The Bachelorette Party
Chapter 1a: Loren Comes to Dance

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1a: Loren Comes to Dance - Their best friend was getting married, and they wanted to do something memorable. At the Roadhouse, "memorable" often has a twist to it.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism  

Two nights later I was mixing drinks behind the bar on the women's side when the door opened and she came in. It was a slow evening, and there weren't more than a half a dozen women in the bar at that point. She saw me, and came over to sit on a stool at the bar. She asked for a glass of wine, and I placed it in front of her, then leaned on the bar, in case she wanted to talk.

She didn't say anything for a moment, so I decided to open the discussion. "Have your friends decided what they're going to do for the bride?"

She smiled a little, and answered, "They're still talking about it, but the idea is intriguing, at least to a couple of the girls. They may talk the rest of them into it. I don't know."

"And you? Are you here to talk about it? Or are you here for a different reason?"

She didn't say anything for a moment, seemingly lost in thought, but then she quietly asked, "Did you mean what you said? About me dancing for you ... and the other stuff?"

I looked her over, refreshing myself about how she had seemed when she was dancing with herself, deep in her own thoughts, and remembering how pretty she was. "Darlin', you can dance for me any day of the week. And you and I can make music together whenever you want. Are you here to do those? Is that what you want?"

She took a sip of her wine, then looked at me over the rim of the glass. "I don't know. I've been having all these feelings since I met you, and I ... I'm a little scared, but I'm also kind of excited, and I don't know what to do."

I came out from behind the bar, and stood in front of her, turning her on her stool to face me. I cupped her face in my hands, and looked deeply into her eyes. "The first thing you should do is kiss me. Then we'll see about all the other feelings. If they go away because of the kiss, then we'll stop, and you'll finish your drink and leave. Otherwise ... well let's try the kiss first, okay?"

She nodded slightly, and lowered her eyes, so I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers, very softly at first, then a little harder. I brought my tongue to play, but only to run it over her lips, and not to try to force it into her mouth. I felt a breathy little moan come from her mouth, and then her hands came to rest on my upper arms, holding me in place. The kiss seemed to go on forever, but stayed light and gentle for a long time. Things ratcheted up a notch when I felt her tongue trying to move beyond my lips, and when I met it with my own she suddenly pulled me closer and I felt another moan, this time from deep in her throat.

Her lips pushed hard against my mouth, and I could sense her passion starting to flare. I moved my right hand to her side, then under her breast. When I squeezed it, she arched her back, pushing it toward me, increasing the contact. The breast was warm, and firm, and full, and I was looking forward to examining both of them up close. I heard another moan, and then she broke the kiss, panting for air, her face flushed with arousal. I moved my hand from under the breast to cover it, and pressed inward to let her know it was there. I could feel the lace of her bra through her shirt; it didn't seem to be very substantial, and I wondered if she had dressed to please me.

She looked down at my hand, then up into my eyes, and her hand moved to hold the one I still had cupping the side of her face. She turned her face to kiss my palm, then smiled at me. "I guess we do need to think about what follows that kiss, because I'm feeling pretty warm right now."

I smiled back, then squeezed the breast I was holding. "Well, if I remember correctly, the last time you were here we were talking about you dancing for me, and uncovering all of your pretty parts. Are you ready to dance, darlin'?"

A quick flash of something crossed her face. I wasn't sure, but thought it might have been a little fear, now that it seemed the moment was about to arrive. She looked around, noting the other women scattered around in singles and pairs. Her eyes came back to me, and she said, "You said you wanted me to dance just for you. There are other people here."

I put a finger to her lips, forestalling any further protests. "When you dance, it will be just for me, regardless of how many people are watching. In all the world, there will only be you, and me. You will know that the dance, and your body, are just for me. I will know that your body is mine alone, and there will be no one else between us. Okay?"

She looked steadily into my eyes, absorbing what I had said, then seemed to come to some sort of decision. My hand was still on her breast as she turned to pick up her glass of wine, and the motion pressed it tighter into my palm. She drained the glass of courage and set it back down, then leaned forward and kissed me once more. Her breath was warm, and wine-filled on my lips, and I reacted by squeezing the breast even harder. She moaned into my mouth as the kiss ended, then she turned away, facing the stage.

I reached behind the bar for a remote control, then helped her down from her stool. With my arm around her back, and my hand resting on the top of her ass, we slowly walked toward the stage. As we approached it, I lifted the remote control and started pushing buttons. I felt her start beside me as lights came on, and music started playing.

The lighting was all designed to highlight whoever was on stage, and the sound system was arranged to aim most of the sound at the stage as well. There were speakers that would broadcast the sound out to the rest of the floor, but I left these off to keep things a little more private. I lowered the stage lights to create a dimmer cocoon of illumination, maintaining the image that she would be alone except for me. Even with the low level, the lights would make it harder for her to see other people, so she wouldn't know how many people were actually watching her.

She stood beside me, looking at the stage, not moving. I leaned over, and breathed into her ear, my voice pitched very low. "Just close your eyes like you did the other day. Listen to the music. Let it fill your mind, and erase everything else. There's only you and me here. In a minute, there's only going to be you on the stage, and the music is going to carry you away.

"You're just going to dance, that's all. Dance like you never have before. Dance for yourself, like no one can see you. Work your way into the rhythm, then imagine me watching you, and wanting you. You want me to teach you, you want to know what your body can do. But you need to show me your body, so you'll start to undress. Slowly. One piece at a time, dancing all the while. You're going to get sweaty, and hot, and your body will glow. The hotter you get, the more you'll want to be touched, and caressed. Your hands, my hands ... all over your body ... making you hotter ... making you want to come. You want to come for me, up there in the lights, then again in my bed, over and over."

By this time she was once again deep into her own fantasy, eyes still closed, and her body swaying in my arms. I could feel the tension in her, but I could also feel tremors going through her as she reacted to my words. I pressed close to her back, hands on her shoulders, guiding her to the steps up to the stage. She moved slowly, almost blindly, but finally opened her eyes and climbed the steps. I stayed at the bottom, waiting to see what would happen.

She slowly moved to the centre of the stage, staring at the pole mounted there, reaching out a hand to run her fingertips along its chrome surface. She was probably remembering my words of the other day, and thinking about the way the pole would feel on her skin. Her arm moved to grip the pole tightly, and I saw her eyes close again. A few seconds later her body started to sway, moving in time to the music, and I thought the first part of the fantasy might be taking hold of her.

The music was a pounding rock beat, and she started swaying a little more, her hand still gripping the pole. Her head started to swing, sending her hair flying, and suddenly she turned around, putting her back to the pole, her motions getting wilder as she got more into the music, and deeper into her dance fantasy.

As the song changed, she started to strut around the stage, her ass swaying to the music, skirt bouncing to and fro, arms pumping the air. Her hands moved through her hair, fluffing it into a wild corona around her head, then gliding down her body. I was a little surprised when she started to rub her hands over her breasts, as I hadn't thought she would touch herself that soon into the dance. She squeezed each one much more firmly than I had, and I was wondering if she had been more aroused than I had thought.

As she passed in front of me, she grinned, then bent forward and undid the top button of her blouse. Another button followed, and the upper curves of her breasts became visible. She shook her shoulders, setting them swaying, then danced away, and started to pull the tails of the blouse out of her skirt. On the other side of the stage stood one of the women who had been sitting in a booth by herself, arms folded under her breasts, watching the performance. Surprisingly, Loren moved to stand in front of her, leaning over the way she had to me, and shaking her breasts again.

As another song started, she moved away from the other woman and back to the centre of the stage. She put her back against the pole, and started sliding up and down it, almost deep enough to let me see up her skirt. Her fingers were working the buttons of her blouse, and her bra came into view, along with the inner slopes of her breasts. Seeing them sent an initial pulse of arousal through me. When the last button was freed, she danced her way toward me, her arms out to the side, the blouse showing a strip of skin and lace all the way to her waist.

She stood before me, hips swinging sideways to the beat, the flaps of the blouse showing then covering glimpses of her cleavage. She moved her hands up to her hair, running through it and pushing it back off her face, making the blouse gape, but only at the bottom; the movement actually covered more of her breasts. As her hands came back down, she grabbed the sides of her blouse, then stared at me as she slowly pulled them to the side, baring her bra-encased breasts to me for the first time. She watched my face as she did this, and I sent her an air kiss when they were fully uncovered.

Her arms continued behind her, and the sides of the blouse slid off her shoulders. A shake of her shoulders and arms, and the blouse was hanging from her hands. She pulled one hand free, and used it to pull the other side of the blouse off completely. As she strutted toward me, the blouse flew in my direction, and I caught it without taking my eyes off her. She grinned widely, and laughed when I licked my lips while staring at her; her breasts were proudly displayed in the lace cups, and I was looking forward to seeing them, and touching them. There were now two other women watching the show, and she skipped past both of them, shaking her breasts at them, and reaching up to cup them as she returned near me.

Her hips were swinging wildly again, keeping time with the pulsing music, and her skirt was flipping up and down, showing flashes of her legs. She was either wearing stockings or pantyhose, and I hoped it wasn't the latter, as taking those off would be quite difficult on stage. As she paused in front of me, she grabbed the front of her skirt and lifted it to her waist then dropped it quickly back down, laughing at me. The quick flash had shown me that she was indeed wearing stockings, and that her panties matched the lacy pattern of her bra. She bent over toward me, then flipped up the back of her skirt toward the other women, giving them a quick view of that side of her. A moment later, she turned and did the same set of front and back manoeuvres to all of us, so they saw the front of her panties, and I discovered that she was actually wearing a thong.

The site of her bare rear sent another pulse of arousal through me, as it was rounded and firm, and just the right size for her thighs. I noticed two more women making their way toward the stage, arms wrapped around each other. Loren saw them as well, and danced over to flash her panties at the two of them; they each gave her a big smile.

As she came back toward me, she flashed the front of her panties at me again, then spun and bent over once more. She looked at me through her widely spread legs, and backed up until she was at the edge of the stage. She reached back to lift the back of her skirt, and shook her ass at me. I took this as an invitation and reached up to caress one cheek, squeezing it and watching my fingers indent the silky flesh. As I moved my hand toward her inner thigh, she suddenly stepped away and dropped her skirt, turning to wag an index finger at me. The meaning was obvious; only certain touching was allowed right now.

She danced over to the new couple and performed the same display, allowing each of them to caress her ass before she moved on to the last two women, who had moved beside each other. I saw each of them raise a hand to that wonderful ass, and one of them tried to move to her thigh, but received the same wagging finger.

Her next circuit of the stage brought her back in front of me, this time facing me while she lifted her skirt to bare her panties. She thrust her pelvis toward me, raising her mound in the lacy thong, and held the skirt up while she traced a finger over the centre of her labia, pausing with the fingertip about where her clit would be. I saw her eyelids flutter and her whole body shudder slightly; I was fairly certain that she had just given herself a small orgasm.

She moved closer, and I thought she was about to let me touch her again but she moved her hands behind her back, so her skirt covered up the sight of her pussy. A moment later her pussy came back into view as her skirt dropped to the floor at her feet, and she kicked it at me. When I had put it aside, she spun and bent over again, once again offering me her ass as well as her stocking-clad legs. This time I put a hand on each calf and slid them all the way up to her ass, making sure that my thumbs slid over the covered pussy on the way. Her back arched as I felt the lace under my thumbs, and I felt a tremor go through her; I was fairly sure that orgasm number two had just occurred.

It was a moment before she straightened and resumed dancing, and she headed off to the other side of the stage. This time, she stopped with a foot over the edge of the stage, but at right angles to the women. The offer was her leg, and not her ass, and they each ran a hand up the entire length of the stocking, then squeezed the thigh above the top of the stocking. As the hands reached the top of her thigh, she bent her knee to bring her ass in reach, but only one hand went to her ass; the other passed right over her covered pussy. She straightened up quickly, and wagged a finger again, but it didn't look like she had come that time. The other two women got to feel the other leg, and I saw a hand go over her pussy since she was facing me. The hand paused long enough to squeeze her vulva through the material, and I saw another shudder as she struggled momentarily to stand up. 'That makes three, ' I thought. 'Those panties must be getting wet.'

As she danced back to me, her hands went under her breasts, cupping them in her bra as if she was offering them to me. She lifted them slightly as she stood in front of me, and looked a question at me. I smiled and nodded, letting her know I wanted them. She moved her hands to push the straps of her bra off her shoulders, then pulled her arms clear. Her hands went back to cup her breasts, and she squeezed them, massaging them through the lace. Her hands slid under the material of the cup so that she was now holding a naked breast in each hand, then she moved a couple of fingers and the catch at the front popped free. The bra fell to the stage, and I reached to get it out of her way.

She bent toward me, covering her breasts with her hands, but shaking them and bouncing them at me. Just before she danced away, she spread her fingers enough to give me a glimpse of her turgid nipples, then covered them up again before she moved to the other side of the stage. The performance was repeated twice as she moved to each pair of women, although she had to dodge a pair of hands on one occasion.

As she once again gyrated over in front of me, she dropped to her knees, still covering her breasts. She looked me in the eye with an odd little smile on her face, then moved her left hand to cup that breast, baring its nipple, and holding it out to me. "Want to kiss it?"

I leaned forward and sucked the bud between my lips, running my tongue around it, then clasping it between my teeth as I pulled back. As it popped free I saw her eyelids flutter again, and added another orgasm to the running total. She covered the left one, and presented the right one, and I gave it the same treatment, although I didn't think she came that time. Her arms suddenly went behind her head, and her back arched, presenting both of her breasts to me, completely free for me to appreciate.

The sight stunned me for a second; her breasts were easily a full C-cup, with small but prominent nipples that seemed to be made for playing with or nibbling on. They sat high and proud on her chest, with next to no sag. I finally reacted enough to reach out and take each one in a hand, cupping it and massaging it strongly, enjoying its firm texture. I pulled on each one a little, then moved to her nipples, rolling them strongly in my fingers and pulling on them, stretching her breasts slightly before I let them go. I saw her eyes close and heard a little moan escape her lips, and felt safe in adding one more orgasm to the count.

As she rocked back on her heels, she moved her hands to once again cover those magnificent breasts, then stood in a smooth motion and made her way across the stage. I watched as she repeated the performance, and saw two mouths sucking on her nipples as two hands massaged her breasts. I saw her come once more, and wondered at her stamina, as I wanted enough left for later. Another orgasm occurred as the last pair of women got their turn with her breasts, although I also saw a hand steal between her legs and caress her pussy, but she pushed it away as soon as she felt it touching her.

She was a little slower getting up, but once on her feet she danced several times around the stage, letting her breasts bounce and sway to the music. At one point, she moved up to the pole and rested her back on it, her eyes closing as she swayed to the music. She was covered in a sheen of sweat, although the sheen on the insides of her thighs was probably not sweat, I thought. As I watched her, I reflected back on her previous visit, and I was fairly certain that she was reliving the verbal picture I had painted. It had led to an orgasm, and I wondered if she was about to have another one.

After a moment, she danced back toward me and stood before me with her legs spread, her entire body glowing in the lights. She was beautiful in the way she was displayed, and I wanted this woman in my bed. One hand reached up to squeeze a breast and lift it, then the hand descended down across her rib cage, her rippling abdomen, and onto her pelvis. It paused for a moment just at the top of her thong while she stared into my eyes. Her fingertips started to move under the edge of the thong while she stared, slowly moving down until they reached the top of her slit, then I saw her press inward and her head snapped back at the sensation. Her pelvis arched toward me, and I could see the outline of her fingers rubbing back and forth across her clit. A moment later another shudder went through her body and she moaned loudly as she brought herself to orgasm with her fingertips.

I was amazed at the wanton display, never suspecting that this woman could have it in her, and wondering at whether she had been sexually repressed as a teenager. I reached out to caress her leg, reaching for her pussy, but she recovered and backed away from me, then laughed at me. Her hand came out of her thong, but she put her hands on her hips and pushed it down and over her ass, baring her pussy to my sight. She was mostly shaved, with a little landing strip that ended short of her labia. As she stepped out of the thong and opened her legs, I could see that she was wet and open, all of her labia engorged and protruding; she was the very picture of a desirable woman, wanting to be taken, wanting her lover to possess her.

She put her hands on her ass, spreading her legs widely, thrusting her pelvis toward me, coming right up to the edge of the stage, daring me to touch her. I leaned forward and put two fingers at her opening then slid them into her heat. She let me stay like that for a moment, then stepped back out of reach and moved to the opposite side of the stage. The two women cooperated with each other so that one held her ass while the other inserted fingers deeply into her, and I saw the fingers thrusting in and out while she was held in place. For the first time, she yelled with the strength of the orgasm, then pulled back forcibly, making them release her.

As she moved toward the final pair of women, I climbed up on the stage and walked up behind her, partly to make sure that they knew I was in charge where this wanton beauty was concerned. These two women cooperated as well, but this time one massaged her ass while the other buried her face in Loren's pussy. Loren started humping the woman's face almost with the first touch of her tongue, as I reached around her to take her breasts in my hands and squeeze them firmly. Only seconds went by before she yelled her way into another orgasm, bucking back against me. I worked her nipples strongly to help stretch the feeling, then supported her as I felt her start to go limp from the exertion.

When she had started to come down, I pulled her back from the clutches of the two women and turned her into my arms. When she realized that it was me, she moved closer and let me hug her tightly. She was soaked in sweat, and breathing very heavily, but felt almost like a limp noodle in my arms. I pulled back a bit, and brushed the hair off her forehead, then kissed her lightly and asked how she was doing.

"Oh ... I really don't know how I feel ... I'm tingling all over, I think I've run a marathon, but I also feel ... energized, I think is the best way to describe it."

"I guess orgasms are good for you."

She smiled a little. "I know I did come a couple of times ... but it's kind of a blur right now."

"Well, I lost count after six. Getting up here and dancing was good for you, I'd say. You really seemed to be getting into it."

She chuckled, then said, "It's funny. At first I was really scared about other people seeing me, then it got a little exciting that other people actually wanted to see me, then at the end I wanted more people. I wanted big crowds, with everyone wanting my body, wanting to touch me, cheering me on, wanting to have sex with me."

"I think we've found the exhibitionist in you. You're going to have to dance for the bride's party."

"If I can work up the nerve to tell them what it was like ... well, maybe I can convince them to do it. This was the most exciting thing I've ever done."

I laughed and pulled her in for another hug, then said, "Come on ... let's go for a victory lap around the room." I started to guide her to the stairs, and she hesitated for a second...

"My clothes ... what about my clothes?"

"They'll be safe where they are, and you don't need them. This is what it's all about ... do a show, then mix and mingle and meet your public up close." I didn't say, 'and give them another chance to grope you' as I knew she'd find out about that part very quickly.

As we arrived at the first occupied booth, the woman sitting there casually reached out and pulled Loren closer, then nonchalantly started rubbing her very wet pussy. The completely unexpected move caught Loren off-guard and she succumbed to her still flaming arousal as the woman found her clit and started playing with it. Within seconds Loren had bounced into another orgasm, trembling and bucking against the hand. Her moaning caused a few other heads to look over our way as the woman pulled her hand back and licked her fingers, smiling as she watched Loren come back to earth. Between licks, she said, "I do hope you'll dance for us again someday. You're very pretty, and very tasty."

We moved to the next occupied booth, this one with two women in it. Neither one of them had been up at the stage, but both had watched the show closely. As Loren stopped to greet them, the woman closest to her pulled her over against the table, getting her ass partway on the table. The woman quickly spread Loren's legs open, then leaned down to start licking her pussy. As Loren's mouth dropped open in surprise, the other woman leaned over from the opposite side of the table and pulled Loren back until she was reclining backward, and the other woman gripped a breast very firmly in each of her hands.

I watched as these two teamed up on the poor girl, but I could see she wasn't being hurt, just pushed into sexual overdrive. She was soon wailing from a new orgasm, but the woman eating her didn't even slow down in her efforts. The other woman was clamping her nipples between her fingers and rolling them around strongly, and I knew that Loren would likely be complaining about sore nipples the next day. As another orgasm crested, I decided that it was time to give her a break, so I tapped the licker on her head to get her attention, and pulled her back from what was now a well-used pussy. The other woman released her breasts after a stern look from me, and I helped Loren to her feet, then guided her back to the bar.

I helped her up onto a stool, and got her a fresh glass of wine. After she had taken a few sips, I reached over to cup one of her wonderful breasts, and asked, "Well, darlin' was it everything you thought it would be?"

She paused for a moment or two, thinking over what had happened, and gathering her thoughts. "In some ways, I almost feel like I've been ... what was the expression you used? Oh yeah, 'pulling a train'. I don't think I've ever come so much in my life, or so easily. I came just because one of those women touched my pussy through my panties. And then when they started doing things to me ... touching me, and oh, licking me ... I thought I was going to go crazy." She locked her eyes on mine and asked, "Was that something you wanted to do to me ... I mean lick me like that?"

"Darlin', I have wanted to lick your little pussy from the first moment you came in here with your friends. And now that I can see that little pussy, I want to see how far I can put my tongue it, and how many times I can make you scream. I slid a hand up her leg until the subject of our discussion was in my palm, and then I rubbed its wet lips, causing her to hiss in a breath and tip her head back. I left my hand there, just lightly stroking her with my fingertips. When she opened her eyes and looked forward again, I kissed her softly.

She focused on my face once more, then shyly asked, "Are you going to make me do that to you? Lick you, the way those other women did to me?"

I slowly slid a finger into her, wanting to keep her mind focused on her pussy, and to keep her from getting too logical in her thoughts. "It's as much fun to give as it is to receive. You've never licked a pussy before?"

"I've never had anyone lick my pussy. None of my boyfriends would ever do it. No one has licked me like those women did tonight. Do you ... do you like to do that?"

"A sweet young pussy like yours is one of the best tasting things that exist. I think the first time you lick someone you'll find out how good it is. If you want, I can take you across the floor and I'll bet you could have your choice of pussies to lick. Or, we can go in the back and I can show you how to lick mine. We can even do each other at the same time ... that can be a lot of fun." I stroked the finger in and out a few times, then pulled it all the way out and moved it to her clit. I moved the fingertip in slow circles around her little soldier, keeping it out from under its hood, but not letting her come.

I kissed her softly once more, then whispered in her ear. "Shall we move somewhere more comfortable? Are you ready for a few more orgasms? Are you interested in learning how to eat pussy?"

She clutched my shoulders as I brought her right to the edge of another orgasm, and moaned in my ear, "O-o-o-h ... I can't think when you do that ... I need to come again."

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