Push Into Rus

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: My father worked with mages and I had been around them all my life. I had ideas and questions but I also wanted to serve in the air service. I did have dreams of being a pilot but they were only dreams. At least until I showed my adopted uncle my ideas and then my dreams became real. Rus had been pushing back and we were holding them but my ideas were about to change the war and take it to them.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

I finished school before I was eighteen and started on an advance degree in engineering. I earned it a day before I turned twenty. I had decided to join the military but I had a few ideas. My father has been a craftsman with a large group of mages for a long time. They met almost every afternoon in what they called their private pub.

I pushed the door open and glanced at the richly paneled room. I crossed to an older man, "hey uncle William."

He turned and looked at me and then grinned, "hey kid."

I hesitated, "I am leaving tomorrow and wanted to see if you had a minute."

He smiled, "want me to enchant something?"

I shook my head, "maybe later."

I gestured and we moved to one side of the room. I opened the shoulder bag I was carrying, "actually I wanted to run a few ideas by you."

I used a picture frame to hold a large sheet of paper, "you know how mage bands work..."

A younger mage moved closer, "of course we know how..."

I looked at him, "I was not speaking to you."

He reddened as I looked at William and he nodded, "yes."

I touched the rough draft, "basically they use the energy expended in the case..."

The younger mage snorted, "of course that is..."

I looked at him hard, "are you slow or just rude?"

William chuckled, "go on."

I grinned, "remember when you were making solid mage metal barrels? What if you did the spell..."

The young mage butting in once more, "that would take several mages and more power than it would be worth."

I closed my eyes and then looked at uncle William, "can you tape his mouth shut?"

He laughed and I shook my head, "okay. What if you had a mage metal sleeve insert to enchant instead of bands?"

He straightened, "an insert?"

He nodded, "one mage could do that and only expend half the magic."

I grinned as other mages moved closer, "what if you did not have the explosives from the case and used..."

The young mage shook his head, "something has to provide the power for the spell."

I looked at my namesake and he glanced to the side, "quiet or leave."

The young mage sniffed and several others chuckled. I took a breath and turned to put up another rough draft, "I think this is close to the high density battery we are developing. What if you have the bolt made of mage metal and only the projectile in the chamber?"

I touched an area that was a schematic drawing and another with coils, "this will multiply the volts. You use a switch to fire the cannon and the bolt which is in contact with the sleeve feeds the power from the battery to the spell. The bolt shoves the projectile like it was a lift and the sleeves increases the speed as it goes down the barrel."

I looked at the mages and they were staring and my uncle grinned, "and you only use the tiny bit of the battery power since it is enhanced and magnified."

I pulled the two drawings down and put up another, "normal fighter missiles are line of sight or thermal guided."

I pulled out a set of clear wire frame glasses and held them out, "can you enchant them to see thermal images?"

My uncle smiled and reached for them and whispered while touching both lens. He handed them back and I looked through them and nodded, "what if you use a small narrow glass tube with lenses. The outer lens sees in the thermal range. Behind it and in the middle of the tube you have cross hairs like in a scope."

I looked at them and then the drawing, "at the back end you create a logic crystal. This locks the images into memory. On the missile you have eight fins. The rear four are to keep it stable and the middle four can move. The logic crystal is like the positive side of a magnet and the thermal image is the negative."

My uncle was nodding and so were most of the mages. I grinned, "here is where you change things. You need a control box with a screen to show the image. Maybe with a wire from the missile. You lock the image into the box and the crystal. You arm the missile which severs the wire and then you fire."

I looked around, "the missile leaves and the logic crystal guides it using itself, the crosshair and the image."

William grinned and the others nodded and I pulled the drawing down, "now why do we waste the power in the missile body?"

They looked at each other and I put up anther drawing and touched it, "what if you used a cheaper metal in a thin sleeve around the missile ignition and firing tube? It exchanges the power into magical energy. On the rear of the missile you use micro lift plates to make the missile continue to accelerate."

Uncle William slapped my shoulder, "that is ingenious."

I nodded, "and you can do it with larger missiles and target something on the ground. Maybe even put it in bombs."

They were murmuring and I checked the time and sighed as I pulled the drawings down. I rolled them all up and gave them to my uncle, "it was just an idea. I have to go and finish packing."

He was not the only one to slap my shoulder and wish me luck. The next morning I reported in at the air force reception office. I started basic and four weeks later I found out my orders were changed. First to the officer basic course and then to the pilot course. When I tested in the top of the class I was assigned to the fighter course.

Just over two months later and I was on the way to Han. There were over four hundred passengers which made for a wait getting off. We split into two lines outside the plane, officers in one and enlisted in another. Once we reached a large hanger the lines were split more. Myself and a dozen other officers moved to one side where a colonel was waiting.

The others were sent across the landing field and the colonel looked at me and shook his head, "I have no idea what you did but I have orders."

He gestured and turned to lead me to a curtained off area. A teenage Clar girl stood up beside a table. On the table was a missile and a metal box with a screen. I ignored the girl and moved to the table, "they built it."

The colonel followed me, "you know what this is?"

I set my duffles down and bent to look at the missile, "it is a heat recognition system designed to seek and destroy the plane you lock onto."

He cleared his throat, "this is classified. How did you find out about it?"

I checked the lift plates on the end of the missile, "I designed it."

I stood and looked at him to see his mouth open, "my uncle ... the mage William and his friends refined what I designed and made it work."

He shook his head, "okay. You are also getting a new fighter."

He gestured to the girl, "this is Mika. Her father is a mage that helps out one of the local gunsmiths who is..."

He blushed and I smiled, "making new cannons?"

He blinked and I looked at Mika, "hello Mika."

He cleared his throat, "she is a gift from the mages."

I looked from him to her before I nodded, "okay."

He yelled and a sergeant walked in, "take them to the supply plane."

Fifteen minutes and we were in the air and headed north. Mika looked around at the crates before shifting and turning to open my pants. I blushed as I looked towards the cockpit and lifted so she could pull my pants down. She rolled her skirt up and straddled me and I looked at her bald pussy as she slowly impaled it on my cock.

She was slippery and hot and sighed as she spread her knees. She looked into my eyes and smiled before kissing me, "I am a very horny girl."

I grinned as I pulled her close and her pussy clenched, "and I am a very horny guy that loves to fuck."

She giggled and began to roll her hips and grind. It was not long before she was shuddering and her pussy kept squeezing. When she started to moan louder I covered her mouth and kissed her. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy milked my cock. She twisted and wiggled and bounced and all while clinging to me.

Finally I pulled her down and held her while my throbbing cock erupted. A huge fountain of sperm gushed into her and she gasped and kissed me hard, "mmmm!"

She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy kept squeezing. When I was done she sighed and leaned against me. I rubbed her back and her pussy kept massaging my cock. She finally stood and moved to sit beside me, "I really needed that."

I grinned as I fixed my pants and sat again. We talked and I found out she was learning to be a mage engineering draftsman. When the plane landed it was time to grab our things. A captain met us and dropped us off at the squadron headquarters. The lieutenant colonel did not seem happy and assigned me to another lieutenant's wing.

He sent me to see the housing officer who directed me to a senior sergeant for the post who ... I finally caught a sergeant and asked directions to my plane. Ten minutes and I had four privates and a vehicle. Mika was grinning as we walked out of the palace with furniture and even a large bed. A large Rus cargo plane had been towed to one side of the runway and leveled.

A squad of men had just finished removing all the seats. They installed a hasty shower behind the forward bulkhead. They also ran a line from the plane sewage to a deep covered hole in the ground. Now the men with us carried the furniture in and put it where Mika wanted it. I fucked Mika hard and long that night and was up early.

I left her my things including a pad with crude drawings of ideas. I reported to the squadron ready room and looked at planned missions and talked with a few of the other pilots. When the siren went off we were all running out and towards our planes. My fighter was running and the crew chief gave me the thumbs up.

I almost ran up the ladder and started buckling in while checking everything. I flipped switches and closed the canopy before I started moving, "Red Five moving to the ready line."

I heard lieutenant Mitchell snort, "relax kid. The damn Rus will kill us fast enough."

I frowned and glanced to his plane. Before I knew it I was speeding down the runway and lifting into the sky. I turned to follow Mitchell and the rest of the squadron as they continued to climb towards the north. We leveled off at five thousand meters and formed up. When I saw the enemy in the distance I switched to missiles.

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