Riding a Dragon

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: There are many types of airships but a Dragon is one of the deadliest. I became a pilot for one and was sent to war. There is nothing like the feel of speeding just above the trees or making a strike. A side mission on the way back to base earns me a surprising gift. Of course the first taste of combat for my navigator was all he could take. Now it was time we took the fight to the enemy.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

There are many types of airships but a Dragon is one of the deadliest. I became a pilot for one and was sent to war. There is nothing like the feel of speeding just above the trees or making a strike. A side mission on the way back to base earns me a surprising gift. Of course the first taste of combat for my navigator was all he could take. Now it was time we took the fight to the enemy.

I was ahead of my class in school and graduated early. That got me a shot to be a pilot. They had a single opening for a Dragon pilot. It was like a fighter but a lot slower and a lot heavier armed. It had a single twelve millimeter mini in the nose and everything else was in or under the wings.

There were three missile pods, three grenade launchers and three, eight millimeter miniguns on each wing. It had dragon scale armored skin and two large mage engines under and behind the wings and along the body. It had special flares and smoke and decoys to distract enemy pilots from shooting it.

Three months later I was in Han where I signed for a new Dragon. My flight engineer and navigator was as new as me. Second lieutenant Johnson was a dog and while we waited for the other five crews he spent most of his time in the city beside the base. Finally six new Dragons flew north and to the air base in Clar.

It was beside a major city and from the reports and from what I saw, the Clar people seemed glad we were there. It was a week of briefings before we got our first mission. First lieutenant Jackson was our wing leader and we were going out to support a combat base. They were under heavy attack from the enemy.

We followed and stayed just above the trees as we sped north. Thirty minutes and I fell back as Jackson accelerated and turned for the first attack run. Just before he reached the base he rose up slightly. I was almost a mile behind but saw all the weapons firing and the explosions ahead and below him.

I rose up and once he was clear I aimed and began to fire everything at once. The Dragon bucked and slowed but I had shoved the throttle to the stop. Missiles streaked out and into the large crowd of enemy in the cleared area. Grenades exploded and tossed bodies into the air while all the miniguns ripped men apart.

I stopped firing as the missiles impacted at the other edge of the cleared area. I dropped lower and rolled and turned to follow Jackson. He went straight out before making a wide turn and coming back for another run. I had seen the small combat base and slid further to the right so I could come in behind it.

I rose up and Johnson cursed as he started dumping flares, smoke and decoys. I ignored the incoming fire and put the nose down and started my run. The enemy closing on the rear of the base were ripped apart and the incoming fire stopped as men and equipment vanished. I pulled up and rolled and flashed over the other tree line.

Jackson slowed as he turned once more and I moved up to his right. He chuckled over the radio, "last run."

We were headed back and I slid to the right and changed the firing sequence for the missiles and grenade launchers. Johnson was still cursing as I rose up and then put the nose down and began to fire. The enemy was firing at both planes as devastation marched through them. The dragon was struggling to keep from slowing as the battlefield became constant explosions.

Finally I pulled up and over the tree tops and turned to follow Jackson. I reset my weapons and checked what I had left. All the missiles were gone but I still had a third of my grenades and half my minigun ammo. We turned to head back to base and several minutes later I heard a all frequency call.

"Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! This is Han Elmor Charlie two six. I need anything you have left."

I had memorized the call signs and that one was from a Han general. I opened my radio, "boss?"

He sighed, "I am bingo and have a few rounds in one engine. If you have anything and your plane is good answer and respond."

I switched my primary radio, "this is Dragon five five six. Say your position Elmor Charlie two six."

"On your six. We need help breaking contact."

I rolled my plane and turned, "throw marker smoke and get clear."

Johnson was back to cursing as I leveled off and changed the weapon setting. A moment later I saw the smoke ahead and rose up, "commencing run."

I dropped the nose and fired and the minis ripped through the forest while the grenades did a lot worse. Trees were destroyed and fell as I stopped firing and sped over. I made a long turn and lifted to make a second pass. I ran out of grenades before I finished and shrugged, "that is all I have. Good luck."

I turned and headed for home and glanced back, "what is wrong with you?"

Johnson glared, "they were shooting at us."

I grinned as I checked around us, "not for very long."

When we landed I followed the guide back to our parking area. I started shutting down and opened the canopy. Johnson climbed out and jumped down and walked away. That was the last I saw him, he turned in his wings to become a supply officer. I climbed out and grinned at senior chief Norman, "perfect."

He laughed as his crew began checking the plane. I made my own check before going to see lieutenant Jackson for a debriefing. After that I went to eat and headed for the plane salvage yard. A huge Atlas had one wing missing at the body. The body was broken in front of the tail and the entire nose was missing.

I had help lifting it into a homemade cradle and leveling it. The area inside the side door was like a large living area with couches and chairs. To the back was what looked like stacks of huge crates. They were actually walls for rooms for my ground crew. I climbed the spiral stairs up to what had been a senior officer passenger area.

The plane seats were gone and replaced by a couple of comfortable chairs. There were a few rugs and a large bed and a custom standing closet. I stripped on my way forward to where the single bathroom had been. We had two in the plane now and they both had a small shower. The other was directly below in what had been the front of the cargo bay.

I washed and then headed to bed and tried to relax. I woke to senior chief Norman shaking the bed. I glanced at him, "we under attack?"

He grinned, "no."

I turned over and looked at the ceiling, "then why did you wake me?"

He headed for the stairs, "you have a visitor."

I sat up and swung my feet over the side before standing. I grabbed my robe and started to follow him. In the common area below was a Han general and a girl who kept looking around. I walked towards them and the general grinned, "sorry to wake you."

I shrugged, "sooner or later I will catch up."

He chuckled and then sighed, "I did a little checking lieutenant. You landed with empty tanks and only fifty rounds in your wing miniguns."

I smiled, "I had a few liters of fuel in reserve."

He snorted, "enough to get you another five kilometers?"

He sighed and turned, "you did not have to come back. We were ... not in a good spot."

He looked at me, "you saved a lot more than you know. We had two captured Rus generals. This is Shay, my Clar guide's seventh daughter. He has expressed his wish to give her to you for saving him."

I blinked, "giving..."

He smiled, "she is sixteen and from what he said extremely bright. She has also been driving him crazy with demands to give her away or sell her."

I looked at the girl and she grinned and winked. I blushed and looked at the general as he turned, "anyway I wanted to thank you."

He walked out and the girl moved towards me. She opened my robe and my cock got hard very fast. Senior chief Norman laughed and I glanced at him as he turned away, "you are going to lose more sleep now sir."

I bent and took the canvas suitcase from the girl and turned to go back upstairs. I did not have time to set it down. As soon as Shay saw the bed she caught my hand and started pulling me towards it. I pulled back long enough to drop the suitcase on a chair before letting her pull me to the bed.

She turned and reached for my robe and I pushed her hands away, "take your own clothes off."

She grinned as she pulled the long, tight, black dress up and over her head. I stared at her naked body as she dropped the dress and pushed her back onto the bed. I knelt as she spread her legs and laid back. I began to lick through her pussy and she sighed and spread her legs even more.

Like I had read about Clar girls, all the hair around her pussy had been removed. I began to wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit and suck. She shuddered and humped and I continued to lick, nibble and work on her clit. Finally I stopped and stood as she turned and moved into the middle of the bed. I moved on and over her before I forced my cock into her tight pussy.

She groaned as I buried my cock and stretched her pussy. I kissed her and began to hump and grind and press. A minute and she was hugging me as her tight pussy kept clenching. It was wet and slippery and I finally pulled back and started to fuck her. I tried to go slow at first but she was a wild ride and kept pulling on me.

Before long I was fucking her firmly with deep thrusts. She shuddered and kept lifting her hips as she moaned. Several minutes and she thrashed and bucked and clutched me, "aaaahhhh!"

I continued to bury my cock as deep as I could. She twisted and struggled and I started to fuck her hard. She gasped and spasmed while her pussy gripped my cock, "ooohhhh!"

I did not last long and shoved into her and kissed her as I gushed and spewed sperm. She hugged me and her pussy kept squeezing, "mmmm!"

I relaxed when I was done and she was panting. She grinned, "can we do it again?"

I laughed and rolled and pushed her up, "you do the work this time."

She shifted and then started grinding and rubbing her messy pussy back and forth. It was two hours before she fell asleep and I was not far behind. I woke to my alarm and shifted before remembering the girl. I looked at her snuggled against me, "hey?"

She lifted her head and I smiled, "we need to wash and go eat and then see admin."

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