Merci's Bad Night

by Tamalain

Copyright© 2015 by Tamalain

: The private Secretary for Lex Luthor decides to do something about a meddlesome reporter. She finds out that Karma really is and unforgiving Bitch.

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I don't own or have any stake in these DC characters, I just had an idea and played with them a little. Enjoy. :)

Clark Kent, Star reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper had gotten a juicy tip about corruption at a new construction site. It was being run by a subsidiary of Lex Corp, so he knew it was most likely true. He went not just because it needed looking into, he also enjoyed being a thorn in Lex Luthors side. The building was a twenty story steel frame structure, so it had to meet very strict standards at all levels.

When he arrived at the construction site, he was immediately confronted by the site foreman and told to leave or the boys would have to make him leave. Clark, being who he is quickly backed off and walked around the outer fence of the grounds. As he reached a point opposite the truck entrance, a small man slipped out a worker gate.

"Mister Kent sir?" he asked diffidently.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Actually, I think I can help you. I am a high metal riveter. This place aint safe mister, the specs call for twelve rivets on all lateral joints, they only let us use six. The welds are should be a triple bead, they are told to use a single. Not safe I tell you." He seemed nervous and kept swiveling his head side to side, looking around.

Clark had his senses out as well and knew they were being watched, but didn't dare act as no threat had been made. "You can prove this Mister?"

"Barry, Barry Waters sir, yeah, I can prove it."

"I will come back later today, will that be long enough?"

Yeah, it should be, Thanks." He turned and returned to his works.

Clark went to City hall to do a records check and saw who the occupants were to be. The results of the search brought a totally uncharacteristic wicked grin to his normally placid face. "I have a few phone calls to make," he thought. "He thinks I cost him money, wait until those two get through with him."

Later that afternoon Clark returned to the building site only to find the person he sought was not there, "Nor had a Barry Winters ever worked here, now scram bum!"

Now Clark took a good look at the structure and his super vision proved out all the allegations. He looked up at a security camera and frowned, knowing who was on the other end.

At Lex Tower, the upper penthouse office of Lex Luthor, Merci frowned back in return. "Boss, why do you put up with him, tou should have rubbed him away ages ago. He is about to cost you millions on that job and you know it."

"Yes Merci, I know he is, and there is not a damned thing I can do about it at this point. As to rubbing him out, been there, tried it, have the scars to prove it. He lucky Merci, the Devils lucky."

Her expression showed she didn't understand. "Ok, let's put it this way, when it come down to Miss Lane, the Blue Boyscout is flashy and open about rescues. With Kent, it is different, always in the background, quiet, and painful. I have watched and reviewed things Merci, Kent is Murphy's best friend."

"Well, I still don't like him, he is just so ... I don't know, soft."

"It is an act, Kent may be a wimp outwardly, but push him and it is like trying to move a steel reinforced brick way with a plastic spoon. Leave him alone."

Merci still did not fully understand, even after her several run ins with him. "On her head be it then," thought Lex. He did dispatch several silent drones to follow and monitor her for the evening, he could at least get a good laugh if it went as he thought it would.

That evening, around seven PM, Merci lay quietly on a rooftop that overlooked the apartment of one Clark Kent. Her M2 sniper rifle concealed and set to fire as soon as an opportunity presented itself. She watched as he entered the building and soon the lights came on in the front room. She watched him move about then decided which room he would die in. She waited, eye to the scope, and a few minutes later, the light went on and she saw the shadow on the shades. She adjusted the angle, let out her breath, waited for the break between heart beats and pulled the trigger. All she heard was a faint snap of metal from inside the rifle.

She cleared it and when she opened it, found the firing pin had broken off at the tip. Cursing her luck, she replaced the pin then started to settle back down, only to find all the lights had been turned off. She saw the hall light just as the door closed, he had left his apartment. She got up and waited to see if he exited and to see which way he would go. He did and walked right to the bus stop and waited. She didn't dare fire on him out in the open.

By the time she had packed her weapon and made it back down the street level, the bus had come. She was just in time to see him board and the bus pulled away, leaving her standing there fuming at her misfortune. She went around the nearest corner to the alley that she had left her car. What she found when she got their, left her slack jawed and speechless. Her car was on blocks, stripped to the frame. "This isn't happening she thought, this just isn't happening." Lex is right, Murphy guards Kent personally.

As she turned to leave the alley to call a cab, a flash of light, and a roll of thunder peeled over her head and the sky opened up on her. She stood there, wondering if this could get worse. She pulled out her phone, only to find it was dead, the battery had failed. Putting the Lex corp. phone away, she cursed the luck of getting bad battery, then she remembered, it was her idea to use the company that produced these batteries so cheaply. Karma, Merci thought is a bitch.

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