The Baird Twins

by BIC

Copyright© 2015 by BIC

: Victor and Victoria Baird are new to town and are unaware of an odd tradition at the high school they'll be attending as they enter ninth grade.

Tags: Teenagers   Spanking   Humiliation   School   Nudism  

Victor and Victoria Baird were fourteen year-old fraternal twins whose family had moved to a new town this past summer. The two kids were entering their new high school as freshmen. In late August a letter from the school arrived addressed to V. Baird. Victoria opened it only to discover it was actually meant for her brother. It was from the Vice Principal welcoming Victor and informing him of a recent school tradition which, as his family was just recently arrived, he would have had no previous knowledge.

Victoria just scanned the letter and was about to put it back in the envelope when a phrase caught her eye; in the second paragraph she saw the words ' male freshmen hazing week '. Well, she had to read on! The letter was meant to familiarize Victor with a school requirement that all freshmen boys would undergo extreme 'pantsing' by upper grade girls the first week of school, which was known as 'Wear White Week' in that first-year boys were to wear white undershirts, white underpants and white socks for that first four-day week of school because girls were tasked with hunting the boys down in the hallways, demand the boys strip or strip them if the boys refused to strip themselves.

The young lads would then have to keep their outer clothes in their lockers as they attended all their classes in nothing but their white underwear. This stripping ordeal would be repeated Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

So the letter addressed to Victor, but being read by Victoria, was to let the lad know his underwear and socks must be white so as to maintain the tradition. The letter went on to explain this tradition started five years ago in response to a scandal that rocked the school. Several freshmen boys had ganged up on an 11th grade girl, stripped off her dress which left her in just her bra and panties. These boys added insult to insult by running the girl's dress up the school flag pole.

The school board and parents of the district were aghast and decided to teach all first-year boys humility via humiliation. Thus 'Wear White Week' came into being. Like any form of discipline, the trepidation in anticipation was part of the punishment lesson.

So, while young boys already in the school district knew what was coming the day after Labor Day, boys new to the area had to receive the WWW information letter.

But Victor had not seen that letter as his sister chucked it in the garbage. So Victor was unaware of his need for underwear and what awaited him that coming Tuesday.

That Labor Day holiday saw the twins at the beach swimming, grabbing some rays and playing one of their favorite games: Truth or Dare. After a few mild queries and demands Victoria asked her brother to be truthful about an embarrassing question:

"How often do you masturbate?" Victor declined to tell so, according to the rules, he had to take a dare.

Victoria had pretended to have a hard time coming up with a sufficiently embarrassing dare, but in the end casually said, "Here's an easy one, Vic. Tomorrow go to school commando."

"You mean like no underpants, sis. Sure, that's easy." replied the unsuspecting brother.

"Yeah, it is too easy." said Victoria. "How about total commando. Wear nothing but outer clothes, no underwear. Not even socks."

"That's no big deal," replied Victor. "I was going to wear sandals anyway. So I'd not be wearing socks. And it's too hot for an undershirt under my short-sleeved shirt; so sure. No undershirt, no underpants and no socks; dare taken.

Tuesday morning arrived and the twins got to school on time and immediately headed for their assigned lockers. Victoria, having seen the school letter, knew what to expect. But Victor was surprised to see boys his age surrounded by girls who were ordering the lads to strip! The boys, for the most part, were taking their shirts, pants and shoes off right there in the hall and promptly putting them away in their lockers. Everyone seemed to be laughing, blushing and generally having a good time ... boys and girls alike.

A few times Victor saw a gang of six or seven older girls chasing down a shy freshman lad and, after shoving him against the wall, stripping him down to his underwear. Another odd thing Victor noticed was that all the stripped boys' underwear was white, including white sport socks. Then he noticed a team of eight girls coming his way with evil grins on their faces.

The first to grab him by his shirt collar was a sixteen year-old beauty by the name of Krissy. She smiled as she unbuttoned his shirt and then beamed when she realized the lad was not wearing an undershirt. As she was pulling Victor's shirt off another classmate, Julie, shouted out that the boy was wearing sandals and no socks. She promptly unshod him leaving him barefoot and bare-chested.

Krissy, who seemed to be the leader of this girl-clique, spoke most authoritatively, "What's your name, frosh?"

"Victor's my name and I have no idea what's going on. Why are you girls targeting us younger boys and taking our clothes?'

"Victor is it?" quipped Krissy. "Victor, you're a loser. You lost dignity and honor by breaking the rules of White Wear Week."

"White Wear Week? What's that?" asked a panicking Victor as yet another girl was undoing the belt on his pants. "Wait! Stop! You can't take my pants" he sobbed.

The girls stopped undressing him when Krissy put her hand up and proceeded to explain the rules and teased Victor about his breaking them.

"You have insulted our school and especially the female student body." said Krissy in an indignant manner. "You know the rules, or at least should. First week of school freshmen boys strip down to only their underwear (which must be white) and go to their classes so clad all week long. You broke that rule by being out of uniform, so to speak, by not wearing socks or an undershirt."

"So now," added Julie, 'you must attend class today wearing only your tighty-whities."

"It's your own fault, not ours that you'll probably have to wear only your underpants all week long" piped in Krissy as she unzipped his pants and started to pull them down.

"And I think the rule says if a girl takes a freshman's pants down she gets to keep them for good." lied Julie. Both girls chuckled and started yanking on the poor lad's jeans.

Victor, ashamed at even the thought of a girl stripping him much less keeping his jeans as a stripping souvenir, gave in and said he'd take his pants off himself.

Up until then, two of the girls had been pinning him against the wall and holding his arms back. But as Victor's pants dropped, so did the girls' jaws and the lad's not-unsubstantial manhood made a dramatic appearance. Victor had popped a bit of a boner at the thought of being stripped naked in public in front of several sexy girls who were intimidating and somehow arousing him right now.

Giggles and shrieks, wiggles and peeks. Giddy are girls who watch when a boy streaks! Victor was now naked as the day he was born, which was ironic as he could just die of embarrassment.

WWW protocol demanded the stripping girls place the freshman boy's outer clothes in his locker. But rules had already been broken and Krissy and her friends were unsure about the proper thing to do under the circumstances. So they improvised. They ran off down the hall with Victor's shirt, shoes and pants and left him buck naked in the hall.

To be fair, Krissy and her friends did go right to the Vice Principal's office to report the breach of protocol and insult to the school's tradition. They explained how this Victor boy had come to school completely commando, clearly in direct defiance of WWW and was now stripped of outer garments as per tradition.

Vice Principal Anita Caine hid her delight at the news and presented a shocked but in-control demeanor as she replied, " Then the boy is running about the halls barefoot, bare assed and, in fact, without a single stitch of clothing?"

Ms Caine's lips watered at the thought. Both sets.

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