My Eighteenth: Feed Me

by World of Eros

Copyright© 2015 by World of Eros

Incest Story: Breast-obsessed Mallory has always had a fantasy of being breastfed, but she has never had the chance to experience this fantasy. Her eighteenth birthday and the birth of her baby brother might change that.

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Mother   Daughter   Petting   Lactation   Big Breasts   .

I love breasts. I always have. As long as I can remember, breasts have been a huge obsession for me. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I were a boy, but I'm a girl. I like guys mostly, but I also like girls, but most of my focus with girls is on their breasts. Having tits myself, I could never understand why I was so obsessed with them. I liked all kinds. Soft or firm, small and large, big or small nipples. The only kind I did not like were wrinkly or saggy ones. I also did not like the flat or square ones. I liked them nice and round.

Whenever I took care of myself, much of my time was spent playing with my own breasts, imagining they were another woman's. I was pretty well-endowed myself, sitting at a nice 36D. My breasts were also very sensitive. Many boyfriends had brought me to a good come just from playing with my tits. I loved having them squeezed, fondled, sucked, licked and bitten. My tit obsession even extended to my own set.

To add on to my obsession, I also had a huge fascination with breast milk, and breastfeeding. My greatest fantasy was to be breastfed by a large breasted woman. I kept my obsession to myself. It was a fantasy I felt I'd never get to live out. I never thought I would ever find a woman with large enough breasts who was lactating and who would let me nurse from her. This lack of fulfillment always got me depressed. Many times when I saw a baby nursing from their mother, especially if she was well-endowed, I got jealous. I know, that's weird, but I could not help it.

Even at school I had no respite from my obsession. I was constantly eying the breasts of other girls and I had a teacher during my senior year who had just come back from maternity leave. She admitted one class that she was still breastfeeding her baby. She always wore lower cut tops that showed off the curves of her breasts, and it got me so hot knowing they were full of delicious milk. So often in her class I thought of feeding from her breasts. It didn't help she was also young and very attractive.

Fortune shined upon me near my eighteenth birthday. About four months before it, my mom gave birth to my little brother, Justin. The whole pregnancy was a surprise. Mom figured at thirty-seven she was past her childbearing years, but lo and behold she ended up pregnant again. She was so happy, as she had wanted a second child for some time. Dad was happy too, hoping he'd finally have a son. He was overjoyed when the ultrasound told them they'd be having a boy. Once he was born, I was thrown deep into being a good big sister. I stepped in wherever I could. Still, like so many other babies, I was jealous of my little brother whenever I saw him nursing from our mom. Never before had mom entered my nursing fantasies, but now with her nursing my little brother, I did sometimes wonder how I could get her to nurse me as well.

So, since my little brother's birth, my mother became a more prominent fixture in my breastfeeding fantasies. I know it may seem strange to many that I was getting myself off to fantasies of my own mother breastfeeding her adult daughter, but it was something that I personally could not stop thinking about. There was no way for me to ask her though. How could I ask my mom is she'd let her grown daughter nurse? Not only that, I'm pretty sure my old-fashioned dad would get quite angry with me for asking her.

Well, that little obstacle took care of itself as well, because of business trip my father had to take. My dad had been working for the same company my whole life, and before it, and had risen high enough to be one of the senior managers. This meant he often had to take various trips away from home. Still, being the family man he was, whenever it was nearing mine or mom's birthdays, he always found a way to postpone the trip or get someone else to cover for him. Unfortunately, nearing my eighteenth birthday, he had to take one that he could not get out of. He was the only person qualified to handle the business this trip involved, and their client wanted him that week, no other time. It was too big a deal for his company to let go.

He was very saddened that he'd miss such an important birthday for me. The day before he left, five days before my birthday, he took me out for the day. If he could not be here for my birthday, he at least wanted to celebrate it with me in some way. The morning he left, he woke me up and hugged me before he left for the airport. "I can't believe I'm going to miss my little girl's eighteenth birthday." He said sadly. He hugged me tightly before he left the room. "It's okay daddy," I told him. "I know you tried not to miss it." He smiled at me before he left. "I love you, my little honey bear." He said, calling me by my nickname from when I was small. "I love you too, daddy." I said as he left.

Mom drove him to the airport, and while she was gone, Justin woke up. I did my best to care for him until mom got back, but eventually he got hungry and there was nothing I could do. I handed him off to her as soon as she got back. Once again I watched fascinated as she sat on the living room couch, undid her bra and started to nurse him. Once again, I looked at my baby brother with jealousy. "Oh mommy, let your other baby nurse too." I thought. I could swear I caught a short glimpse of her nipple as she undid her bra, and it made me shiver.

So now, with dad out of the house, I had a good feeling this would be my chance to finally ask mom to let me nurse. It was a risky move but I had to take the chance. Maybe since I was her daughter and she had nursed me before she wouldn't mind doing so. A few days later, on my birthday, I still had not asked. I was too afraid. I woke up late that day, it was already nearing noon when I awoke. (Greatest part about summer birthdays) Coming downstairs, mom was dressed in her usual morning attire, her terrycloth robe, as she finished setting out my birthday lunch. She always did this, knowing I loved to sleep in on my birthday. She smiled at me as I sat down to eat. "Happy Birthday, baby." She said as she hugged me, "You still have not told me what you wanted. What does my little girl want for such an important birthday?"

As she hugged me, her large breasts were suddenly in my face. I know she was my mom, but the fact that her large, milk-filled breasts were right in my face was getting me going. I could almost see down her robe and to her nipples. This made me shiver. This struck me with a sudden inspiration. Maybe this was how I could finally fulfill my fantasy, how I could ask her to let me feed from her. It was my birthday and it was what I wanted most. It was a risky move, but I had to take a chance. "So tell me honey, what does my little girl want for her special birthday?" She asked. I was very nervous, but I steeled my will. "I have an idea of what I want for my birthday mom, but you may not like it." I said quietly.

She just smiled. "Go ahead and tell me, you know I'm very open minded." I had to chuckle, mom was the most open-minded person I've ever met. "I want you to breastfeed me. That's what I really want for my birthday." I told her. I expected shock, anger or even confusion from her after I gave her my request. I did not expect a happy smile. "That's all you want? I was expecting something worse." She laughed. "You just want me to breastfeed you?" I nodded. "You're not mad or anything?" I asked. She shook her head. "I understand why you're asking. You're curious, and that's perfectly natural. I've seen the way you look at me when I feed Justin." She hugged me again. "So, how about tonight, after I put your brother to bed, I give you your gift." I smiled and nodded excitedly. She hugged me again, then left when she heard my brother wake up, crying for food. I was overcome with excitement. My secret fantasy, which I expected to always be unfulfilled, would finally happen. I could not wait.

My anticipation for that night made the day drag on. Never before had I been so excited for the end of my birthday. I could not wait. In just a few hours my greatest fantasy would become a reality. I was wet much of the day, and flushed. I don't know if my friends noticed or not, as they did not say anything. My mind was not there that whole day, but somehow I made it to that night without getting asked any questions. When I got home, mom already had my birthday dinner ready. As we ate, she left a little later while I ate to feed Justin again. I noticed the meal was smaller than usual, like she wanted to make sure I had room for her milk. This little detail got me more excited. Mom was really going deep in fulfilling this fantasy of mine. Half an hour later, she came back downstairs. I had a feeling Justin was sleeping peacefully as I heard no sounds from his room.

I turned to look at her when she returned and was shocked as she came back in, because she was topless. She had not even bothered to put her shirt or bra back on. "I figured since I was going to be breastfeeding again so soon, there was no reason to put my top back on. Don't worry, your brother did not eat much, so there is plenty left for you." She said as she cupped and hefted her tits towards me. I shivered as she did this. Knowing that soon I'd be feeding from those tits made me so excited. "So Mallory, are you ready for your gift?" She asked. "Yes, I am." I said happily. We both headed together, hand in hand, for the living room. When we got there, she turned to face me. "Before we begin, I just have to ask, why do you want me to breastfeed you Mallory? Is it just curiosity, or is it something more?" I had to laugh, mom was always so perceptive. She already had an idea this was more than just childish curiosity.

"Well mom, to be honest, even though I mostly like boys, I have always been fascinated by women's breasts. My biggest fantasy was to be breastfed by a woman with large breasts. When you asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I just had to ask. I never pictured you being that woman until recently when I knew you were breastfeeding Justin." It was all out now, but mom still had her smile as I told her. I thanked my lucky stars that I had such an open-minded mom. She hugged me again, then asked if I was ready for my gift. I said yes. She then let me go, and spoke again. "If I'm going to breastfeed you, I want you to strip down to nothing but your panties."

I was shocked at her saying this. My mouth was agape in puzzlement, but she answered my question before I could ask it. "When you were a baby, most of the time when I breastfed you, you only had your diaper on. I want you to be dressed like you were when I used to breastfeed you." I could feel my lips beginning to moisten as she said this. She was almost as involved in this fantasy of mine as I was. She wanted to breastfeed me like she had before. I started to wonder if I was also fulfilling a fantasy she had. Quickly as I could, I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants, then reached back and removed my bra. I swear I saw a twinkle of excitement in mom's eyes when my breasts tumbled out for her too view. My nipples were already stiffening, and it was not from the AC. I was very aroused. I could swear I caught her eyes roving over my body and her staring at my breasts. The thought that she might want this as much as I did made me tremble.

She then did something that shocked me. She started to remove the rest of her clothes. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, then removed her own panties. In just about a minute, my mother was standing in front of me, completely naked. She still smiled at me as she saw my puzzled face. "I liked being naked when I breastfed you. I do the same for your little brother when I can. I feel more free and natural. Plus, I feel it increases bonding." I stood there for a bit, admiring my mom's naked body. My eyes trailed down past her breasts to her hips, which were quite wide and shapely. I gazed briefly at her mons, not shaved but nicely trimmed, and down her svelte legs. For a thirty-seven year old mother of two, she had one hell of a body. I'll be honest, seeing my mom naked did turn me on. I could feel my lips getting wetter. She then turned around and walked to the couch, my eyes locked on her pert butt as it shook and I unconsciously licked my lips. She then sat down and patted the couch next to her. I walked over and sat down, then she took me in her arms and laid me down in her lap, her now bare breasts right in my face. My eyes were wide at such a beautiful sight.

I sat there for a minute, just starting at her fat, pink nipples. I licked my lips as a pearl of her milk dripped from one. I had never known that my mother had such luscious tits. Despite now nursing a second child, they were still pretty firm, they sat high on her chest too. Her nipples sat almost perfectly in the centers of her breasts, and they were BIG, at least an E-Cup. "Go ahead, honey. Feed from mommy." She said, hefting one breast closer to my face. I was so excited at this moment. I was very wet, and my nipples were hard. I knew mom could see this, given my boobs were completely bare and all I had covering my sex was my white panties. I just sat there for a moment, taking in the beauty of her breasts, before I leaned towards her and began to lick around her buds. At this moment, my nose was filled with the scent of her body and it was wonderful. I heard a small gasp from her as my tongue bathed her nipples, going back and forth between the two of them. I could feel them hardening on my tongue and that got me excited. I strummed them with my tongue, up and down, and shivered as I felt the hard nubs resisting against my tongue's pushes. I moaned as I licked her nipples, finally tasting another woman's breast. I soon pulled away and took in the sight of her saliva covered nipples, throbbing hard and erect before my eyes.

I could wait no longer, and I put my face to her tit and put my lips around her nipple. I could feel my lips pulse, my heart hammer and my breathing labor as I drew closer to that tasty offering before me. A jolt shot from my mouth, down to my tits and then further to my slit as her nipple came between my lips. I do not know why, but her nipple seemed like the most delicious, most enticing thing I had ever tasted. I loved feeling her breast against my lips, my face buried in her chest and my vision filled almost totally by her wonderful tits. It was finally happening. I was being breastfed. I inhaled her wonderful scent and moaned, before I began to suck. At first, I felt nothing, then moaned again as the sweet taste of her wonderful milk hit my tongue. It was a little thinner and sweeter than regular milk, but I loved it. I moaned at how warm it was too, the warmth of her mother's milk sending a comforting sensation through my whole body.

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