Handyboy's Sister's Problems

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: His sister and lover wants to change her ways - it isn't easy.

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Billy was pounding into his sister as usual on Saturday morning when she suddenly seemed to loose interest and just lay back, closed her eyes and let him use her lush young body. He speared on, hard and deep, bouncing her off the bed until he satisfied himself with a hurried series of half-foot strokes and then jerked and came, arched up, teeth clenched, mind numb.

After he had ejaculated into the oversized condom he wore, he gave her a few more grunting humps, just for good luck he told her, and then withdrew and lay beside her, getting his breath, well satisfied.

"What's wrong?" he asked, patting her thigh after he discarded the filled rubber.

She sniffed. "It's Robby. He wants to fuck me. I'm sorry." She sniffed. "I just started thinking about it."

"I expect every boy you know wants to fuck you, especially the ones whose cocks you've sucked. Does he have a good one?'

She wrinkled her cute little nose. "Not particularly. But he's always complaining about blue balls and such stuff and saying how his other girl friends let him screw them."

"Forget him," Billy said. "He's a loser."

"Uh uh. He's junior class president and first string and everything. He's really hot. I mean, you know, I'm only a freshman."

"You making any progress in getting on the pill?"

She shook her head. "Mom didn't buy my cramps story."

"Damn," he said, his left hand lay on her soft belly and his fingers crept down through her fuzz and into her battered slit, seeking to rouse her. "You want some more?'

"Not today. You know Mr. Smithson, the math teacher?"

Billy stroked the girl's swollen clit very gently, between two fingers, hoping she would mount him as she often did. He loved to watch her ride his proud cock, her firm young boobs bouncing up and down. "Yeah, he's a prick."

"He looks at me funny," Susie said, pushing her brother's hand away from her vulva and petting it herself.

"Maybe you ought to dress different for school and quit wearing those damn little micro-miniskirts. I think you must have had some of those since you were in the sixth grade. They barely cover your cute little ass."

"Uh uh," she said as she rolled beside him and got her leg over his so she could get her knee against his wrinkled ball sack. "I just bought 'em this summer." Maybe it was his smell; something roused her, stimulated her juices. She was still horny.

"But your legs are so long they look indecent and those spaghetti strap things you wear; it's a wonder you aren't jumped every day."

"Poo," she said with a smile, having decided her young pussy wasn't really satisfied although she had climaxed several times this morning, and her brother had spurted twice after plowing her wonderfully. She began petting his limp cock as it lay atop his belly while she kneed his scrotum gently and pressed her left nipple against his right one, purring at his ear.

Billy let his arm go around her and his hand cup her hard buttocks. He slid his fingers into her crack. He was sure he had the best sister there was, a generous and loving girl who would do almost anything for him and for his huge cock. When her tongue touched his cockhead, he clenched his teeth because he knew what came next - bronco riding.

"Anyhow," she said, as she licked the length of his vein-wrinkled phallus, circled the head ridge and felt it begin to revive, "he wants me to come in for some tutoring in algebra."

"So?" her brother asked, his mind on his lust as his fingers explored his sister's steaming slit. He remembered the first time, when he took her in the shower after his girlfriend jilted him. Damn, but she had a terrific ass for such a young kid. He smacked her and she squealed and giggled.

"So I think he wants to do something to me, to fuck me probably."

"Come on, Susie.' He slid a finger into her. "When are you going to figure out that most boys and men that look at you get the same idea? There are very few things more arousing that a pretty young girl with a body like yours. You were made to fuck."

"It's not my fault," she whined as she felt her nipple hardening on her brother's muscular chest and his balls throbbing against her knee.

"Sure it is," Billy said, as he rolled toward her and kissed her nose. "If you dress like a slut, that's how people are going to think about you. And why don't you just stop sucking cocks like you were some dumb 7th grader?'

She sniffed. "It isn't fair." Her hand grasped his growing rod and she wiggled up so he could put it back in her, lifting her left leg well above his hip. "You know I'm good at it. Ahhhhh." She sucked in air as he filled her, split her, reamed her, impaled her.

Billy rammed his thick rod into his seething sister and then rolled to his back so that she was mounted on his loins and his curved ram was poking nearly straight up into her. Once he got a girl into this position, he knew from experience, he was usually good for fifteen or twenty minutes of full-bore fucking before he climaxed or ejaculated if he couldn't hold it back with his strong PC muscles. He had already come twice, so this was going to be a long-distance fuck, a ride to remember.

Susie clamped him between her knees, smiled down at him and began bouncing. "You know," she said once they had settled into a steady trot of slap, slap, slap, slap. "We've got that birthday party to go to tonight. That stuck up Molly's." She gritted her teeth because it felt so good to have him in her, rubbing her, filling her.

He opened his eyes and sighed, pleasured fully, and reached up to pinch both of her extended nipples as her firm breasts jounced and he rocked his pelvis up and down. "Yep, old Molly's going to be sixteen. I wonder if she's still a virgin."

Now his sister was posting, her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue in the corner of her mouth. She was going, "Um, um, um, um," and he could see his big, slick piston moving in and out of her engorged pussy lips, turning her inside out.

"Probably," moaned Susie as she leaned forward to scrape the upper part of her slit through her brother's coarse pubic hair.

"Well, she's a late maturer, that's for sure, or she had a boob job this summer."

"You mean you haven't laid her?" His sister whinnied, rocking from side to side.

"A gentleman never tells," he said, thrusting upward as hard as he could. "Let's gallop."

For the next few minutes the girl's pink bedroom was filled with the sound of slapping flesh and the throaty cries of brother and sister as both youngster's achieved gushing orgasms that shook and emptied them. They fell away from each other happy and spent, and Susie ran to the bathroom with her hands between her legs while her brother stripped off his third extra-large Trojan of that Saturday morning and wondered how life could get any better. Who needed a regular girlfriend when he had a randy sister like his nubile sibling?

When Susie returned to her bedroom, her stud of a brother was gone, and she stood before the full length mirror on the back of her closet door and looked at herself as honestly and critically as she could, still flushed from her recent fucking, viscous fluids still dripping from her engorged slit and her brother's hand print on one buttock's cheek.

Her hair was really good, long and straight although it took a fair amount of work to keep it that way and streak it with highlights once in a while. She liked how it looked in a long ponytail and how it moved when she walked. Her face was nice, pretty even, she had to admit that although she thought her nose was too small and her lips too full, but her eyes were really good and a neat color, golden hazel, like a good ale one of her father's friends had told her as he patted her butt. She had held up magazine covers and compared, and she knew she was pretty by any of today's standards. She lifted her chin and smiled, happy that she was done with her braces.

The girl took a deep breath, pushed her elbows back and watched her globular breasts rise and swell. They were getting rounder, finally, after being cone-like for so long and her nipples in their pink areoles were cute and very sensitive too. She always enjoyed having them sucked. So far only her brother had tit-fucked her, but several of her admirers had been begging for a chance to plow her developing cleavage.

Her most recent bra was a 32B, and she reminded herself she needed a new one because one of her stupid boy friends swiped it as a trophy or something. She cupped her breasts and lifted them, pleased with both their size and shape and then she turned sideways to admire their firm beauty, the nipples pointed slightly upward, and her slim, trim body with its beautifully arched back, flat stomach, deep spinal trench and tiny waist.

Her brother could almost get his fingers around her middle if he squeezed some. Exercise, especially swimming, had kept her in good shape, and she could fit in some size four clothes with a twenty-two inch waist. She stroked down her hips, which still weren't anything to brag about, only 34 inches around and most of that butt, and then put both her hands on her ass and grinned. Round and firm, her buttocks, she sometimes thought, were her best feature, and she knew her brother just loved them.

She turned her back to the mirror, looked over her shoulder and smacked herself twice, loudly. Great ass, several boys had yelled at her in her super-tight shorts with the ragged hem.

She stepped back and assumed the model's foot pose and lifted her chin, arching an eyebrow. She sniffed. She hated her legs. They were certainly long but they were so skinny, she thought, although the thighs were getting better despite the fact that her brother bruised them every week. It was hard to find jeans with 36-inch inseams and 22-inch waists, impossible in fact so she usually bought 36s, hip-huggers, and wore them with boots. Her feet, she decided, were too big, size eights, but there was nothing she could do about that or the long fingers on her big hands. She liked the shape of her belly and the bare vulva mound below it as well as her deeply dimpled navel and her pouting labia. She wondered if she ought to shave again as she stroked her groin.

Susie took a slim dildo from behind her books and eased it into her stretched vagina, all the way in until the bulbous base disappeared. When she had started measuring, it was barely four inches deep, but now, after her brother's pleasurable treatment, she got it in past the six- inch mark with a slight push before her outer lips closed around it.

According to her reckoning they had now copulated nine times after he took her cherry and had at least three thorough fuckings each time, so about thirty vigorous couplings. Billy had been in her ass twice, but she had begged him not to do it again.

She put her hands behind her head, spread her feet apart and moved the plastic toy in and out of her bare pussy with just her vaginal muscles, squeezing and pushing, quivering with pleasure and biting her lower lip. She arched out her chest, pressed her tits to the cool mirror and did it faster until she had managed fifty strokes and felt the need to come. She let the slick toy fall to the floor, went down on her knees and fingered herself to a good climax with a wad of Kleenex in her free hand and her forehead resting on the cool glass, her swollen clit on fire.

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