Triple Bitch Dare

by BIC

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: Three teenaged girls were always into risque dare in high school. Now they were in college and found their studies precluded such fun as it took too much time. But they did decide to have one more go at stripping and humiliation games.

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The Thriller B's Triple Bitch Dare ( a sort of triple-dog dare )

Elizabeth Owen, Bette to her friends, had been the youngest of three Triple Dog Dare Daredevils at her high school. She was 15 years old when the trio started pulling dares and pranks. The other two, Beverley Evers and Barbara Lane, were a year or so older. Barb lived in the house just behind Bette's and Bev lived just a few blocks away. Ever since tenth grade, the three girls had become best buds and for years they giggled at sleep overs, shared secrets and played Truth or Dare games well into the night.

They also found they enjoyed wagering on games with naughty forfeits and doing dares where they'd risk being caught partially or even completely naked. At first they engaged in easy stuff, like in-house challenges to remain nude for a set period of time when no one else was in the house. But in a year or so this escalated to late-night outdoors nudity, albeit in the safe haven of their backyards.

By the time Bette was 17, they took turns with an old standard dare, the Nude Pizza Delivery Order. To be fair, they played that in the dropped towel mode; that is, the girl being dared answered the door wearing only a towel while the other two were fully clothed. In the money/pizza exchange the towel would slip and reveal bare boobs and eventually fall to the floor leaving the daredevil completely naked as she barely covered up with hands and arms while clumsily retrieving the towel.

But by senior year this Dynamic Daring Threesome, aka The Thriller B's, had grown older but not necessarily wiser and definitely not more mature. Always out for a laugh and a thrill, they pushed the exhibitionist envelope at school with panty-free days which invariably involved fast-flashing male teachers with strategically maneuvered leg crossings while seated in the front row. Not too surprisingly, none of these male teachers complained or raised the issue (probably because something else more pressing had been raised, if you know what I mean.)

Also during their high school years, The Thriller B's made bets and dares leaving one of the trio in more public settings in naughty situations and with potentially and embarrassing consequences. These pranks and dares included going to the mall for flash-and-dash stunts with pleated skirts flipped up to expose a thong clad or bare butt. Each subsequent dare got riskier and more risqué than the previous one.

By the summer after graduation they upped their dares to late night strolls around the neighborhood wearing only panties. This dare was soon changed to 'drop your panties to your ankles five blocks from home and awkwardly shuffle home naked. Then the dare changed to ' strip ten blocks from home and walk naked but in stiletto heels'. Then go naked in stilettos, arms atop your head for 15 blocks. Each of the Thriller B's had done a variation on the Nude Night Walk at some point that summer. Only once did one daredevil, Barb, end up walking back as the sun was near rising.

In September, all three enrolled the same nearby Community College, but they found the demands of their studies much greater than high school homework assignments. They knew they just wouldn't have enough time to carry on as they had and each girl wanted to devote more time to their school work. Beverley had enrolled in a Visual Arts program, Barb in Photography & Film production, and Bette was now taking Career/Business Courses.

Each of the girls had been lucky enough during the summer to land part-time, entry-level jobs related to their chosen fields. Bev had a clerical position at a local art studio, Barb was behind the counter at a camera shop and Bette worked stacking inventory at the local Wal-Mart store. She had hopes of rising in the ranks of that corporation some day.

Together they make a pact; they would chance one last bet that would leave the loser doing naughty and risky stuff devised by the other two. The bet would yield naughtier and riskier results than ever before. This had been inspired one night after watching that classic school soft-porn flick, Triple-Dog Dare.

They called it a Triple-Bitch Dare wager, the crowning glory to the years together as the Thriller B's. They also wanted the daring bet payment and punishment to be a real bitch to pull off and related to each of their school studies and career choices. As in the past, only one of the three would bear the brunt of the dare while the other two would set the rules.

By mid-September the bet was on and the loser was to be decided by a game of Nude Trivial Pursuit. They played a regular version of that classic board game but for each wrong answer the player had to remove one item of clothing. The first one naked was deemed the loser and had to complete the Triple-Bitch Dare to be arranged and carried out within a week.

Bette lost and, to get right into the spirit of the sport, her friends celebrated by kicking the now naked loser out of the house. They were playing at Barb's place and it was 5 a.m. Bette had to scurry about the neighborhood to get to her house which was situated on a cul-de-sac. Even though Bette and Barb's homes were back to back, there was no connecting street, which meant Bette had to run several blocks down main avenues and back to her own small street before reaching home. Luckily, she kept a spare house key hidden under a large planter by the front door. But it had taken a good twenty minutes before Bette was safely inside.


It was just a couple days later that Beverley came up with the first of the three Triple-Bitch dares. Bev needed a nude model for her Life Class at college, so she volunteered Bette. It turned out to be a two hour class in front of eight guys and a dozen girls. Students were encouraged to show initiative with innovative sketch themes. This day Bev was in charge of both model poses and theme. She chose 'seductive slut' as the theme and had Bette strip naked in front of the class rather than behind a modesty screen before starting several 15-minute long poses which Bev insisted must be sexually suggestive.

Bette was a good sport and acted in a most professional manner as she adopted the lewdest stances she could think of remembering many from porn videos she and her friends used to watch during sleep-overs. She slouched on a draped chair with her legs spread wide for starters. In her next pose her hands grabbed her boobs and her fingers worked circles around her nipples while she craned her neck upward in an orgasmic display of joy and relief.

She struck the classic exhibitionist pose of feet apart, arms akimbo with hands clasped behind her head. This pose was repeated with a variety of angles always with her face to the artists. And that face took on a variety of looks such as vixen, scamp, slut and Mistress of seduction. But there were also physically demanding ballet type poses where Bette would really show her stuff, the Arabesque penché. The graceful and elegant pose exposed her inner thighs, bald Venus Mons and parted vaginal lips. Actually the pose was more disgraceful than graceful as her pussy was dripping.

Bette was good at posing sexily because she had had years of practice as a preteen when she checked her naked self out before her full length bedroom mirror. But she outdid herself this day. Most of her posing antics were slutty in a sensual and seductive way, but some were intended to bring laughs as well as smiles on the student's faces. In one of her last poses, Bette turned her back to the semi-circle of artists; she bent and clasped her buttock cheeks with her hands and pulled them apart; her head was upside down and between her thighs and her face looked straight at the students; then she stuck out her tongue and held that pose for 15 minutes.

At the end of class Bette waited while the class filed out. She gave the occasional wink to some of the cuter guys who looked like they were having difficulty walking. When the room had cleared, Bette turned around only to discover that her clothing had disappeared. Like the other day, she was once again totally naked, but this time it was in a very public space.

But Bette was clever, resourceful and determined. She simply walked over to the large waste bin in the corner of the classroom. It contained dozens of discarded draft sheets thrown out by the student artists as well as several nearly-spent tubes of acrylic paint. Bette was no artist, but she remembered her grammar school finger painting lessons.

She quickly dabbed some dark paint on to her fingers and rubbed them in a stripe along her breasts so she was covered in color as if clothed in a bikini top. She struggled to get her back to look like a top string but had no problem covering up her pussy mound and at least some of her butt crack so it resembled the bottom part of a bikini. Luckily she, like her two Thriller B friends, always kept her pussy mound smooth and hairless. So the paint went on easily.

In her still wet pseudo-clothes, Bette walked out of the room, down the hallway, into the parking lot and into her car. From afar she just looked like she had worn a skimpy bikini to school on that warm September day. Close up, Bette might have been mistaken for a nouveau mode performance-art model whose self-portrait art declared 'Clothing is but Decoration'. She drove home colorful, naked and smiling. She had successfully completed the first of three Triple-Bitch Dares.


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