My Eighteenth: Take It From Me

by World of Eros

Copyright© 2015 by World of Eros

Incest Sex Story: Young Calvin is still a virgin. He wants to lose his virginity, but to a special woman. His eighteenth birthday gives him a chance to fulfill this need.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

My first time having sex was quite different from most guys. I didn’t have sex for the first time until the day I turned eighteen. I also lost my virginity to a woman much older than me. Still neither of those were anything compared to who I lost it to. The first woman I had sex with was my own mother.

Now, this didn’t just happen because of random events. This is exactly how I wanted it to happen. I wanted my mom to be my first. Unlike most guys, I wasn’t the kind who could just fuck anyone their first time and get it over with. I was a sentimental sort. I wanted the first girl I had sex with to be someone special. I wanted someone I loved and trusted. I know it all sounds sappy, but I was a romantic at heart. I saw sex as something special, something you did not do with just anyone.

Now, mom was not always the person I wanted to be my first. For the first few years I felt sexual desire I did not care about who I lost my virginity to. What stopped me back then was that I was very shy and unsure of how to approach women.

By the time I was sixteen, I was still a virgin and had matured more than most of my peers. By then I wanted my first time to be special. Unfortunately there was no girl at school or anywhere else I felt was special enough to be my first. The only girl, or woman, I really had any connection with was my mom. That is how it came to be that I decided I wanted her to take my virginity.

During my youth my mom and I were very close. Mom and dad divorced when I was seven. I was the only child to come from that short marriage. Mom got custody of me and, depressed over her divorce, she put all her focus into raising me. I grew very close to her because of this. I shared all my problems with her, and she with me. I came to her for anything I needed. No matter how busy she was, she always made time for me.

Even though I looked much like my dad, taking his blonde hair, hazel eyes, strong jaw and tall build, she still showered me with love and devotion. Some ways I was quite different from him. I was in MUCH better shape, and my skin was closer to mom’s peach skin than his tanned. I was a total momma’s boy and I was not ashamed of it.

Back then, despite being a single working mom, my mom was still very good looking. She was kind of short at just five feet tall. She had light brown hair and eyes. She had large full lips and a pointy nose. Despite her small size she had some good curves. Soft C-cup breasts with a motherly paunch to her belly. Her hips were very wide for her size and her butt was nice and full. A true pear shape.

Her legs were a little chubby and so she had no thigh gap. Combining all of this together made her a very desirable woman. Despite how attractive she was she did not date very often. Many guys did not want a mom with a growing son. She told every guy who asked her out she was a mom. I came first for her. If the guy could not accept me, then she wanted nothing to do with him. She often told me when I was smaller I was her world. We were a packaged deal.

I was able to get exactly what I wanted because of my eighteenth birthday. Even with dad’s child support and alimony we usually only had enough money to just get by. Mom liked to spoil me on my birthday since she could not most of the year. She told me to really think hard on what I wanted for my eighteenth birthday. She wanted to get something good for her little man becoming an adult.

I did not need to think. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted her. I wanted her to be my first. A week before my birthday she came to me to ask what I wanted. It did not matter what it was. For such a special birthday I could have anything I wanted, no matter what it cost.

Her saying that made me smile. She did say anything I wanted. I was very scared to ask her, but I had to take this chance. “Do you promise mom, that if I tell you what I really want, you won’t be mad?” She nodded. I had to bite the bullet and ask. I took a deep breath, then told her.

“I want you to take my virginity.” I said to her, my eyes locked with hers to show her I was serious. Her jaw dropped as I said this. I, her only son, was asking her for sex. I could see why she’d be shocked. This was incest after all. “Calvin, how can you ask me for that? I’m your mother. What you’ve asked me for is not something mothers and sons should do. Is that really what you want?”

I nodded. There was nothing I wanted more. “Can I ask why you want me to be your first?” She asked anxiously. I knew she’d ask this so I already had an answer ready. “Mom, you know very well I’m not like most guys. I’m not the type who wants to lose it and get it over with. Call me sentimental but I want my first time to mean something. I want it with a special girl and there is no woman more special to me than you. You’ve been there for me through everything and no one gets me like you.” She was silent for a while after this. “I really don’t know how to feel about this. This is completely unexpected.”

We were both quite for some time. I was waiting for her answer, and I knew she was mulling over my request. I was about to take it back, but then she began to speak. “I did say you could ask for anything, and I guess this falls under “anything.” She said glibly. “If this is really what you want, of course you’d ask for it.”

I was sweating now, waiting for her answer. “I’ll be honest Calvin, I really don’t know if I should give you your wish. Still, you’re my son and I love you. You’re the most important person in the world to me and I’d hate to let you down.” She said to me. I was anxious for her answer, she seemed to keep delaying and it was killing me.

“I hope I don’t regret this, but if that is what you really want, what you really desire, then I’ll do it.” A smile broke over my face hearing this. I was overcome with joy. “I’ll have to spend the next week preparing myself for this, but I think I can do it. Just do me one favor, think about this yourself. If I do this, I want you to be sure it’s what you want.”

I was sure, I had wanted this for years. I hugged her and kissed her cheek, thanking her for this. She only asked that in return I NEVER tell anyone she was doing this for me. Of course I would do that. How could I ever betray her? I would take this secret to my grave if I had to.

I anxiously waited for my birthday for the next week. I was very excited for what was to come. I would finally lose my virginity, to the woman I wanted to lose it to most. Each day seemed to drag on as I waited for that special night for me and mom.

When I got up on my birthday I was trembling with excitement. Today I would lose my virginity and to the woman I wanted most to take it. When I came downstairs mom was on her way out the door. “I have to go out and get a few things ready. I’ll be back soon.” She said to me, blowing me a kiss before the door closed.

Time seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace as I waited for her to come home. I nearly jumped when I heard her come in. Her hands were full with a few bags. I offered to help but she refused, not wanting to spoil anything about what she was setting up for tonight. For the next few hours she locked herself in her room.

She hollered at me later in the evening for me to shower and get dressed. We were going out together for my birthday first, before she gave me my special gift. She made sure to tell me dress up, as we were going somewhere nice. I rushed through my shower and put on my best dress clothes.

I waited for her downstairs as she got herself ready. My jaw nearly hit the floor when she came down. She was in a pretty blue dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her lovely breasts. She did a quick turn, showing off to me before she hugged me. As we embraced she put her lips to mine and kissed me like a lover. I was smiling widely when she broke our kiss. “Given what will happen tonight, I want you to act like we’re on a date while we’re out. I want you to treat me like your girlfriend, not your mother.” She said to me. I nodded eagerly.

She then broke our embrace and led me to the car. She drove for half an hour to a restaurant across town. It was one we had only been to once, as normally it was too pricey for us. “Since you asked me for something that won’t cost me anything, I can spend a little more on your birthday dinner.” She said happily. I smiled as she said this. We ate our dinner in happy moods, our conversation animated and joyful. Still, neither of us mentioned what was to happen later.

I complied happily with her wishes while we were out. I held her hand often, gave her kisses on her sweet lips and complimented her often. I danced with her after we ate, holding her tight against me when a slow song came on. I could feel my cock getting quite hard as I held my mother so close to me. When the song was over, she looked deeply into my eyes before we shared a passionate kiss. We both smiled and blushed at each other when our kiss broke.

I was anxious as we left the restaurant, ready for the main event. As soon as we got home she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Once inside I got to view her work for the day. The room was dim, lit only by candles as she lit them one by one. There was one lamp on, covered by a red shawl to soften the light.

I looked in surprise at her as she turned to me, a wide smile across her lips. “I wanted the room perfect for tonight. I wanted everything to be just right. I want to make sure your first time is memorable.” She said. “It already will be mom.” I told her, “Just having you as my first will make it memorable.”

She smiled again and hugged me to her, before she kissed me once more. It was a quick kiss, not as passionate or as deep as the one we shared earlier. She pulled back some and then she looked deep in my eyes. “Last chance to back out. Once we start, I will not let you stop. Are you sure this is what you want?” She asked. “I am sure mom. I want this more than anything.” She kissed me again, then spoke. “Undress me, Calvin.”

My hands trembled as I set to work fulfilling her request. I put my hand to the zipper on her dress and turned her to face away from me. I watched in excitement as more of her flesh was bared to me, revealing her bra and then her panty-covered bum before the zipper stopped. I stood back up and pulled the shoulder straps to her sides and watched as the dress pooled at her feet. She picked it up with her foot and kicked it away.

I embraced her from behind and kissed her neck and shoulders. I gave a small love bite to her neck before I kissed down her back until I reached her bra. It took me a few seconds to undo the clasp. Once it was loose I pulled down the straps and watched as she pulled it off her body.

I kissed down further until I got to her panties, sliding them off slowly. I gasped as I viewed her naked butt. I licked my lips as her panties touched the floor, which she kicked away as well. I gave a kiss to each cheek, then stood up and turned her back to face me. Before I turned her, I gave a quick smack to her butt. “Ooooh.” She jumped and gasped as her cheek shook.

I stared in awe at my mother’s naked body. This was the first time I ever saw a woman naked. She looked very good for thirty-five. Her breasts had some sag to them, and I could see the motherly paunch in her belly, but she still looked beautiful to me. “You’re a gorgeous woman, mom.” I told her. I almost laughed as I saw a blush come over her face and chest.

Even if I was her son, any woman her age being told this by someone as young as me had to feel good. “Thank you, baby. I have to say you’ve become quite handsome yourself. I am so proud that I made such a handsome man.” I smiled and blushed at her compliment, then pulled her to me. I knew she would not take the first step, so I did it for her.

I put my lips to hers. She moaned at the ferocity of my kiss. I began to prod at her lips with my tongue. I smiled in our kiss when she parted her lips once more and graciously allowed me entrance. I felt quite a spark when our tongues touched and began to wrestle. I knew she felt it as well, because I heard and felt her moan into my mouth as they touched. For the next five minutes I stood holding my naked mom, making out with her. I could not resist taking feels of her tits and ass.

I had kissed a few girls before her, but mom was better than any of them. She was a great kisser. All too soon she pulled her lips away. I gasped when she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and off me. She then kissed down my chest and stomach. SHe stopped when she was kneeling before me.

I swear I saw a wicked glint in her eyes as she reached for my belt and undid it, before sliding my jeans and boxers off my legs. I watched as she licked her lips as my hard cock sprung into her view inches from her face. “Oh my darling boy, you have such a handsome cock.” She said seductively. My cock throbbed at this as she leaned forward and kissed the head with her sensuous lips. “I haven’t seen you like this in years. I’m so pleased to see how handsome you became.” She said breathily.

She then took a long lick over the head of my cock, which made my knees give for a second. I watched, aroused as could be, as she licked her lips and tasted my pre-cum. I was so stunned I did not see when she leaned forward and kissed the tip again, before opening her mouth and licking all over my head. I gasped as I felt a woman’s tongue on my virgin cock. She gave no warning as she stopped licking and engulfed my head with her sweet lips.

I moaned as I felt my dick sink into the warm softness of her mouth. Her mouth slid over my length slowly and torturously. In a few seconds she had my dick buried in her mouth, my head poking at her throat as she opened further and swallowed my dick.

I continued to gasp as she undulated her throat and tongue around my cock, before she drew back until only the head was inside. She then let it out and licked the underside before taking each of my balls in her mouth. “Oh God mom, that feels awesome.” I told her. She did not say anything, she just licked back up and once again took my cock in her mouth and slid back down.

I watched in awe as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten, ready to spew. I fought to tell her, as something in her eyes told me she knew I was close. Her hand reached up to play with my nuts as she continued to suck, increasing her suction and with that, I came in her mouth. She could feel my dick ready to pop, and buried my dick all the way in her mouth and throat.

My eyes were forced shut as my come hit me. I could feel mom’s mouth still sucking as I shot a few ropes down her throat and into her mouth. Once I could open my eyes again I watched as she swished my cum in her mouth before swallowing. I shuddered as I watched her swallow my load.

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