The Bells Ring for Squirrels

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2015 by Invid Fan

Humor Sex Story: What do you do when a four foot tall squirrel shows up in your back yard?

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Humor   Aliens   Furry   First   Oral Sex   .

Will lay out in the sun.

He wasn't the type to do this. Not normally. Sunbathing was stupid. It got you all cancery and such. Also you looked like wrinkled leather. That was all he could think of when he happened to see Mrs. Miller, that dark wrinkly skin. Well, that and the skimpy bikini top and jean shorts she liked to wear while gardening, kneeling as she bent over the flowers, breasts hanging down barely contained. Such a conflict over what his hormones found attractive...

Will sighed, reaching down for his paperback book next to the lounge chair. Drowsiness had overcome him, hands dropping the thing as his eyes closed. He didn't know how long ago that had been. Long enough for the sun to get around his umbrella defenses, not long enough for his skin to be burnt. Book in his lap, he reached up to find the metal pole, eyes wandering the yard.

Something was in the trees.

He blinked. Gone.

Will looked around. The yard was large, cut out of a large undeveloped woodland. Large, too, was the house behind him, a four bedroom monstrosity way too spacious even before Dad had scooted off with his penis between his legs. He and Mom rattled around in it. She said the extra rooms had been for the expected large family, but that outcome seemed unlikely now. Certainly, she didn't seem like she was trying to go in that direction with a new man. Not with Grandma now living here.


He sent his eyes over without moving his head. Something was...

Gone. He blinked. Eyes. He had seen eyes. Peering out of the trees. A deer, maybe? There were lots of deer in the woods. No. A deer would have either just come out, or gone away. They didn't play peekaboo, and often these days didn't even care if humans were on the far side of the lawn. He sat up, book and sun forgotten. Maybe some kids were playing in the woods. It happened, although no trails that he knew of ended at his yard. Nor did he know of the start of any trails visible from the road. Unusual, that, but he hadn't considered it much.

There. The eyes were back. Staring at him. Well, he could stare back. He stood.

Will wasn't much to look at. His body was a bit scrawny, at that awkward midway point between what he had been and what he would be. The last year had seen him sprout up to five foot eight inches. He personally thought, or at least hoped, he'd gain another inch before Junior year started in two months. He wore green shorts. As his gaze stayed on the mystery eyes, he wished he had a shirt or something as well. And shoes. He definitely felt the need for shoes. He felt naked, his toesies all exposed.

Slowly, he walked forward, past the above ground pool. Mother hadn't wanted to fence the yard in. He kind of understood, although an in ground pool would have been cool. Having wild animals wander in and enjoy the short grass was almost cooler.

What animal was up ahead?

It wasn't moving. Maybe it was a person. Stopping, he crossed his arms over his bare chest.


It stumbled out into the open so fast his mind could not take in the details. It was furry, yet had a dirty white cloth on its front. It dropped to its knees, falling forward onto its paws. The same white cloth was on its back. Sticking out from its rear ... a large brown and white furry tail.

He blinked.

It was a squirrel. A four foot tall brown squirrel wearing some sort of white outfit, laying on the ground, arms outstretched. Was it hurt? Slowly, he walked closer. It could be rabid. That wouldn't explain the clothing or size, however. Nothing could explain that. His brows furrowed.

"Are you OK?" He didn't know why he spoke, apart from speaking before had drawn it out of the woods. Maybe it was a pet? Some weird dog? A kid wearing a costume? It COULD'T be what it seemed.

Crying. He heard crying. Will slowly moved forward again. It was crying.

"Hey." He stopped a few feet away, squatting down. "What's wrong?"

Its head lifted. Large, orange almond shaped eyes looked up at him. The white fabric hung down from her body, revealing two small breasts. The fur on her face was turning a darker brown, tears slowly spreading. Her black nose sniffled.

"I ... I am sorry, Lord." For some odd reason, her voice didn't startle him. It should have. Talking animals did not tend to exist. Her forehead once again touched the grass. "Forgive me."

Will blinked. He leaned back, knees getting uncomfortable, settling into a sitting position.

"For what?"

"Everything." She pushed herself up, settling in a sitting position herself. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her white outfit. With one movement, she pulled it over her head.

Her body was slender, more so than you'd expect from a squirrel. So, too, were the two breasts rather different. He had read somewhere that squirrels had six or so nipples. Not so here, unless each mound had three. All he saw was the two black nubs, surrounded by a circle of lighter, shorter fur. Her belly was an oval of light brown. He saw her tail come up behind her, poking up over her head. She bowed.

"Oh Lord. Please forgive me for any transgressions I have made against your Holy Person. Your poor servant was hungry and lost, did not know such as you were nearby. Please, forgive me!"

Will blinked again.

"Umm ... yeah. I forgive you. And my name's Will, not Lord."

"Thank you, Lord Will!" She raised her head, eyes rising to meet his briefly before quickly lowering. He thought he saw the fur on her cheeks redden. "Lord Will, I am Vida. I am yours, body and mind. Do with me what you wish, that your sacred will be done."

A third blink from Will. What that sounded like could not be what she actually meant. Nor could it be anything he actually wanted, the state of his erection notwithstanding. He looked around, trying to find something to say.

"Um ... where are you from? How did you get here?"

"I am from your Temple, Lord Will. One of those who has dedicated their life to serving you." That sounded weird. An entire temple of squirrels worshiping him. Something was getting lost in translation. "I do not know why I am here," she went on, slowly moving herself towards him across the grass. "It was a ritual, a testing of the new machine. There was light, noise, and then..." He felt her hand touch his bare knee. His body flinched. Her other hand reached out towards his cloth covered cock, small claws lightly running down it. His mind went blank. "Let me serve you as I was taught, Lord Will..."


His head shot around. His mother stood behind him, looking down at the two of them. Her expression was one of surprise. Not shocked. Just ... surprise.


"Who... ?" His mom stopped mid thought, although he could fill in the blanks easy enough. Or he could, if the squirrel wasn't still touching his dick. Unfazed, she answered first.

"Oh! You are Lord Will's mother?" She bowed her head. "Lady, I am Vida, one who now serves your Son. Forgive any improprieties on my part, Lady. I long wandered these woods, without food or drink, before finding this paradise."

His Mom blinked. Around a half dozen expressions passed over her face, most of which just confused Will. She seemed to mostly latch onto the last part.

"Oh, you poor thing! Would you like some food and drink?"

"Yes, Lady! If I could humbly ask!" She bowed again, right hand now gripping his penis through his shorts. His mother smiled.

"Will, show her to the table. I ... will be right back."

His Grandmother stopped in the patio doorway, expression one of shocked recognition as she blocked his mother from leaving the house. Will looked between her and the furry Vida. Vida alternated between biting into a cheese, tomato, and lettuce sandwich on rye and caressing his dick as she sat beside him at the picnic table. She occasionally put the sandwich down and caressed the wooden table before drinking some Kool-aid and going back to the sandwich. Grandma just watched.

Why was no one else surprised as hell at all this? He was sure as hell still in shock. More so every time part of her touched his bare skin. Different type of shock, but still...

"I did see it..." His Grandma's whisper brought Vida's eyes up. They widened, her tail standing up as she dropped the sandwich onto the plate. Vida jumped up onto the bench, Will unconsciously reaching out to for her back as she began to fall. She had herself steady before he even touched her.

"You! It is You! She Who Saw saw You!" Vida jumped onto then over the table, dropping her whole body to the ground. Will rose, looking down at the now prostrate creature. His eyes met Grandma's.

"What the hell's going on, Grandma?"

She let out a confused sigh, stepping onto the patio in a not that modest bikini. His mother came out after her, bikini every bit as revealing. Grandma slowly shook her head.

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