Handyboy and the Jaguar

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: After dealing with his sister's problem, he solves a young lady's.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Size   .

Susie came through the front door at about ten-thirty and slammed it behind her, leaned against it and said, "Damn."

Billy glanced up and then looked again. Her new shirt, the flowered one she had showed him only hours before, was ripped open and it looked like her nose was bleeding. He flipped off the TV.

His sister's bra seemed to be gone and there were scratches on her lovely young breasts. She looked up at him and sniffed, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and said, "Robby wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Did he rape you," the boy asked, leading his sister toward the stairs.

She shook her head. "But he sure tried."

"Shit," the boy said. "Go to bed. I'll take care of him tomorrow."

"He's bigger than you are, older too."

"Doesn't matter. Go to bed."

So the next morning Billy was waiting at the side door of the high school when Robby Kurtz, first-string wide receiver, came down the path with two of his buddies, bookbag on his shoulder.

"Kurtz," Billy said, grabbing his arm. "If you ever touch my sister again you're going to be spitting teeth."

"Shit," the boy said with a laugh, "that dumb little cunt."

Billy hit him low in the belly with a left and in the side of the head with a hard right hand punch that skinned his knuckles. Robby went down on one knee and Billy kicked him in the groin. The screaming boy rolled down the cement steps and his friends held Billy back. He was snorting, his heart pounding.

Billy got his breath and went to class. At lunchtime, Robby found him, leaned on the cafeteria table and said, "Let's go outside, punk."

Billy drained his milk, tossed his trash in the big bin and followed Robby out behind the gym, feeling the adrenaline starting to flow.

"She fourteen, shithead," Billy told him as Robby grabbed him and tried to throw him down, grunting as Billy stepped back, grasped his shirt and tossed the bigger boy over his hip and flat on his back. He kicked him in the ear and then put a foot on his throat. "If you touch her again, I'll kill you; understand?"

Robby nodded and Billy walked away, glad he had taken those Tai Kwan classes when he was younger. It took him a while to calm down and for his erection to subside.

Billy and his sister walked home from school together, something they very rarely did. "What did you do to him?" she asked after a long period of silence in the chill air.

"Who, what?" he said, shifting his bag to the other shoulder.

She sniffed. "Robby, you know who."

"Nothing, not really. He wanted to fight at lunchtime."

"He stopped me in the hall and said he was sorry about my shirt."

"How about that?"

"Asked me to the dance after the homecoming game."

"What did you tell him?"

"No, what do you think?"

"Good. Cross him off the list. Did he take your new bra?"

She shook her head.

They walked another block.

"I unsnapped it. That's why you couldn't see it when I got home."

"You did," said Billy. "Why?"

"So he could suck my tits. He loves to do that and I like it."

"Jeeze, Susie. I thought you were going to stop acting like a slut."

They went in the back door, drank some milk and went to the their rooms. A few minutes later Susie came into her brother's room while he was browsing through pictures of young girls with big tits.

"Gee, look at her," Susie said with her hand on her brother's shoulder. "Its wonder she doesn't fall on her face."

Billy closed the file and turned around. "Well, nosy?"

"I need some loving." All she had on was the long jersey she often wore around the house. It hit her about mid thigh and flowed around her ripe body.

"No, you don't," he said. "You're doing fine. Don't backslide."

"Please, please. Just let me suck you." She fell to her knees between his legs and reached for his zipper.

Billy slapped her hand away. "Go get on my bed."

Susie crawled there quickly and Billy followed, turned her over, spread her legs, tossed her shirt up on her belly and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. "You really are hot, aren't you?" Her pussy felt as if she had a small furnace inside her as he rotated his wrist and sought her hot spots. Susie tensed her muscles and squeezed his fingers as he withdrew.

She nodded and sobbed as her brother knelt at the side of his bed, put her legs up on his shoulders and began to lick her fevered and nearly hairless slit. Billy remembered the lessons young Mrs. Sims had given him in her basement and licked up one side of her narrow labia and then down the other and along the inside of her thighs before rolling his tongue and pushing it into her tiny, pink vagina. In and out and up and down, Billy stopped thinking and just licked and sucked, holding her lips open with one hand while he pushed her leg aside with the other.

Susie shuddered and squealed as he moved in and out of her. She kneaded a lovely breast with one hand while she held her brother's head to her pussy with the other.

"Hush, stupid," Billy said, licking upward and then tickling her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue, "we don't need to advertise." He felt his writhing sister shudder. He was surprised how big her clitoris had become, like a tiny prick. He sucked it diligently, both hands now on her legs.

"Oh, oh, oh," his sister sighed as he slid a finger into her, hooked it upward and sought her most sensitive area just as Nancy's mother had taught him. Susie jumped when he found her g-spot and then he sucked her tiny clit between his lips again. She climaxed, arching up stiffly and creaming on her brother's face. Billy grabbed her buttocks with both hands and lapped hard and fast and deeply until she went limp.

Then he stood, wiped his mouth with the his hand and flipped her long-tailed shirt down over her puffy-lipped pussy, her belly quivering, mouth open and eyes closed. "There," he said with a laugh, "that ought to hold you for a while." He ignored his overheated prick as best he could, pushing it down his leg.

Susie got to her feet, blinked at her brother and stumbled toward the bathroom. Billy went back to his computer, trying to ignore his hard cock. He heard the phone ring and then his sister called him into her room. He watched her dress, admiring her lean ass while he answered and told the caller that he could come and wash and wax her car that afternoon, that he charged ten dollars an hour and it would probably take two or three hours.

When he hung up the phone, Susie was standing right beside him in her tight jeans and chopped off shirt, some of her old clothes. She hugged him and said, "Thanks, big brother. Where did you learn to do that?"

'Secret," he said, smacking her rounded butt. It felt like hitting a well-inflated basketball.

When Billy arrived at the address he had been given, he found himself in a very up-scale neighborhood facing a two-car garage. He parked his bike, went to the back door and knocked. A young woman who didn't look much older than he was appeared and smiled at him. "You here to shine my car?'

He nodded as his eyes roamed over her lush young body and settled on her pretty face. "Where is it?" he asked. "You said you had the stuff, right?"

She handed him a key on a leather fob. "You'll see the garage buttons right inside the door. It's the 140." She smiled again and closed the door, her breasts jiggling and long hair flowing.

Billy wondered what a 140 was and realized the girl thought he could drive. When he opened the garage door the lights came on and there stood a low, white car with a very long hood and a canvas top. "A Jaguar," Billy said out loud. On the other side was a dark Bentley.

"Yes," said a voice behind him. "Isn't it pretty? My husband gave it to me for my birthday last year, and it hasn't been waxed since." She pushed the button to open the big door on that side.

"How old is it?" the boy asked, walking around the back of the low car and touching a sloping fender.

"Oh, fifty or sixty I guess," she said. "But it goes like a demon. He had it reconditioned."

Billy walked to the front, admiring the bulging headlights and the gleaming grill. "Fifty. What a beauty. There can't be many of these left."

"I'm afraid those wire wheels are going to hard to get clean."

Billy nodded. "You want to back it out. I think this thing's too valuable for me to drive."

"No, you go ahead. There's a bucket and some brushes and a sponge over there. And the wax and rags are on the shelf. The hose is hooked up. Have fun. I've got things to do."

He watched her leave, admiring her taut buttocks and long legs. She didn't look old enough to be married much less drive a Jaguar. He got in, ducking his head, and the engine's guttural roar surprised him. He found reverse after three tries, let the clutch out very slowly and inched the low-slung car back onto the blacktop, looking out to the side since the back window was so small. He turned it off, set the brake, rolled up both windows and got out. On the wooden dash was the car's name, XK 140 and a leaping jaguar in gleaming chrome. Billy wondered what the auto was worth.

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