My Teddy Bear

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2017 by George Foxx

Erotica Sex Story: Fourteen-year-old Mel is an orphan. Her guardian is her uncle. Now Mel is having feelings for her uncle she never had before.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Enema   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

I just realized that I’ve been a very needy little girl for every minute of my life, since I became an orphan. My uncle Harvey didn’t think twice before claiming me from Child Welfare, after my mom and dad died in a car crash. The chaos and fear of a night in an emergency foster home made me need Uncle Harvey’s friendly, familiar face.

The trauma of losing both my mom and dad at age seven made Uncle Harv my white knight, and someone I can’t live without.

Uncle Harv is not fat, but he is kinda big, and he is so cuddly, like a giant size teddy bear. I always sit on his lap or right next to him, cuddling into his side, and he always puts his strong arms around me. I feel safe and warm when I’m cuddling with my uncle.

Something that happens when a kid grows up spending all their time with an adult is that the kid tends to talk like an adult. Uncle Harv works at a research lab. He isn’t the chief scientist or anything, but he isn’t dumb, by any means. Kids don’t want to hang out with me because I tend to talk like my uncle. I’m pretty nerdy, and I’m interested in the research they are doing, trying to find a better way to get drugs and hydration fluids into the human body instead of through an IV or an injection. There was some research in the 1960s where they vaporized vaccines and shot them through the skin, but that never worked out, so Uncle Harv’s lab is working on another delivery method.

There I go again, being a nerd. So you see why kids don’t want to hang out with me.

My bachelor uncle has never dated since I came to live with him, and as a result, he never married. He spent all his time after work taking care of me. He did a lot of elevating my experiences, which increased my IQ, and greatly improved my performance in school. He’s taken me to every museum and educational exhibit within range of his Toyota.

Now, I’m fourteen years old, and I am feeling so much love for my uncle. I’m a little confused by how my heart and especially my body are reacting. This is one of the few times I wish I had a mom to talk to. Uncle Harv and I got through buying my first bra, upgrading from little girl’s underwear to matching bra and panties, and my first period, but coming to terms with wanting to make love to my father figure seemed a little more complicated. Uncle Harv is my only adult friend, and I wasn’t sure I could ask him about this dilemma of mine.

It’s Sunday night, my homework is done, and I’m sitting on my uncle’s lap. We are watching a romantic movie on T.V. and all of a sudden, I wish Uncle Harv was kissing me and letting me know he wants me as a woman.

I wiggle my tiny butt on Uncle Harv’s lap a little, and he gets a boner instantly.

By the way, my name is Melissa, but to Uncle Harv, I’ve been Mel since I was a seven-year-old tomboy.

I have light brown hair. I always wore it short, but this year I let it grow a little longer, and I got my first perm, so it looks really soft, sort of like Jenifer Grey, in “Dirty Dancing.” In fact, she is kind of my inspiration for how I want to look for Uncle Harv. I want to look SOFT, like he can just sink into me. I also want to look like the pure little girl with teenage sexuality smoldering, just below the surface, just the way Jenifer Grey played the role of “Baby.” It will be totally HOT, once he lets himself sink into my softness.

Of course that is just my silly, schoolgirl fantasy. Uncle Harv is a great guy. He has all kinds of self-control, and he loves me like a dad, so he would never molest me, and I doubt if he would let himself see me as a sexual being, let alone as a young woman, who has sexual desires for him. Even less likely would be his acceptance of me as the woman who wants to give him physical pleasure and satisfy his sexual desires for the rest of our lives.

It really sucks being a teenage girl. We need a father who won’t molest us. Then suddenly, a few of us NEED our daddy or uncle to make love to us. No wonder men have a lot of difficulty understanding women.

Uncle Harv cleared his throat, and said, “Mel, there’s something I need to tell you, and I think you are grown up enough now to know. It isn’t something terrible, so don’t be scared.”

“OK, just remember that I can’t live without you,” I said.

“Mel, I wasn’t related to your dad. I was his best friend, and you and I always seemed to have a bond between us from the time you were a very little girl. Your dad decided that because of our bond, I was the best person to take care of you if anything happened to both your mom and dad, so he put in his will that if he and your mom both died, I should become your guardian.

“Your dad knew something about me that made me very unlikely to date or get married, so I’d always be available if you needed me. You see, I can’t fall in love with a grownup woman, but I started falling in love with you, nearly as soon as you were born, and I’ve loved you for nearly your whole life. Now I wish I could love you more like your husband than your uncle,” Uncle Harv said.

“So you and I aren’t related at all?” I asked.

“No honey, we aren’t related,” Uncle Harv said.

“Well that’s a good thing Uncle Harv, because that means you can just stay in love with me, and we can get married, when I’m old enough. I’ve been in love with you, since, like forever,” I said.

I turned and kissed Harv on the lips. His lips were not tightly closed, and when I slipped my tongue inside his mouth, he opened his lips and kissed me back.

“Mel, I may be defective, and I may not be able to love you after you grow up. I don’t think it would be right for me to ask you to count on me to be your husband, “til death do us part,” because I might stop loving you after you are eighteen,” Harv said.

“Well, let’s figure out how we can legally get married now, while I’m still young enough for you to be crazy about me. I’m hoping that if we’ve been married for four years, and we’ve been making love like newlyweds every night, you might stay in love with me, even after I get to be ancient by not being a teenager anymore,” I said.

“Did you just say that you want to have a honeymoon with me, or did I hear it incorrectly due to my desires and wishful thinking?” Uncle Harv asked.

“No, my dearest uncle, you inferred correctly. I’ve been hot for you for a long time. I just realized that I’m finally old enough to do something about it if we find the right state and the right judge. I’ve been trying to hold myself back so I didn’t tempt you into committing a felony,” I said.

Uncle Harv got a lawyer to agree to represent me. We got a judge to emancipate me and to marry me to Harv. We told the judge that it looked bad to the neighbors and my school for me to be living with my bachelor uncle. Since we aren’t genetically related, it would be better if we were married. Since we love each other anyway, being married wasn’t a hardship for either of us. The judge agreed.

Now we were legally married, and both of us were nearly out of our minds from being so horny for each other, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other. Neither of us had thought our fantasies would ever come true, so we were both still a little shell shocked that we’d gotten our wishes granted.

We went home, and I took Harv’s hand. I led him to his bedroom, and I whispered in his ear, “Uncle Harv, I’m a horny little teenager. Will you please help me and make love to me? I’m your virgin niece, and I need you to make love to me so badly. Please Uncle, please! I need you to pop my cherry, fill me up, with your big cock. I need you inside me so badly,” I begged.

It was obvious I was still young enough to get my uncle excited, because he nearly ripped my clothes off. We started kissing like we were teenage lovers who couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We made out passionately, and I felt Harv’s hands on my body for the first time.

“Oh, I love the way your hands feel on my tits, Harv,” I cooed.

“Honey, I’m a virgin too, so you might need to teach me what feels good to you,” Harv said.

“We’ve been wanting each other for so long now, Harv, we’ll figure out how to make love to each other,” I said.

Inside, I was wishing Uncle Harv was at least a little experienced. The whole idea of the mechanics of getting his tab A into my slot B seemed intimidating. I worried that if we didn’t get the angle right we could break him or hurt me.

Uncle Harv was pretty shy, and very much afraid of hurting me. I had to help him be brave enough to love me the way I needed. I wiggled out of the soft, pale pink cotton bra and panties I was wearing. I hadn’t worn a white dress for my wedding. Since it was mostly signing papers in the judge’s office, I wore a pink party dress.

My body is right between being a little girl and an adolescent, Since I’m petite and skinny, I can still save some money by shopping in the “girl’s department,” so it was really more of a little girl’s party dress than a teenager’s formal or prom dress. My dress was designed to be “cute,” not sexy. Now that I knew about Uncle Harv’s preference, I definitely would be trying to look as young as possible and shopping the “girls’ department” as long as I didn’t outgrow a size fourteen. I was glad I had decided to go for a “soft” look instead of a sexy, or slutty look. The soft pink cotton of my matching bra and panties looked more like girl’s underwear than a teen’s lingerie, but there was something sexy about it too. My body was cooperating too. My bra size was 28 AA, so I had a nearly flat chested figure, but enough of a swelling under my perpetually hard nipples to make it clear I was a girl. It didn’t seem like my tits were going to get much bigger, anytime soon. My hips were straight up and down too, so I didn’t look “womanly,” and I was hoping that would keep Uncle Harv hot for me even after I wasn’t a teen anymore.

My mosquito bite breasts didn’t seem to be a problem for Uncle Harv. He gasped, like I had unveiled 36 DDs when he saw my naked boobs for the first time, and he attacked my nipples. I had to help him learn to be a little gentler with my tiny tits, so that what he was doing felt good to me. I loved his enthusiasm, but I had to teach him not to hurt me, so I could stay hot for him and enjoy what we were doing.

He learned fast though, and in just a few minutes he was licking and sucking my nipples so good it curled my toes. I could tell Uncle Harv was stalling when he went down on me.

It made my first time having sex difficult because I had to learn and teach at the same time. I had to learn how to relax, not be embarrassed, and let myself cum for Uncle Harv. I had to teach my uncle how to arouse me and how to make me cum. We both learned those lessons well, and before I knew it, I was cumming all over the place. I got so wet, it was embarrassing, and my girl juice was smeared all over Uncle Harv’s face. Somehow being embarrassed made me more excited, and I came harder. The other thing that’s difficult is that I think I want to be a little submissive, and I’ve imagined I was the little girl getting taught, almost molested, by her sexy uncle. Now I’m realizing that will never happen.

I’m totally in love, and since there are some challenges in our relationship, I suppose you could say I’m more manipulative than your idea of the ideal girlfriend or wife. I was given the gift of quite a bit of intelligence, and I’m using it to make sure Uncle Harv stays in love with me for the rest of our lives. In my mind, that’s a good thing, because if he fell out of love with me on my eighteenth birthday, he might get himself in trouble and go to jail. He’s used to getting to fuck a teenager who is eager for it, and wants him a minimum of three times a day. If I’m not there to take care of him, TSB (Toxic Sperm Buildup) and frustration might make him do something illegal to some little girl who doesn’t want his attention. I understand him, and I’m going to take care of him and make him happy. I suppose it’s a rationalization, but I really am thinking of his best interests in the little ways I manipulate my husband.

I’m sure you’ll see right through what I was doing some of the time, when you hear how I talk to him, especially when we have sex, to keep him thinking of me as young, so he stays interested and excited.

I realized it was clumsy, and longer than would be nice in a romantic, pillow talk situation, but I needed to keep calling him Uncle Harv to maintain the thrill for him. I really didn’t care if he was a pervert, he was MY pervert, and I’d use his pedophilia to drive him crazy with lust and make him need me. Once he realized I would always take care of him and that I could satisfy him every single time we made love; I was hoping his love for me would take over and keep him in lust with me, even after I was over the hill to his perverted mind.

Finally, I put Uncle Harv on his back, straddled him. I grabbed his stiffy and rubbed it up and down my slit until the big head was all wet and slippery from my pussy juice. I moved his dick around until the head was lined up with my opening, and then I let myself sink down on it.

You know I was born in the Twenty-first Century, I’ve watched porn so I kind of knew what to do. Watching porn also told me that Uncle Harv’s prick is a nice size. It’s bigger than a lot in amateur videos, but smaller than a “porn star’s.” To my fourteen-year-old, lust addled brain, that meant he was big enough to satisfy me, but not so big he’d hurt me.

I was letting myself sink onto his dick pretty fast, until the head pressed against my cherry. It kind of hurt, and the pain worried me, so I stopped going down, and I started fucking the short length of his cock that was inside me.

“Oh god, you’re a virgin!” Uncle Harv gasped.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“It’s exciting to know for sure that I’m your first, but it’s scary that I might hurt you,” Uncle Harv said.

I got my courage together, and combined with the fact that fucking the first two or three inches of his dick was highly unsatisfying, it let me be brave enough to slam my hips down and pop my cherry on Uncle Harv’s dick.

“Oh Uncle Harv, you are my first. You broke my little girl maidenhead with your big, grown up cock. It feels so good to have your fat prick stretching me to the limit. It doesn’t hurt much anymore. Now I need you to teach me to fuck like a big girl, or at least like a teenage slut.

I like having your cock inside me, stuffing my little pussy full, Uncle Harv. I love you so much, I want to love your big boner with my tight little kitty forever and ever.

I played the virgin, turning into a little slut, so well that Uncle Harv blasted me full of hot cum. I suppose I’m out of my little mind, but I never said anything to Uncle Harv about birth control, and I’m at the most fertile time of my cycle, right now, according to Web MD. There are a lot of things that are not smart or normal about how I act. Getting myself pregnant at fourteen is undoubtedly one of them. I suppose it has something to do with trying to get hooks into Uncle Harv so he would NEED me the way I needed him. If we have a baby together, that might give him a reason to stay. I was hoping that when I did get pregnant, the sperm that got through and fertilized my egg carried an X chromosome. A baby daughter would fuel his fantasies so much better than a little boy would. If I was feeling my hold on him slipping by the time our daughter was fourteen, I wasn’t above encouraging her to make love to her daddy. I suppose I’m a terrible and sick person too, if you see Uncle Harv as being sick. I just know I love him, and I’ll do whatever I need to, in order to keep him.

We had a stay at home honeymoon. It turns out I need to get fucked at least three times a day, every day. If I get less, I feel nervous, I can’t sit still, and I can be bitchy. Uncle Harv felt that was just about the perfect number for him too. The thing that made him smile, and tell me he loved me beyond reason, was that if he was a little hornier than usual, I had no problem giving him four, or five, or even eight ejaculations into my hot, dripping wet cunt. Uncle Harv didn’t mind giving me extra orgasms either, so we didn’t have any problems adjusting to each other. I’ve read that many couples have trouble getting used to how much sex their partner needs. That was never an issue for us. Both of us were just so happy our dreams came true that we were more than happy to give our spouse as much sex as they needed.

One day Uncle Harv asked me, “Mel, it’s been three months since we got married. Isn’t it time you had a period?”

“Oh, Uncle Harv, you knocked me up the first time we did it. The day we got married, you got me pregnant with your baby. Are you happy Uncle?” I replied.

He didn’t tell me, he showed me by ripping off my clothes and giving me the best fuck of my life. Uncle Harv really pounded me, and the way the head of his cock rammed my cervix the whole time made my neurotic little brain go crazy. I could imagine that he wanted to make love to his wife instead of molest his under-age ward. He made more noise than usual when he creamed me, and I came even harder than usual. That made me feel hopeful that we would last even after I wasn’t a teenager any more.

I made dinner for us, then we fucked again instead of watching T.V. I decided my homework was out of luck, and we made love all evening. I really loved it when sex took two or three hours, and it seemed like Uncle Harv didn’t mind sport fucking me sometimes. He really seemed to get off on giving me fifteen or twenty orgasms. We took a break for a short time, then I teased my husband’s dick until it was hard as could be, and we made love again before bedtime.

Uncle Harv put me on my back and pulled my knees up to my tits. He spread me as wide as my legs would go. He got on top of me, centered his cockhead in my hole, and began sinking into me. I immediately thought of how I had tried to look soft for my uncle, and it definitely was a case of him sinking into my softness. He went so slowly, I started hitting his back with my fists and swearing at him.

“Hurry up! Get your big dick inside me where it will do some good! Stop being an asshole, and fuck me, Uncle Harv,” I moaned.

“So you really like having your uncle fuck you?” Uncle Harv asked.

“Yes, I need your fat cock inside me, pounding me and making me cum, every single day,” I whimpered.

“Well, maybe if you ask me really nice, I could give you what you want. Still, since you NEED it, I think you need to beg me really prettily. Don’t you think you ought to beg your uncle for it Mel?” Uncle Harv asked.

“Oh please Uncle Harv, please, please, please fill my tiny kitty up with your big, thick, adult cock and fuck your little teenage niece until she is cumming and squirming all over your bed. Fuck your little girl until she is cumming and screaming her head off from how good you fuck your little juvenile ward. Then, after you have made her cum long enough to show her that her uncle is a total stud, shoot her little cunny full of hot baby batter and show her how you fucked her the night you popped her cherry and knocked her up. Remind her how you planted your baby in her teenage womb,” I begged.

He fucked me harder and faster, so I let myself go, and I started cumming almost continuously. I let myself blather and beg, “Oh Uncle Harv, you fuck me so good. I love the feel of your dick head slamming into my cervix. Pound me, Uncle Harv. Remind me how it felt when you put your baby inside my womb. Fill up my little cunt with your hot cream. Make me cum just a few more times before we go to sleep. Make me your teenage slut. Make me belong to you. Make me addicted to you big, thick, grown up cock!”

When he unleashed his flood of hot cream inside my twat, I whimpered, “I’m cumming so good. You always make me love getting

fucked so much when you do me. I’m so glad you are my baby daddy!”

Of course it was 100% true.

Uncle Harv always tried to keep his prick in me as long as possible after he spermed me. Tonight he seemed to be in a sentimental mood.

“Mel, I love you so much more than I ever thought I could love a girl. You do everything that makes me happy. You always do what I need, and you never complain. You learned to suck my dick and take me down your throat, just because I always wondered what it would feel like. I know you’d let me fuck your ass if I wanted to, and you wouldn’t be grumpy about it. I guess for a lot of guys that is the ultimate way for a girl to prove she loves them. If you ever felt itchy inside your butt and wanted me to scratch you in there with my dick, I would do it for you. That’s just not something I ever wanted much,” Uncle Harv said.

“You understand me very well, Uncle Harv. If you needed to butt fuck me, of course I’d make it happen for you. Right now, it’s not something I ever wanted, but if that changes, I’ll let you know,” I said.

Of course I knew Uncle Harv’s code, and he was telling me he wanted to fuck me up my butt. He wouldn’t force me to do it, and he would not put me in the position of asking for it directly, so I felt like I had to say, “yes.” He asked obliquely, so that I had to make it seem like I was begging him to do it for me, to satisfy my body’s need for the experience of anal penetration. Warped, huh?

I wasn’t enjoying cuddling as much as usual, because my brain was going a million miles an hour, thinking of what I needed to do to make Uncle Harv’s wish come true, and have the experience be as good for him as I could possibly make it. At the same time I wanted to make sure it didn’t hurt me. The thought crossed my mind that I had made myself act pretty much like Uncle Harv’s sex slave, and he didn’t even know he was my Master. Of course my brain chewed over the idea of getting Uncle Harv to enslave me, if he ever got tired of me or thought I was too old for him to want to fuck me anymore. The problem with that is that if he owned me, he could always sell me.

I was to blame for thinking about the worst case and worrying about how to keep my pedophile uncle interested in me for life. I had developed a powerful need for sex, and I needed it at least three times a day, every day. Uncle Harv satisfied me completely, so I had no interest in finding another man. After all, it would take a long time to make sure he could meet my needs, and I wasn’t sure there was another man who could fuck me as good.

I was at thirty weeks of my pregnancy, and the size of my tummy was getting to be a problem in terms of getting us into positions that made sex good for both of us. I was selfish enough not to accept sex that was only good for Uncle Harv. I felt like I deserved to cum too.

I researched anal intercourse, and decided it was not a danger to my pregnancy. I wasn’t a blimp because I wanted to limit how big I got so I could slim down to my normal, skinny, teenage shape as soon as possible after delivering our baby. I thought I needed to stay skinny to keep Uncle Harv interested in me. I wanted him to need to fuck me as much as I needed him to screw me every day.

I gave myself an enema so I wouldn’t be messy. When Uncle Harv came home from work, I grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him to the bedroom.

“Thinking about what you said the other day gave me a terrible itch inside my butt, Uncle Harv. I need you to stick your big cock up my ass and scratch that itch inside me,” I begged.

I bent over the back of a low backed, upholstered chair, and handed Uncle Harv a tube of water soluble lubricant. I had gone for slutty today. I lifted my mini-skirt and exposed my bare ass, garter belt, and black mesh stockings to my husband. He lubed up his dick and slowly, gently stuffed my rectum full of erect, throbbing cock. Once he was all the way in me, he began to slowly slide his dick in and out of me, in an imitation of the fucking motion he used to screw my eager, horny cunt.

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