Pimping Out My Bff Just to See Her Squirm

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: The character of Kathy Sullivan is developed further to show her depraved outlook on sexual relationships and her kinky urges for unusual things.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

My name is Kathy Sullivan and you may remember me from reading that story about Trish Mulligan getting felt up on the train by those terrible boys. It is certainly true that Trish is definitely my BFF because we grew up together and even took showers and baths together and washed out each other's rumps with soapy fingers and lots of giggling.

I found out from that incident on the train that I liked seeing Trish get all humiliated like that by being degraded right in front of me. It made me hotter than hell and all I could think of after that happened was to strap on my dildo and show Trish which end was up when it came to getting laid. She was sort of a naïve girl in many ways but she could really "take it" when push came to shove.

I really sympathized with her after that fateful ride and I knew she was feeling it good when I took care of all her needs in the dark place under the hallway stairs in her parent's apartment building. She knew she didn't need any condom with me because my cock wasn't real and right from the very first time she relaxed to take it in her pretty brown eye when the mood hit us both. It was real nice to get on top of her and give her the full weight of my body just like I was a guy humping her on a first date. All things considered, Trish was the most submissive bitch I had ever met.

We went up to the beach the weekend after that incident and I purposely brought my brother Danny along so he could carry the picnic baskets and the beach umbrella. He was a bit dense when it came to figuring things out but he had the most beautiful cock for a shy-type eighteen year old you ever did see. In all honesty, I would be the first to admit he was not a good kisser but I was certain it was because he was so immature and had little practice. He kind of liked to skip all that mushy stuff and just nail a girl before she knew what hit her. I even offered to let him practice on me but he didn't seem to like the idea too much because we were brother and sister. I am talking about kissing and not humping, I would never be so sinful as to stoop to incest and risk my immortal soul.

Both Trish and I were wearing sort of skimpy two piece bikinis but I have to admit in all honesty that Trish's backside looked a whole lot more promising than mine because she had those curves in the exact right places and when she moved even slightly, that special gap between her ass cheeks looked like a tantalizing welcome mat right in front of the rear door.

My not as curvy ass tended to be a little on the boney side but that was a genetic thing with us Sullivan girls no matter how much sweet stuff I packed into my mouth. I had even considered buying one of those curved things skinny girls stick under their panties to make the boys think their backsides are plump and ready for humping.

Danny was squatting down cross-legged between the two of us on the blanket and I saw that he was sporting a huge erection just from looking at my BFF Trish's pretty backside. I convinced her that she should let Danny give her a good neck rub because he was sort of an expert at that kind of thing.

His smile was so wide I swear it must have gone all the way around his head.

His greedy hands were on her head and neck and her shoulders and even sliding down to that small area in the back of the armpit where a girl's breasts started their slow descent into full swinging glory. I watched her pretty ass cheeks clench and relax as he stroked her back letting his fingers stray down to caress the soft sides of her full boobs. It was shameful the way she was panting and as hot as a cheap Saturday night special.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear that it would be better if she got under the blanket with Danny so they both could escape the rays of the sun which was almost straight up and shining brightly in a cloudless sky. She looked at me strangely and I told her that my Danny liked her ass and that she should be nice to him because he was carrying all our stuff in both directions. When she asked me why I didn't take care of his needs, I just looked her straight in the eye and simply said,

"He's my brother, silly!"

They both scooted under the blanket and I held Trish's hand knowing my horny brother was probably already rubbing his cock on her pretty backside. He was not one to fool around when the opportunity arose to get some loving from a pretty girl. I felt Trish clutch my hands like they were a life line thrown into the rolling waters of serious rear door humping. Her eyes were wide open looking at me filled with lust and guilt. My silly brother had his eyes shut probably thinking about some movie star that he jerked off to when he was in the bathroom by himself. I knew he was partial to brunettes with pony tails and Trish was not his ideal at all. In fact there were not too many brunettes with pony tails because that was not a popular hair style any longer.

Poor Trish was whimpering now loud enough for the couple next to us on the beach to nod their heads in recognition of the fact she was taking all that Danny had to offer. I could almost see her getting that tingle thing in her eyes when my brother shot his load because she glared at me like some alley cat searching for eyes to scratch out. My brother was in seventh heaven and I saw him taking off a well-used condom filled with his cream and slightly dirty on the outside from Trish's stuffed bottom. For some idiotic reason he handed it to me like some trophy of superior BFF humping and I took it like a fool strangely thinking it felt awful heavy like a weight you put on a fishing line to hold down the hook.

Trish came out from under the blanket pulling her bikini bottoms back over her brown eye and slowly limped up to the comfort station under the boardwalk. Danny looked at me like he had just ridden the winning horse at the Derby and was brimming with joy and pride. From the look in Trish's eyes, I guess he was entitled to his feelings because she had that glowing look of satisfaction that girls get after being stretched to the limit by a friendly weapon. I scooped out a hole in the sand and buried my brother's trophy condom and wondered if he kept a supply of silly little things for just such emergencies. I think if I was the sort of female that was more attuned to taking cock in my female openings, I would have been tempted to sample my brother's wares despite the incest thing but I was pretty firm in my anti-incest position and remained focused on girls as my targets of opportunity in the game of love.

After that trip to the beach, Trish became putty in my hands even more so than before and she would follow my instructions in taking on any partners that I assigned to her.

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