Leyla's 18th Birthday

by bikergroschen

Copyright© 2015 by bikergroschen

Sex Story: A young persian cutie got lost in the middle of nowhere. K9 and Gang-Rape on the menue for her...

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Totally exited Leyla grabbed the car keys from the shelf. Her first ride on her own in that rotten old Ford Fiesta she bought two weeks ago for the little money she had. Turned 18 today she had collected her brand new driving licence from the public service office this morning and could hardly wait to have a ride. With just six weeks to go before her senior-high close out she need some rehearsals – so the appointment with her best friend Petra both working session for school and some 50 km jolly ride. In her best mood she walked down the street, more dancing like anything, to the parking lot and was pretty pleased when the little old car sprung to life at the first attempt. The land side was beautiful in the sunshine and Leyla sang along with the tunes played in the radio all the way. She even was lucky with her parking as the found some space not even 50m from their meeting point.

Early spring has shown a bit of sunshine today and therefore Leyla has put on some colourful light summer dress which ends mid-tight and matches perfect with the flat sandals which look like ancient ones in its metallic bronze. Just the not too eye catching style of her clothes made everyone focusing on her velvet and perfectly shaped slender calves and knuckles instead as she walked by.

Her dainty body moves with the typical ease of a ballet dancer - this to pay back on her three hard lessons a week training schedule. Less than 100 lbs stretched across 1.72m of sheer grace and beauty. Even having not done any more but putting on some mascara to enhance her already long lashes even more, she was turning heads here and there on her way to the 'Gelateria' they wanted to meet.

At her arrival she realised Petra to be there already, waving feverishly at her to come over.

With this spectacle every head turned her direction to watch her meandering elegant between the taken desks and chairs and all of that unwanted attention made her ears turning hot and red...

Her olive skin, her high cheek bones and her jet black hair tells the world that Leyla must have Persian gens and as she leaned over to exchange kisses with her best friend she had to notice that most men glanced pretty pleased into her direction. Leyla pretend not to notice any of the admirers as her heart belongs to her boyfriend Paul alone – even they've done nothing but kissing and some shy petting yet - as she needs to keep her virginity intact for tradition and religion reasons until she will be marriage one day – nevertheless she was on fire for that cute boy.

They ordered some Espressi – double and flipped their bocks open to work their way through the pile of studies planned for today...

It was nearly three hours and several beverages later when their attention emerged to the surface again helped by the fact that some chill started to creep up their spine. The sun was hiding behind some led-like dark clouds. Most people all of a sudden packed their stuff to avoid taking a shower on their way home. Petra and Leyla cramped all books into their bags and smiled at each other, happy how successful their learning session had went so far.

"I better head home now Honey" Leyla smile happily at Petra and waved for the waitress.

Ten minutes later she hit the road in her little old car to get home before the seriously dark sky may trash its loads. But she wasn't that lucky, just when she was in some forest in the middle of nowhere hard rain started to wash down. The wipers tried their best to cope with the generous offer from above, but it was a lost battle from the beginning. Temperature begin dropping by the minute until all of a sudden hail added to the hammering droplets of water and made the windscreen foggy from the in- as well as from the outside.

Leyla had to slow down as she felt her ride going sideways in some of the narrower turns. Leafs smashing against the brave little car like attackers and made it harder and harder to stay on the road, but Leyla wanted to be home as soon as possible to meet her boyfriend irrespectively and fought her way.

Her eyes started to water in the desperate try to stare through the unpleasant weather brewed around her, but tough luck she missed a tricky left turn and her little blue car went off road and slid deep into some rain soaked meadow where it comes to an unwanted halt.

"Damned it!" Leyla shouted frustrated as she heard the wheels scurrying useless through the mud – she was stuck.

Switching the engine off, she pulled out her cell phone – just to swear even harder as she notices that there was no net available at all.

Her mind start racing when she noticed how fast the temperature inside the car has went from cosy to 'unpleasant'. She rubbed across her now all Goosebumps covered arms to generate some warmth, but it didn't take long before she couldn't stop her teeth clattering.

"Shit, I've have to do something..." she mumbled to herself.

'Probably on top of this little hill the reception might be better. All she need was to give Paul a call to help towing her car back to the road' she thought and smashed her shoulder into her door to overcome the pressure of the wind. She gritted her teeth as it felt like her velvet skin was sandblasted by the hail, rain and leaf-mix outside and after a second or two there was no single dry spot on her left.

Fighting her way uphill tears mixed with the rain on her cheeks, but she was determent and continued – there was no point to return to the car without having been able to place any call.

Slipping on the wet and hail covered grass more than once her nice dress was muddy all over in seconds, but she fights her way relentlessly. Just when she thought that she might starve by exhaustion the top of the hill came in sight and something made her heart miss a beat – there was a light.

She forced her buckling legs to obey and marched in the direction of the reflections that had caught her attention. And she had been right – there was huge barn revealing a single light, which seems twinkling an eye on her.

Leyla put all strength into her attempt the push open the huge door and was lucky that she managed to slam it shut before the gusty wind could get a too good handle at it.

Breathing hard and trembling all over she stood in the twilight of the wooden barn holding up her cell phone like praying to the unknown god of network access – nothing...

Just to realise that there was no reception possible was enough to make her cry like a baby in deep frustration.

After what seems eternity she was pulled back in the reality of her situation by some movement in the distant corner where the dim light was flickering. Even being annoyed and wrecked she couldn't resist having a look.

Cranking her neck over a wooden barrier she found a beautiful black stallion working his way through his hay-dinner. Realising that it has got some company the massive horse came closer. Flaring its nostrils it tries to check out how good or bad this little human could be to him. Just to decide seconds later that this creature to be no danger and leaning closer to let her soft and slender hand cuddle his massive head.

Leyla enjoyed the warmth that emerged from the black fur and let her perfectly manicured fingernails trail up and down until a new shiver reminded her that she need to find something to keep her warm as just warming her hands on this horse won't do it.

Rover around the dusty place she found two scratchy horse-blankets, clearly not used for the first time by the number of stains and the amount of hair clinging to them. Nevertheless she had no choice but to use them – hastily she placed one into the dust next to the pillar where the single bulb was providing the little light and rolled into it before covering herself with the other.

First she thought that she can't stand that itchy stuff, but it took a few minutes only until she felt into some deathlike sleep.

Ben and Lightning two Shepherd dogs stormed up the hill to escape from the storm and the ice cold rain towards the barn. The usually closed door was not holding them back as they have their secret entrance since last winter when one of the wooden boards had come loose. Ben's snout pushed the damaged plank aside and he wiggled his muscular body through the gap with Lightning following just seconds later. They both shook off the wet sticking to their fur as they noticed that there was some unusual scent in the barn today. Raising their heads they found out quick which direction they had to go.

Just seconds later the dogs were circling the airy human body curled up in the dirt of the floor. The sweet smell emanating from this creature was somehow intoxicating and the two became braver and braver to inhale the scent - nearly touching the hair and ears of the unknown visitor. Finally they realised that even her head smelling nice too, the source of the most tempting nuances was emanating closer to her midriffs. It didn't take long before they started squeezing their square noses eagerly into the immanent gap between her inner tights.

Their warm breath in combination with the repeating touch at her most private parts triggered some very sensual and vivid dream about Paul in Leyla. In her dream her beloved boyfriend start to caress her hungry crotch more and more intense and without any conscious thought her nipples all of a sudden hardened painfully (not due to the temperature this time tough) and her virgin vagina started secreting in earnest.

Once the clear liquid start glistering on her inner labials the sweet scent seems to explode around her and drove the dogs mad. Harder and harder the dark noses get pushed against the soft source of the tempting smell until Layla felt so aroused that she pulled the blanket to one side until it was a heap of fabric to caress with both hands in front of her.

Her shapely long legs, now fully exposed, were targeted by both of the randy dogs at once. Their raspier tongues worked all their way from her elegant ankles across her knees and finally flipped the thin fabric of her dress across her dainty hips to reveal her cute little ass and her panty-less and bald crotch.

Instantly they dug their tongues into the velvet darkness of her hairless vulva which triggered more and more low moans from the young girl in front of them.

"Oh Paul – I love you!" Leyla murmured in her ongoing wet dream. He has never provided any better fellatio before and her untouched vagina started cramping in lustful turns – spilling the seducing fluids like a leaking fountain.

Leyla clenches the rough blanket at her front with both of her fists desperately. Her groaning become more and more intense as did her dream in parallel until a massive climax shook her whole body and mind. The vagina now cramping and loosening up in rapid turns of the rolling orgasm allowed the dog tongues to worm their way deep into the young girl. All of this extended the orgasm and its thrilling afterglow – better than she had ever experienced before. 'Paul – just fuck me now!' she panted breathlessly hornier than ever before in her young life – meandering shamelessly in the dirt.

The dogs couldn't believe their luck; this bitch seems to be perfectly in heat. Her cunt was more than ready which was proven by the stained and dripping wet fur around their snout.

Purple dicks start creeping from their sheds, growing every second until nearly 9 inches of impressively thick dog meat were scratching the mud stained fur at the dogs' bellies.

They battled for a moment before it becomes clear that Ben would be first. He mounted the sleeping beauty, resting one paw in front and one in the back of her midriffs to let his throbbing dick slide violently across the velvet curve of her hips.

Leyla was in heaven, she sensed the warmth emanating from the body atop of her as well as the strength being used to keep her in position. 'Paul is such a handsome but strong lover' she thought by herself; 'I'm more than happy to let him pick my cherry today'

Lightning came along to her head for licking her neck and then all across her cute face as the 'other' end of this cute creature was occupied by Ben crutching down while trying desperately to find the promising wet entry of the bitches hot cavity.

Could this become any better? Leyla's mind wandering in unbridled lust made her opening her mouth to welcome that strong, very long and very scraping tongue of her canine lover.

That depraved French kiss went on for another endless thirty seconds, before Ben managed to find the right wrinkles between those soaked and swollen outer and inner labials to finally penetrate 'his' bitch. Unceremoniously he rammed all the way home at the first hit, popping her cherry on the fly, shattering the delicate piece of skin to pieces by driving all of his nine inches in pretty unceremoniously.

Leyla moaned low again, triggered by the stabbing pain cursing through her guts as well by the lust that hard penetration sparked inside - she had been waiting for this so much and wanted it for so long. As her mouth opened wider that fabulous kissing tongue dipped in even deeper and slid all the way down her throat.

Suffocating on the eager meat in her mouth, her wet dream starts facing some hiccups.

The huge but velvet dick ramming into her bleeding vagina at inhuman speed was feeling truly great, but what was that funny feeling of fur scrapping across her tight and hip?

Why was Pauls face hairy all over? He doesn't have a beard at all.

Nevertheless her passionate moaning became louder as her excitement became overwhelming, the next climax was building inevitable - her eyelids began to flicker:

such a good feeling – such a good fuck – such a deep and passionate kiss...

As the second orgasm rippled through her heated young body and made her brain fry in bliss, she finally flicked her eyes open. It took her a second to focus and to realise whom or what she was kissing so passionately. Her head jerked back with a scream of shear panic, trying to get away from that scary looking brown dog in front of her. Lightning on the other hand was not willing to let that bitch go as he was just waiting for his turn to breed her.

In a flash he withdrew his tongue and his jaw clamped down on Leyla's neck instead. His low vibrating growl made her scream and sent her into some kind of petrified shock due to the all of a sudden primal fear triggered in her mind.

'What the hell was going on?' her desperate mind hammered, 'who or what is fucking me so violently?'

It took another minute until she was able to tilt her head and her eyes as much as possible she realised a huge jet-black shepherd dog fucking her; his long tongue lolling out and swaying in the fast tact of his violent strokes. His spittle rained down all over her back.

How disgusting! She lost her precious spared virginity to a DOG!

That thought seem to have dried her vagina within a second. The former perfect sliding of well lubricated mucosa was replaced by some painful pulling of her inner wall to the outside, before stuffing them in again just fractions of a second later. But the situation was clear; the brown dog would never let her go as she felt its sharp teeth straining the delicate skin of her neck already. On the contrary he starts pulling and tossing harder and harder on her neck, until she realised that he wants her to become available on all four now.

Trembling in fear and disgust Leyla rolled onto her knees and elbows, steered by the powerful yet merciless jaw around her neck. While her face was pressed hard down into the dust Ben whined playfully as his bitch has got in perfect breeding position and his piston could bottom her velvet fuckhole out to the hilt now. His front paws clamped down around her narrow waist as he picked up an even sportier pace.

Just when Leyla thought this to be a nightmare she had to get along with before she could escape to her previous privileged life, the double front door swung open and a number of pretty drunken men stumbled into her 'love hotel' to find shelter from the rain themselves.

It took the group of bowling buddies a few seconds to realise what was going on in the middle of the dim illuminated barn. All laughter and talking subdued and was replaced by some odd silence.

Just the heavy breathing and whining of the breeding dog echoed through that led-like silence together with the depraved wet smacking of his crotch against her cute butt cranked up to its 'high in the air' position.

Ten torches were tangling around until all of the young girls body was in literally flooded in brightest illumination. Mobile phones and cameras where all of a sudden seen in every man's hand to keep that moment for ever while the black dog ignore the intruders but continued his breeding business in earnest.

Karl, typically the clown within their group, gets closer and closer, eyed suspiciously by the brown dog holding onto her neck. Karl hushed the two dogs and moved slowly until he was able to grab the hem of the girls thin and mud stained dress, just to pull it up bit by bit until it was nothing more than a tiny scarf around her neck.

The men cajoled when they realised how perfectly shaped the slender body of that little bitch truly was and how nicely the young girls' tits were swaying in the given hard tact of the dogs restless penetrations.

Realising those cameras all over her – Leyla knew her life would never be the same again.

It was not only that she wasn't a virgin anymore and being deflowered by a dog, she was at the mercy of a dozen strangers having her degradation and humiliation on tape now to blackmail her to their liking. Her resistance diminished and she gave in to that relentless pounding which continued to hammer hard into her airy body endlessly.

Ben noticed his bitch giving in as he felt her cunt muscles relaxes and therefore increased his efforts of breeding her the best he could. His claws were painting reddened wales all across Leyla's narrow waist as he clamped down like a vice on her to hold her in fucking position to use her - the deepest, the hardest and the fastest way possible. There was no way out for his victim and as more and more of the dogs' pre-cum lubricated the passage he was allowed full attack strokes again which painfully stabbed her womb out of his way until his hairy balls smacked noisily against her upturned firm little butt for what felt like eternity.

The men burst in laughter when Karl sneaked his hand between the furry belly and her ass to steer the rapidly stabbing rod one hole further up. Without any warning and at full attack mode she lost her virginity on her backdoor too.

Leyla's eyes nearly popped out as she was sure to be ripped open and to be turned into some bloody mess of torn flesh any second, but her young elastic flesh was finally able to cope with the assault without tearing.

Karl routed the mostly purple chequered branch of the eager dog to the upper and the lower entrances to his liking, spreading the attention (and the pre-cum) evenly between the inviting orifices offered by the young cutie. The dog seem to not mind as long it was allowed to drive hard into some hot cavity not selecting one over the other...

It felt like ages until her sphincter had loosened up enough to take the massive rod without cramping at the same time and to her embarrassment she sensed her own love liquids adding to the dogs' pre-cum again.

More and more Leyla felt the dogs climax built as the stabbing becomes shorter but erratic and his rod never fully left her aching vagina anymore but stayed as deep buried in her warmth as possible. She closed her eyes in shame and when she finally sensed the dog releasing his massive load deep inside of her she burst into silent tears.

Hot spurt after hot spurt filled his bitches twat until her flooded hole couldn't keep all of his deliveries in anymore, but let them rain down in pink droplets from her abused crotch. Rivulets were seen forming at her inner tights, worming their way down and into the dirt.

The black dog went off and strolled into some darker area to lick his dick and balls clean again. Leyla has notice how his flood bit by bit had filled her sore cunt to the brim and never felt so humiliated in her entire life - she hardly noticed the brown dog had let her neck go to get him positioned behind - any spirit of fighting her cruel fate was gone...

Lightning the brown of the German Shepherds gave her reddened and glistering orifice some quick licks before mounting her himself. Ben's rod had burned the path so perfectly that this second dick sunk into that hot cavity completely at the first attempt already.

Leyla gritted her teeth as her aching uterus came under attack again. The narrow pointing tip of that purple rod hit her cervix with each of its violent strokes and she could feel her womb cramping more and more painfully in protest. Irrespectively the relentless pumping into her abused guts continued and the wet smacking echoed loudly though the barn.

Now with one dog gone the men became a bit encouraged to explore the young cuties body themselves. All of a sudden several hands were all over her olive skin, feeling her up like no tomorrow, squeezing hard on her firm little tits and do exploit and test every corner of her dainty body in a truly shameless manner.

Leyla couldn't believe what was happening to her, but she didn't manage to resist and fight it, but let them continue exploring and abusing her.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed some men started now wanking their dicks with one hand while let their other hand still rover her body – how could she sink any deeper?

Focus changed to her cunt again as some extraordinary stretching started at her by now slightly sore labials. Leyla looked back across her flat belly to realise some massive knot has formed at the base of the dogs piston, now trying to enter her untrained twat as well.

The canine lover managed to gain some ground each time it thrust in and the poor cunt lips were pulled and stretched wider and wider – along with the stabbing attack of her cervix becoming harder and harder.

Just when she thought this to become unbearable her tormented cervix gave in and two inches of that nether rod jerked right into her inner core, causing such a cruciate pain that Leyla hoped for a second she might be allowed to become unconscious, but she wasn't that lucky yet...

The knot, now two inches deeper in, started to stretch her puckered lips in earnest until they were turned into small pinkish lines wrapped closely around a massive dog-dick-base.

'This must be the feeling of being fist-fucked' Leyla's mind teased her in her agony as the massive knot destroyed every little remainder of her virginity she just lost half an hour ago.

With these thoughts circling in her mind the stuffing jerked deep and completely into her overwhelmed vagina – ramming another two inches of dick into her aching womb while doing so. The dog must love that tight fit as it start grinding its hairy balls against her smeared crack.

Leyla felt hot spurts of seed started to splash across her back and shoulders – mixing there with the dogs' spittle raining down on her – it seemed that this depraved sight was just too much for some of the relentless wanking men to stand it any longer.

Karl turned out to be the front runner once more as he grabbed the young cutie by her ponytail and aligned her mud and dust smeared face with his throbbing dick.

First Leyla gritted her teeth and pressed her lips together to prevent any unwanted visitors, but Karl just laugh and slapped her cheeks pretty hard – again and again – until his cute little victim gave up another line of defence and let him squeeze his massive erection into her unwilling mouth.

"Wow Boys – that's heaven!" Karl moaned while driving his meat deeper and deeper in.

More pictures and videos were taken and crude comments about 'spit roasting' being made, while Karl fucked that despite all stains and tears still beautiful face harder and harder. Soon the usual gag reflex kicked in and made the whole slender body meander in its try to escape or vomit, or both, but there was neither mercy nor any escape possible as Karl hold her tight and managed to force his member cruelly down her cramping oesophagus.

Leyla's eyes nearly popped out as the meat plug not only stretched her mouth painfully and beyond believe, but made her suffocating in the absence of any air supply – while the dog kept performing his breeding business on the other hand irrespectively.

Karl rammed faster and faster down her overstretched throat – just allowing her a single breathe here and there – until he couldn't hold back any longer. Folding both of his callused hands behind her dainty neck he prevented any chance of escaping while he discharges his boiling floods deep into the poor girls' aching throat.

Leyla felt his dick twitching and hardening even more just before his salty slime exploded into her mouth – his white cream shooting painfully from her nostrils as her mouth couldn't cope with the amount of supply – despite her revolting stomach she tried her best to swallow the seed of her rapist to prevent from choking.

With all this going on she hardly noticed the dog to release what felt like a pint of its jizz right into her painfully and defenceless speared open womb. Plugged and sealed from the outside her inner folds became stretched by the sheer volume of seed they had to be contained and keep for the time being. She could sense how much her uterus was being stretched while her perfectly flat belly started bulking visibly. The brown dog whined in pleasure and relief as he successfully had breed his human bitch and now enjoyed the warmth of this totally flooded but still tight cavity around his pulsating knot.

Applause from the other men for using the 'mouth-whore' 'the way she deserves' – even Leyla had no clou why she should deserve this treatment and why she was a whore all of a sudden as she'd been a true virgin half an hour ago...

Circle some bottle of Tequila amongst them 'to fight the cold temperature' they did celebrate the turn of a rainy day to be lot of fun in the end. Two more of the drunken men did abuse the mouth of the, by now totally exhausted, girl before the happy dog was able to unlock his huge knot again. Its seed splashed into the dust between her trembling knees which looks like someone had spilled a bucked of cream as the purple rod finally slipped fully out of her cramping cavity.

Even the dog dislodged and the men stopped forcing fellatio from her, Leyla felt unable to move. She stayed on all four sobbing bitter tears not minding a dozen of strangers staring into her deflowered, abused and still gaping little cunt dripping some obscure mix of liquids.

Stained all over with dirt, saliva, dog and men's seed, she was still cute to look at, but none of the men wanted to fuck her in this state anymore.

Listening to the discussions from what felt like a mile distant Leyla was somehow relieved – 'they don't want to fuck me any longer – they may let me go soon in the end' she hoped.

The men stood a few meter away, developing their plans in whisper, what to do with this little piece of fuck meat they had the luck to pick up today.

Decision was taken and Leyla found herself all of a sudden floating mid-air, carried on six strong hands. Her endless legs turned out to be a real disadvantage to her now as their beautiful length gave her tormentors a perfect lever to spread them as wide as possible with ease.

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