Magical Mathematical Symptomatical (Mlp/adventure Time)

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2015 by Honey Moon

Fan Fiction Sex Story: After communicating for centuries with princess Celestia, princess Bubblegum perfects a portal generator to allow them to finally visit face to face. Things go haywire when the portal shuts down, stranding Celestia in the land of Ooo. Isolated from Equestria, Celestia can not process Oooian magic and her personality changes drastically. Will a newly futanari Bonnibel seduce the now childlike adult mare? Will James Baxter makes an unexpected appearance? Read this twisted crossover to find out!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Coercion   Magic   Hermaphrodite   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Furry   non-anthro   First   Oral Sex   Bestiality   Food   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Size   .

Bonnibel took a deep breath to steady her nerves. "This is the tricky bit." She muttered as a wisp of smoke rose from the tip of her soldering iron. "One false move and its BLAMMO time for all of Ooo!"

As she made the final connection to the live circuit, she kept one eye on the Singularitron scope. If the readings went completely snazzo, she would have approximately ten fifteenths of a second to dampen the fields and shut down the system. The effort would be moot though. Her best time in the simulation program she had constructed was three point two seconds. Putting the soldering iron down in its cradle, she turned to the bank of fine tuning knobs and slowly went to work.

The readings grew ever closer to red line, but the princess kept her head. "Just a little more." She whispered as the screen turned red and the laboratory began to glow with an unflattering sickly green energy. "Keep it together, Bubblegum." She hissed as she continued to adjust the micro controls. "I don't want to show my age!"

Green lightning sizzled and crackled over every metallic surface in the lab. "Almost there." She hissed as her long delicate fingers turned knobs in infinitesimal increments nearly undetectable to the eye. "Don't blow it now, Bubblegum!" she warned as the green light became nearly blinding. She took a deep breath, and grasped knob forty-two. "Now!" she cried, as she viciously turned it until it wouldn't turn any more!

With a loud pop, the sickly green light vanished. The scope screen turned back to its normal cheery yellow. "That was a close one! Just a couple more points and every bit of background magic would have been instantaneously siphoned out of Ooo! Still, it would have been quick. Mostly nobody would have noticed, they would have died so fast. Finn would have been upset though to see every creature in the land suddenly turn to dust around him when the magic was sucked away!"

Bonnibel couldn't help a little grin. "Finn would have positively freaked if he saw my physiological appearance suddenly match my chronological age before I went POOF! He can be such a child sometimes."

Whistling a happy tune, the princess closed up the access panel on the side of her upgraded portal control consol. She donned dark goggles and securely welded the panel shut over the bank of knobs. Finally, she picked up a magic marker and wrote "No user serviceable parts inside. Do not even think about touching!"

Bonnibel stretched luxuriously, feeling fulfilled after a job well done. More importantly, she was more than a little relieved that she hadn't destroyed Ooo in her quest for knowledge.

"Finally, after all of our correspondence, we'll be able to see each other." Her cheeks grew even pinker than usual. "Perhaps even interact, as well!"

"Science!" she said confidently as she turned to the controls. "It's time to reestablish the link!" Her fingers danced over the consol keyboard in the well remembered sequence as she imputed the final coordinates. "Hello Equestria? Are you there, princess Celestia?"

"My dear princess Bubblegum, it has been quite some time since I have heard your voice."

"Heard?" Bonnibel grinned. "You ain't heard nothin' yet!" Bonnibel gently put a finger to the big friendly green button marked OPEN, and pressed. Instantly, a perfectly round shimmering vortex appeared almost, but not quite against the wall. "Ta-da, it's a fully functional portal! Now we don't have to rely on sending written scrolls or having static marred audio only chats."

Celestia turned and was quite surprised to see a portal had formed in her bedchamber, without the utilization of a magic mirror. This was quite a bit beyond Twilight Sparkle's use of science to bypass the thirty moons time limit, in order to open the mirror portal to the human world at will. "Congratulations are in order, my dear. You seem to have a unique new technique for bi-location spells."

"No, there's no magic involved, just a very good understanding of basic quantum physics coupled with a steady hand at building new circuitry. Magic is just science I haven't figured out, after all."

Celestia chuckled. She and Bonnibel had thrashed out that discussion many times over the centuries. She peered through the portal. "Is that really you, Bonnibel?"

Bonnibel stared back at the stunning winged and horned white mare. "I think so. More importantly, would you by chance happen to be a horse?"

"Pony, actually." Celestia corrected with a smile. "You appear to be a bipedal life form, similar to the "Humans" princess Twilight has described to me after her journeys to their world."

"Oh, I know a human. I guess I do look a bit like one." She smiled. "Why don't you come over for a visit, princess Celestia? I'll make us some tea."

Celestia hesitated. "While I would love nothing better than to spend a little time with you, I have royal duties that need my attention."

"Just one cup of tea?" Bonnibel smiled. "I have oatmeal cookies. I could even have the Banana Guards fetch up some plain old oats, if you prefer. Heck, some of the Banana Guards are quite ripe, if that's what you prefer."

Celestia laughed at the perceived joke. "You tempt me, perhaps another time my dear."

"Come on, don't you ever get tired of your royal duties? I know I do!" Bonnibel sighed. "Sometimes you just have to trust to luck and hope your subjects don't destroy themselves while you get a little "me" time. What do you say?"

Not quite sure if the bipedal princess was joking after all, Celestia chuckled lightly. "Okay, just one cup of tea."

The graceful equine strode up to the portal and stepped through. Once fully in the lab, she staggered and nearly fell.

"Princess, what is the matter?" Bonnibel shouted as she rushed to help steady her large guest. "Are you ill?"

Celestia felt something new to her. All her life she had been surrounded by Equestria's strong natural magical field. Now, it was only detectable from the direction of the portal. Her heart raced as she fought to stay calm and keep the unexpected fear at bay. "I had thought this world had magic." She said with a tremble in her voice. "Did you deceive me, princess Bubblegum?"

"No, Ooo has oodles of magic. We're simply dripping with pesky wizards and witches!" She turned to her instruments. The readings were astounding when she aimed them at the open portal. "I never detected such levels before. My Googoomomometer has gone total negative babies! It's never done that before!" The device in her hand erupted in a cloud of smoke. "Glob, now it broke!"

"What does that mean?" Celestia said as she backed slowly toward the portal. "Perhaps I had better leave."

"No, I must study this!" Without thinking, Bonnibel initiated the portal shutdown sequence. She felt a burst of pride when necessity enabled her to shave a whole second from her best simulation time.

Celestia gasped as the strange feeling intensified. She was isolated. The magic she had known throughout her long life was gone! She whinnied softly. "What is happening?"

Bonnibel was to intent on her findings to notice the panic in Celestia's voice. "This is amazing! The neutron flow in Equestrian magic seems to have the reverse polarity of that in Oooian magic! The wavelets mirror each other perfectly! I'm glad I didn't decide to step through to your world. Things would be seriously bad if the portal collapsed and I was isolated from Ooo. Much as I hate to use the word, it would be intensely messy if I were to suddenly discorporate due to a lack of magic!"

"I, I don't understand!" Celestia put a front hoof to her head and moaned. Sweat matted her forehead at the base of her horn as she desperately tried to concentrate. "I can't even cast a simple light spell!"

"That's because you're isolated from Equestria, and your body can not process the magic of my world. It's a good thing you're made of organic protein protoplasm. That gunk holds up fairly well without magic to support it. I'd kinda drop dead, being that my biomass is primarily candy." She cringed. "Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. It would be quite messy. I'm talking "Splat, it's time to repaint the walls" messy, if I were to be so isolated."

"Quick, reopen the portal!" Celestia ordered in a fair approximation of her normal voice.

Bonnibel paused. "Celestia, how well do you understand computer chips and printed circuits?"

"I, I don't know! Is that like vacuum tubes and wires? My world has little need for such things!"

Bonnibel laughed. She wasn't a cruel leader, but this was getting rather interesting. "I suppose you know nothing of Quantum physics either?"

"No! Now hurry!"

"What's the rush?" Bonnibel smiled at her guest and tried to lie with a straight face. "I, um, I need to let the circuits rest a bit. Yeah, that's right! I need to keep the portal closed for a couple of hours, at least so the integrated circuits have time to recharge and regenerate. Besides, we haven't had our tea yet."

"You, you don't understand! My, my thoughts are growing muddled! I feel myself dwindling! I'm trying to hold on! I must hold on! Twilight never mentioned this, but on her first journey she had the magic of her crown to sustain her! On her second trip, the magic within her friends supported her. Even then, she could not cast any spells! I, I was born an Alicorn! Natural born Alicorns need magic so much more than a Unicorn that becomes a princess!"

Bonnibel's heart pounded, but it wasn't from fear. This was strangely exciting! "Princess, are you telling me that your brain needs magic to function efficiently?"

"Yes!" Celestia cried. "I'm slipping! Restore the link so I can leave!"

Feeling a bit ashamed, Bonnibel felt herself growing more than a bit aroused. "It's not anything permanent, I hope."

"No, it will reverse! I need magic though! Without it, my mind, my mind, uh, what was I saying? I'm so confused! Open the portal!"

Bonnibel smiled. "I see. Your neurons behave much as a superconducting metal. Without utter complete cold, the superconductor loses efficiency until the temperature is once again lowered enough to restore cryogenic conditions. Without magic, your cognitive ability will decrease as your dendrites lose efficiency. Your IQ may drop quite a bit until Equestrian magic returns to restore it!"

"I, I must reopen the portal!" Celestia turned to the control console and raised a hoof. "How does it work?" she cried, realizing her hoof would hit many of the small studs designed for "fingers" to depress. "I, I want to make it work!" She peered at the controls and blinked. Although they had traded scrolls for decades before Bonnibel had perfected her first voice link, Celestia found she couldn't understand the funny symbols and words any more! "Make it work!" she whimpered. "Open, open the thingy!"

This was fascinating. The glorious flowing energy nebula of the Alicorn's mane and tail lost its otherworldly sparkle. It was still a lovely pink, which Bonnibel approved of, but it now appeared to be formed of living hair. The visiting princess was starting to sound almost childish, and sort of, well, stupid. "Celestia, how do you feel?"

"Do not distract me!" Celestia begged. "I, I must hold on! I feel my mind slipping! I am unraveling!" She gulped, fear making her eyes wild. "Open the, open, you have to open something! Please, I, I must concentrate! I must retain something of myself!" The pony bowed her head. "Help me! I, I'm, somethin's wrong!"

"Hmm you're worried about a distraction." Bonnibel took a deep breath. "Would you like a cup of tea?" she shouted in the loud shrill voice she used when calling her cat Timmy.

The Alicorn gave a start. Her eyes opened wide as she fought a tremendous inner battle to hold on. The glassy look of terror in her eyes faded. She finally opened her mouth to speak. "Yes please!" she said with a giggle. "I like tea. Can I have lots of sugar in mine, pretty please?"

"Of course you can my little pony!"

Celestia reared up and loudly clapped her front hooves together. "Oh goodie, I like sweet tea!" Her rather vapid smile lit up the room. "Did you say I can have a cookie too?"

"You can have lots of cookies, Celestia dear." Bonnibel smiled. "I might even give you a very special sweet if you're a very good pony."

Celestia nodded her head. "I'm a real good pony!" she announced happily. "Ask Twilight Sparkle. She likes me a whole lot because I'm a good pony!" Celestia giggled again. "I like Twilight. Did you know she turned into an Alcorn too? Twilight's a real princess, just like you and me!"

"Is that so?" Bonnibel smiled. "Now let us retire to my apartment suite and have our tea."

"I know! Your apartment is sweet, because this is the Candy Kingdom!" Celestia laughed like a child. "Wasn't that a funny joke, Bonnie?"

"It certainly was, Tia!"

If Peppermint Butler thought anything odd about seeing a large pony in his mistress's royal bedchamber, he wisely kept it to himself. "Your tea, Princess."

"Thanks Peps." Bonnibel said cheerfully. Her face grew pinker as she continued. "That will be all. Oh, and hold all calls."

"Very well." He cast his piercing white eyes on the pony visitor, but could sense no evil within the rather simple mind. "I will return if summoned."

Bonnibel sighed as the loyal servant backed out of the room. "He can be so formal."

Celestia smiled. "He smells nice thought. I like candy."

"I'm sure you do." Bonnibel said while pouring the fragrant brew.

"Thank you for the tea!" Celestia sat with her rump on a pile of cushions. "The mug is pretty, too!" Using both front hooves, she carefully lifted the large cup to her lips and slurped noisily.

"I thought you'd like the chalice with the palace." Bonnibel said as she sipped her tea. "It's my favorite next to this one." She held up the vessel with the pestle she was using.

A fleeting look of sadness crossed the pony's face. "When I could use magic, I had the nicest tea cups." She cheered up almost instantly and took another sip. "This is nice though. It's big and heavy enough so I won't have to worry about breaking it on you! At home I have a large tankard that the Apple family gave me for when it's cider season. Applejack is really nice. It won't be so bad living as an Earth pony if she helps me!"

Celestia seemed to have forgotten her troubles were only temporary. Bonnibel felt a twinge of guilt, but no harm would come of this. "My, but it sure is warm in here."

"Bonnie, you should take off your clothes then. Even Rarity dislikes wearing any on very hot days. I heard her say that sweating is unladylike."

Would it really be this easy? "You're right, Tia." Feeling a bit nervous, Bonnibel stood and removed her lab coat. When the pony showed only minimum interest, she grew bolder and pulled off her hoodie and pulled down her pants. She had gone "commando" today, so that was all it took.

Bonnibel folded her clothes and neatly put them away. The only indication that this was out of the ordinary for her was a full body blush. Facing her full length mirror, she saw that her skin was rather pinker than normal. Her nipples were nearly cherry red, looking even more than usual like delicious firm gumdrops. She couldn't stop herself from thinking that Marceline would quite enjoy seeing her like this once again. Would Marceline be able to resist the urge to drain the red from her body? Would she stop her if she did?

Lately things were becoming easier between them. Perhaps one day they could once again ... Bonnibel sighed. What would Marcy say about the addition to her body? How would it feel to enter a vampire? She had experimented just last night with a semi-sentient pudding, and had rather enjoyed the soothing chill against her shaft.

Too bad she had to hurry and destroy all traces of it. The pudding had begun to reproduce with alarming speed after she had ejaculated within it. The happy squeals it made during orgasm were quite cute as her spurting fluid tripled the pudding's volume.

Minutes later, the shrieking cries of pain as it gave birth to a miniature princess clone were quite another matter though. Bonnibel had erred slightly in making a synthetic pudding life form far superior to the genetic goo that filled a candy female's womb while she was ripe for impregnation.

Who knew that her sugary seed would bond with and override the simplistic genetic information within the confection? She donned the emergency flamethrower with no time to spare, turning its business end on the screaming, obscenely pulsating pudding before it could produce a second offspring.

After she incinerated the main mass, the hunt was on! It took Bonnibel over an hour to track down and eradicate the miniature Princess Puddinggum clone. The pretty little thing had hit the floor running once the wailing pudding had expelled her. Thankfully Bonnibel managed to locate her in a supply closet.

Bonnibel bathed the pest in cleansing flame just in time. The balance of power had very nearly tipped in the clone's favor. The tiny princess had come within seconds of completing a very small but decidedly deadly laser rifle in a frantic attempt to protect her unwanted existence.

Bonnibel knew that a head shot would have dropped her before she could aim and fire the flamethrower. The clone would have had no trouble finding a way to increase her size until she could take over by literally stepping into dead princess shoes.

The choking acidic stench of burnt sugar had been worth it though. The fresh from the refrigerator pudding had reminded Bonnibel of the delightful chill of Marcy's mouth and, well, other places she had once happily probed with her tongue.

Bonnibel sighed as she watched herself grow even pinker, and tried to keep her mind on the present. "That's much more comfortable." She said calmly as she turned to stand completely naked in front of her visitor from another world.

Celestia looked at her hostess and giggled. "You're smooth all over! I thought you would have a coat under your clothes." She glanced downward. "Oh, are you a stallion? I thought you were a mare."

Bonnibel couldn't help grinning. "I'm a girl, but I'm also part boy." She decided not to mention that this was a recent occurrence after months of study and hard work. "Specifically, I am a hermaphrodite." She boldly lifted her turgid shaft and spread her legs. "See, I'm a girl where it counts."

"Is that why you have those bumps?" Celestia raised a hoof and pointed at a delicate breast. "Ponies have their milk glands in a different place." She giggled again. "Foals suckle, um, down there, up under our hindquarters."

Bonnibel felt her penis give a bit of a jerk. "You, um you aren't scared of me, are you?"

"Heck no Bonnie." She lowered her voice, and Bonnibel saw just the hint of a blush on Celestia's face. "If you were a pony, I'd be really scared because I'm in heat. Stallions would want to do all sorts of naughty things with me if they smelled, my, um, I forget the word, but it's what makes mares smell really nice when they're ready to have a foal."

"You're emitting pheromones."

"That's the word! Bonnie, you're sure smart! I'm glad you're not a pony and want to make me do naughty things." Her voice dropped even lower. "I'm a virgin, so it would be super duper scary!"

Bonnibel chuckled nervously and sat back in her easy chair. She picked up her tea and sipped; slightly worried that she'd drip the still hot beverage onto her quivering erect naked staff. "Well, it's sure a good thing I'm not a pony then, isn't it?"

Celestia very carefully used her hooves to lift a cookie to her mouth, and then happily gobbled it up. "Bonnie, I'm being really good. Can I have my special sweet now?"

Bonnibel nearly choked on her tea. "I, um, why yes. Yes you can." She took a deep breath. "It's a secret surprise, so close your eyes tight, okay?"

"Okay Bonnie!" Celestia squeezed her eyes shut. "I promise I won't peek!"

Bonnibel was certainly glad that she was the only one in the Candy Kingdom that knew about her extensive security camera network. It would not do to alarm her subjects by letting them witness what the automated system was about to record for her later viewing pleasure. "Just give me a moment." She said softly as she picked up an oatmeal cookie.

Grasping her throbbing erection, she pumped her hand up and down a few delightfully agonizingly stimulating times. A copious amount of her pre-ejaculate lubricating fluid oozed from the dilated opening of her recently repositioned urethra. She carefully collected it on the cookie, where it looked very much like a sugary glaze.

Bonnibel forced down the slight pang of guilt she felt and held out the anointed treat. "Here Tia, try this "Special" cookie!"

Celestia opened her eyes. "It looks so good!" she exclaimed. Leaning forward she very carefully nipped the cookie from her friend's hand. She took it whole into her mouth and began to chew. "Oh, it's yummy!" she exclaimed. "The frosting is so sweet, creamy, and warm!"

Bonnibel nodded. Her biochemistry would be quite flavorful to a protein being that enjoyed sweets. Watching the lovely pony unknowingly consume her bodily fluids was very arousing. The lubricating fluid began to flow from her penis, even without a hand stroking it. "Would you like some more?" she asked huskily. "I can make as many as you want."

"Oh, yes please Bonnie!" Celestia said with an eager nod of her head. "That tasted so good!"

"I can give you so much more." Bonnibel said softly. Hand once again gripping her pulsing pink penis, Bonnibel picked up another cookie and let her offering dribble all over it. She heard a soft snort of a whinny. "Oh dear." She said quietly, knowing the sound to be a pony gasp. "I thought you promised not to peek."

Celestia could not believe her eyes. Her friend was doing "this and that" to her pee-pee! She gulped nervously. The gooey stuff coming out was the yummy frosting she just ate! Her heart pounded. "I, I'm sorry!" she said defensively. "I was bad to peek, but Bonnie, you, you're doing naughty stallion things!" The strong magnificent equine used her hind legs to scoot away fearfully from the small slender pink biped. "Can I go home now?"

"In a moment, but first Tia, tell the truth now." Bonnie said, letting go of her penis. "Did you like how my secret surprise tasted?"

Celesta felt her face grow warm. Her wings naughtily spread wide, even though she tried to keep them folded primly against her body. "I, um, I, I don't want to answer that! Can you open the swirly doorway so I can go home now? Please?"

"Oh Tia, you can tell me." Bonnibel smiled. "How did I, um, I mean it taste?"

Celestia bowed her head and nervously kicked a front hoof against the carpet. "It, um, it tasted really good." She looked up, her eyes glowing in fear. "Don't tell my sister I said that! She got mad when I scolded her for..."

This was getting interesting. Bonnibel knew quite a lot about Princess Luna, from her talks with Celestia. "Did Luna do something naughty?"

"I, um, walked in on her once." Celestia said nervously. "Our new guard, Flash Sentry, um, he and Luna, uh, Luna had, Luna was, Luna was sucking on his thingy! She knows I, um, I mean Twilight likes him, but she was doing things only wicked mares do with stallions!"

"Luna was doing what you wanted to do, right?"

"Yes, the little sneak, um, I mean no! Bonnie, you're confusing me!"

Bonnibel wiped the head of her cock off on the cookie, glazing it with her lubricant. "Take it easy Tia. Here, have another cookie."

Celestia leaned forward to take the treat without thinking. She froze, feeling the still warm goo on her tongue. It was so naughty and wrong, but that didn't stop it from tasting so sweet and good. After a moment, she chewed up the cookie and swallowed. "Bonnie, you're so mean to me!" She whimpered. "Can I have just one more cookie?"

Bonnibel took a deep breath. It looked like she had passed a major hurdle. If she played this just right, it looked like she would get some REAL research on what it meant to have a penis! "Tia, would you like to taste something even yummier?"

"I, um, I, I'm not sure." Celestia stammered, while staring at her friend's penis.

"When you scolded Luna, how long did you watch before you interrupted?"

Celestia thought about seeing her little sister doing things with a stallion and grinned. "They, um, were very busy. They never noticed I opened the door." She giggled nervously. "Luna's nasty slurping sounds drowned out any noise I made. Then Flash sort of grunted and thrust at Luna's face until I couldn't see his thingy. When it was way down her throat, she started to make icky gagging sounds. He pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth. Flash's gooey stallion stuff oozed from between her lips and his thingy. It ran down her chin and dripped all over the floor."

Celestia thought for a moment and laughed. "I could see that she was trying, but I don't think Luna could swallow fast enough. Some slime even came out of her nose! It looked so yucky! When Flash finally ran to get a washcloth to clean my sister's face, I quietly closed the door and waited until he left before scolding her."

Bonnibel smiled. "Luna sounds like quite an adventurous pony. I bet you could never do something like that."

Celestia's eyes opened wide. "I bet I could too do it!" she shouted. "I'm bigger than she is, and everything!"

Was it really that easy? "Tia dear, would you like to prove it to me?"

Celestia froze. "Um, Bonnie, I, I shouldn't have said that."

"Oh, I guess it was all talk then."

"Bonnie?' Celestia said softly. "Do you promise not to tell Luna?"

Bonnibel put a hand over her heart, and felt it racing beneath her breast. "I give you my word as a princess!"

Celestia smiled shyly. "I bet your stuff tastes better than Flash's. Luna said something about it being salty and musky while Flash wiped her face off. The stuff I already tasted was really sweet and nice!"

"My semen will taste even sweeter." Bonnibel promised as she reclined her chair and spread her legs. At least she hoped the pony would think so.

"Oh, I don't like being bad." Celestia whispered as she stared at what sprouted up from between her friend's legs. "Mares shouldn't do wicked things like this if they aren't married!"

"How could two friends helping each other feel good be bad, Tia?" Instead of answering, the lovely equine lowered her neck and gave the head of Bonnibel's cock a timid little kiss. "Oh Tia!" she couldn't help exclaiming as gentle lips caressed her glans.

While she had made sure her new penis would be long enough to assure the ability to perform autofellatio, Bonnibel as yet hadn't pressed the bulbous mushroom of her cock-head against her lips. After all, since its appearance on her body, she had been urinating through the thing! Candy biomass notwithstanding, the yellow liquid her bladder released was certainly not lemonade!

This monumental event was completely new to her. Bonnibel thoroughly enjoyed her very first sample of "Oral" as Celestia lovingly kissed her cock.

Celestia pulled back. A shimmering string of viscous fluid stretched from her lower lip to the quivering pink organ. It broke and vanished when she timidly spoke. "Was, was that enough?" she asked softly.

Bonnibel sighed. "Did Luna stop at just one kiss?" she asked in her best haughty princess voice.

"No Bonnie." Celestia answered. "I, I can do this!"

As Celestia lowered her head again, Bonnibel eyed the horn pointing at her face. "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." She muttered, before grabbing the horn with both hands to prevent ocular damage.

Celestia let out a moan. "No Bonnie, don't touch me there!" She cried as her body trembled. "Horns are real sensitive!"

"Is that a fact?" Bonnibel said, as she gripped the hard and surprisingly warm spike. "Is it the organ of magic?" she asked curiously. "To be this warm it must have a rich blood supply. I'd say it's a manipulator of magical force, and must tie directly into your brain. Even without magic, the neurons are still firing happily away!"

"I, I don't know what that means." Celestia whimpered. "It, it just makes me feel all squiffy between my hind legs when you hold it with those hand things on your funny looking front legs!"

"Oh really?" Bonnibel stroked her hands up and down the smooth spiral of the horn, using the technique she had quickly developed to bring her penis to joyous spasming ejaculation. She took note of how the trembling equine's wings spread even farther as she stroked. Was that s sign of arousal? It must be. Celestia's breath was warm against her body as the pony panted. Did flying Unicorns mate in mid-air? She had so many questions, but first things first. "Now Tia, take me into your mouth!"

"Yes Bonnie." Celestia said breathlessly, obviously warming to the idea as her horn was jacked.

Bonnie shuddered as her glans passed between Celestia's lips. Moist warmth enveloped her. It felt even better than penetrating a chilled pudding! She tightened her grip on the horn, and laid it across her face. Celestia gasped around her cock as she gave the smooth horn a lick. That lick startled Celestia into taking her even deeper.

Bonnibel shuddered and groaned as she felt a constriction around the head of her cock. "More she cried, wriggling awkwardly on her chair as she struggled to get the tip of the horn into her mouth. When she succeeded, she felt a sort of pop, and her cock slid into the pony's throat! Oh Glob, it felt glorious!

The princesses were locked protrusion to mouth, when Peppermint Butler's voice rang out. "Gentlemen, I must protest! The princess is entertaining! She is not to be disturbed!"

The door of her private bedchamber flew open. "What up, Peebs?" Finn the human called in greeting as he entered the room.

Oh my. Bonnibel didn't expect company at this crucial time, but what was a princess to do? Let's face it; she had been caught by the boys while doing far worse. She let go of Celestia's horn and gave a friendly wave as she mumbled a sort of greeting sound around the horn.

Finn stood, as if rooted to the floor. He knew that PB was a bit weird now that he had gotten over his massive crush on her, but this was something new in the world of weirdosity. "Yikes, a winged horse!" he gasped. "And Peebs is all naked and stuff!"

Jake pushed past his bro. "Hey princess." He shouted. "Guess what? It's James Baxter's birthday. We told him the Candy Kingdom would throw him a party and give him a present." Jake stopped dead in his tracks. "Oi!" he gasped. "Maybe we should come back later."

Jake turned to block the door, but he was too late. "James Baxter!" James Baxter the horse called in greeting as he rode his beach ball into the room.

Finn spoke out of the side of his mouth, in a stage whisper. "Jake, it smells like a barn in here. It smells so, uh, horsy."

Jake shrugged. "I think James likes the smell."

Finn looked at James, and wished he hadn't as he watched the horse's massive penis emerge and rapidly grow hard. "Jake?" he asked softly. "Did you ever see something that made you somehow feel tiny and inadequate?"

"I see something that makes me question reality itself." He nudged Finn and pointed at Bubblegum. "I could be wrong, but I think that's new."

Finn shuddered. "Hey. What the jug is that? Since when does PB have a pee-pee? Since when did she want to feed it to a horse?"

"Come on bro." Jake said as he stretched his arms out to wrap them around his troubled brother. "We better get out of here before your brain explodes!" He paused to look at James. "Are you coming?"

"Jaaames Baxteeer!" The horse drawled as he stepped down from his ball.

"Oh snap! Well, enjoy your birthday present, I guess." Jake said shakily as he stretched himself even longer to carry Finn out by way of the window.

Celestia started to struggle and squirm. There was a stallion in the room! This was dangerous! A princess couldn't let a strange stallion anywhere near her while she was in heat! Especially this one! For the first time in her life, Celestia met an equine that was actually bigger than her. To make things worse, the odd looking stallion's thingy looked positively huge! Celestia grew frightened.

Bonnibel was far from a selfish ruler. James Baxter may not be a citizen of the Candy Kingdom, but she saw him as a visiting dignitary that her subjects adored. Sharing was caring. Besides, one shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth if the opportunity for a little experiment in biological compatibility should, uh, arise.

She threw her legs up around Celestia's neck, trying to hold the pony still. It drove her penis deeper into that wonderful tight throat, but also rather uncomfortably wedged the horn farther into her esophagus. She could deal with being so contorted. Thank Glob for Yoga! It was a fair tradeoff, after all. She crooked a finger at James, hoping he would understand.

James stared at princess Bubblegum. Was this a Royal Invitation? He inhaled, the sweet-sweet smell of a mare in heat filling his flaring nostrils. His already hard cock throbbed with need. He hadn't been with a mare in ages and felt like his balls would simply burst if he couldn't drain them! This mare was slightly on the small side, but she was quite a looker. "James Baxter!" he said gratefully as he trotted closer to the carnally locked couple.

Celestia moaned fearfully as the big stallion approached. Straining to see out of the corner of her eye, she watched with a feeling of growing dread as his huge member bounced. She started to struggle to get away, but Bonnie was holding her tight!

"Mmmph!" Bonnibel exclaimed as Celestia lifted her clear out of her chair. Angling her head just right, she let more of the horn slide into her throat. She tightened the grip of her legs, and held the base of the horn as tight as she could with both hands. Bonnibel never knew ponies had such strong necks, but she was strong enough to keep from being thrown. Bonnibel used this ungainly position to her advantage. She humped up at Celestia's face, thrilling at the feel of fucking that tight clasping throat.

When Celestia lowered her into the seat again, she was able to once again pull back until just the end of the horn was in her mouth. Bonnibel rapidly wriggled her tongue over the pointed tip, trying to distract her fellow princess from her imminent mating.

Frantic, Celestia tried to dislodge Bonnie. The pink biped was surprisingly heavy! She could only pick her up for a second or two at a time. She'd never be able to get away like this!

Her panic grew as she realized she had lost track of the stallion. She caught sight of him in the bedroom mirror. Oh no! He was coming up directly behind her!

This was bad! This was really bad! Twilight would be cross with her. Luna would tease her unmercifully. Unmarried mares aren't supposed to do bad things with stallions! She had to get away! Snorting loudly as she panted through her nose, Celestia couldn't think of a way out of this. The tongue lashing so fast against her horn was just too distracting.

Somehow it was making her feel tense. It was just like she felt after she watched the Wonderbolts perform. Celestia felt the same urgent need to hurry to the royal hot tub and sit over her favorite water jet while thinking about Soarin and Spitfire.

Celestia tried to ignore how all the heat in her body seemed to be centering between her hind legs. It felt like she wanted, no, needed something. She dared not even try to imagine what she could need while a nasty stallion was standing right in back of her with his big ol' thing sticking out! That's when something happened that made her feel so ashamed. Muscles at the base of her tail tightened all on their own. Celestia couldn't stop herself from tossing her tail up over her back, letting the strange stallion get a good look at her most secret parts!

"James Baxter." James whispered in breathless appreciation. The willing little lady really was a beauty! He stood there for a moment, and stared in delight at the glistening damp vagina the mare was proudly showing him. The puckered little anus beckoned too, but never on a first date. You really had to get to know a mare before she'd let you plow the south forty!

This was quite exciting. Using her hands to jerk off was much quicker, but Bonnibel was really enjoying her first "social" sexual experience. Peering around Celestia's head, she eagerly watched a seriously aroused James Baxter contemplating the mare's posterior. Any time now, it would happen. Bonnibel writhed, adding her own movements to Celestia's weakening struggle to escape. She jabbed her hips sharply upward, hoping to distract Celestia when James finally reared up on his hind legs.

Panic was Celestia's downfall. She wasted precious seconds trying repeatedly to teleport away from the stallion behind her. It didn't work! Her horn was impotent! She kept right on trying though, until she felt hooves rest gently on her rump! She squealed fearfully around the pink flesh filling her mouth and throat as something began poking her private area.

James needed this. He hadn't felt the bliss of releasing his stress in a mare in quite some time. "James Baxter." he said suavely as he tried to line the flaring head of his cock up with the lovely mare. He felt her heat against him, and sighed.

Celestia wriggled her hind quarters, trying to keep the stallion from getting what he wanted. It helped more than hindered. She snorted sharply as she felt something warm and hard press against her tender lips.

James loved a willing mate! "JAMES BAXTER!" he cried triumphantly as he moved up over the mare's back, ramming his throbbing cock deep into her snugness.

Celestia moaned as the maidenhood she had fiercely protected for endless centuries was torn away! She was breeched! She was pierced! She was confused. Why didn't it hurt? There was a sharp ripping sensation as her hymen tore, but the fleeting pain was rapidly overtaken by sensations of pleasure she never suspected could exist.

Celestia whimpered as the huge organ pushed deeper into her body. It was filling her up so very completely. It was almost like her body was made to accept something so long and hard up inside of it. Being defiled should hurt, but it felt wonderful! Once more she felt shame. She was an unwed princess being mounted by a strange commoner. She shouldn't like this!

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