Chance Meeting

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2000 by Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Romantic Sex Story: It starts when Don rescues of a young girl from taunting bullies on a school bus. That Chance Meeting develops into a sexual adventure for Don with a fourteen-year-old vixen.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   .

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2015 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

With the current trend of maximizing the use of the School Boards equipment, the school bus I ride daily, picks up students from five different schools. This is one of the ways that the Board ensures taxpayers dollars are spent wisely. It's something that should have been put into practice years ago. Mind you, there are some drawbacks. The age mix of the passengers is vast. It runs from the early grades to high school seniors. Each trip is a bedlam with much of the younger crowd being boisterous and the seniors complaining. The bus drivers must have the patience of Job. One of the consequences is the occasional problem where the bigger kids are bullying and taking advantage of the younger ones.

I usually ride with Carl. We started school together and became best friends. It must have been fate because we always ended up in the same homeroom. Actually, there isn't much we don't know about each other. We are both on the school's football team. Football will be my ticket to a better education. Both Carl and I have broken records in the league. Apparently, some of the scouts for major colleges follow the league and we both are hoping to be approached with full scholarships.

Over the past few days, during the bus trip, I've been watching a husky sized boy teasing a young girl. For whatever reason, it's really starting to bother me. The girl is young and featureless, but that is no reason for him to make her life miserable. Today it really gets to me: I am pissed! I get up and start toward the teenage bully. Carl is watching me and asks.

"What are you going to do?"

"I've had enough of that kid teasing that young girl. If he likes intimidation perhaps he should feel what it's like to be on the receiving end."

"Don, you shouldn't get involved with it. Let the monitor handle it."

"The monitor is a useless tit. He hasn't done anything since he was appointed. I think he gets his jollies watching this shit happen."

As I walk toward the rear of the bus, the tormentor notices me. He stops his teasing.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yes. You're Don Parsons."

"Have you ever seen me lose my cool and get really pissed?"

"Yes. Last week on the football field, I don't think that guard will ever forget you. That was a crushing tackle."

"I am about to lose my cool right now and you're the reason. You really don't want to do that, do you?"

You could see the color drain from his face. I weigh just over two hundred and twenty pounds, with no fat, and tower six-two. He's about one hundred pounds.

"Why? What have I done to you?"

"Nothing; however, this young lady you have been teasing for the last two days is my friend. I don't like it when my friends are tormented. I haven't said anything, hoping you would grow up and realize whom you're tormenting. However, I couldn't stand by any longer. When you tease her, you are antagonizing me. Are you sure you want to do that?"

I am standing over him casting a very large shadow. He is shaking. It wouldn't surprise me if his water works are working about right now.

"No, Don. I didn't realize she was your friend."

"Consider this a warning. Everyone on this bus is my friend, as far as you are concerned. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes, Don."

"Well, go to the back of the bus and act your age."

I watch him scurry to a corner seat. The young girl had watched the interchange. She now has a bewildered look in her eyes. Then, I ask.

"May I sit beside you?"


Her voice is raspy and low. Sitting down beside her gives me an opportunity to actually look at her. She has a face that will cause many double takes as she matures. Her lips are full and pouty, accented by large bedroom eyes that are staring at me in astonishment.

"Perhaps you should tell me your name, since we are close friends."

"Jayden Raven ... why did you do that?"

"Hello, Jayden Raven. I really don't like bullies. You can be assured no one will bother you. This will be all through the school system before the day is over. Like the knights of old, you are under my protection. By the way, I'm Don Parsons."

"Oh, I know who you are. Everybody does! This may surprise you, but I enjoy football and have watched you play nearly every game!"

Now, that did surprise me! Her school is close to mine, judging by her uniform, but I would never have thought high school football would interest her. Goes to prove you can learn something every day. The more I look at her the more provocative she is becoming. Jayden is dressed in her school uniform, which consists of her short, blue plaid, pleated skirt and white blouse. She is wearing current style elevated shoes. Her brown hair is in a ponytail, which moves bewitchingly. But, what really has my interest are her beautiful, brown, soulful eyes and full pouty lips. She is really nervous for some reason. Her upper lip seems to be twitching.

"Are you going to the game tomorrow?"

"Yes. I wouldn't miss it. If you guys win this one, the team will be in the final."

"Good. Maybe I'll see you there."

The bus turns into her school. I watch her dismount. As she walks toward her school, she turns and looks at the departing bus. Jayden has a perplexed look. What I notice are long, well developed legs. I absently mindedly wonder what she has hidden between them. Many other young girls that had been on the bus gather around her, likely questioning her about the event.

"Don, do you have any idea what you are getting into? What you did on the bus may be honorable, but it will be all over the school before lunch. Look at the juniors in the back. Their tongues haven't stopped wagging since you sat down beside that young girl. Look at that punk you nailed. He is still shaking."

"Nobody deserves to be treated as Jayden was. It wasn't right; so, I did something about it."

"Well, you made your bed. It will be interesting to watch it develop."

And develop it did. By the end of the day, I'm getting looks you wouldn't believe. As I walk the corridors, changing classrooms, wagging tongues stop as they watch me pass. However, one of the benefits of being a senior, and as large as I am, is that no one mentions anything to me directly. Alishia, the girl I've been dating, walks beside me.

"What's this I hear that you are robbing the cradle?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well, the incident on the bus this morning ... it is the talk of the school."

"What incident? All I did is talk to a punk that had been teasing a young girl for the last two days. He had her crying just for his twisted pleasure."

I explain to Alishia what had happened. She listens intently.

"Don, I'm proud of you. But you should hear the school grape vine. The last thing I heard was that you were dating that young girl."

"Let them talk. She'll be safe. Nobody will bother her. This morning was the first time I talked to her. Her name is Jayden Raven."

"Oh, I know her family. She has a brother in high school. He is on the junior football team."

I try to place him but couldn't. We often scrimmaged with the juniors. Theoretically, it's to help them develop. But, usually, the juniors attempt to play rough, trying to impress the coaching staff; when it gets too rough, Carl and I put an end to it. We usually target the most aggressive junior and sandwich him between us. That cools their behavior quickly.

The rest of the school day goes well. On the bus ride home, Jayden and I are the centers of attention, even though we don't sit together. Carl and I talk about the game tomorrow.

"Are we going too win the game tomorrow? The Marauders are a good team. They haven't lost in their last six games. Some of their wins were slaughters."

"We've a good chance. I think our line is stronger. And if Roy is on his game, with his passes, we're going to win."

"I hope so. Have you heard any of the rumors about the incident this morning?"

"Now what are you talking about?"

"You and that young girl, it had me laughing all day. By tomorrow you will be engaged to a fourteen-year-old."


"Yes. I checked with her brother. He is on the juniors. She is fourteen. Her birthday was a week ago Friday."

"Hell, I didn't do much just confront a bully. I didn't touch her."

Carl is laughing; it seems he is enjoying my plight.

"Remember, I told you this morning that all kinds of things would come out of your gallant effort: 'no good deed goes unpunished.' It's so distorted now. And the rumors are growing. I bet the people on the bus are having a field day."

"Well, it'll blow over by tomorrow."

"You wish."

Carl's correct. By morning, even I was hearing the gossip. My sister told me a few of them. Jayden and I are secret lovers. Jayden is pregnant: that was the reason she was crying. I'm going to be expelled for threatening the male student on the bus. Finally, I told her to stop. This was getting way out of hand.

The following morning I watch for Jayden to get on the bus. There is something different about her as she walks down the aisle to her seat. Jayden's looks have changed. Then I realize the difference. She is wearing some eye shadow and her lips are darker with lip-gloss. Her face doesn't look like a fourteen-year-old. She smiles at me as she passes my seat. Something else is different. Jayden is wearing perfume. It's a very haunting fragrance. My body tingles. Shit, Don, get a grip on yourself! Carl notices my reaction and starts to laugh.

"Aren't you going to go sit with your young girlfriend? I had a few calls last night asking what had happened on the bus. I told all of them if they were so interested, they should ask you and most hung up at that point. I told you it would get blown out of proportion."

"Yes, my sister told me a number of things she heard. Who started all of that shit anyway?"

"Take a look around. There are thirty-seven students on the bus, take away four who have no reason to be concerned. There are thirty-three different versions of what happened yesterday. The incident was the most excitement that has happened in their entire school year."

"You said four were involved."

"You, me, Jayden and the fellow you talked to. I'm sure the last thing he wants is any attention drawn to him. He was scared."

When I look back, Jayden is looking at me: our eyes meet. She is sharing the seat with another young girl, both of them are smiling. I have to admit; the more I look at Jayden the more attractive she appears, she's actually getting to me. I keep noticing little things. Like the small mole she has on her upper lip. I wonder what it would be like to kiss her full lips. They look so moist and inviting. Then I realize I'm staring. Jayden is staring back and she licks her lips. Again her hair is in a ponytail, well groomed and it bounces when she moves.

"Maybe I should talk to Jayden. I'd like to know what has happened to her since yesterday morning."

"Go ahead, Don. You know she doesn't look that bad, if you are interested in the younger set; maybe you can offer to escort her to class."

I gave Carl a friendly swat and walked toward Jayden. Both she and her friend notice me coming. Her friend moves to the seat behind her.

"Hi Jayden, do you mind if I sit down?"

"No, Don."

Sitting down, I can't help but notice that her skirt has ridden up her thighs. If it were any higher, I'd be looking at her panties. Her blouse seems to be more body hugging then yesterday's version. Her breasts, though small, are very pronounced. Jayden's body is well balanced for her stature. Her scent hits me again. As dumb as it sounds, I still want to taste her full lips.

"What has happened to you since I talked to you yesterday?"

"I'm popular now. Most of the girls at school have talked to me; even the some that don't ride the bus. The boys who used to tease and torment me have been very polite. Once they heard the rumor that I was under your protection, their attitude changed. That part I like!"

"Well, it's not a rumor. I will be your protector for as long as you need it. It doesn't cost you a thing. But it'll keep the bullies at bay."

Looking down, I can't help but notice that Jayden's skirt has climbed again. She is wearing beautiful soft blue panties. They hug her full pubes. Jayden's bare thighs are tanned and shapely. The witch knows I'm looking! Jayden has an interesting smile on her face. What has transpired, she did on purpose. Jayden is teasing me!

"I had better get back to Carl. The tongues will be wagging again. Now they'll want to know what I said to you this time."

"It's better than me being pregnant. You heard that one?"

"Yes. My sister told me last night. She had a whole list of things we were involved in. Funny, I don't remember us being that intimate yesterday morning."

Jayden starts laughing.

"My best friend asked me how long we had been dating. I've never been anywhere without her. It is fun being the center of attention for a change, rather than the brunt of jokes. I like the feeling of being under your protection."

"Jayden, I'd love to give you a kiss on the cheek, but they would interrupt that as a commitment and that we're likely getting married this weekend. Are you still going to the game tonight?"

"Yes. I'll be at the game. I'll take a rain check on the kiss, but not on my cheek."

"Good. I'll look for you."

Jayden is getting to me and she knows it. She puckers up her lips then blows me a kiss. I quickly return to my seat beside Carl. I can feel her eyes on the back of my head.

"What did you do? Did you exchange phone numbers? Your little chat just added fuel to the rumor mill. You just don't listen!"

"Forget the rumor mill. We have to win a game tonight. Are you ready? Are you going home for dinner or eating out?"

"I'm going home. Otherwise, I would likely do something stupid and pig out. Then I'd have to throw it up all over the field."

"I've seen you do it before, not a pretty sight. Where are you going after the game?"

"I've a date with Morgan. We're going for a pizza and then to the victory party."

"I'm not sure what Alishia has in mind. She mentioned she might have to go shopping with her mother and sister. She didn't want to miss the game but she got roped into the shopping trip two weeks ago. She said she would meet me if she could right after the game."

Fridays usually go by very quickly for me. Today is no exception. I saw Alishia in the hall and she apologized about tonight; she couldn't get out of the commitment to her mom and sister. I told her I understood: its family. But I'll miss being with her, especially after the game. A win will mean a night of celebration and celebrating with Alishia is always memorable!

It was a helluva game! The lead passed between each club three times. Fortunately, at the final whistle, we had three more points than the Marauders. This is the first step to the regionals then, hopefully, to the championship. Numerous times while sitting on the bench, I search for Jayden. I did locate her three rows behind the player's bench. She's with a number of young girls in the group but Jayden stands out. She's wearing tight slacks, a tube top and a loose jacket. Her breasts bounced when she jumped, and that was often. Once when I looked at her, she was waving to me. Hell, she looks good! She gives me a great smile and starts blowing me kiss. I look at the bench to see if anyone is watching me looking at this young beauty. Oh, they are. Three of my teammates are blowing kisses as well. Shit, I know this is going to be hard to live this down; my teammates will never let me forget it. The bad news is Alishia called confirming she couldn't meet me. Therefore, I was on my own after the game.

During our shower, everywhere I look, my teammates are blowing kisses. The three who witnessed Jayden's actions made sure everyone on the team heard about it. In the past, I had made life miserable for a number of them. Payback is a real bitch! I just smile and take it. It's good to leave the shower room. Without Alishia, it won't be the same at the victory party. I decide to make an appearance at the party and then leave. Therefore, it's going to be a short night for me.

Leaving the building, many people are still milling around the stadium. There is laughing and cheering. In the parking lot, my name is being called.

"Don! Don! Over here!"

I searched for the source of the voice; it's Jayden. She is with a group of young girls. I watch as she makes her way toward me. The jacket she is wearing is open giving me a good view of her titties. The tube top does the rest. For a fourteen-year-old, Jayden is well endowed. Her perky breasts are straining the material. Her hard nipples are teasingly noticeable. Her hips curve shapely, filling out her tight slacks. I can feel my woody react. Maybe I'm a cradle robber.

"Where is your girlfriend? I thought you would be together after that game. You guys played a strong game."

"Alishia had a previous family engagement she couldn't get out of. Her mom and sister had her committed to shopping before the date of the game date was announced. Since it's the last time she will be with her sister for nearly six months, she didn't have much choice. Her sister is on her way to Turkey; something to do with the Peace Corp."

"Too bad. Are you going to the victory party?"

"Yes, just to make an appearance and leave early. I don't want to be the third to any couple."

"I'll be there. I won't be there long, as they are serving drinks. Just long enough to say I was at the party."

"Jayden, if you are interested, you can accompany me. But if we show up together, after all the talk during the last two days, it would be Christmas before the tongues would stop wagging."

"Well, it doesn't bother me. But if you're afraid of the talk, that is fine."

This fourteen-year-old is baiting me.

"Get in the car. We will make an appearance; then I will drive you home."

Jayden is looking at me with a defying look. She's smiling; she is sporting a grin like the cat that ate the canary. Her bedroom eyes are shining and look so inviting. Her scent hits me like a hammer. Once in the car, she grabs my arm.

"Just a minute Don, I want that kiss you promised me earlier."

"I was just kidding."

"No, you weren't. I saw how you looked at me. So, kiss me."

Jayden leans over offering me her beautiful moist lips. I can feel her breath on my cheek. She is that close. I have to admit her lips are made for kissing; but, would I be tempting fate? What if somebody saw me kissing a fourteen-year-old? Jayden put her arm around me and is pulling me down to her level. Then her lips are on mine. They feel soft and warm. I return the kiss. My hands are on her back under her jacket as she pushes her body against me. Jayden isn't wearing a bra! Finally, I come up for air.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? Lets' go to the party."

I can't believe I'm doing this. Hell, the size difference alone should have been enough to turn me off. Jayden is about four foot eight. I am six foot two. She may weigh eighty-five pounds soaken wet. But those eighty-five pounds are in a very attractive package. Jayden sits quietly as I study her. I can't help but look at her nipples pushing on her top, wondering what it would be like to be petting that small compact body. Did she still have her blue panties on?

"Do you like what you see? And, no, I am not wearing blue panties."

Now I'm blushing. I can feel the heat on my neck. What can I do next to get my other foot in my mouth? I'm getting verbally beat up by a kid. Now all I can do is hope I wasn't seen by the rest of my team and classmates; shit, the group that Jayden was with may have been watching. Jayden really has me wired. Every time I look at this package of dynamite, I tent. I know this sounds crazy, but my animal instincts have me desiring more and more.

Life has all kinds of twists and turns; tonight is no exception. As we turn into the parking lot of the hall, where the team victory party is being held, three school buses followed us. Yes, it's the team and their girlfriends plus nearly one hundred charged up fans. When Jayden and I get out of the car, we are met with whistles and cheers. This is something I'll never live down; so much for being low keyed. Most of my teammates start throwing kisses at us. This starts a trend with the other students. Everyone is throwing kisses.

In the hall, all of the team members are sought after to be congratulated. In my case, they would shake my hand and then throw a kiss. It's getting embarrassing. Jayden's enjoying all the attention. She's in a group of her classmates talking up a storm. Every one of them is young. Three days ago I wouldn't even have acknowledged that they exist. Tonight? I study each one of them! The young girls/women are all dressed like Jayden, accenting their femininity. Carl comes up to me.

"Boy, do you have balls? Coming here with Jayden; mind you, I have to admit she does look delicious."

"Well, I wouldn't know. We just came here to put in an appearance. Alishia couldn't come. Jayden dared me. I got carried away. If all the kisses I have been thrown tonight were dollars, I would be rich."

"Serves you right; I told you that this would get out of hand. You showing up with Jayden tonight will give fuel to all the school gossips. They haven't had such a juicy topic since that science teacher got that young girl pregnant two years ago."

"Thanks, Carl. With friends like you, I don't need any enemies. I have to go now. I promised Jayden I would drive her home."

"Don't do anything you'll regret!"

As Carl leaves, he turns and blows me a kiss. I could have killed him! He is supposed to be my best friend. Moving towards Jayden, I see that she's enjoying the attention of her peers. As I move closer, and am able to actually view her friends, I'm impressed by the way many of them look. Their young bodies are eye magnets.

"Jayden, I think we had better leave. You mentioned you wanted to go home early."

"Bye guys. I'll see you Monday. Don has offered to drive me home. I have to go to the cottage early tomorrow with my parents."

Jayden grabs my hand and we walk to the door. I can feel the heat of all the eyes of her group drilling our back. Well, I might as well be hung for being a wolf as a lamb. I put my arm around Jayden's shoulders and pull her close to me. I can feel the heat of her young body. This little witch is going to be bad news for me. I feel a tingle up and down my spine. Is that an omen of things to come?

"Thanks, Don. You have no idea what has happened to me in two days. Before, I was just one of a large group of young girls, one of the nobodies; but, today I am the centre of attention with my group. It's all because of you standing up to the bully on the bus. Here we are together dating. I'm in heaven!"

"Jayden, it isn't actually a date. You dared me to bring you here. I took the bait."

"Don, you've already kissed me. I know you liked it. Actually, so did I. All the same, I'm really indebted to you. Thanks again."

When we reach the car, I open the door for Jayden. When she looks at me, she licks her full lips. I want to kiss her again. Her small mole makes her look very sexy. Her big bedroom eyes didn't help my resolve. When I lean over to put the key in the ignition, Jayden's arms go around my neck. As she kisses me, her tongue is against my lips. She does taste good. Jayden grabs my hand and places it on her breast. The small, firm teat feels so soft, so wonderful! I can feel her nipple. We finally break the connection.

"Jayden, I don't think that is a good idea. You could really get me in trouble."

"Didn't you like it?"

"That is not the point. You are a minor, a very beautiful minor."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"Two days ago I would have never noticed you. Today, after what we have been through and being this close to you, I can see what I've missed on the bus each day. Yes, you are very beautiful. You will break a lot of male hearts."

"Good! Do I have an effect on you?"

"You don't know how much of an effect."

"I think I do."

Jayden reaches over, rubbing my woody that has been tenting. I look at her in amazement. Jayden is a fourteen-year-old nymph.

"That feels hard. Does it hurt?"

"No, it doesn't hurt; you doing that really don't help. And, don't kiss me again; it is very distracting. Tell me where you live so I can get started."

Jayden tells me. She does not stop caressing. I keep looking up and down her body. She now has her legs spread as wide as she can. How I want to reach over and feel her pussy. The outline of her pubes in those tight slacks has my mouth dry. I've to get Jayden home before doing something I'll really regret.

"Don't you want to see the color of my panties?"

Again, Jayden is baiting me. This could be dangerous. Then I hear a zipper slide down. Jayden has undone her slacks.

"You'll have to do the rest if you want to see more?"

Boy, she doesn't quit! It's taking all my will power to not look at her. She is enjoying my discomfort. Both of my hands are embedded in the steering wheel. At a stop light, the movement of my zipper being lowered nearly does me in. Jayden slides closer to me. Her soft hand releases my engorged cock from the confines of my pants. I have to admit, it feels good. Where in the hell did she learn all this at fourteen?

"Jayden, you have to stop. This isn't right."

She's very much aware that what we are doing is out of the ordinary, but she continues. Jayden's small hand encircles my woody, slowly stroking me. Fortunately, we are only two blocks from her address; it's becoming difficult to concentrate on driving. I give a sigh of relief as we finally pull up to the curb and stop.

"Jayden, this has been an interesting night, to say the least. But you are home as promised."

"Don, I think you should walk your date to the door."

"Jayden, this wasn't a date. It was a dare. All I can think of is the price I will pay for this evening. The team will never let me forget."

"Don't you want to find out what color panties I am wearing? I like your tool and it certainly likes me. See, it's still standing up proudly!"

That it is. Jayden is looking at me, licking those delicious lips. Her slacks are still undone. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I do want to see the color of her panties and maybe a bit more.

"Come on coward, I won't bite ... much."

Jayden opens the door and walks to the front of the car. She is now waiting for me, actually taunting me. Hell, I really can't get in anymore hot water. Following her up the walk to the house, that tight bum of hers is a dream. Even with her loose slacks, they are molded to her butt cheeks.

"Do you want to come in for a minute? The porch is enclosed and heated. My dad grows roses. He uses parts of the porch as a green house."

She opens the door allowing me to enter. I can feel the warmth. As soon as the door closes, Jayden is in my arms, kissing me. I react and my woody reacts. Reaching down, my hands grasp her butt, lifting her, sliding her body against my raging hardon; she does feel good and smells devastating. Carrying her to the sofa in the corner, I slowly collapse with Jayden clinging to my neck. This is a night that will be unforgettable! With my fingers in her waistband, Jayden lifts her butt to accommodate the lowering of her slacks. She is wearing a soft yellow thong; however, the haunting scent of her sex has my second head take control. Why did I agree to this? It can only mean trouble.

"Now you know what colour my panties are. Are you satisfied?"

"Are your parent's home?"

"No. They are visiting my grandmother. They should be home in about three hours. We are alone. Why do you ask?"

Laying Jayden on the sofa, I slowly remove her slacks. The light from the street shines on Jayden's body. Her tube top has been rolled upwards, exposing her soft breasts. The view is exotic! I just stare. Her titties are the size of medium half oranges topped with hard rosy nipples. Her young stomach is flat and, in the half-light, her belly button is just an indentation. Then, when I attempt to lower her thong, she resists.

"No, not here."

Jayden leads me into the house and to her bedroom. The bed is covered with teddy bears and stuffed animals. What have I got myself into? The room reminds me just how young Jayden is. Her thong is on the floor and the tube top follows. She lies on the bed. The view is breathtaking. Her pussy looks like a peach with a little fuzz. Her perfume is mixed with her sexual essence: the scent is intoxicating. I can't believe I am doing this with a fourteen-year-old virgin. Jayden spreads her legs, showing a beautiful slit. I can't take much more of this. I lower my head, kiss, and lick her peach. Jayden moans. Her sexual essence hits me like a hammer. My tongue moves up and down her moist love lips in search of her opening but finds a willing clitoris begging for attention. It's a hard bud that reacts to my assault. Jayden's hands are on the back of my head pulling my face deep into heaven. For someone so young, Jayden produces a large quantity of very tasty elixirs. I try my best not to waste a drop. Jayden's body is shuddering with continuous climaxes. Her hips rise, welcoming each eruption.

"Oh, Don, I've never felt anything like this. Please, no more! I am too tender!"

I kiss her inner thighs to honor their job of protecting such a wonderful pussy. I give the object of my affection one last kiss. My new target is her lovely titties. Kissing one, then the other, Jayden has again started squirming. I gently suck each nipple. I really could get used to this. To think I could have missed this if it wasn't for that punk that was teasing Jayden.

I undress and lie beside her. Jayden snuggles into me as I run my hand up and down her back to her soft bum. Jayden's bum isn't all that big, but it is so soft to touch. Her rosebud reacts to my probe and caress.

"Don, that feels so good."

Jayden pushes her bum hole against my finger. My finger moves inward. Her body heat warms my finger as her anal muscle contracts. It now has me wondering if my woody would fit. Jayden is rubbing her leg up and down my shaft.

"Don, let me do something for you."

Jayden rolls me onto my back. She removes the tie of her ponytail and her hair cascaded to her shoulders. She is a vision! I want to enjoy her nipples but she pushes me down. Jayden's hands grasp on to my woody. She is examining it very closely.

"This the first time I have seen a full-grown cock, Don. It feels so warm."

"Well, if you keep that up you are going to feel something else."

"Are you going to cum?"

"I will if you keep doing that."

Jayden stops rubbing but continues to study my ridged erection. Her small hands caress me as she examines every nook and cranny. She then lowers her face and I feel her kiss the engorged head. I close my eyes and enjoy. Then I feel her warm mouth engulf me. Jayden rolls her tongue on the head. I am close to cumming.

"Jayden, if you keep that up, I won't be able to hold off. Do you want to taste me?"

"Yes, but I want you to shoot inside of me."

"Oh, I would like that. But you may be too small and I don't have a condom with me."

"That doesn't matter. I am on the pill to regulate my periods."

Jayden is on her knees, struggling to get my cock in position at the opening to her pussy. I just watch in fascination. She is determined. Then, my bulb is against her opening. Just the feel of her soft pussy against my cock makes me feel wonderful. She lowers herself down. Now she is wincing.

"Jayden, I am too big for you. I would love to feel myself in you, but I don't want to hurt you."

"Let me try some more. If I can't, maybe you can use my bum."

I can't believe what I am hearing! Jayden has just offered me her tight rosebud. I have to be dreaming! Jayden continues to push her body against my willing member. Suddenly, I feel it go in about an inch. Jayden stops at her hymen.

"Don, I feel weird ... and it hurts."

"Just let your body gets used to it. Don't move."

I watch her face relax as her body accepts the intruder. She slowly moves in a rocking motion.

"Jayden, if you continue, I am going to cum. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I want you to cum in me. I want to feel it."

"Just keep moving up and down. I am so close."

Jayden continues to move. I don't even know if she was pumping very short strokes or not. It just feels good. Then, I know I am at my limit.

"Jayden, here it comes!"

My ejaculation releases all my tension. I can feel my cock spasm and spasm as cum rushes to its goal, the shallow gap at her hymen.

"Don, that feels so good. It feels so warm when it's pumping into me. When can we do it again?"

I am coming down from a marvelous high. This is the type of feeling that should never end! Jayden falls against me. We hug. Jayden is worth every consequence I was going to suffer as a result of being seen with her at the victory party. Her young body is a temple of love and sex. My fingers spread her bum so I can massage her rosebud.

"Don, that was wonderful! I can feel cum seeping down my thigh."

Jayden rolls over. Her pussy is very red and swollen. Her opening has been moderately stretched. I kissed both of her thighs, then stare at her beauty.

"Do you think I could handle you in my bum?"

"Possibly. It is something you do very slowly with lots of lubricant. I certainly would like to try some day."


"Soon, I hope. I have to get dressed and you have to get cleaned up before your parents get home."

"Do you want to watch?"

"Oh, Jayden, I want you too much. This is crazy. I could be thrown in jail for what we just did!"

"No, you can't. I will never tell and I know you won't."

"Jayden, you know that we will be the topic of conversation if we continue to be seen together. I don't want to lose you."

"What about Alishia?"

"We are just good friends. We haven't done anything like you and I just did."

"Good! I am glad. When will I see you again?"

"That is hard to answer. Not that I don't want to see you; but, how will you explain to your parents that a high school senior is interested in you?"

"Okay. Now I see what you mean. Will you call me tomorrow?"

"Yes. I want to know how you feel after a night of thinking about it."

"I know I will be thinking the same thing I am thinking now. I want to see you again and I want to have you really inside me."

"I hope that is true. I can't wait till tomorrow."

Jayden leads me to her bathroom. Cum mixed with her elixir is seeping down her leg. She looks at herself in a full-length mirror.

"Don, I have read about this in romance novels. Now I can understand why the heroines love the feeling."

Jayden runs the water for her bath. I just stand there watching. Soon her body is covered with suds. Then she hands me the cloth and asked me to finish. The only thing she hadn't done is her pussy and her bum. Jayden stands up and spreads her legs. Her pussy is still red and swollen. I am very gentle with the cleaning. After rinsing, I kissed the puffy lips and then ran my tongue up and do the slit. I spread her peach and admire her intact hymen and her clitoris, which I suck. Jayden's legs are shaking. She turns around so I can complete my task. I study the two globes and then spread them. Her opening is smooth. I gently rub it. Her body is quivering. Then I use my tongue. Jayden squirms. She pushes her tight opening against me.

"I never thought I could feel so excited about someone playing with my bum. Nobody ever told me it would feel so good!"

I had the honor of drying her when she stepped out of the tub. Jayden took the washcloth and cleaned up my cock. Then she kissed the purple head while cupping my balls. I could feel my woody rising to the occasion.

"Jayden, I have to get dressed and go. I don't want to be here when your parents arrive."

"Yes, I know. But I would love to feel that cum in me again. I will dream about you tonight."

Jayden put on a wrap. She had tied her hair in her ponytail. She looks devastating. At the door, we kiss and my hands are all over her body. I am really on a high.

"Don, can I call this evening a date?"

"Yes, Jayden, it was certainly a date and one that I will remember for a long time!"

On my drive back home, I was wondering what tomorrow will bring. But today it was all Jayden.

Jayden is on my mind. As I drive home, I relive the time since meeting her a few days ago. It's hard to imagine that any of the events had even taken place. But I knew they had. Just thinking of Jayden makes me tingle. Just the thought of the vision of Jayden trying to bury my cock in her tight young pussy came to my mind. I can still feel how tight she was when the head was buried inside. Then, it hit me: Jayden is classified as minor in any state of the union. If anything we enjoyed tonight became public, I'm toast. All I can think of is how persuasive Jayden was and how weak I was not to resist. Jayden played me like a fish. I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The scent of Jayden is still evident in the car. My mind keeps flashing back to her smile and then her body. Jayden is so soft and inviting. The taste of her pussy juice was additive. Traces of her elixir are still on my upper lip. Then I realize I'm home. It's early for me. Usually I'm with Alishia or Carl till late on Friday nights. Tonight was different Alishia had a commitment to her family and Carl was on a date with Morgan. I spent the evening with Jayden.

Tomorrow is Saturday. When all this started, I never imagined all the possibilities of so much controversy. Boy, I was wrong. In the morning, my sister gave me the third degree. She wanted to know why I brought Jayden to the Victory Party. I had embarrassed her in front of her friends: whoopee shit! She really gave me a tongue lashing when I suggested that her friends should have other things to talk about besides worrying about her brother's activities. After taking all the crap I could, I left her yapping.

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