Mike Ralston
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Secret Service agent takes an early retirement and discusses his reasons for doing that. All of the characters are fictional.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual  

The light coming in through the edge of the shaded window woke Mike Ralston. He caught the scent of Mia Carter's perfume as she lay sleeping alongside him. Mia was sleeping on her stomach and the bed sheet was down at her waist. Mike looked at her muscular back and thought that it was a very sexy back. He had a passing thought that not many men appreciated the sexiness of a woman's back.

Mike had been bedding Mia for almost a year now. She was a very attractive lady who had a body that most women would kill for. Mia was in her mid-forties, about five foot seven inches tall and weighed in the neighborhood of one hundred and thirty five pounds. All of her weight was in the right places as she had large breasts, a small waist and womanly hips. She was blessed with a cute face and nice personality but it was her fiery red mid-back length hair that brought her a lot of attention from both men and women.

Mia had once told Mike that for every three men who hit on her there was one woman who would also hit on her. While it was flattering to her that they did this she also said it was a pain in the ass. She had resorted to wearing a wedding ring which helped a little in fending off these pursuers. Her position as a CIA analyst who did have some field experience before she came inside to work at a desk gave her the fortitude to tell all these people she wasn't interested in any of them.

One time a man who wouldn't take no for an answer and kept pestering just pissed her off. He was on the receiving end of a tirade with Mia telling him, "Listen, you are not getting into my pants as I already have one asshole in there already and there isn't room for you." He did get her message when she said that and sheepishly walked away.

While he was having these thoughts, Mia woke up and turning to be on her back saw that Mike was awake and looking at her.

Stretching her arms and yawning she said, "Morning lover, been up long?"

"Maybe ten minutes, I was admiring the pretty lady sleeping next to me."

"Last night you did more than admire and I will say it was a good night. You are such an animal when we make love. That being said, is today the big day?"

What she was referring to was that today was the last day Mike was going to be working as an active Secret Service agent as he was taking an early retirement.

"Yes it is and I can't believe thirty years and two months have gone by that fast."

Mike was admiring her large breasts with their enticing nipples as he heard her say, "Have you decided what you are going to do?"

"Not yet and yes."

"What in the hell does that mean?"

"During the course of my work I have met a lot of people. Some of them have said that if I ever stopped being an agent they would like to hire me. Some of them seemed to infer it would be to head their private security and others have mentioned that it would be for their business and still others have said it would be for a combination of both. If they were serious in their offers I won't know until I either call them or send them a letter saying that I am available. That is the 'not yet' of my answer."

"What is the yes?"

"The yes pertains to what I am going to do in a few seconds. I am going to go down on you and munch on your lovely red haired pussy and do it till you can't take it any longer and tell me to stop. One of my hands is going to be playing with your stiff nipples and the fingers on the other hand are going to be probing at your back door."

"Oh sweet Jesus, you saying that is giving me goose bumps and I can feel myself moistening. While you are doing what you just said can we switch around so I can mouth your shaft? I love having it in my mouth."

Mike gave Mia a kiss and then moved down her body stopping to nibble a little on each of her stiff nipples and continuing down till his head was in between her spread thighs doing what he said he would do. The scent of her arousal was evident but it was intermingled with the perfume that she had applied there.

Mia was true to her word and seemed content just to mouth and lick his stiff shaft. She knew if she put more effort in to it and gave him a prostate massage, Mike would come quickly. She didn't do that as she wanted to have a few more of the orgasms he was giving her now. When she was satisfied she would put a leg over him and mount him. With her on top he would last longer and that meant she would continue to have pleasure. She prided herself on being a deep thinker as to love making but the truth was that she just enjoyed having sex.

After they both had their orgasms they rested in each other's arms telling the other that was great. Reluctantly they rose to shower separately and dressed to go to work. If they had showered together they both knew they would be late for work. His slippery soapy hands washing her body would cause both of them to become excited and for them to continue their lovemaking.

In arriving at work Mike thought the office was unusually quiet. The President and the First Lady were on their third official vacation of the year and it was only the end of May. They were in to the third week of a four week Hawaiian vacation. Mike just took a seat at a desk and reviewed some paperwork.

Craig Stevenson the acting director came to Mike and said, "I know this is your last day and I need to do an exit interview with you. Let's do an early lunch together and afterwards we can do the interview."

Mike agreed and suggested instead of walking to a restaurant that was close by they would drive over to Barney's which was noted for its Philly cheese steak sandwiches with the caramelized onions.

At the restaurant after getting their order they sat a table and Craig said, "Why this quick decision to retire? You surprised me when you told me in confidence that you wanted to retire and for me not to say anything."

"This isn't a quick decision but something that I have been thinking about for a while. Just because I kept it to myself and didn't say anything till two weeks ago, please don't think it was a spur of the moment decision."

"Can I ask why you are retiring; I always thought you enjoyed working here and handling your assignments."

"I did and still do but I can see the handwriting on the wall that because of my age what my assignments in the future are going to be. It will be either a desk job or providing security to some ex-President or his wife and that is not my cup of tea. I have talked to some of the agents who have been doing this type of security. They say that some of the people they are assigned to are nice and treat them well, others are not so nice and they treat the agents as servants. Some of them act as though they are royalty and expect to be treated like they are."

"Mike, we have known each other for some twenty years and from what you say it sounds like you are a little bitter."

"I wouldn't say I am bitter, just maybe a little disappointed with all the bullshit that I have seen going around here."

"Why now, this bullshit has been going on for a long time?"

"Oh I know that but it got ratcheted up a few years back with that problem in Columbia?"

"That would have never saw the light of day if the agent had paid the whore what he said he would."

"Well it did become a problem and the press reported it as something that only the Secret Service had gotten involved in. You and I know that paying for the services of a lady for the night has been going on for a long time before Columbia. My problem is with the media only reporting about the service doing this and not the members of the press and some of the members of the Presidents entourage who also engaged in those activities. Then again some of the staff members, who by the way are married, don't need to pay for it as they have on going relationships with other staff members. Sometimes when we are in the hallways providing security the traffic going from room to room is like a rush hour."

"You really don't expect them to report on themselves or kill the access they have to the White House by doing that did you?"

"No, I don't expect that they would and that's another problem. When I first started out working here the press or the media was somewhat more objective than they are now. They have developed strong biases and most of them feel that they are celebrities or national personalities. They have their noses so far up the President's butt that they have convinced the public that the man walks on water and judging by what is going on in the world or here at home we know that is not the case.

"Well I can't say I disagree with you on what you said. Is there anything else that is bothering you?"

"A few more things now that you mention it. How about the fuss that politicians of both parties put up when we goofed up and the fellow came over the White House fence. They were so concerned that someone could get over the fence that people here were let go and were out of a job. I would like to see those same politicians express one half of that concern about our southern border which is wide open. They could care less as to who is coming into this country even though these illegals could be terrorists or disease infected people."

"I agree with you on that."

"All the candidates for office say they are going to do big things if they are elected. When they are elected nothing changes. They think the voters are dumb and have short memories which some of them do as they keep voting these people back into office. What they said they were against when they were running to be elected was one thing and now they have done a one eighty since they have been elected. The problem is no one calls them out on doing that."

"Another thing is how about the money which is spent that nobody seems to care about? Two planes four hours apart to go to Hawaii for a vacation it's like pissing the money down a drain but nobody seems to say anything about it. You have to wonder if they were paying out of their own pocket for this travelling if they would be doing it. Talk about living like royalty, the public doesn't know the half of what goes on."

"The one thing that grabs me a little is a position some of these politicians take on gun control. They say no one should have a gun yet they sure as hell want bodyguards and they want their bodyguards to have guns. Half of them carry around a gun without having a permit. The rescinding of the order limiting Secret Service protection for ten years after leaving the office for ex-Presidents is now giving them this protection for life is a prime example of this need. That to me shows they want protection but as far as they are concerned everyone else be damned as to their protection or safety. I could go on and on."

"But let me just say one more thing. How about the current story going around about the politician giving millions to a kid who has some dirt on this politician that happened a long time ago? The media is having a field day in expressing their shock and outrage. They say that he must have done nasty things because he has made a large number of payments to this kid who I guess is now a man. You know that is only a half of the story they are reporting on. What isn't being reported or only briefly mentioned is that this man made about 200K a year when he was in office. Now he is working as a lobbyist he makes somewhere around two million a year. Don't you think it would be a good story to find out what he does or has done to be getting that kind of a pay check?"

"But I guess that is chump change when compared to someone who said as they were leaving office of the Presidency, "That they were dead broke." Well things must have gone good for them because in a few short years they reportedly are worth over one hundred million dollars. I guess it must be true when they say this is a land of great opportunity."

Craig said, "The press or some of them are looking into what they did to cause this large financial gain."

"You and I both know that will be old news shortly. It will get buried and the media will be back on message preparing for her coronation."

Craig was a little shocked to hear Mike expressing himself. He knew that he had similar thoughts but you didn't say those things or there would in some way be repercussions. Looking at the time that had gone by at lunch Craig said they needed to get back to the office. They hustled to get back to the office where Craig did do the exit interview with Mike.

In doing the exit interview Craig said, "Here is your retired ID card which will enable you to conceal carry a handgun if you want to. The President's executive order gives this privilege to retired agents. You handgun because of this order is yours to keep. Do you know what you are going to do now that you have retired? Are you going to take up the game of golf?"

"No, I have seen enough golf over the past few years that have turned me off on the game not that I would be any good at it. Seeing the frequent use of the foot wedge along with the seemingly inability of many to accurately count the strokes taken on a hole has diminished the game in my mind. I have seen one person who I won't name and normally does not take a practice stroke before he hits the golf ball say that it was a practice stroke when he takes a swing and whiffs."

"Let me ask you this then, do you know what if anything you are going to do?"

"That's a yes and a not yet answer."

"What do you mean by that?"

"The yes part pertains to a certain lady who I plan on seeing tonight. The not yet means I am going to make some phone calls to see what the employment opportunities are out there and see if anything interest me. Then again I hope in a way there is some interest in hiring me."

"You should know that I get requests from various businesses that are looking to hire ex-agents. It has gotten so that I have set up a group email address of these businesses. I did that because I can just send all of them at one time the particulars on an agent if the agent wants me to. Keep that in mind if you are looking for employment."

"Thanks, I will."

"Oh and on what we talked about earlier, any suggestions on how we could change Washington?"

"Well I don't see it happening in my lifetime. I read a story once about our military rising up and declaring martial law requesting the voters to amend the Constitution to add term limits for all to include the Supreme Court and having a nationwide general election for all new Senators and Representatives. Something like that would have to happen before anything would change as those presently in power want to stay in power. You could count on one hand how many of those presently in office would vote for term limits."

Standing up Mike extended his hand to Craig saying, "Thanks for not saying anything about my retiring as I didn't want a retirement party. Joe Brady didn't want one but he got one and deservedly so because of the shot he made at that suicide bomber. I will make a phone call and then say good-bye to some of the people here and leave. It's been nice knowing you and good luck to you in the future."

At a desk Mike phoned Mia. When she answered the phone he said, "Well, I am officially retired. I am going to say good-bye to a few people and walk out of here in about ten minutes. Are you available for tonight?"

"What do have in mind?"

"I was thinking along the lines of what I said to you this morning. You seemed to enjoy that."

Giggling she said, "Now that is going to cost you dinner."

Laughing a little he said, "It will be worth it and I will pick you up at six."

After saying a few good-byes to some surprised people Mike was on his way home anticipating what tonight and what the future held in store for him.

When Mia opened the door of her condo to greet Mike he thought that she looked damn good. She was wearing her basic black dress that she had worn before which highlighted her very feminine body. The V neckline showed her ample breasts the dress ended four inches above the knees on her good looking legs. What the dress showed which Mike thought Mia was unaware of was the nice curve of her ass. He loved walking behind her and watching her ass move. It was like the proverbial two cats in a pillow case fighting.

Dinner was nice and the conversation was interesting. Mike told Mia about the things he had said to Craig. What his thoughts were on certain matters wasn't new to Mia as she had heard him express those thoughts before. It surprised her a little that he said these things to Craig and that Craig had agreed with Mike. She knew Mike spoke his mind and always told it like he thought it was. He would never be a politician because of that trait. That was one of the thing she liked about him as you always knew where you stood with him.

When they were back at her condo Mia went into the kitchen to make some drinks. Mike followed her there and before she could pour any liquor into the glasses Mike pulled down the zipper on the back of her dress and unhooked her bra.

Mia turned around to face Mike which had the dress drop to her waist and with a little devilish look on her face she said, "Can't you wait?"

Bending at his waist to kiss and lick her nipples which looked to be surprisingly stiff he said, "Judging by the stiffness of your nipples I am guessing that you don't want me to."

"Damn it, I just know without turning around when you are looking at my ass. I can just feel your eyes on my ass and it turns me on. Because I get excited I can feel myself moisten. Come on big boy, I have a friend who is a little moist and is waiting for you to visit."

In her bedroom Mike was undressing but at the same time he was watching Mia shimmying out of her dress and panties. She had one hell of a body he thought as he watched her move to recline on the bed.

He joined her and they started to exchange spit with some deep French kissing. Mike enjoyed kissing her because of the little moaning sounds she made in her throat as they kissed. His hands roamed her body from her large breasts with their stiff nipples to her ample but firm ass.

They had been lovers for about a year which had them become familiar with each other how the other made love. Even though they were, it always was enjoyable to see the other trying to make it the most pleasurable for the other as they made love. When Mike moved down to nibble on her nipples she knew he wouldn't stop there and could feel herself moisten even more.

Mia may have thought that she was moist but Mike thought that she was wet. He knew when she was this wet that his shaft would enter her completely with a single thrust. She still was tight but her moisture made his entry going into her like a hot knife in warm butter.

As he moved up in between her spread thighs he could see the anticipation she was expressing on her face. The expression change when his shaft entered her with her eyes closing and her face slightly grimacing. With his shaft moving in her she would mutter some words as, "So good, so good... , or that's it, that's the spot... , or love me lover, make me cum, make me cum." Her saying those things just gave Mike the incentive to try and have his shaft go as deep as he could into her.

He tried to slow the pace and think of other things to delay his orgasm but just as it was for almost a year, it was a losing battle. The warm spend she felt entering her had her tell him he did fine as she collapsed on him. They cuddled for a while with his hand caressing various parts of her body and in a short time he was ready to go again. Most of the times when they made love Mike would have two orgasms. He knew that Mia had many more orgasms because she said she did. He also knew she was sexually very satisfied and because of that Mike was fairly sure his relationship with her would continue.

He thought this because he wasn't sure if the relationship he had with her would develop into anything more than it presently was. In a way he hoped it would but at the same time he wondered if it ever would. Mia had never pressed him or hinted around that she wanted something more in a relationship with him other than going out and having sex. If she did, that would cause him to decide if he wanted to take it to the next level but until that or something else happened he was satisfied with the present status quo.

With Mia asleep in his arms Mike had some time to think before he fell asleep. There were two primary thoughts that were going through his mind. His relationship with Mia was one of the thoughts. The other one was what kind of reception would he get when he inquired about possible employment opportunities. He didn't know if there were any, or where would they be or would he get the job satisfaction which had been missing in his final years as an agent. That was the last thought he had as he fell asleep.

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