Civilian Contractor

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: A teenager seeking revenge finds the only way north and into the combat zone was with a contractor. It is not long before he gets what he is seeking and finds out there are other sides to the war. From enemy soldiers not just attacking the contractors but one of the villages of their own people to enemy planes trying to destroy what they are building.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I was not sixteen yet and an orphan. I was more than angry and wanted revenge. The Han military would not accept me because I was to young. I was going to head north anyway when I met Charles Fitzhue. He was a civilian contractor for the Genta military. The dozen men with him built bridges, float bridges and improved roads.

This was one of their breaks to rest. I took my father's ten millimeter pistol and an old rifle. The ride north was in a smaller cargo plane and I only had a single duffle with my clothes and a couple of blankets. When the plane landed I followed Charles as everyone walked off. First we had to get a ride to a set of storage containers.

That was where we picked up the heavy weapons like a auto grenade launcher and a few miniguns. I rode with Charles while the others went to get large hauler vehicles. The area we were in was twenty kilometers behind the lines. The road up to the heavy equipment was smooth but it did not look good beyond.

There were a few guards who grinned when we got there. Charles gestured and I left my duffle and followed him to one of the huge earth movers. I have always been quick to learn and he was very good at teaching. Thirty minutes and I had an idea of what to do. We stopped and I helped him put one of the miniguns on and the large can of ammo.

My duffle went into a large storage box behind the seat. I was wearing my pistol and listened when he explained what to do. Ten minutes and I was leveling one side of the old road. I went down a kilometer and then came back up the other side. Charles did not say anything as he rode standing beside me.

When I got back he grinned and slapped my shoulder, "great."

The others were arriving in the large haulers and began dumping gravel. Once they finish I started back over the road again. A long grader followed me and a road compressor was following it. It was simple work but dusty and jarring. We had gone over five kilometers when we reached the edge of a village.

Mostly I only saw farmers and a few herdsmen. I was sitting and waiting with Charles for the haulers to return. The road was smooth but needed a dozen centimeters of gravel. I saw the men in the bushes a few minutes later and frowned, "now why sneak around in the bushes?"

It was not until I saw one lifting his rifle that I realized these were enemy soldiers. I yelled as I started the earth mover. I yanked the lever back that moved the arm for the minigun and caught the handle. The enemy were aiming towards the men and women in the village and I aimed and fired the minigun.

I was startled as there was the burping ripping sound. The bushes where the men were hidden was torn apart and I turned the earth mover and lifted the heavy front blade. I let off the trigger as their rounds impacted the earth mover blade. I swung the minigun as I turned and kept moving and fired and swept the barrels back and forth.

Charles was firing now and so was the man on the road compressor. The whole area was being shredded and our security guys attacked. I spun the earth mover to the left and kept it between the enemy and the villagers while using bursts from the minigun. I glanced at the Clar villagers a moment later to see them using rifles.

I think that was when it hit me that there were more sides in this war. The enemy still alive were trying to escape but our security was closing in and I had to stop firing. The barrels slowed and smoke rose into the air as I kept watch and turned the earth mover and shut it down. A moment later Charles climbed up, "you okay kid?"

I was shaking a little but nodded, "I ... they surprised me."

He grinned and slapped my shoulder, "you did good."

Of course we got down and went to pull the enemy out and Charles called the army. I got a new carbine and a Wild pistol and what we did not want we gave to the village. Chargers flew in one after another and combat soldiers spread out. They checked the dead and we told them what happened.

The village clan leader appeared and listened while I talked to the platoon leader. Finally they left to hunt the ones that escaped and we had to fix the marks we had made and then level and compress the gravel. We parked the equipment when we were done and a mobile cook vehicle arrived.

While it began to cook dinner I cleaned the minigun and the weapons I had been given. I reloaded the minigun and Charles showed me how to make a wood platform swing bed inside the earth mover cab. He had gauze that hung from the four sides and the bed was already encased in waterproofed canvas on the cab roof.

I was heading to eat when the village clan leader arrived with a girl. She looked a little older than me and was carrying a large bag. He spoke slowly so I would understand and the next thing I knew he was pushing the girl to me. The other men chuckled and laughed and Charles hit my shoulder, "you just got married."

I looked at him and then the clan leader. He was grinning and winked and I blushed as I looked at the girl. She smiled and moved closer and kissed my cheek. I showed her to the earth mover and the storage box and my bed or our bed now. I led her to the mobile kitchen and we got two plates.

We sat together and ate and I kept looking at her. After we were done we washed the plate and utensils. I hesitated and she caught my hand and pulled me towards the earth mover, "I am Ember."

I looked up from her hips, "Jim."

She smiled and when we reached the earth mover I helped her up. I looked around and pulled down the gauze and pulled out my blankets from my duffle. I spread them on the thin mattress and Ember helped and then she was pulling her dress off. I stared at her firm breasts and she smiled and reached for my shirt.

She helped me undress and then climbed into bed. I laid beside her and reached out to touch and feel her. She pulled my hand from her breast down to her bald pussy. It was smooth and felt hot and I ran a finger through her slit. She sighed and lifted her hips and I grinned and kept fingering her.

A couple of minutes and she was panting and turned to pull me over and between her spread legs. I pushed into her hot pussy and buried my cock and she grunted and wiggled and tilted her hips. I looked into her eyes while my cock throbbed and she smiled and hugged me. It was a minute before I pulled back and she clutched me, "ooohhhh!"

I stopped but she pulled and I buried my cock. She shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed, "mmmm!"

I grinned and gave her a kiss and pulled back, "yeah."

She lifted her hips each time I pushed into her and it was not long before we were clinging to each other. I was using firm thrusts and she was thrashing and bucking. Several more minutes and I was shoving into her and holding her as I pumped a stream of sperm. She gasped and spasmed and jerked, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy seemed to milk my cock. When I was done I looked at her as she panted, "again?"

She grinned and humped as her pussy squeezed, "yes."

I think it was a couple of hours before we stopped and she was very slimy. We both had smiles on our faces and held each other when we went to sleep. I woke when Ember shook me and looked around, "trouble?"

She whispered, "I have to pee."

I sat up and looked through the gauze. It was still dark out but Charles had been clear about where to use the bathroom. I moved off the bed and grabbed my shirt, "put this on."

I pulled my pants on, adjusted the pistol on the belt and grabbed the new carbine. I helped her climb down and the two sentries nodded to us as we passed. I led her towards the curtained area with the hole for our bathroom. She squatted and peed which made me need to go. When we came out and started back towards the earth mover I did not see the sentries.

I caught Ember and stopped and looked around and lifted the carbine and took off the safety, "something is wrong."

The cloud covering the moon drifted past and I saw the crouching men and the body of one sentry. I pushed Ember down and aimed, "ATTACK!"

I fired and one went down and I knelt as several fired towards me. I could hear the crack of the rounds as I shifted and shot another. One ran towards my earth mover and I fired twice and he fell. As I shifted and aimed at another enemy soldier the one I killed exploded. A flare bloomed to life above us and several miniguns fired.

The auto grenade launcher started shooting and the enemy tried to run but it was to late. I shot two more and then a third lifting a launcher. When the magazine ran out most of the enemy were gone but I still pulled my pistol. I pulled Ember up and ran to the earth mover and let her go, "get under."

She dropped and crawled and I lifted my pistol as two soldiers rushed the earth mover. I shot both twice in the chest and searched for more when they went down. The night went silent and I could not see anymore soldiers. I saw the flash and felt the searing pain in my left arm as I aimed the pistol and fired back several times.

More flares went off and the village men arrived and I moved out to start checking the enemy. Charles appeared beside me, "two in one day is not good."

I snorted and he grinned, "the army will attach a company until we reach the combat base we are headed for."

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