Handyboy's New Clients

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: One good thing leads to another, and another.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

Billy's service for Marta Green and her horny girls led him to Mrs. Rogers and a similar pair of youngsters with different problems. Holly Rogers has left her husband after catching him in bed with her best friend and now lived in a townhouse with her two girls, Cissy who was 14 and Lessa who was sixteen. All three of the females were tall and lean and good-looking.

After a few outdoor chores, Billy was well into his second coupling of the afternoon with the luscious, 42-year-old Mrs. Rogers when she arched up under him, climaxed with a series of noisy spasms and then sank as if boneless, eyes closed and mouth open.

"Enough?" the boy asked, still buried in her clutching quim, his long cock quivering.

She nodded, and he pulled free, rolled off and lay beside her, his immense rod lying limply on his hairy belly, unsatisfied, quivering.

"Do you know my girls?" she asked when she had recovered her breath. "Lesandra's about your age I suppose and Cecilia is a bit younger."

"Don't think so," the boy said, searching his memory, his hand cupping his swollen balls.

"I'd like you to meet them. Their bus will drop them off in about fifteen minutes if it's on time. They're usually home from high school by five."

He rolled over, kissed her and laughed, "Then maybe I ought to get dressed."

The woman purred happily.

Ten minutes later two girls came through the back door chatting and their mother introduced them to Billy who was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some orange juice. They were both beauties and the boy's still unrelaxed cock quivered. The younger girl was sporting a terrific set of boobs on her immature and boyish frame and the older girl was much better proportioned and just as pretty. Both wore school uniforms of white shirt, plaid skirts and dark blue sweaters. They sat, drank some milk, ate some Oreos and listened to their mother introduce Billy and then explain their problems.

"Now don't be embarrassed, girls," she said. "Cissy was raped. By three men, not boys, full grown men, out at the club, and her drunken father sat and watched them do it. So she's afraid of boys, aren't you, sweetie?"

The younger girl nodded and looked at Billy with her large, dark eyes. She licked her lips, and Billy feared she might be getting ready to cry.

"Gee, that's awful." He looked at her and understood it as he felt his own lust rise.

"And Lessa here, well recently she has become, let's say, sexually active and has unfortunately earned a reputation as a slut, an unearned reputation. She only made one mistake, with a senior who, well, who seduced her, but he blabbed about her all over school."

She nodded and blinked. "I was awful dumb," she said, blushing. Billy could not recall any girls his age that were any prettier.

"So I thought you could try to solve both their problems and teach Cissy that sex can be fun and give Lessa the loving she feels she needs without worrying about who will find out."

"I can try," Billy said, smiling at the lovely pair.

"Right now?" asked the 16-year-old. "I have a terrible itch. Boys have been hitting on me all day and even Mr. Phillips, my math teacher, was leering at me."

"Can I watch?" said the younger girl, her outsized jugs bobbling as she stood and hooked her bookbag to one shoulder. Billy was sure she was carrying a pair of 36C's on a tomboy body.

"Sure," Billy said, "if it's OK with your sister."

"Go along," the woman said, shooing them out of the kitchen. "Have fun."

"Have you been bonking mom?" asked Lessa with a smile. "She looks awful happy about something."

"None of your business," the boy said. "Come on."

The three of them hurried up the stairs to the room the girls shared. Billy sat on the ruffled bed and watched the two of them quickly undress. Cissy was practically hairless between her legs and her sister's pubic hair was barely a small triangle. Naked they were enough to make a statue climax, and Billy's big cock throbbed.

Billy held young Cissy's hand, trying not to think about how fine her big jugs would feel in his hands and mouth, and then stood up before her. "Take it out," he said. "It won't bite you."

The girl looked up at him, made her soft-lipped mouth a thin line and pulled down his zipper. She hesitated and then reached in and extracted his thick male member. Billy's cock hung before her, barely twitching, but about half its fully-engorged size. "Touch it," he said, "gently."

The girl shook her head so he stepped to the side, and the 16-year-old reached out her hand and grasped his long phallus. She stroked it down and released it as it jumped and grew. 'Go on, touch it," she said to her sister. 'It's really soft and smooth."

Cissy shook her head and put her hands behind her back, starring at the swelling thing.

"Tell you what," Billy said, retreating to a soft chair and sitting, his cock aimed at the ceiling. 'Come over here. Leesa, you just watch."

Cissy came and stood between his knees. Billy held both her hands, looked into her eyes and said, "Trust me. I won't hurt you. Kneel down."

"I'm not going to suck it," the pouting girl said as she knelt. "Lots of boys have tried to get me to do that."

Billy admired her high round breasts, smiled at her and said, "Come closer." Her boobs were softball sized and her small nipples and areoles swelling and puffy.

She shuffled toward him, her big jugs jiggling, the pink nipples hardening, and Billy's cock became fully tumescent, filling with blood and rising so that its dark head moved up between the young girl's breasts, rubbing first one and then the other as it trembled and rose.

Billy reached down, gently grasped both of her lush boobs, lifted and pulled her to him so that the shaft of his growing manhood lay snuggly in her cleavage.

"How does that feel?" he asked as his cockhead emerged just below her determined chin. Her warm skin was like silk. He pressed them firmly together and her nipples almost touched. He was sure she could suck her own tit if she wanted to.

Cissy licked her lips as Billy moved very gently up and down her fleshy tunnel. "It's hot."

"Ninety-eight point six," the boy said and looked over her shoulder to watch her naked sister begin to slowly stroke her pussy with two fingers, her eyes squinted almost closed.

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