Pamela Likes Boys

by Dafafu

Copyright© 2015 by Dafafu

Mother/Son Incest Story: A young mother is persuaded by husband to have sex with their son. she discovers that she likes boys.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   .

Pamela donned her sexiest baby doll nightdress and lay on her bed, waiting for her husband.

At 30, she had an extremely stunning figure. Most would describe it as an extremely voluptuous figure. A round lovely face with succulent lips, twinkling eyes and curly blonde hair made her very attractive. Her body defied her age; narrow waist and supple round cute buttocks tapering into full shapely thighs. Her biggest assets were her huge round firm boobs that stood upright in spite of age and size. Most would say her figure was that of a 20 year old. Yes, she oozed sex appeal aplenty. And most importantly she loved sex very much. And her husband had made sure of that by fucking her several times a night for 16 years. Until recently.

At the age of 14 when she was still in school, she had desire for sex with boys, a year or two older than her. She liked boys and had planned to date and sex with some of her school boys. She wasn't bright; in fact she was naïve and gullible as she is now. Only thing was that she loved to have sex fun. So, she wanted the boys to help her. But something unexpected happened.

It was at that time that her poor parents ( her mother did not work and her father only did odd job) decided to rent out one of the rooms to a male teacher aged 34 named Ryan. He showed unusual interest in Pamela who was only 14 at that time. Pamela mentioned to her parents about Ryan; how he had invited her to his room on the pretext of helping her with her homework but had spent most of the time hugging and fondling her.

But to Pamela's surprise, her parents had encouraged her to be nice to Ryan. They hoped that he would marry her as that would give her better future. After all she was weak in studies and marrying Ryan could guarantee a good future for Pamela.

The 14 year old Pamela got easily excited when Ryan hugged her and fondled her budding breasts and young loins. Since her parents encouraged her to be nice to him, she soon engaged in heavy petting and succumbed to sex. She loved the way he fucked and soon got pregnant.

Pamela dropped out of school but Ryan did the honourable thing by marrying her. He and she loved sex and fucking. They had a son, Tom. As he grew up the couple loved each other and fucked frequently. Until recently...

As Pamela lay waiting for her husband to come out of the bathroom, the past flashed through her mind. Her parents died several years ago. All she now had were her 15 year-old son and her loving husband.

But for the last 2 weeks her sex life had a major problem. The problem was not her sex urges which was intense and frequent as ever. The problem lay with her husband.

In the bathroom Ryan masturbated several times. He wanted as much sperm as possible to be discharged so that when he went to make love with his young sexy wife he could pretend to be impotent. He had been feigning impotence for the last 2 weeks. He did that because he had a plan.

When he came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom he had a towel wrapped around his waist. Pamela smiled at him and invited her husband, "Come darling. I have been waiting for you."

In her baby doll nightdress she looked most desirable and sexy. Ryan also smiled and went to her, embraced her and kissed her hotly. Pamela thought that their sex life was going to be hot as usual. But she found out that her husband's cock wouldn't rise to its majestic hardness and he couldn't fuck her to satisfaction. She sucked him fiercely but the cock only hardened a bit. Finally she gave up hope.

"Why darling? What's wrong with you?"

"I don't know, Pam. I want to fuck you but this fellow doesn't seem to want to."

"I need sex Ryan. For 2 weeks you have denied me pleasure."

"Let me tongue you, dear."

Pamela didn't say anything.

So, Ryan put his mouth to her vagina and tongued and sucked her as best as he could. He wrapped his hands around her delicious thighs as she shuddered and shook with delight. On and on he tongued her and she screamed with delight. Finally Pamela orgasmed violently, attaining a modicum of satisfaction. Of course she would rather her husband had fucked her.

When they were about to sleep, Ryan offered, "May me I should see a sex psychologist for advice, darling. What do you thin?"

"Yes dear. Why not? I hope you will be your old wild self again."

So Ryan came back the evening of the next day and told his wife that he would tell her of his visit to the sex psychologist that night in the bedroom. He didn't want their son to hear what happened.

That night in the bedroom he told his wife a tall story. Yes, he said he had seen a sex psychologist.

"After much testing and long interview, Dr. Brown told me something that has shocked me."

"What did he say, dear?"

"He said my problem is psychological."

"So what did he say on how to overcome it?"

"The solution depends on you, dear."

"What do you mean?"

"Yes, you have to help me?"

"What? I have done everything possible."

"No, he says you have to excite me, darling."

"I have done a lot to excite you, dear. I have worn sexy clothes to bed and I have even sucked you to excite you. What else can I do?"

"The psychologist wants you to do something extra ordinary, darling."

"I'm willing to do what is required, dear. Just tell me. You know I'm always willing to please you."

"Yes, but this is something very extra ordinary, darling."

"What is that, dear?"

"I'm sure it will shock you, darling."

"Cut out the suspense and tell me, dear."

"He wants you to have sex with someone else in front of me."


"Yes, he says that will excite me and cause my cock to remain erect for sex with you."

"That's a crap!"

"But he says he has treated several cases like ours. And it has worked."

"I don't believe it."

"He guarantees, darling. If it doesn't work he is prepared to compensate us."

"Do you really believe in him?"

"Yes, I do. His suggestion seems to be good for all of us."

"What do you mean?"

"I can get back my virility, we can have sex fun as before, and most important you can enjoy as much sex as you like."

"Do you mean I have to have sex with your friend?"

"Not really. The psychologist says outside men can create family problems."

"Then what does he suggest?"

"He says it must be within the family."

"What do you mean?"

"He says you should fuck with our son in front of me."

"OH GOD! What are you saying?!"

"Yes darling. In that way it will be great fun for all of us. Our son will enjoy himself, you will enjoy yourself and I will enjoy myself."

"OH RYAN! What a preposterous suggestion!"

"It sounds odd, darling. But if you think about it seriously, it is a good suggestion."

"What? INCEST is good suggestion?"

"That is society's belief. But if you think rationally, all of us will enjoy: our son, you and me."

"Ryan, have you gone out of your mind?"

"No darling. We are shackled by prudish social conventions. How can fun activities be bad?"

"You mean you want me to fuck with our son?"

"Yes darling."

"No way Ryan. I won't do it."

"Then our problems will remain unresolved, darling."

"So be it! I won't succumb to this outlandish suggestion. It's sinful!"

So that night they slept disagreeing and without any attempt to have sex.

And the situation continued for several days and Pamela was extremely frustrated sexually. Her body needed sex desperately as she had been used to frequent good fucks. She tossed in bed at night and during the day time she was tormented by sexual urges. She was virtually a nervous wreck.

In that situation she became very conscious of her son, Tom. Her husband's suggestion made her look at her son in a different light. He was only 15 but built big and looked more like an 18 year-old rugby player. He was muscular, rugged and handsome. She couldn't help but look at his crotch area. In his tight jeans he seemed to spot a big bulge.

Was he virile? Did he like sex? Was he a good fucker? What would be like being fucked by him? Her mind was tormented by all sorts of ideas. But her resolve was not to succumb to sex with her own son. That would be sinful.

That night she wore her sexy baby doll nightdress and waited in bed for her husband to return to the bedroom after his usual bath. When he came in with his towel wrapped around his waist she smiled at him. He smiled back.

"Ryan, are you ready for bed?"

"Yes darling."

"I'm tormented, dear. No sex for so long, you know?"

"What can I do, darling? You have refused the psychologist's advice."

"Is that the only way, dear?"

""I'm afraid, yes."

"But what would people say if we involve our son?"

"Nobody needs to know, darling. We can keep it secret." Ryan felt his wife was weakening in her resolve.

"Instead of our son, what if I have sex with an outside man?"

"But the psychologist advises otherwise, Pam."

"But I don't want to sex with my son, Ryan. That would be sinful."

"It looks as if I have to force you to be nice with our son."

"Oh no! That I won't agree. Dear."

"Let me talk to our son, darling and see how he feels about it."

"No, Ryan. Don't."

"May be I can just ask him to be nice to his mother. I can tell him that you feel neglected by your son."

"No, Ryan, please don't do that."

"You also must be nice to him as if you appreciate his attentions."

"No Ryan. No."

"I have to help you, Pam. Otherwise you will remain frustrated."

"Oh God! It's unthinkable, Ryan."

"It will be good for you, Pam and for our son. I want you to enjoy yourself."

"No, Ryan. It might be good but incest is taboo."

In spite of his wife's protestations, Ryan went out of the bedroom. "I'll go and talk to Tom now."

As her husband went out she shouted, "No Ryan, don't go." But he ignored her and went out.

Pamela was worried. What if her son wanted to help her? Sexually?

It was an hour before her husband came back to the bedroom. Pamela was eager to know what had transpired between her husband and her son.

"What happened, dear?"

"Well, I spoke to Tom. You know he said he loves you."

"Of course my son will love me. I too love him, Ryan."

"Yes, I know. But I told him that feeling love for you is not the same as showing and demonstrating his love for you. And the same goes for you, darling."

"What do you mean?"

Ryan continued, "I told him that when he was small he and you as mother would cuddle and kiss each other to show and demonstrate your love for each other. Do you remember, Pam? That you would cuddle and kiss our son when he was small?"

"Yes, but now he is grown up, Ryan."

"What if he is grown up, Pam? He is till your son and you are still his mother. And the love between you two must have increased and not decreased. Agreed?"


"Then where is the showing and demonstrating of that increased love?"

"I don't understand what you mean." Pamela pretended she didn't understand what her husband was leading to.

"You and Tom must cuddle and kiss more intensely to show that you two have increased your love for each other. Do you get me now?"

"Oh Ryan that will not be possible now."

"Why, darling? Tom has seen my argument and he has finally agreed that he will do as I want. He is prepared to show his increased love for you provided he says..." Her husband didn't finish the sentence.

"Provided what, dear?"

"Provided you also agree, Pam."

"What? Tom is prepared to cuddle and kiss me?"

"Yes darling. And it will be sinful to disappoint your son."

"Oh God! I thought it was sinful to kiss him like that now."

"You are wrong, Pam. Your son needs your love ... and I think you need his love."

"But I can't kiss him like an adult, dear. That would be indecent."

"Don't be prudish, darling. Just do what I tell you."

"Oh God! You are forcing me, Ryan."

"Why don't you start now? Ryan is in his pyjama bottom only without any underwear and you are in your skimpy sexy baby doll nightdress. So, why don't you go to his bed and cuddle and kiss with him for about 30 minutes. That will show him that you truly love him."

"Oh God! I'm not even wearing bras and panty. Only this transparent skimpy baby doll nightdress. And you want me to go to our son's bedroom!"

"If you are shy I can ask our son to come here to this bedroom. He can lie on top of you and lie between your raised and opened out thighs, and cuddle and kiss you goodnight for 30 minutes or longer if you like."

"Ryan, what a suggestion! Shame on you."

"It will be great thrill for you, Pam. He will be making contact with your naked loins."

"No Ryan. That's absurd!"

"Yes, I know it is a bit too daring and too fast. Probably it is better to proceed gradually."

"No Ryan. Even gradually no way."

"But I have already spoken to Tom. He has agreed and is looking forward to showing his love for you. Of course he is expecting you to show your love for him also. You mustn't disappoint him, darling."

"Ryan, what have you done!"

"All right. We won't do anything tonight. We will start tomorrow morning. It's a Saturday. I have no work and Tom has no school."

Pamela continued to protest but her husband refused to budge from his decision. "You need to love our son, Pam. It will be very good for you, very good for Tom and for me."

And they slept soon afterwards. Pamela lay awake wondering with anxiety of what would happen the following day.

She was up early. Bathed and dressed in her skirt and blouse with panty and bra of course. She looked at herself in the mirror. The blouse and skirt emphasized how shapely she was. The skirt moulded around her full shapely thighs and cute round buttocks, emphasizing her narrow waist and causing the forward thrust of her big breasts very prominent. With her beautiful face and succulent lips and cascading hair she was voluptuous! A funny thought crossed her mind: Would her son love her figure?

Her husband was still sleeping. She woke him up and told him to wash up for breakfast. Then she went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Half an hour later, her husband and son came down. She noticed that her son was shy and avoided looking at her directly in the eye but she noticed that his eyes furtively surveyed her sexy figure. Pamela laid out the table and they all sat down to eat.

Ryan said, "After eating breakfast, I want Tom to show his mother that he cares for his mom."

Tom spoke softly, "I'm very sorry, mom."

Pamela asked, "Why Tom? Why do you say that?"

"Dad scolded me last night?"

"Why?" asked his mother.

"He scolded me because I have not shown you that I love you."

Pamela felt sorry for her son. "No Tom. You have been a good son."

"No mom. You have done so much for me. You have brought me up, washed my clothes, cooked meals for me, tidied up my room and so on."

"So?" asked his mother.

"And I have been ungrateful so far. I have not shown you that I love you."

"Who told you that?"

"Dad told me that last night. That as I grow up I have neglected you, mom. That I should be more grateful to you and show you my love."

Pamela asked, "And how did your father advise you? How you can show me your love?"

Tom replied, "That I must do the things I did with you as a child."

"And what are those things, Tom?"

"That I must cuddle you and kiss you to show my love and gratitude."

Pamela stared angrily at her husband. Just then her son burst into tears and got up from the table and ran up the staircase to his room.

"See what you have done?" said her husband.

Pamela was very hurt and felt sorry when her son cried. She ran up the staircase after her son. By the time she reached his room door, he had gone in and locked the door. But she could hear him crying inside.

"Tom, please open the door. I'm sorry if I had said anything wrong."

"No mom. I'm the one who is wrong for being ungrateful to you."

"Tom, please don't think like that. I too have been wrong then. I too have not shown you my love for you."

By then her husband had climbed up the staircase and was standing beside Pamela in front of their son's room.

Pamela said, "Please let me come in, Tom."

No reply.

Ryan spoke, "Tom, let us in. We want to talk to you."

No reply.

Ryan urged, "Please let your mom in, Tom. She is very upset. Surely you don't want to hurt your mom some more.

Soon the room door opened and Tom was in tears.

Pamela felt very sorry for her son. She had not seen him cry for many years now. She rushed to him and gathered him to herself and caressed his hair and face, trying to wipe away the tears. "Please don't cry, Tom. I love you."

Her husband encouraged, "Kiss him, darling. Sooth away his unhappiness."

Pamela was reluctant to kiss her son but after repeated pleadings by her husband she showered her son with kisses, but only on the cheeks and forehead.

Her husband urged, "No, Pam. Kiss him on the mouth again and again."

"Yes mom. Last night dad scolded me for being a bad boy. He said that was why you don't kiss me on the mouth. Am I a bad boy, mom?"

Pamela hugged her son closer to her saying, "No Tom, you are a good boy."

"Then why don't you kiss me on the mouth, mom?"

"For the same reason why you don't kiss me on the mouth, Tom."

"Dad said that since I don't kiss you on the mouth, I am a bad boy."

After saying that, Tom burst into another bout of crying, tears welling in his eyes.

Pamela felt very sorry for her son. And her husband encouraged her. Say, "Alright Tom. From today let us kiss on the mouth so that you show me that you are a good boy."

Pamela was still reluctant. Oh God! What would I promise?

"Yes, mom, please. I don't want to be a bad boy, especially to you. I love you."

"I too love you, Tom."

After saying that, Pamela was again urged by her husband to kiss her son. Reluctantly she kissed her son on the mouth. A short kiss. Oh God! What have I done?

Ryan said, "No, no. That shows you are only pretending, Pam. Kiss him properly and hold the kiss for some seconds. Would you like that, Tom?"

Their son nodded.

Ryan continued, "There you see? Our son wants his mom to kiss him properly."

Pamela realized that she was trapped. To refuse would mean her son would feel bad. He would continue to think he was a bad boy.

Her husband now forced her to bring her mouth to her son's. "Kiss him, Pam. Don't make your son unhappy."

Reluctantly Pamela kissed him for several seconds. It seemed so sexual, she thought.

Ryan interjected, "No, no! You two must kiss properly. Let me teach you, especially Tom. He is too young to know how to kiss properly. Would you like that, Tom?'

"Yes, dad. Please teach me."

Pamela wanted to find reasons to delay the kissing. She felt so embarrassed. "Why don't we go and have breakfast first?"

Ryan wanted her commitment... "Will you kiss Tom properly if he came and took his breakfast?'

Pamela couldn't say no. So, she just nodded. I have agreed to be sexual with my son! But she wanted to avoid this sexual kissing bit.

Ryan then told Tom, "There Tom. Your mom will kiss you properly if you go down and have breakfast."

"But dad, you must teach me how to kiss."

"Yes son, I will. And your mom will also teach you. Let's go and have breakfast now."

After breakfast Pamela took the dishes to wash. Meanwhile Ryan and Tom went and sat in the living room to wait for Pamela. When she came in later, Ryan asked, "Ready darling? To teach Tom kissing?"

She didn't say anything but merely stared angrily at her husband. Before she could sit down Ryan stood up and asked their son to stand in front of Pamela. Tom quickly stood in front of his mother. They were about the same height as Tom was well grown. And her son was aware that his mother was a voluptuous young woman. Pamela felt that she standing in front of a lover. She blushed. But her husband held her from behind so as to force her to stand in front of her son.

"Before you two kiss I want the two of you to stand close to each other."

Ryan adjusted their son to stand close in front of his mother. Pamela was shapely built and her bulging breasts pushed out her blouse boldly.

"Hold mom by the waist first." So saying Ryan took Tom's hands and placed them on his mother's narrow curvy supple hips. Pamela felt a sensation. Her son seemed to hold her hips with caressing hands. She felt mildly excited but thought it was wrong.

"Pam, you also hold Tom by the waist." Ryan took her hands and forced her to hold Tom's hips. Was she holding her son or a lover?

Ryan ordered, "Now both of you pull each other until your bodies mash together."

They didn't move. So Ryan helped them to pull each other until their bodies pressed against each other's. Pamela could feel her lower body press against her son's lower body, and her bulging breasts press against her son's chest. Luckily they were clothed, she thought. Yet she couldn't deny the sensation. She was worried.

Pamela asked her husband, "Is this necessary, dear?"

"Yes, otherwise how can you kiss?"

Pamela just looked reluctantly but couldn't move away as her husband was holding her.

"Now Pam, you lick and suck his lips as you do to me."

Pamela was shy to do that. She just stood still holding her son.

"Lick and suck Tom's lips, Pam. Please do it. Otherwise the boy will feel sad. Do you want your son to feel sad?"

She shook her head to mean no.

"Then lick and suck his lips. Show him you are a loving mother."

Pamela's head was pushed by her husband towards her son's face. Her mouth now touched her son's lips.

Her husband pressed her a bit painfully urging her to do as he had requested. reluctantly she brought her mouth to her son's and licked his thick lips, first the lower lip and then the upper lip and then alternately sucked them. In the process her son's lips became wet with her saliva.

"Lick and suck some more, Pam. Lick and suck his lips properly." Her husband was forcing her.

Pamela licked and then sucked alternately her son's lips as before. What else could she do?

Ryan told his son, "Please ask your mom to lick and suck your lips properly, Tom."

"Please mom, do as dad says."

Pamela felt she was being forced by her husband and son. Why should I worry then?

She abandoned her reservations and licked and then sucked ferociously both her son's lips, wetting them thoroughly with her saliva. Why should feel shy if both her husband and son forced her to lick and suck the lips?

After several minutes Ryan spoke, "Tom, now lick and suck your mom's lips like the way she licked yours. Don't disappoint your mom. Show her you love her very much."

Now Tom licked and sucked forcefully his mother's lips, first the lower lip and then the upper lip. He alternated his licking and sucking of both her lips, wetting them with his saliva.

Pamela couldn't avoid feeling excited and stimulated by her son's abandoned licking and sucking of her succulent lips. What? Am I feeling nice? But it is sinful, isn't it?

Ryan allowed his son's to assault his mother's lips for a while. Then he said, "Pam, you might lose your balance. Here put your right foot on this stool."

Before she could protest, her husband put a stool to her right side and raised her right leg to put her foot on the stool. The stool was not that near. It was to her right and this opened out her thighs widely. She couldn't put down the leg because her husband held her thigh and forced her to remain opened out. Then she felt her husband urge her son to stand close to her between her thighs. This brought her son's bulge right against her loins. Oh god!

"Hold your mom tightly by cupping her buttocks." His son's hands moved to his mother's buttocks and cupped both her firm supple buttocks.

"Pull her closer and tighter against you, Tom. Otherwise she might lose her balance."

Pamela could feel her son's bulge tight against her loins. Was he rubbing his bulge against her loins? She didn't want to do anything for fear that she might attract attention to that fact.

Ryan then told his wife, "Pam, you also cup Tom's buttocks." So saying he took her hands and made her cup the boy's young full buttocks with both her hands. She cupped her son's buttocks, filling both her palms full with his buttock flesh. Pamela didn't put down her raised leg. She couldn't as her son was tight against her.

"Now pull your son closer to you." And he forced her to pull her son tight against her loins, mashing his bulge more against her pussy.

"Now both of you take turns to lick and suck your lips. Pam, you do it to your son first. Show him that you love him." He held her against and was pressing painfully so that she had to do as had requested.

Pamela licked and sucked her son's lips ardently and lovingly. She did love her son after all.

After a while her husband got her son to lick and suck her lips. He did it expertly, pressing his bulge tightly against his mother's loins.

After several exchanges between mother and son, Ryan said, "Tom, now put you tongue inside you mom's mouth. Let her suck your tongue. And note how she does it so that you can suck her tongue afterwards."

Oh God! This is getting more sexual!

But Pamela decided to obey her husband. Otherwise he might force her painfully.

As her son slipped his young tender but thick tongue inside her mouth, her husband said, "Pam, pull his buttocks. Each time you suck his tongue pull him closer to you."

By now her son's tongue was inside her hot wet mouth. She sucked her son's alive tongue, sucked and sucked. As she did so, her husband pinching her and urging her, "Pull Tom's buttocks closer to you ... tightly against you. Pam, pull ... yes, pull like that."

So, Pamela sucked her son's tongue and pulled her son closer to her. This only mashed his bulge more intimately against her now excited loins. Again and again she sucked her son, and again and again she pulled him by his buttocks, causing his bulge to rhythmically mash against her aroused cunt. Oh God! I can't help but get aroused!

Then Ryan told his son, "Now suck your mother's tongue. And as you suck your mom's tongue, pull her buttocks so that she gets closer and tighter against your body. Do it Tom. Show your mom that you love her."

And he did that. Sucked his mother's tongue and pulled her by her buttocks, mashing his bloated bulge against her aroused cunt again and again.

Ryan was urging, "Take turns now. Each of you suck each other's tongue and mash your loins as you do so."

Oh God! What is her husband saying? Mash our loins! So sexual!

But before she could say anything her son was sucking her tongue and grinding his bulge against her loins. Several times thy exchanged their tongues in their mouths and sucked each other, all the time mashing their loins together. It was getting too sexual and too stimulating.

Suddenly Tom broke away and ran to his room shouting, "I need to go to the toilet."

Ryan smiled at his wife and said, "You have done a good job, Pam. Tom is going to his bathroom for a release. Now I need a release."

Pamela didn't say anything but allowed her husband to lead her to their bed room. There he quickly stripped her and himself of their clothes and started to make love to his wife. Pamela was surprised. Her recently impotent husband was spotting an erect big cock and made love vigorously for several minutes. She screamed and shook with delight as her she orgasmed again and again as her husband fucked her furiously for several minutes.

Did her sexual act with her son excite and restore her husband's virility? The psychologist is right?

They both lay panting for a while. The Pamela asked, "Are you ok, Ryan?"

"Yes darling. It helped."

"What helped, dear?"

"Your kissing, sucking and grinding of loins with your son helped."

"You mean you got excited by watching us?"

"Yes. Don't you see that Dr. Brown is correct?"

"You mean you got virile by watching me and Tom?"

"Yes darling."

"Then let's fuck again, Ryan. I've wanted sex for so many days."

"Sorry, darling. I don't think I can do it again."

"What do you mean?"

"You have to be close again with Tom. Then probably I can get excited again."

"But if you don't try again you wouldn't know, dear."

"Please. Don't embarrass me, darling. I know for certain that I can't do it again."

"You mean I have to get intimate with our son for you to get excited again?"

"It looks like that, Pam. I'm now sure that Dr. Brown's suggestion works."

"Dr. Brown might be right, Ryan."

"Now do you agree with his suggestion?"

"I suppose I have to agree with his suggestion after seeing you get virile after watching me with our son."

"Yes darling. You must get more intimate with our son. Then I might get more virile."

"But I seem to get him excited sexually. Don't you think it's wrong?"

"Not wrong, darling. In fact if our son gets sexually excited, it is a compliment to you."

"What do you mean?"

"That means Tom finds his mom a desirable woman. He likes you and desires you. That surely is a compliment to you, Pam."

"What if I say that I too get sexually excited?"

"That too is a compliment. But this time it is to your son. It proves that you find your son a desirable young boy."

"Oh Ryan! I'm all too confused."

"Don't be, darling. Just enjoy your son and let him enjoy you. After all the main purpose is that it helps improve my virility and restores our sex life."

"In that case why don't we tell Tom all about it. That I have to be intimate with him to restore your virility, as Dr. Brown had suggested. He will then understand that I'm forced to be intimate with him to help restore our sex life. He won't think that his mom is sinful."

"Oh no, no, Pam. That will destroy him."

"What do you mean?"

"Now Tom thinks you like him because he is desirable. If you tell the truth he will be disillusioned. He will think you are only pretending to love him."

"You have a appoint, Ryan. What should I do then?"

"Be intimate with your son as naturally as possible. Let him know that you like to sex with him. That will boost his morale and his love for you and your body."

"Oh God! What are you suggesting?"

"I'm not suggesting, Pam. This is the psychologist's advice to restore our sex life..."

"Is there no other way, Ryan?"

"You yourself saw a while ago that I was able to fuck you after watching you and Tom kissing, sucking and doing other things. What proof do you still need, Pam?"

"I suppose I have to admit that Dr. Brown is right."

"Then will you get intimate with Tom?"

"I suppose I have to, Ryan. For the sake of our sex life."

"That's good, Pam. Don't worry. You are not the only one doing it with a son. According to Dr. Brown, he has treated successfully other couples in similar situations." Pam didn't know that her husband lied.

"You mean there are other mothers having sex with their sons?"

"Yes, that's what the psychologist says. He says the mothers are having a wonderful time."

"Is it alright with you, Ryan? For the sake of us?"

"Yes, Pam. It is fine. I know you are a good wife and you will help me get back some of virility."

"I'll do my best for our sake, dear."

"Good. Is that a promise?"


"In that case let us go to town and buy some nice clothes for you to wear. Dresses that will make you look very sexy to our son."

"No Ryan. You go and get what you think is suitable for me. I want to stay because I want to cook."

"Ok then. I have a better suggestion. I'll get some pizza for lunch so you don't have to cook. Instead, why not you spend time with Tom? He will be happy."

"You think so? Ok then."

Soon Ryan left the house. And Pamela started thinking. Dr. Brown must be right because when she had kissed with her son, her husband got excited enough to make love with her. So he must be correct in saying that if she made love to her son her husband would get his virility enough to fuck her.

Dr. Brown must also be right in saying that other mothers whom he had treated were having sex with their sons to restore their husbands' virility. Well, if there were other mothers enjoying sex with their sons, she thought that she shouldn't be faulted if she too had sex with her son. She was convinced that she should follow Dr. Brown's advice and have sex with her son. Why it could be fun too.

Pamela felt she had to wear something fresh. After all what she had been wearing was soiled somewhat.

She wore another set of silky dark blue skirt and silky white blouse that showed off her shapely figure. They were opaque but showed off her narrow waist, shapely thighs and outward thrusting big breasts. After what she had been thinking, she decided not to put on any bra and panty. She still felt sexually excited. Then she took a glass of wine and went upstairs to see her son.

She knocked on the door saying, "Tom, may I come in?"

"Wait mom, one minute." Pamela heard rustling of clothes. Obviously her son was dressing up to be presentable.

Then he opened the door. "Come in, mom."

Tom's eyes ran all over his mother's delicious body. "Sorry mom."

"Why Tom?" Pamela was standing close to her son. She saw that he was wearing his slacks and a singlet.

"For running up just now. I hope you are not angry with me."

"No Tom, I'm not angry. But tell me, why did you run up suddenly?"

Tom sat down in the chair at his study table which was next to his bed. Pamela sat on the edge of the bed facing her son.

"I had to, mom."

"Why son?" she smiled at him.

"Because ... because ... I'm shy to tell you, mom."

"It's alright, Tom. Tell me. I'm only your mom."

"Well ... well ... I got excited, mom."

"But why did you run up to your room?"

"To go to my bathroom, mom."

"Why?" she cajoled smilingly.

"To ... to ... seek release, mom."

"To ejaculate? To masturbate?"

Tom just nodded, looking down.

Pamela put her hands on his mid-thighs and asked lovingly, "Did mom excite you sexually?"

Tom just nodded.

Pamela comforted her son, "I'm sorry, Tom. I didn't mean to do that."

"No mom. It's not your fault. I found you too exciting. I'm to be blamed."

"No Tom. You are not to be blamed. I'm glad you found me exciting. Do you like me, Tom?"

He just nodded, smiling.

Pamela lay on the bed, resting her head on the pillow. "Come Tom, sit next to me."

She moved a little inside so that Tom could sit closely next to her left hip.

Pamela bent her right leg at the knees and her skirt fell away to her loins exposing all of her gorgeous smooth shapely right thigh. Tom took a view of the naked thigh and then looked at his mother. If he had looked carefully he would have seen that his mother was not wearing any panty.

"You could hold mom for balance, Tom."

He didn't do anything so she took his hands and placed his left palm and fingers on the highest part of her bare right thigh. She took his right hand and placed on her left shoulder.

"Hold me, Tom." She smiled encouragement and he smiled back. His fingers and palms felt her supple flesh, especially the left hand felt warm and tingling on his mother's bare thigh.

Then she placed her hands on his hips. "Is it alright if I feel more balanced holding you this way?"

"Yes mom."

Then Pamela spoke smiling all the time at her son. "Can mom touch your slacks?"

Tom too kept smiling and replied, "Yes, mom."

Her left hand held her son's slacks at the waist. At the same time but slowly her right hand moved to the buckle of his slacks and played with it. "Is the slacks too tight, Tom?"

Tom just nodded.

"Here let me loosen it for you." So saying Pamela unbuckled his slacks and unbuttoned 3 buttons. This opened out his slacks nicely, revealing the upper part of his underwear.

"Would you like to kiss me like this morning?" asked Pamela, smiling.

Tom panicked. What if his father saw him kissing his mother? "Where is Dad, mom?"

"He has gone to town to buy nice dresses for me to wear for you. Relax, Tom. I want to show you that I love you."

Just then Tom felt his mother caressing the exposed upper part of his underwear. Her left hand was pulling the slacks down his thighs.

"You can kiss me, Tom."

Tom lowered his mouth and kissed his mother on the mouth, his left hand still warmly caressing her right bare thigh. Immediately Pamela licked, sucked his lips wetly and Tom responded by licking and sucking his mother's lips. Otherwise he thought his mother would be angry.

After a while mother and son sucked their tongues fervently. Meanwhile Tom felt his mother's right palm and fingers cup and caress his excited bulge through his underwear, her right hand having pushed his slacks down to his mid-thighs. The boy's cock swelled and elongated with sexual thrill. Pamela could feel her son's cock getting bigger and bigger.

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