Handyboy Meets His Match

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our young hero finds a girl he cannot please, but he keeps trying.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Size   .

Billy had taught Susie how to put magnum-sized condoms on his blood- hot prick with her mouth, and he was sure she was the only kid around who could do it with such practiced ease and without gagging. When she got it as far down as she could, she licked at his balls and then lay back, a smile on her freckled face, proud of herself as he mounted her and eased his monster shaft into her carefully shaved pussy; sure no girl her age was so lucky. She stretched her head up because she loved to watch his thinly-sheathed rod disappear between her engorged lips; it made her wonder if she could get a softball bat in there.

And then she flopped back, arms spread wide and gloried in the feeling of being filled with her brother's immense pole. Nothing could be better than the thrill of having him arch up on her as he drove his male member over her clit and into her body. She could feel every thick vein, every throbbing pulse, every jerking tremor, the hard ridge, the swollen shaft, the tensed scotum.

Billy and his sister had been fucking at least weekly ever since he had been jilted by his first real girlfriend and now they both looked forward to Saturday mornings when their parents went off to play tennis at the club and let them sleep in. As soon as the car left the driveway, they were in each other's arms and within minutes their hot bodies were fiercely joined, their pelvises moving like well oiled machinery. They were now into their second month of mutual lovemaking, and for barely nubile Susie, Billy was still the only man to plumb her depths.

Susie wrapped her legs around her muscular brother and arched up to take him deep as he pounded his rigid tool into her, grunting like crazy, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he stretched her immature vagina. She had been tempted lately, when she was making out in the basement playroom with one or another of her ardent boyfriends, to let them go all the way but so far her big brother was the only man to have enjoyed her body completely, having initiated two of her three orifices one morning after joining her in the shower.

She could make herself come with her spit-wet forefinger just thinking about that wonderful morning, and she compared every cock she sucked to her brother's wonderful weapon and had yet to find one close to his size and strength.

"This really feels good, Sis," Billy groaned as he arched up again on fully extended arms, his back bowed, and neared his climax, heaving like a pile-driver at about a thrust a second. 'What did you buy?' Their bodies loudly smacked together, and the bed creaked as the young girl's body bounced on the mattress.

'Trojan XLs," she moaned, "do more right there; I'm about to - ahhh- ohgodgodgod, damn, damn, damn," she moaned, shaking her head from side to side in hot lust and a pleasurable agony as she spasmed repeatedly, kicking her feet like a swimmer, banging the bed with her fists and almost covering her face with her long, straight hair.

"Terrific," he said, gritting his teeth and ejaculating. "I'll get some more of these next week." And he jerked and came twice more in the writhing girl, overfilling the latex tube as he pistoned into it. His young sister owned, by far, the tightest cunt he had sampled.

"Maybe we ought to buy them by the dozen," his sister sighed after he had fallen down beside her and his limp cock had slipped from her satisfied slit, trailing his leaking semen across her thigh like a slug's slimy path.

"Um," he said, "what we ought to do is get you on the pill so I can ride you bareback like we did the first time." He pulled the filled rubber off, tied its neck and handed the smiling girl another packet while the soggy one splatted to the floor.

"I've dropped hints," the girl said, tearing open the package with her teeth and extracting the latex disc. "Mom doesn't want me fooling around; you know that."

'You keep taking those hairy jerks down in the cellar with you, you'd better do something. You know one of them was waving your bra as he pedaled away yesterday?"

'Shit," she said. "That jerk. I wondered where it went." She crouched over her brother's loins and licked his member which lay fat and soft on his hairy belly. It jumped at the touch of her tongue and immediately began to fill and rise. Almost nothing pleased the two more than the fact that their bodies fit together so well.

"How many times can you come anyhow?" she asked after mouthing his fat glans and pressing the rubber over it until the rolled band cleared the ridge.

"Five sometimes," he said. "But that's just jerking off."

'Three's plenty for me," she said, watching the fat head of his fleshy tube swell and jump in its clinging rubber coat. "I'm still sore on Mondays."

"Well, I am kind of big,"

"Tell me about it," She said as she skinned the condom all the way down his now quivering shaft with both hands. Even though it was extra large, she had to stretch it to fit her eager brother's big root.

Once he was sheathed, she swung a leg across his loins and mounted up, wriggling herself down his upright pole until all of it was in her well- lubricated tunnel. She took a deep breath as his hands came up to grasp her still-conical breasts, pinching out her nipples between his fingers. Susie prayed every night for bigger boobs.

Billy used the third rubber to sodomize his sister, a fucking she had never grown to like or appreciate, but one he loved because it gave him such a good chance to feel her spongy young breasts and tweak her pink nipples.

Once they were thoroughly spent, they showered together and then went their separate ways. Susie off to the mall with her girl friend. and Billy to one of his many yard work jobs, several of which included a spearing of the lady of the house or, sometimes, her daughter and even on occasion, both if he was lucky.

Today his knock at the back door produced a smiling young woman who lifted an eyebrow and asked if he was there to cut the lawn. Her tight shorts displayed a bulging vulva with a zipper dividing it and her long legs were smooth and shapely.

Billy unconsciously licked his lips as he admired her body and said yes and to weed the garden as well.

'She left me some money for you," the girl said, pulling down her shirt. "I'm here to baby sit her kids until they get back this evening."

Billy stuck out his hand and said his name and the girl held it briefly, nodded and then closed the door. His cock flexed.

The boy loved challenges, like the snooty cheerleader he had fucked in the back of her family's SUV and the luscious lifeguard he had cornered in the shower after she had rejected him three or four times. Although most of his customers had come on to him and offered him their bodies, eager to enjoy his over-sized manhood, he had conjured and persuaded several to spread themselves for him or suck his cock if they did nothing else. Few women could resist Billy once they got a good look at his incredible weapon.

As he mowed the lawn he thought about the young woman's slim body and her knowing smile, her jutting tits in the tight-fitting t-shirt, her round buttocks only half covered by her tattered denim shorts. He wondered if the kids' mother had told her that he was well hung and always ready for action.

Damn but she had good legs, he thought, wondering how they would feel about his middle. By the time he finished the backyard, he was fighting an erection and went to get himself a drink of water.

The girl waved him in, and he drank at the sink while she watched. "How are the kids doing?" he asked her as he wiped his hands on his chest, well aware of the bulge in his groin.

She cocked an eyebrow. "Fine, no problem. Have you got one?" She nodded toward his belly. "A problem, I mean."

"No. You know, just hard work." Her tits were high and pointed slightly away from each other. They made his palms itch.

"What causes that?" she asked, licking her lips.

"I don't know. Being young I suppose."

"You mean you're always horny?"

"Pretty near," he said with a grin. She was wearing a baby-doll t-shirt that showed a strip of taut belly and stretched between her round jugs.

She nodded and left, and he went out to cut the front yard, disappointed somehow, his cock softening. He wondered how old she was and decided on about eighteen.

After he put the lawnmower away, he came in to get another drink. He heard the girl coming down the stairs and when she appeared and smiled, he stopped and leaned back on the counter. "Put 'em down for a nap. Two hours probably, I mean if you're interested."

"Interested?" he said with a smile.

She nodded. "As you probably know, there's a big sofa downstairs. Don't you want to take a break? Looks comfortable."

"Sounds like you're suggesting more hard work," he said, putting down the glass and stepping to her, so close he could smell her musk and was sure she could smell his sweaty body, close up she looked a bit older than he had thought she was. He put a hand behind her head, pulled her to him and kissed her vigorously and long. Their tongues met.

"How old are you?" she asked when her mouth was free but their bellies still touching.

Billy bent and kissed her again, getting his tongue well into her mouth. "Why do you ask?" he said as the young woman gasped for breath.

'Age of consent, you know," she said.

"Want to card me, see my driver's license?"

She wriggled against him and shook her head, took his hand and led him down the steps. He admired the way her buttocks moved and how her breasts jiggled, obviously bra-free. At the foot of the steps, she set a small speaker on the floor. "So I can hear the kids," she explained.

"How do you like to do it?" Billy asked as he stripped his shirt over his head and wiped his sweaty face with it. He was proud of his well-cut muscles and defined abs, almost as proud as he was of his long phallus and his ability use it.

The woman unbuttoned her shorts, put a hand on his shoulder and stepped out of them and her underpants, smiling up at him. 'I've found most guys last longer standing up."

"No kidding," he said, stimulated by her bulging sex lips and tiny tuft of pubic hair. It was blonde while her curls were very reddish, strawberry blonde. "I think I've only done it that way once or twice."

"How many women have you, well, known?" she asked as she pulled her clinging shirt over her head and her lovely pair bobbled free, the nipples hard and extended already, dark and hard.

"I don't know, honest," he said, as he reached out to palm a breast and weigh it in his hand. "I've never counted."

"A lot?"

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