Coastal Patrol

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: When I joined the navy I was chosen for small craft warfare. In my case it was coastal patrols on boats. When I added my present to the barrel of my auto cannon it turned into something even more deadly. Of course there are other dangers than boats or planes firing at us. I learned that lesson on our first patrol when the enemy blows up a trawler in our face.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

As soon as I graduated I left to report in for the navy. We had kicked the enemy out of Han but they had continued to press us so we were taking the war to them. Their allies the Nees had been helping them and I have no idea why we had not gone to war with them. We were not though and the war was confined to Char.

Now the damn Rus had started sending new weapons and advisors to Char. I went through basic and then was sent to small craft warfare training. The small craft were river or coastal patrol boats. The class I was headed for was coastal. They were twenty five meters long tri hauls that could reach speeds of seventy five kilometers an hour.

They had four, twelve millimeter mini guns in a box shape with twenty millimeter semi auto cannons in the center bow and stern. Along each side were four water missiles. Each weighed twelve hundred kilos and went forty kilometers an hour for sixteen kilometers. Those were for warships but the only ones we might see were Rus.

I had money or my family did. Since I was a auto cannon gunner my father and grandfather somehow found and bought mage bands for one. The Clar port of Duros was one hundred and fifty kilometers north of the Han border. First I was flown into Han and then ferried north to Duros in a Mule.

After I got my assignment I shouldered my sea bag and bent to grab the second one. I had my carbine slung across my back as I walked out and headed for the docks. It took awhile to find the ones for the coastal patrol squadron. When I did I had to ask for the one I was looking for. It was an older one but from the purr of the engines it sounded good to me.

A senior chief was checking the water missile mounts and glanced at me before he straightened, "looking for us?"

I nodded and he gestured, "see the lieutenant in the bridge house and then go below."

I climbed aboard, "which gun is mine?"

He snorted but gestured to the rear, "Bertie."

I grinned as I headed for the bridge and set my sea bags down. I stepped in and came to attention, "seaman third Ericson reporting."

A man a little older than me turned and looked me over before nodded, "see the senior chief and he will tell you where to go."

Somehow his voice seemed a lot older and I turned to leave. I found the senior chief in the galley drinking coffee. He turned and led me to a bunk, "stow your gear under it and come up onto deck."

I cleared my throat, "chief?"

He sighed, "spit it out."

I tossed one bag on the bed and took the other off, "I have twelve mage bands for the auto cannon."

He straightened, "what?"

I grinned, "a present. I saw that ... Bertie had one of the old mage barrels. Any problems with me putting all twelve on?"

He grinned fiercely, "not while I run this boat."

Of course I ended up with most of the crew helping or giving advice. Finally I checked it one last time and gave the receiver a caress, "now you have a meaner bite sweetness."

The others laughed and I reddened slightly before I grinned. It was another day before we left port to patrol up the coast. We had a report of the Rus sending supplies south using old fishing trawlers. On the way out of the harbor the senior chief pointed out a wreck just under the surface, "that was the private yacht of the regional governor."

I looked at it as we went past, "anyone search it?"

He chuckled, "it is infested with angel sea serpents."

I looked at him and he grinned, "they say he was fleeing with gold and gems."

I snorted and turned to look around, "did they say that before it was infested or after?"

He laughed as he walked away, "exactly."

I searched the sky as we headed north and it was almost an hour before we saw the fishing trawlers. That was when the two fast movers or enemy fighters appeared. I charged Bertie and spun the gun to the port and aimed. The fighters rolled as they turned to head straight in and that was when the boat began to accelerate and twist and turn.

The other guns began to engage and a moment later the lead fighter fired. Rounds impacted in the ocean beside us as I rode the bouncing boat, aimed and squeezed. The streak of fire from the round turned into plasma and hit the fighter and it vanished in an explosion. I shifted as the second suddenly broke off and turned to flee.

It was to late as I aimed and fired and a second streak of plasma hit it and it too exploded. I looked around as everyone yelled and cheered. The boat slowed and turned towards the trawlers as I locked the bolt to the rear and unloaded the gun. I grabbed a long bore brush and ran it down the barrel a few times.

I set it aside and reloaded the gun before I turned it. The three trawlers were heading towards land but they were not going to make it. Small weapons fired at us and our forward weapons answered. Men were leaping overboard as the trawlers were torn apart. By the time we reached the first the other two had been abandoned.

The lieutenant slowed as if to board the first trawler and that was when it exploded. The forward gunners were thrown to the deck as the boat was lifted and dropped. All the armored windows in the bridge were broken and everyone was shaken. I swung Bertie and aimed at the next trawler but it exploded while we were still recovering.

At least this time we were further away so we were out of danger. The third trawler exploded while we watched and recovered. The lieutenant turned the boat and we began to pick up the few men in the water that were still alive. We searched them and sat them on the bow before heading back to port.

The senior chief watched and guarded the prisoners while we watched for more planes. When we reached the dock a half dozen navy police were waiting to take the prisoners away. The lieutenant sent the senior chief to see if we could get new windows. When he found out it would be a few days he grumped before giving us a three day liberty.

I had been thinking while we were out and when I woke in the morning I went to find a man. Mr Sonne did salvage work around the bay but when I told him where he shook his head. I grinned, "the ship went down over a year ago right?"

He nodded and I leaned back in the chair, "what do you know about angel sea serpents?"

He snorted, "their bite kills and that is all I want to know."

I nodded, "they are predators that feed off scavenger fish. A year and the bodies are stripped of flesh which means no scavengers. Now I will do the dive to secure the lines and you can use two of your large barges to lift it. We split what we find."

He snorted, "I get ninety percent."

I leaned forward, "are you going to dive with me?"

He grinned, "good point. Seventy percent."

I shook my head, "I had the information about the serpents."

He grinned, "okay sixty but after the split with the crew."

I nodded and held out my hand and we shook. An hour and we were out on the bay with two large construction barges and a boat. I stripped to my shorts and looked at the sunken boat and hoped I was right. I caught the end of a light rope and took a breath before I dove into the water.

I swam down towards the bow and started working the rope under. Finally I surfaced to catch my breath and hung on the side of the boat. When I was ready I swam down and managed to finish the job and bring the rope to the surface. I caught my breath as the two barges pulled a thicker rope under the sunken wreck.

I swam to the rear and caught another light rope thrown to me. I dove and this time it was simple to get under the rear of the boat and pull the rope up as I surfaced. I pulled myself out and into the boat while the barges pulled a second large rope under the boat. Finally the barge cranes began to tighten and the sunken ship rose to the surface.

I was not the only one to leap to the other ship as the barges started towards the side of the docks. We searched the boat and I was surprised to find the rumors were true. There was chest after chest of gold bars and coins and bags of uncut gems. That made the crew very happy and once we had the boat out of the water we started to unload.

The crew escorted it to the warehouse where it would be counted and a large party started. Whole families arrived with food and drinks. Mr Sonne had a very large family and before I knew it two of his many daughters were mine. He laughed and they celebrated and I even got one of the large sailboats they had recovered weeks before.

Once the cargo was counted and the crew paid it was our turn. I had help loading several chests and bags onto my new sailboat before we left. It was dark when I tied up close to the coastal patrol boat docks. Rika and Akira were already below and in bed as I secured the boat and went below. I stripped and climbed into bed and laid back.

I woke to one of the girls rolling me onto my back while the other stroked my cock. I blinked and saw a hint of dawn in the small window above us. I looked at Rika as she straddled me and reached up to cup her firm breasts. Akira held my cock as her sister slowly wiggled down it. She shifted as her almost hot and very tight pussy gripped my cock, "big."

Akira giggled and I grinned as I reached between Rika's legs to start fingering her clit. She jerked and her pussy clenched, "ooohhhh!"

She shuddered and began to thrust back and forth. A minute and her pussy was slippery and she was panting. She lifted up as she rocked forward and shoved down and back as she sat. After a few more minutes she was twisting and spasming while her pussy kept grasping my cock. She fell on me and I hugged her before I shifted and rolled.

I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she lifted her legs, "aaaahhhh!"

Her pussy was still constantly squeezing my cock as she struggled and thrashed. I used firm strokes and began to rub and grind. She hugged me tight while cocking her legs back, "yyyeeeessssss!"

After a couple of minutes I was fucking her hard and then buried my cock. She jerked and spasmed and then I was pumping sperm. She wiggled and clutched me when she felt the warm cum flooding her, "mmmm!"

When I stopped she wrapped her legs before slowly relaxing and dropping them to the bed. She rubbed my back and turned her head, "do Akira."

Her sister grinned as she rolled to her stomach and went to her knees. She spread them wide and kept her upper body on the bed. I pulled out and moved around to look at her shaven pussy before I slipped a finger into her. She pushed back and I shifted and sank my cock into her. She was extremely tight and sighed as I buried my cock.

I humped and pressed and relaxed before doing it again. I kept it up and Akira moaned and pushed back, "mmmm!"

A few minutes and I finally pulled almost out and then sank my cock back into her. She groaned as her pussy gripped my cock, "aaaahhhh!"

It was not long before I was fucking her with deep thrusts. She was pushing back at first but after awhile she was shoving back as her slippery pussy kept grasping and clenching. She twisted and shook as she got louder, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I was holding her hips up as I fucked her hard and deep and she grasp the blankets. She was jerking and shaking while fucking back onto my cock, "FUCK!"

I shoved into her and pulled her back and held her as I began to pump spurts of sperm. Her pussy grasped my cock and she wiggled and squirmed, "YES!"

When I stopped cumming I let her sag to the bed and my cock slipped out. She was panting and shuddering and grinned when she looked back. Her sister giggled and held out her arms and I was still hard so I moved over her and sank my cock into her cummy pussy. I fucked them three times each before pulling them out of bed.

We went to the bathroom and washed. I kissed the girls and gave them money to go shopping for food and things we would need. I returned to the coastal patrol boat and saw the new armored windows being put in. I checked Bertie and wiped her down before I replaced the cover that had been on her.

I went below and grabbed my things and took them back to the sailboat. I left it and returned to help clean up the patrol boat. I spent the night on the sailboat with the two girls but got up and left early. I spoke with the harbor master before I went aboard the patrol boat. We were heading out as the sun began to rise.

Again we were going north looking for trawlers. The senior chief stopped by my gun as I continued to search for planes. He chuckled, "I saw you got that old sailboat."

I nodded, "it was cheap."

He snorted, "I doubt if the engine will ever work."

I glanced at him, "I did not get it for the engine. The bed has a lot more room and my bed mates do not snore."

He laughed and nodded, "that is probable true."

I swung the gun to the port side, "TRAWLER TO THE PORT SIDE!"

He looked and moved forward as the boat whistle sounded. The boat turned and we started in and I saw a second trawler in front of the first. They were headed towards shore as fast as they could go. The boat turned a little to the north and the lieutenant looked over the port side, "put a round into the first one Jedidiah."

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