Handyboy's New Car

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our hero buys and car and goes seeking a girlfriend.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Size   .

Once Billy turned sixteen and got his license he just had to have a car. He found a Pontiac Fiero with a 110,000 miles on it that he could afford and convinced his folks to put him and his car on their insurance, promising to pay them in the summer with his odd jobs. The car had some scrapes and rattles, the headlights wouldn't go down as they should and it used a quart of oil every couple of hundred miles, but it was his and it passed inspection.

Now, he decided, what he needed was a girlfriend. He was getting plenty of sexual exercise, but most of it was very impersonal and with women a lot older than he was, just a business in some ways, exercising his bountiful endowment and building up his bank account. Nancy, his first girl, had been wonderful while she lasted, and great in bed too, but she had been very expensive and then very mean when she ditched him with a laugh. He drove his car to the Rogers' home that Saturday, and Leesa answered the bell in sweatshirt and Levis, looking luscious.

"Hi," he said, "come look at what I've got."

"Hi yourself," she said. "I've been thinking about you, so has my sister, but Mom says we have to learn patience." She followed him out to the parking lot, and he pointed to the low-slung red coupe.

"What is it?" the girl asked, walking around the small car.

"A Fiero," he said. "It's mid-engine Pontiac, an eighty-six. Want to go for a ride?"

'Sure," she said happily, her 16-year-old pussy throbbing with the memory of his big cock plunging into it. "Let me go tell Mom."

Billy drove out to a park near the river and pulled into a shady area behind some pine trees. Since the car had bucket seats, they couldn't very well neck and cuddle in it so they hopped out, found a secluded picnic bench and grappled their bodies and mouths together, their hands exploring each other.

Billy quickly had his right hand up under her sweatshirt and about her firm, young breast, and she was just as quickly into his pants and stroking his blood-hot manhood while their tongues tangled.

"We can't do it here," the girl gasped when their mouths parted, his huge, wet cockhead in the palm of her hand. "Let's go downstream a ways." She was already warm and ready.

Hand in hand they trotted to a grassy place on the river bank, well concealed except from the water. Billy stripped off his clothes and tossed them to the ground, his eager prick jumping up and quivering, oozing gobs of pre-cum. He pulled off the girl's shirt and bent to suck and kiss her nipples before laying her down on his clothes.

Squatting on his knees, Billy unbuttoned and pulled down her tight jeans and tiny underpants, got them all the way off one foot and then bent to lick her steaming pussy and nibble at her jutting clit. "Hurry, hurry," she gasped, and he crawled between her long legs and drove his heavy ram up into her, all the way to the balls. It was like plunging into a barrel of warm butter.

She squealed with pleasure as he tore into her grasping vagina, prying it open with his blunt head and parting her flesh with his heavy shaft. "It hurts, it hurts," she cried, burying her head on his shoulder as he drove deeper and deeper up into her young pussy and her hard nipples burned into his chest. She could feel his hard scrotum pressing agsint her vulva.

Leesa had only copulated twice before, the first time with a basketball player who took her cherry and bragged about it for weeks and the second time with Billy in her own bedroom. But neither were like this wild and frantic coupling which seem to get more and more intense as the boy lost control of himself in his lust and eagerness, grunting and heaving, lifting her from the ground with each long thrust. Her pussy spasmed around the blood-hot invader and excited it even more. She was groaning, and he was grunting as they smacked their bodies together.

'Slow down, slow down, ' she gasped at him as her immature vagina began to fully lubricate the plundering club ravishing her. "You're so big, so hard. Please, please."

Billy arched up, bending his back on fully extended arms with her legs spread out above his thighs, her feet kicking his butt. He pushed her back, bent her double, grunted and sobbed and struggled up on his knees, glorying in her tightness and the steady rippling of her young cunt as she clawed the dirt and writhed on his cock, her legs high in the air above his shoulders. In and out, in and out, on and on he rammed, turning her from side to side on the spit, basted with her juices. I finally know why they call it screwing, he thought as he held her at the hips and enjoyed her fully.

Leesa climaxed with a cry of pleasure, and Billy hardly noticed as his balls surged and clamped at the base of his pile-driving prick. Then he bent down and hugged her tightly, holding himself fully extended in the spasming girl, both of them shaking with excitement as his memory kicked in.

"On the pill?" he gasped at her ear as he clamped down on his surging manhood, holding it fully extended in her, the bloated glans afire.

She shook her head, and he quickly pulled loose, crawled up over her jutting breasts and put the head of his cock between her bruised lips just as he ejaculated and sighed with relief. Leesa grasped his buttocks and pulled him deeper into her mouth, sucking and swallowing with her tongue curling around his cockhead, and he spurted twice more into her throat, her jutting breasts rubbing his thighs.

The whole sequence from first kiss to cum-covered lips took about five minutes and left them both gasping for breath as they lay beside each other on their discarded clothes.

"I have to get home. Mom and Cissy just went to the mall, and we're going visiting as soon as they get back."

Billy was far from fully satisfied, but he leaned over, kissed her gently and then helped her to her feet. They dressed quickly, and he had her home in ten minutes. By then his heart had stopped racing and his breathing was back to normal as she leaned over to kiss him and then ran for her front door. He watched her lovely butt disappear with regret, put the car in gear and drove to the Green's home a few miles away, eager for more pussy, his cock still oozing. Mrs. Green answered his knock and smiled at him, her Christie Brinkley smile. His sore cock trembled. "Is Felecia home?" he asked her.

She cocked an eyebrow. "Hi," she said, licking her lips, "I've been thinking about calling you." Another smile. "We need some flower gardens cleaned out." She took a deep breath that made the boy blink as her breasts almost climbed out of her loose-fitting shirt. "I think she's here. Come on in."

Felecia's mother called her, and she came hurrying down the steps, her luscious jugs jiggling wonderfully, and smiled at the boy. "Hey," she said. "You must be a mind reader. We talked about you at breakfast."

"I bought a car. Want to go for a ride?"

"Sure. Let me get some shoes." Her long, blonde hair was thoroughly untamed. She was wearing low-hung jeans and a cut-off t-shirt.

"You need a coat," he told her, and she grabbed a warm-up jacket with a big letter W on it, obviously a letterman's, and shrugged into it. "Hey, cool," she said when she saw the Fiero. She tapped the roof. "Does the top come off?"

"Yeah," he said, "it's a T-top. Want it open?"

She nodded and walked around the red coupe, touching it here and there. "I want a Miata or one of those Solstice convertibles."

That made Billy flinch. Nancy's new boyfriend drove a Miata.

He stowed the top sections in their bags, and they belted themselves in and he squealed the tires for her benefit, pushing them back in the well-worn seats.

"Got a license?" Billy asked her.

"Yeah, but I can't, you know, shift gears." She put her hand on his atop the lever.

"I can teach you if you want."

He drove to a big parking lot that was empty except for a couple of school buses, got out, and she climbed into the driver's seat, grinning. "Nice jacket," he said as he got in beside her.

"Charlie's, Charlie Hamilton. He's first string at Western."

"No kidding. Never heard of him," Billy said.

Felecia stuck out her tongue at him and tried to turn the key.

'Not yet," he said. "Let's learn the gears. This is a four-speed. They made a five-speed I think." He showed her the diagram on the knob and got her to shift back a forth a few times. "We'll do one-two-three," he said. "In and out, heel and toe. Now push in the clutch and twist her tail."

She shook her head.

"Turn the key," he said and the old four roared to life.

"Good. Now I'll say clutch, gas, and shift. Be gentle. OK, clutch, push it in. Shift to low. Clutch, let it out slowly. Gas, just a little." And they lurched forward and the engine died.

Ten minutes later, Felecia was going smoothly from low to second but had yet to get it into third so Billy had her steer out on a quiet street. When they got to the stop sign, she forgot to push in the clutch and stalled.

"Sorry," she said, blushing.

They drove slowly and carefully to a fast-food place, and the girl put it in a diagonal space, shifted to neutral and turned off the motor, sighing and sagging.

Billy leaned over and kissed her cheek.

They had a Coke and some fries, and he drove her back to her home. "How about a movie tonight?" he asked.

"You mean like a date?" she said. "You and me?"

He nodded.

"I don't know. I've been hooking up with Charlie. He won't like it."

"You let him bonk you?"

She shook her head. "You want to come in. My sisters aren't home and my mom doesn't care, doesn't mind I guess. You know."

'Sure, but I'd rather take you to a movie."

"Really?" she said as they got out of the car.

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