Handyboy and the Trophy

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: It is winter, deep and cold, for this very hot story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

When Billy finished shoveling the snow from the long driveway, front walk and both porches, he went to the back door and knocked, breathing hard, feeling sweat on his back. A young woman in a frilly, floor-length, bright blue robe answered and invited him into the kitchen. He kicked the snow off his boots and stepped into the warmth, smiling at her. She was a beauty, a sort of fragile-looking beauty, a skinny one.

"I better take these off," he said, pulling down the zippers on his bulky overshoes.

"Good idea," she said, swishing her soft gown about her long legs. "I'll fix you some cocoa." She had on high-heeled slippers, also blue and there was a wide blue ribbon in her hair. She was almost as tall as he was in those shoes. He watched her put a heavy mug into the microwave.

Once he was in his stocking feet, he crossed the room and sat where she gestured and sipped the hot chocolate, holding the mug in both hands to warm them. She sat opposite him and crossed her long legs.

Maria Tomlinson was a trophy wife and well aware of her status. She had married a very rich man nearly three times her age after working for six months as his secretary and doing lengthy blow-jobs for him almost every Friday afternoon. He was so fat and his penis was so small, it was not an easy thing to do, but she managed.

Now she found herself in a loveless marriage with a big house, a fancy car and an empty life that only came alive when Jasper took her out to show her off at the club or at company conventions. Her big-bellied husband managed to have sex with her about every week or ten days and then it was such a short and difficult coupling with the girl on top that she barely noticed even though she had to do most of the work.

She had avoided affairs with his friends and business associates, shrugged off several offers with a laugh and had only managed two vigorous fuckings with a foul-mouthed plumber, a very quick joining with a FedEx delivery man and one long session with an incredible pair of black-suited missionaries from some religious group. She still daydreamed about their various doubleplay combinations with her when she used her vibrator.

Now here was this cute 15-year-old that one of her friends had told her about. He was smiling at her, his face red from the cold and wind. Her pussy flinched when she remembered what the woman had said about the size of boy's cock and his unbelievable endurance.

"How's that?" she asked him, letting the velvet robe fall open to her waist, a waist she kept taut on her exercise machine, the one with the suction-cup dildo on the seat when she was alone. She wiggled her impressively augmented chest from side to side as if she itched.

'Great," Billy said, surprised by how much pale pink skin he could see and the swell of her left breast which seemed just about ready to pop free when she moved like that. "Anything else I can do for you?" Her jug, he thought, was about softball sized, more than a handful. He finished his hot chocolate, wondering if they were real.

Maria took a deep breath and licked her lips. "At least take off your hat and warm up some before you go back out there." She felt her nipples swelling and rubbing against the silken lining of her dressing gown. They had always been big and jutting, but since her $15,000 boob job that took her from a 32B to a 36C they seemed even more sensitive, and she could sometimes bring herself to orgasm with her fingers and tongue. She enjoined bouncing before her tall mirror and watching them jiggle.

Billy put his knit watchcap on the table and unzipped his parka. He could smell the woman and now the edge of her areole was sometimes visible, pebbled and pink against her white skin. The shadowed area between her high-set jugs was inviting. He felt his cock tremble. "Nice house," he said, looking away from her bulging bosom.

"You look so cold," the woman said, standing, stepping before the boy and pulling his astonished face to her chest, right between her globular melons. He reached up and grabbed them with his icy hands and nuzzled and kissed both left and right, pulling her down to her knees between his legs. He could feel the bags of thick fluid within her lovely jugs.

She struggled with his zipper and then lifted out his immense penis which flopped about as if it were alive, twisting and jumping in her hand. Maria had sucked a lot of cocks in her school days but never anything like this young boy's swelling monster. She actually felt frightened when she saw it and even more so when she tried to grab it with both hands. She could not get her fingers all the way around it.

Billy looked down and saw the huge head of his hard cock disappear into the woman's red mouth, her lipsticked lips curling about it, and he pushed it deeper, her tongue along it swelling base. "Turn around," he said, smiling down at her blue eyes. She rotated, bent her back, put her hands down behind her feet, and he slid his huge member right down her throat while he reached forward and grasped both of her jutting nipples, squeezing firmly and pulling them outward.

He had never seen such protuberant tits, the dark teats the size of some young girls' breasts. He eased up out of her throat and then pressed back in after he heard her gulp down a breath. Her vibrating throat massaged his long cock wonderfully in peristaltic reflex.

"Can't breathe, can't breathe," was all Maria could think. "He's going to kill me." She snorted through her nose and tried to lick the huge shaft filling her mouth and neck, ignoring the scrotum enveloping her nose. Then out it came, followed by the hard ridge and the round head and she was down on her back, and he was between her long legs. "Don't, don't," she cried, kicking her feet. It looking like some sort of strange battering ram.

Billy, his aching prick in his hand, paused. "I thought you wanted it."

She shook her head, tossing aside the blue ribbon that had held back her auburn curls. Maria's hair was seldom the same color two months in a row and she enjoyed being a sort of redhead. "No, no, not here, please. Let's go upstairs." She rolled over and got to her knees. The boy helped her up, and she hugged him, her nearly bare body against his cold clothes, his coat zipper rough on her tender skin, leaving a jagged line on one full breast.

Billy followed up the long and curved staircase, her blue robe billowing out behind her, and she led him down the hall to a back bedroom and then stood watching as he quickly disrobed except for his sweat socks. "Oh, goddamn," she cried when his cock jumped up after he pulled down his boxer underpants. It slapped him in the well-muscled stomach and stood there, upright and threatening, looking as thick as her ankle and as long as her forearm. "I've never seen anything like that, I can't believe it, my god."

Billy smiled, now quite used to females' reactions to first seeing his mighty weapon. He reached down and kneaded his ballsack which had somehow swollen until it felt like one globe rather than two. Precum oozed and dripped on the rug between them.

Maria let her robe slip to the floor and stood before him, bare and trembling, feeling absolute fright as well as need. He approached and she retreated until her back was to the wall, never taking her eyes from the spire of flesh that stood before the slight boy, the spear about to eviscerate her.

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