Imperial Spy

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A simple mission to gather intelligence and leave it for a foreign monarch ends successfully. Only on the way out I meet a girl that changes my life. When I return home the courier and a kill team try to take us out. It was only an annoyance but meant someone knew who I was and where I lived.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I had been here six months planning and preparing for this day. I walked in the servants entrance and went to the changing room. I undressed and put my clothes into my locker before putting a clean and pressed servants uniform on. Next was the small cleaning bot and a duster and a small trash container.

I attached my palace ident and pass to my left suit pocket and carried everything out. There were dozens of checkpoints through the palace and I stopped at each like I had since I started. It had not taken much to slip into the normal data net and tinker. That had gotten me an employment interview.

From there I had been able to hack into the secure Intel data net and slip in my false history. That had gotten me hired as a night cleaner. I finally had what we needed and visited each of the three imperial advisors offices. Next was the chamberlain's office and then the head of their military liaison.

In each office I slipped a small data stick into their desk comp while cleaning. It did three things, broke the encryption, searched for certain files and copied them. It had another purpose but that would be later. They would know I had gotten into their secure files the moment they started up their desk comp in the morning.

I finally stopped in a large outer office and held my hands out to the side. Two guards smiled as they moved away from the double doors. They searched me and ran a scanner over everything. I hid the data stick between my fingers while they searched and when they finished I moved towards the door.

One followed me in as I crossed to the very large wooden desk. I set my things down on a corner of the desk and then bent to set the cleaning bot on the floor. While I was doing that my other hand slipped the data stick into the desk comp. I began cleaning the room like I had every night since I started.

I dusted and collected any trash that had been left around the room. I moved into the adjoining study and began checking and cleaning as the guard followed. When the bot beeped I went to bring it into the study and waited until it finished. I took it out as I carried the trash and went to collect everything I had left on the desk.

I pulled the data stick out and slipped it into the lip of the cleaning tray as I moved towards the door. In the outer office I set everything down and began cleaning again. When I finished I held out my hands and the guards searched me before I left. When I reached the changing room I put everything away and palmed the data stick.

I went to change and put the uniform into the recycler before leaving. Outside the palace grounds I waited for the public transport like I had every morning. I took it into the city and headed to the small set of rooms. My routine change when I stepped in and bent to grab a travel case.

I went down and into the basement and then into the city utility tunnels. I walked several blocks before climbing the stairs up and walking out and onto the street. I called a public transport and had it take me to the starport. I went through the security checkpoints and headed for the daily shuttle up to the commercial station in orbit.

I had an hour to wait before the first shuttle going up began to board. Once I reached the station I carried my travel case to the mag walk to the other side of the station. The shuttle docks were on one side and the ship loading docks were on the other. They were out very long arms from the station and I stood on one side of the mag walk.

There were dozens of small tourist shops and eating or drinking places as I got closer to the ship. I stepped to a slower mag walk and then off at the boarding lobby. I shifted as I felt someone and turned as my right hand snapped down. The girl had slipped her hand into one of my pants pockets and mine closed on her wrist.

She froze and her eyes snapped to mine. I smiled as something about her struck me, "hello sweetness. I think I will keep you."

She yanked but my hand did not move and she looked around as she licked her lips. I started for the boarding gate, "come along sweetness we have to get aboard."

She pulled back and hissed, "let me go!"

I snorted, "want me to call the law?"

She slumped, "fine."

I pulled her hand out when I reached the man beside the gate, "we need to upgrade to a first class set of rooms."

He looked at the girl as I set the travel case down and pulled out my comp. I set it for credit transfer and he turned and looked at his desk comp before making a correction. I touched my comp to his desk and transferred the credits and he gave me the cabin number. I pulled the girl after me and glanced at her while I walked.

She was a lovely teenage girl with golden blonde hair. The loose clothes tried to hide her body but it was firm and had curves in the right places. I used a ship walk to move back and then a lift to get us up to our deck. I led her down a large hall and set the case down and touched a lock plate beside a door hatch.

The room comp read my bio scan and the door unlocked and I pushed it open. I grabbed my case and pulled the girl after me and closed the door. I finally let her go and looked at her and gestured, "strip."

She straightened, "no."

I sighed as I set the case down and took a step. A knife appeared in her right hand and she sliced. I caught the hand and twisted while using the thumb to apply pressure to the back of the hand. She dropped the knife and I let her go as she backed away rubbing her hand. She was glaring at me as I gestured, "strip."

She looked around before slowly doing as I told her. I gestured to the small holo table in front of a couch, "empty all the pockets."

When she was done I picked up her filthy clothes and took it to the trash. I gestured to a the tall mirror beside the hatch, "stand here with your arms straight out."

She glared and I sighed, "do you want to spend the whole trip in the cabin nude?"

She moved to the mirror and I turned to touch the upper right corner. A laser swept down her body from the mirror and her eyes widened. I gestured, "turn to the right."

She shifted and turned and once more the laser swept down her body and then she turned again. After she turned the last time I had her face away and lift each foot to scan the bottom of her feet. Finally I turned her and switched on the in ship shopping and went to clothing and then female clothing.

I tilted her head to look at her eyes before I started selecting gowns and dresses and shoes. I even selected moderate jewelry and perfume. I do not think she realized she had relaxed and was leaning against me until I finished, "two dozen outfits to start with should do."

She looked up as I used my comp and paid and then cleared the mirror. I went to my case and opened it for a smaller case that was inside. I caught her hand and pulled her across the room as she struggled and tried to pull back. I pulled her through the bedroom and into a large fresher and let her go, "go to the bathroom."

I moved to the counter as she stood there and opened the case as I set it down. I glanced back, "we do not have all day. The clothes will be here soon."

She snorted but moved to the toilet and sat. I waited for her to go and then gestured, "lean back and spread your legs."

She shook her head and I sighed as I took small scissors and a hair remover from the case. I moved to her and knelt, "I am not going to fuck you yet."

She growled, "you are not going to..."

I reached out and caught her face, "I am going to shave the hair on your body. After that I will check your implant and then we are going to take a shower and wash you. When we are done the clothes should be here and you will get dressed for dinner."

She shifted and finally opened her legs a little. I shook my head and pulled her out and opened her legs more, "try to slump and tilt your hips up."

It only took a few minutes and then I went to the case and brought a tiny devise back. I set it on her pelvis and looked at the reading. I shook my head and stood, "do not move."

I went out and to the tiny med closet and entered a code normally only used by ship doctors. I opened the container when it arrived by air tube and went back to the fresher. I knelt as I opened the small med case. I pulled out what looked like a rod, "this will tickle. You are lucky you have not gotten pregnant."

She growled, "I have not let anyone fuck me."

I smiled as I slowly pushed the rod into her, "the cheap implant you got was used and not working."

I waited and then slowly pulled the rod out to see the tiny implant on the end. I turned to set it into the case, "this will be a little different."

The next rod held a silvery implant and I pushed it into her while looking at the tiny screen on the end of the rod. I slipped the implant into her cervix and touched the screen and pulled the rod out. I closed the case after putting the rod into it and pulled her up. I pushed her into the large shower and then began to undress.

She had turned the water on and then saw me and stopped to stare. I stepped into the shower and reached for her as she backed into the wall, "stop it silly girl."

I turned her and pushed her under the water and reached for the hair wash. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me and I shook my head. The water turned brown as her hair came clean and I did it four times. I turned her to face away as I began to wash her body, "you will shower and wash twice a day."

She looked over her shoulder and I rubbed one butt cheek, "twice a day. In the morning and at night."

She shifted and finally nodded and I knelt to wash her ass and pushed her feet apart. I did her legs and then stood and turned her. I washed down her body and cupped her firm breasts. I stared and it was a few moments before she shifted and I looked into her face, "sorry but those are the prettiest breasts I have ever seen."

I knelt and pushed her legs apart and washed her now bald pussy and then the front of her legs and feet. I stood and rinsed her off before I shut the water off. I pulled her out and dried her and myself before leading her back into the small common room. I checked the door announcer and made her stand as I opened it and pulled in a tall cloth covered cart.

I closed the hatch and opened the cart, "come here."

She looked at all the gowns and dresses and then frowned, "I do not have underclothes."

I snorted, "you do not need them. Every man that sees you will drool and want to fuck you."

She looked at me and I smiled, "the long green gown with the black ship slippers for dinner."

She muttered as she reached for the dress and I moved to my case and glanced back, "yes I will fuck your tight pussy and I will pump a lot of sperm into you."

She snorted as she put the dress on, "we will see."

I grinned as I opened my travel case and started to get dressed, "I am going to fuck you everyday we are on the ship. If you stay with me when I transfer at the next station I will keep pumping cum into you."

I finished and looked at the time before going to her clothing cart. I pulled out a diamond anklet and knelt to put it around her right ankle. Next I opened and pulled the top of her gown down to her hips as she glared. I pulled out a slim gold chain and put it around her waist before fixing her gown.

I gestured as I turned to the cart, "maybe the small emerald earrings and necklace."

Her eyes brightened as she searched the cases to find and put them on. I held her hand gently when we left and headed to one of the better ship dining areas. I was right every man that saw her stared. We talked during dinner and her name was Jade and she was a run away. She had been on her own and a thief since she was ten.

After dinner we went up to walk the outer deck and watch the stars. Finally I led her back to our suite. When I closed the hatch she sighed and I turned her and started to strip her. She caught my hands and I shook my head, "are you going to ruin the gown?"

She let me go and I removed the gown and took it to the ship laundry slot. I listed it and put it in to be cleaned before I undressed and added my clothes. I crossed to her and switched the lights to dim before pulling her after me. First to the fresher and then to the bed. I turned her as she tensed up and pushed her back.

She sat and I knelt and pried her legs open as I leaned forward and licked through her pussy. She gasped and shivered as she opened her legs more. I continued to lick her and caught her clit and squeezed it between my lips. She fell back and shuddered as she spread her legs wider, "ooohhhh!"

I smiled to myself as I kept licking and sucked on her clit. She humped and wiggled as she moaned, a couple of minutes and she was spasming and bucking, "mmmm!"

I stood and turned her on the bed as she panted and moved over her. I slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy and she groaned and wiggled. After I buried my cock I settled on her and started to press into her and kiss. She kept shifting and her almost hot pussy began to squeeze.

She shivered and lifted her hips a minute later and I began to fuck her with short jabs. I rubbed and began to grind and it was not long before she was clinging to me. She shuddered and jerked and her pussy was clenching. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long, deep strokes and she cocked her legs up beside her body, "yyyeeeessss!"

I fucked her hard and deep for a minute and she thrashed and bucked as her now slippery pussy constantly tightened. She kept struggling as I slowed to firm thrusts and planted my cock. I went back to fucking her hard and then shoved into her. I held her struggling body as I began to pump sperm and Jade jerked and clutched me, "YES!"

When I was done I laid on her while she panted, "still not going to let me fuck you?"

She groaned and her pussy squeezed, "shut up and do it again."

It was a long trip and when I changed ships at the next station she just pulled her new travel case after us. I had fucked her a dozen times a day and most of the time it was her pulling me to the bed. On the new station I took her into several shops for more dresses and gowns as well as perfume and jewelry.

The liner we took held ten thousand and was almost full. The news was all about the emperor and his son who had plotted with his advisors and the military liaison officer. His son was responsible for the death of the former heir and was plotting to kill his father to steal the throne. He had been a dangerous man with violent ideas.

Now he was no longer a threat to us or our people. Like before I fucked Jade all the way home and took the first shuttle down. I was leading her through the customs when I saw the men searching the crowd. They were on the other side of the barrier and from the fit of their suits, armed.

Jade was nervous as I held her hand while going through the checkpoint. I kept her beside me as we started out of the area and walked passed the two men. One glanced at me but looked back as we kept going. I had made a single call before we took the shuttle and when we stepped out of the starport terminal a public vehicle was waiting.

The driver helped load the bag and cases and I slipped the data stick into his hand. He drove out of the city as we sat in back and Jade looked out the window. She was smiling and looked at me, "how long are we going to be here?"

I squeezed her hand, "a few months I hope."

The driver glanced at me in the mirror and then smiled. The vehicle pulled into a large estate and stopped in front of the house. I got out and helped unload before heading for the door. Jade moved slower, "who lives here?"

I glanced at her, "me."

She whispered, "by yourself?"

I chuckled, "well my family used to live here but my parents decided to retired to a beach. My sister got married and my brother went into the military."

I looked at her, "so it is mine for now."

She looked around as I pushed the door open, "one day I might have a dozen kids to fill it."

She giggled, "I could help with that."

I laughed as I dropped what I was carrying and stalked after her. She turned to back into the house with a grin, "want something?"

I caught her and lifted her as she wrapped her legs around me, "to put sperm in your tight pussy."

She humped, "find us a bed."

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