The Babysitter, Her Dad and the Cucumber

by Tina Girly Q

Copyright© 2015 by Tina Girly Q

Sex Story: While at her babysitting job, Britney gets a call from her dad, who tells her that her employer has seen her masturbating on a nanny cam. Britney's dad tells her she needs a spanking. Since he's not there to give it to her, he instructs her to give it to herself. He also directs her to check the family's produce selection.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Masturbation   Food   .

Britney arrived at her babysitting job on time as usual. Her employer Mrs. Bailey gave her a few simple instructions and went on her way. Britney liked this babysitting job better than most. The 2 kids she was sitting for were young and slept most of the time she was there. They were too little to get out of bed on their own, so she didn't have to worry about them walking in on ... anything. And Mr. Bailey was usually away on business so Britney rarely ever saw him.

Just as she was settling-in on the living room couch and getting ready to turn on the TV, Britney's cell phone rang.

"Hi Dad," she said into the phone. "My day at school was fine, thanks ... Yes, I'm at the Bailey's. Mrs. Bailey just left and the kids are already in napping."

Britney liked talking to her dad just fine. But at that moment she was ready to relax with the television so she wanted to be done talking as soon as possible. However, her father had something serious to discuss with her.

"What?" she said. "Dad, are you serious? Mrs. Bailey called you ... what, really?" Britney stopped talking and just listened for a minute before speaking again. "The Baileys ... have spy cams around here? I had no idea!"

Britney's mind raced through many things she had done while babysitting that should never have been captured on a spy cam. She listened as her father gave her more details.

"She ... Mrs. Bailey told you that, Dad? She told you, that she saw me on the spy cam ... playing with myself? Oh no! Oh, I'm so embarrassed!"

Britney felt her face getting very hot and red.

"You told her ... that you would give me a punishment? What's my punishment, Dad?" She listened. "A spanking? Really, Dad? Are you ... I can't believe I get a spanking, Dad. Like, when I get home? What do you mean, you don't think it can wait? Are you gonna come here and spank me or something?"

Britney's father told her what she was to do.

"Seriously, Dad? Myself? Spank myself? You really want me to do that? That's crazy!"

Her father assured her he was serious. And she knew his tone well enough not to argue in this case.

"What am I wearing?" she said. "I came here right from school, so I'm wearing my uniform. Dad, you know what my school uniform looks like. OK, OK. It's the green plaid jumper that comes down to my knees. White blouse. White knee high socks. Sensible black shoes. You know what it looks like, Dad ... Of course I'm wearing panties! What kind of thing is that to ask ... White."

Her dad gave slightly more detailed instructions, which she did not question.

"Fine, Dad," Britney said into her phone. "Hold on."

Britney set her cell phone down next to her on the couch. She rolled her eyes, even though she knew her father could not see the gesture. She then stood up, lifted her jumper and pulled her panties down, then off. She returned to the couch on her hands and knees, then pulled her jumper up, fully exposing her now bare bottom.

She picked up her phone and positioned it between her shoulder and her ear.

"OK, Dad, I'm ready. "Yes, they're off. Yes, all the way. They're on the floor next to the couch. Yes, it's pulled up completely. I'm bent over on the couch and my butt is sticking up in the air. Should I start now? OK, I'll have to set the phone down."

Britney did as she said, setting the phone on the couch near her face. She then reached her arm behind her, raised up her hand, and brought down a hard slap on her bottom. She followed with another, then another, for a total of 5 smacks. She picked the phone up again and put it to her ear.

"Did you hear that? Yes, I spanked myself very hard. Hold on, Dad." She craned her neck and did her best to look at her exposed butt. "Yes, it's kinda red. Yes, it hurt! You could hear, so you must know I was slapping hard. Five more. Harder? I don't know if I can do it any harder. Fine."

Britney repeated the self-spanking, trying her best to slap her bottom even harder this time. Several times she exclaimed, "Ow!" And she was not saying it for effect. She looked again and saw that her cheek was definitely red now.

"OK Dad. I'm sure you heard that. Yes, it's very red now. I did it as hard as I could."

Her father told her she could sit up on the couch again and that it was just fine if her bottom stung for a while when she sat on it. He then asked some more questions.

"I don't know, Dad. I've been babysitting for the Baileys for a while. I don't know how many times I've done it here. A bunch, probably ... My fingers. Yes, always just with my fingers. What? Dad!"

Britney couldn't help giving a little resistance to the second part of her punishment.

"Dad ... Really? Now? Ugh ... I don't know, probably. Let me go look."

She set the phone down once more and walked into the kitchen. Her sore bottom felt slightly relieved to not be sitting for a bit. But when she came back, Britney picked up the phone and sat down again.

"Yes, there's a banana and a cucumber. Just a normal size banana. The cucumber is pretty big. Come on, Dad. Are you serious? You really want me to..."

Again, Britney's father assured her he meant what he said.

"OK, Dad. Yes. Fine. With the cucumber? OK. I'm already wet. Yes, I'm sure. Having my panties off here gets my pussy automatically wet. And the spanking hurt, but it got me even more wet. You want to hear? Hold on."

She pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wide apart. She then parted her vagina with one hand and felt the wetness she already knew was there. She easily slid 2 fingers inside while she held her phone right next to her hand. She proceeded to slide her fingers in and out for a few seconds, which made a very distinct sound. She put the phone back to her ear.

"Could you hear how wet that sounded. I promise, I'm wet, Dad. You really want me to ... With the cucumber. OK Dad."

Britney held the phone with her shoulder and her cocked head once more as she slid her hands, one holding the cucumber, in between her legs. She parted her lips again and slid the tip of the cucumber between, getting it lubricated.

"Mmm ... It feels cool. Yes, it feels good, Dad. Ohhhh ... oh yeah."

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