Security Force

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: I was to young to join a combat unit but Han was more than willing to accept me. I was assigned to the security force. I was basically a military police officer. When I was assigned the river and docks to look for smugglers I never expected to be in a fight for my life. After taking and seizing a boat for smuggling I thought things would settle down but when our enemies are involved that is never a sure thing.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   .

I was sixteen when I joined the Han army. Of course because of my age they assigned me to the security force. They were the ones that protected the bases in Han and Clar and did the law enforcing in the nearby towns and cities. We carried a Wild pistol and a brush shotgun and had to be an expert with both.

Two months of training and another with a new company that was forming and then I was headed north. We took over the protection of a northeastern base that was in the coastal foothills. Mostly it had squadrons of Sharks and Chargers with one battalion of combat soldiers. They did constant patrols north to the front lines.

A week and I was put on a smuggler detail with another man. What that meant was we got to check boats that came up river from the ocean and watch people entering the large town. I saw a lot in that week, both good and bad. One of the things was seeing women or girls that were bought by soldiers to be wives and then the soldier was killed.

I was working the docks with Monroe and saw an older fishing boat heading in. I frowned since it was the middle of the day. All the other boats were already back or still out until late afternoon. More important the name was faded and looked like someone had tried to sand it off. I gestured to Monroe and started for the end of the dock they were headed for.

It was more reaction than caution when I slipped the shotgun off my shoulder. I took the safety off before I reached the boat, "prepare to be inspected."

A large Clar sneered, "go away."

I smiled, "relax sir. I will check your..."

A man stepped around the side of the deckhouse and lifted a carbine. I reacted and tilted the barrel of my shotgun and fired. I was loaded with buckshot and at ten paces it was still tight when it struck. The man screamed as the pellets tore his belly open and exploded out his back. I shifted as the other Clar pulled a pistol from inside the deckhouse door.

I fired again and the shot slammed into his chest and threw him into the frame and then to the deck. I lifted the shotgun to my shoulder as another man leaped out of the deckhouse with a shotgun just like mine. I fired twice, the first hit his head and neck and the second his gut and groin. Monroe was suddenly there with his shotgun up, "I have your back."

I moved onto the boat expecting at least two more crew because of the size. First I kicked the weapons away from the three dead men and then I put the safety on and pulled my pistol. I stepped into the deckhouse and moved to the hatch leading below. The crew area was empty and I came back on deck.

I yanked the hold open and stared at the crates filling the hold, "it looks like they were carrying cargo."

Monroe snorted as he came aboard and I moved to the rear. I yanked the engine cover open and searched before climbing down. I did not find anyone and climbed out and put my pistol away, "go call it in."

He nodded as I went to search the three dead men. I took the weapons and set them on the bait table behind the deckhouse. I moved the fishing boom and climbing into the hold to tie the rope to one of the crates. I hauled it out and set it on the deck and looked at the dock. Most of the people were still watching the boat and me.

I yanked the top off the crate and saw leaves I knew were a type of narcotic. I looked at the other crates before lifting a second out. Monroe returned as I opened it and blinked at the bolts of cloth. I looked at Monroe and he grinned, "a mixed load?"

I shrugged as I looked at the leaves and then the cloth, "I guess."

Ten minutes and the others were there to help unload. The bodies were taken away and the crates were loaded on vehicles. They were taken to our warehouse on the base to be opened after our shift ended. What I did not expect was the Provost to list the boat for sale. We continued to check boats that came in during the day but it was all routine.

When we were done and relieved we went to the warehouse. Three crates had the drug leaves and another three crates held contraband mage chillers or heaters. There were six full crates of bolts of cloth. The last six crates had been on the bottom and held the new Sonne carbines and ammo.

Those I did not like the look of. If they were smuggling enemy weapons in everything else could have just been a cover. It also meant the Clar, Nees and Rus were still trying to get the villages to rebel or start a bush war. Monroe called it in and we moved the drugs to the front and the other crates to a back corner.

We had our armorer show up and look at the weapons. He grinned and made an offer to sell them. We accepted since we did not know anyone. The crates of drug leaves were taken to the base burn area and set on fire. My quarters were a vacant shop just off the docks and I took a crate of cloth with three mage heaters, three chillers and three ice makers.

All I had right now was an old standing closet and a wide bed. The entire downstairs was empty and dusty. When I saw three girls I knew were widows on the corner I sighed. I shook my head as I looked at Monroe behind the wheel. I unloaded the crate and gestured and he drove off. I looked at the three girls, "hey?"

They looked at me and straightened and I gestured, "you are mine now. Come help with this."

They looked at each other before moving closer. One cleared her throat, "you want all three of us?"

I lifted the crate, "your men died. If you want I will take you but I do want sex."

They grinned and then laughed and started helping. Inside the shop I closed the door and then we moved the crate up the stairs. They looked around at the empty rooms and then at each other and I blushed, "I do not have much yet."

Before I knew it I was leaving with them. I had to call Monroe to bring the vehicle and we went to move all three. They had standing closets and beds that we left downstairs with some chairs and couches and rugs and ... it was dark before he left. I found the three girls in my empty kitchen and it was not empty now.

They seemed excited and kept talking as they put things away and made dinner. I started to lay down rugs in the living area and then move chairs and a couch. I went to the bedroom to strip and change and found three of the standing closets. My wide bed was still there but it had new sheets and covers.

I changed and then went to put a mage heater in each room. I put an ice maker in the kitchen and the girls grinned. Dinner was a lot better than I could have made and I pushed the girls away to clean up. I was tired and went to the bathing room to wash. I wrapped a towel around my waist when I was done and walked into the bedroom.

All the lights were off except one and I saw all three girls naked and in bed. I took the towel off and went to turn on the heater before walking to the bed. I caught Lea and turned her and opened her legs. I bent and licked through her pussy and she shivered and tilted her hips. I kept licking her and used the tip of my tongue on her clit.

She sighed and humped and began to moan. When I started to suck and squeeze it she gasped and spasmed and tried to close her legs. Sana and Nancy laughed and I stood and turned Lea. I moved over her and she lifted and cocked her legs as I sank my cock into her. She put her arms around me as I gave her a kiss and pulled back.

I used long, slow thrusts until her pussy was wet and slippery. After that I was sinking my cock nice and deep and using firm strokes. She shuddered and her pussy clenched, "aaaahhhh!"

Several minutes and she was struggling and holding her hips up. I fucked her hard and she clutched me, "yyyeeeesssss!"

It was not much longer before I buried my cock and held her while gushing sperm. I had never had sex and kept pumping and spewing until her pussy was a mess. She twisted and jerked while her pussy constantly squeezed, "mmmm!"

When I finished I gave her a kiss, "thanks Lea."

She smiled and hugged me, "I enjoyed it."

I pulled out and looked at the other two and moved down and pushed Sana's legs open. She tilted her hips as I licked through her pussy. A couple of minutes and she was humping and moaning. I glanced at Nancy when she moved over Sana and down between Lea's legs. She started licking her pussy and Lea moaned.

I grinned as I continued to lick Sana and nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. She shuddered and her breathing came faster as she lifted her hips. I covered her clit and sucked and squeezed it and wiggled my tongue. She shook and jerked and even squirted a little as she tried to cover her pussy.

I moved up and over her and pushed into her wet pussy. She hugged me as I sank deeper and kissed her. I began to press and grind and jab slowly. A couple of minutes and she was panting and her pussy was gripping my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She shuddered and hugged me as I started using firm thrusts. A few minutes and she was thrashing and spasming, "aaaahhhh!"

She twisted and struggled as I kept fucking her and shoving in as deep as I could. I loved the way her pussy was grasping my cock and squeezing each time I pulled back. She spasmed and clung to me while lifting her hips, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I fucked her hard for a minute and then shoved into her and held her as I kissed her and pumped strong spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened even more, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed as I spewed sperm and flooded her pussy. When I was done I relaxed and she sagged to the bed panting. I grinned and kissed her and pulled out and moved towards Nancy. She kissed Lea and rolled onto her back and I laid on her and kissed her before I moved down.

She spread her legs and I opened her pussy before I began to lick it. Lea giggled as she moved over and kissed Sana and then moved down to lick her leaking pussy. Nancy shivered and lifted her hips and I covered her clit. I used the tip of my tongue and wiggled it up and down and back and forth.

It was not long before I squeezed it between my lips and sucked. She gasped and arched her back, "aaaahhhh!"

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