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Science Fiction Sex Story: Story of new discovery in the wrong hands. Male teen uses invisibility on all of the neighbor females.Later he finds he doesn't need it.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   First   Pregnancy   .

I guess that there have been some notable discoveries in science that have happened accidentally. Maybe penicillin is the most notable. But there has been one other discovery that has happened. It will not be placed in the public domain however. It so happens that I have found a way to become invisible.

It began with my desire to create the best listening device for music. I designed and built a specially constructed hut for listening. Its materials allowed for hearing without extraneous noise. The speakers sent out pure music at any particular wavelength that I desired. It was a wondrous unit that kept me satisfied by being able to listen to whatever I wish and get the best from it. My parents had long wondered whether I would ever get out of my shell. But I insisted that music was my life and I had to hear it in its purest form. I heard all of my albums and then started on some of my folks. It was

Santana's 'Black Magic Woman" that did it. I didn't notice till the song was over. I had clothes on but there was no me. I was gone. Needless to say, I was scared to death. I was able to take my clothes off but there wasn't any me beneath them. No clothes or not I ran. I was so scared I ran to my parent's room. I could hear something so I knew they weren't asleep. I opened the door to say something and I saw dad pumping his schlong into mom. I stopped in the doorway. I knew my mouth was open but nothing came out.

Dad pumped and then held it in mom's cunt. I could see his body shudder. Mom's ass and legs seemed to be contracting and relaxing. White stuff oozed out of her as dad got off and headed toward me. I stepped aside and he shut the door.

"I know I shut that door Harriet. I shut it this time too. No, JR couldn't have heard us. He's still in that audio room of his. I think I put a quart of baby juice in you honey."

"Dave, I really hope you knocked me up this time. I'm getting a little old but I want one more baby. OH, golly Dave that was a big shot of juice. I'm getting everything wet here. Prop my ass up with that pillow. I don't want to lose any more of that stuff of yours."

I knew my cock was hard and I could hardly keep my eyes off of mom's cunt as it drooled dad's semen. I had never seen anything like that in my fourteen years. Now I knew what and how to accomplish sex. My mind must have gone into hyper drive or something because now I knew I could use invisibility for sex. Like a zombie I opened the door and went out. I heard my father cursing about the door opening again.

I had had dreams about the girls next door. Our neighbors had been blessed (or cursed if you heard their dad talking about being paid back for his high school years) with five beautiful daughters. I went to school with most of them. The youngest was still in middle school. Their mom must have gotten pregnant every year for five straight years! I couldn't believe it since she was still pretty. Well there I was, on a summer night, standing outside of their glass door entry at the back of their house. An outdoor couch that rocked in its own stand was occupied with the eldest daughter and her current boyfriend. He had his head between her legs and I could see her panties dangling on her right ankle. Her legs were lifted up and he was licking her shaved cunt.

"Oh, Bobby, this is better than I could have ever dreamed."

"What did I tell you Muffy? But this is just a hint of the fun we can have. I can give you such a good time. Just let me put it in and you can feel really good."

"No, Bobby, no sex! I'm going to remain a virgin."

"Fine! That's it for me! I dated you for three months and now you dry up like an old maid. I'm gone Muffy! See what you missed?"

Bobby exposed his peter. It was hard but only three inches long. He left in a huff.

Meanwhile Muffy's little cunt was open to my view. I knelt down and blew on it.

Muffy's tears and sobs started to decrease. She drew her dress back up again and closed her eyes. Her fingers flew to her cunt and lightly stroked around her hole. I could see it get wet. My own cock grew in response to the sight before me. Her legs widened and her breathing grew deeper. Her hands went to her belly and her clitoris. I stepped between her legs and gently rubbed my prick up and down her cunt. Her eyes snapped open and she looked between her legs at the sight of her labia pushed apart and moving up and down. She had tensed up and it had been difficult to keep moving but I did. After a while she relaxed again. She closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts. I watched her hands unsnap her bra and then knead her own breasts. My cock could feel the wetness increasing and beginning to lubricate my penis. Her hips began to move and small moans came from her throat. Her hand reached down and put my cock at the threshold of her sex. She pushed against my cock and it gradually sank into her. Her maidenhead blocked the way but she kept up the pressure. Her desire was quite apparent. Mine suddenly took over and I broke her hymen in one thrust. Her gasp was enough to make me stop. As she relaxed after some time passed, I began to sink my dick into her. I saw her hole gape open from the invisible presence of my cock. It was dark and I couldn't see down very far. Some minutes passed and I could hear her breathing deepen. Her legs whipped around me and drew me into her even farther. It was full steam ahead and we finished almost together. My load of sperm entered her and then she came. Her face grimaced in the moonlight and she fainted. I felt her legs relax. I withdrew and looked at the consequence of our coupling. Semen leaked from her twat. I took a hanky and dabbed at it. Soon she was not leaking. I took her panties and put them on her. Her dad would be out soon to see where she was.

She was all tidied up when he came out and found her napping. He picked her up in his arms and carried her inside. I followed and taped the latch to the lock on the door so it wouldn't lock. Then I noticed that my time of invisibility was ending. I rushed out of the door and closed it. By the time I made it to my room I was visible and nude. I found my watch and estimated the time. I decided that I needed to time my periods of invisibility before I did anything like I did that night.

After several days of testing I found that I had two hours of invisibility each time

I used it. Also I needed time for the body to recuperate from its use. To be safe I decided on once a day that would be the maximum limit.

During one of those tests I had sat on a lounge in the back yard next to the neighbor's pool. I watched my hands closely. They were the first parts of me to begin to reappear. Two of the sisters one of whom was Muffy were sunning on their lounges next to the pool. Muffy began to talk to her younger sister, Buffy.

"Buffy, the weirdest thing happened to me the other day and I simply have to talk to someone about it. You're my sister and my best friend so tell me if I'm going nuts or something!"

"O.K. Muffy, you know I can keep a secret. Did you finally have sex with Bobby?"

"I don't think so. Only- well let me start from the beginning. Bobby and I had gone out and had a great time at the dance. I saw you there with Chip. You better be careful with him! Oops, uh- Bobby and I left after you guys and went to the couch to neck. Now he's a great kisser and I kind of got caught up in his kisses. He started to pet me Buffy and let me tell you his fingers danced almost as good as – well Bobby got my panties down and he began to kiss me again. This time he had his head between my legs and his tongue up my little puss! I almost came when he started to talk about having real sex! I guess I was too adamant about not doing it because he got angry. He showed me his hard cock and yelled at me for being an old maid or something."

"Wow, sis how did you not have sex? I think if Chip did something like that he'd be inside my poor cunny so fast-"

"Buffy! You know that we're not supposed to have sex before we're married!

Now let me tell you the weird part. I was totally turned on. I couldn't help myself and began to masturbate. –I know but I had to do something! - Suddenly there was this pressure on my puss! My little sex lips opened up and something felt like it was moving in between them! I have to admit I almost freaked out and started to scream but I didn't.

I couldn't see anything or anyone so after awhile I relaxed. Then I felt funny in my belly.

I had to have something –anything stuffed in me. I pushed and pushed. I gradually could feel it going deeper until my maidenhead was against it. I was beginning to get frustrated because I couldn't get any deeper. Then it was like a ghost or something. It broke through my hymen and I gasped from the pain. I gradually got used to that log in me and then it began to fuck me like a boy would. Oh, Buffy, it was big and slippery. It poked me in places that I could only dream about. But when I looked up no one was there!

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