive, Andy pulled off the paved road and onto a dirt lane. The lane twisted through thick woods. A few minutes later, they pulled into a clearing in the woods and came to a stop. Savanna didn't know it, but they were on the backside of about five hundred acres Andy owned. There was virtually no chance of their being disturbed by unwelcome visitors.

Andy shut down the van and flipped on the mood lights. Again, Savanna was bathed in the van's soft accent lights. Andy enjoyed watching Savanna's tits swing free as they moved back to the rear couch. Andy then gave Savanna another sloe screw. He made himself a whiskey and Coke.

The couple chatted, cuddled, and sipped their drinks. Andy had been fondling Savanna's tits and her nipples were standing erect on her tits. She had been slowly sliding her hand up and down the bulge in his pants. Neither of them were in any hurry.

Savanna had finished her forth drink and Andy got up to make her another. He was still sipping his second drink.

She asked, "Is it hot in here, or is it me?"

"It is a little warm. Why don't you get rid of that skirt? You might be a little cooler." Andy suggested.

"And give you a better view?" She giggled.

"Well, there is that too. You are so beautiful, and I do love gazing at your body." Andy agreed.

Again she giggled and slipped her skirt down her athletic legs. She was then nude except for her silky panties.

Andy handed her the next drink and sat beside her again. This time when she reached to stroke Andy's cock, he stopped her. "Savanna baby, you've sucked me off several times this past week. I think it about time I return the favor."

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