Handyboy Meets the Twins

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our favorite stud enjoys the luscious pair of freshmen.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Size   .

"Hi," said the grinning boy as the twins emerged from the locker room, chatting with each other, ready to meet Phil and have a tiring hour or so of furious, multi-orgasmic fucking.

"Hi," Madison said, stopping and frowning. "Do we know you?"

"Phil sent me. He's tied up, something about a job he couldn't get out of." Billy stuck out his hand. "Bill Jamison. I go to school over in Weston. Phil asked me to give you a ride home, said you might be tired out."

Kim smiled. "Very thoughtful, but we finished up more then an hour ago. We've just been up in the stands watching the relays."

"How'd you do?" Billy asked, leading them toward his car.

"I got a first and a third, and she got a first and a second and may have set a state record. They were checking." Madison smiled at the slight young man in khakis and heavy, gray t-shirt.

"No kidding?" Billy said.

"Yeah, Kim jumped five-ten and a shade, cleared it easy. And I did five-eight. She's done six in practice, and I did it once, a while back." Madison smiled. "This your car?"

"Yep," he said proudly. "I think you both can fit up front. There's really no room behind the seats."

"What is this?" asked Madison as her sister folded herself in and moved over as far as she could, reaching down to slide the seat all the way back.

"Fiero, Pontiac Fiero," said Billy, hooking his seat belt. "It about twenty-five years old, but it really goes."

Madison sat, half on Kimberly and half up against the door, her head bent, arm behind her sister. "Beats walking," she said.

"Where to?" asked Billy with a grin. His buddy Phil had told him that these tall girls were hot and horny, and the youngster was eager to give them a try having been busy with mostly older women recently. His cock wanted a tight pussy for a change.

"Our folks are away for the weekend," Madison said, watching the boy shift gears smoothly, his hand gliding along her thigh. "Take a left at the light."

"How do you know Phil?" Kim asked, noting the bulge in the boy's groin and wondering what he was excited about. In fact, he was not aroused despite the girls' undoubted beauty, he was just big.

Billy sniffed. "We have similar interests I guess you'd say, computer games." They had met at the swimming pool the previous summer, and Phil had introduced Billy to the idea of PC control after Billy asked him why the girls were always hanging around.

"You on a team over there?" Madison asked.

Billy shook his head. "Nope, working every chance I get to build up some college money, odd jobs, kind of a handyman. I'm a junior."

"Oh," said Kimberly. "We're just freshmen." She wriggled trying to get comfortable and rubbed her firm breast along the boy's arm as she gave her sister a bit more room. "Well, we appreciate the ride. Turn right at the next corner. Phil's very thoughtful."

Billy pulled up to the garage and followed the girls into the house. They got three cans of Pepsi out of the refrigerator and led him up to their bedroom. "I'm going to take shower: we didn't do it at school the place was so filthy," Madison said. "Why don't you two get started?"

"Started?" said Billy, tilting up his can of soft drink. His cock was buzzing at the smell and look of the place where these two pretty young girls slept.

Kim pulled her sweatshirt over her head and turned her lean back to the boy. "We see Phil a couple of times a month for sex," she said blandly. "I thought he might have told you. Unhook this thing, please."

"He mentioned something. But, well, I mean, you know, we just met and everything." He unsnapped her heavy sports bra and admired the slope of her body, her deeply trenched spine and her taut waist. Her soft skin still carried a hint of her summer tan.

"If you don't want to," Kim said, skinning out of her Levis and standing before him in just sweat socks and underpants, tiny little bikini underpants that showed she was nearly hairless between her long legs. Billy had trouble looking away from her jiggling breasts with their upright nipples, and he licked his lips as s his eyes traveled down her legs. Track practice had made the girls' legs shapelier and more muscular, especially their thighs.

He reached out and put his hands on her lean hips, peeled down her panties and as she kicked them away as he went to one knee and pulled her shaved pussy to his mouth. Kim whinnied as he tongued her deeply and expertly. She put her hands on his shoulders, spread her feet, leaned back and closed her eyes as his mouth covered her vulva, and he delved into her deepest recesses. Her grandfather ate her very other week, but other than that, cunnilingus was not something she had often enjoyed in recent months, not since their visit to New York.

Billy was a master, and he held her round buttocks with one finger at her anus while he licked her deeply and flattened his tongue over her engorged clit sending shivers down her spine. Kim felt her knees buckle and sat on the boy's legs, pulling his glistening face up between her warm breasts. Her nipples were sensitive and erect.

They kissed, munching and sucking at each other while Kim fumbled with Billy's pants and freed his aching cock. It sprang up as if made of steel and the girl stroked it and cupped its fiery head. She could not remember how many cocks she had seen and handled in the past three years, but she had never felt one hotter, harder or bigger than Billy's, not even her father's giant or her brother's monster were its equal.

She moaned involuntarily. It was like palming the end of a softball bat. Her vagina fluttered and leaked as she moved forward on his lap and rose on her toes to wriggle her pussy down over the blunt head with its pearl of precum. Kim impaled herself whimpering, looking down as it disappeared up into her, biting her lower lip. She shuddered and sobbed.

Billy stood and the girl wrapped herself about him, her head on his shoulder, moaning happily. He moved in small circles about the room as they humped deeply and slowly, both of them straining to get deeper, and Billy licking and sucking at her firm tits in turn when she leaned back away from him and bounced on his hips.

Then he put her down on the nearest bed, climbed up atop her and began, smiling down at her stricken face as he lunged into her again and again, six-inch strokes, holding each until she fluttered or his cock flexed; eight-inch strokes, lifting her from the bedclothes. She had never felt such a thing inside her, not only penetrating but jumping and throbbing.

"Slower, slower," Kim groaned, feeling herself being ripped apart. Billy's huge prod was pressing and stretching her, pushing things around, rubbing her cervix, stimulating her g-spot and parting her flesh cruelly as they moved steadily faster and faster together.

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