Jungle Scout

by Ka Hmnd

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Even before I was old enough I wanted to fight for my country. When I was, I joined those I felt comfortable with, jungle scouts. I had a talent for moving unseen and they were the best place for me. Our mission went from finding secret camps for smuggling weapons and equipment to plans for a major attack.

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Even before I was old enough I wanted to fight for my country. When I was I joined those I felt comfortable with, jungle scouts. I had a talent for moving unseen and they were the best place for me. Our mission went from finding secret camps for smuggling weapons and equipment to plans for a major attack.

I had grown up on the southern coast of Han in the swamp and jungle. When the Clar invaded I was to young to fight. We were a colony and Genta came in with both feet. They and our forces pushed the Clar out. We have managed to push them back into their country over a hundred and fifty kilometers.

The fighting had intensified and the Nees and Russ were both suppling weapons and equipment to the enemy. As soon as I turned eighteen I signed up with the Han jungle scouts. My weapon was an old ten gauge side by side shotgun and a long rifle. I cut the barrels shorter on the shotgun and cut the stock to make a pistol grip.

I wore a pack with our version of rations as twelve of us started a long patrol into enemy territory. We went from a fire base close to the front and the western border of Clar. We used tiny trails and moved slowly. We took turns on point and before three days were up I was leading all the time. A week and we split up in three man teams.

It was several hours before we found the staging camp the Nees were using to move weapons and supplies into Clar. We split up again and slipped into camp to look around. In the back of a large tent I sliced a hole and slipped in. It held cases of new carbines and rifles with mage bands.

I found one case of brush shotguns in ten gauge and quietly opened it. I looked at the ten shot semi auto shotguns and glanced around before I took one. I slung it on my back and closed the case before I left. Next I searched two more of the four large tents in my area. When I slipped into the last I hesitated.

This was not a supply tent and had a large map board and radios. I moved closer and studied the map before I started to turn and leave. A belt caught my attention and I moved to look at the pistol in the holster. I grinned as I took the belt and fastened it over my shoulder and under my arm. I opened the pack on the desk and stared at the gold coins and pouches of gems.

I removing my pack and quickly filled it with the pouches and then the gold before I slipped out. I put the pack on and went to meet the others who looked at the new shotgun and pistol and grinned. We headed back to meet the rest of the patrol. Once everyone was there we shared what we found and the patrol leader called for an air strike.

We were ten kilometers away when it came and still felt the earth shake. I loaded the new shotgun and slung the old rifle as we moved. With the four mage bands it would have one hell of a punch since I was using hollow core slugs. We avoided a few enemy patrols on the way back to the fire base.

My pack was or at least seemed a lot heavier by the time we got there. We reported in at the Genta command bunker before going to wash and rest. I left my old rifle with the armorer and went to supply to get a half dozen boxes of new caseless shotgun ammo, that was three hundred rounds. I checked and was able to get six new magazines for the Wild pistol.

It used twelve millimeter ammo and was a standard Nees or Rus design for officers. The rear half had a slide while the barrel extended for twenty centimeters and had two mage bands. I took more ammo and went back to work on my combat vest and equipment. I ate and slept and woke to Charles the patrol leader shaking my hammock, "we are headed east."

I sat up, "east?"

He was waking the others, "to the Clairmont infantry base. They are planning something and need jungle scouts. We will be using converted river barges for quarters. Pack up, a Mule is on the way to pick us up."

An hour and all the scouts were in the Mule and headed east before the sun was even up. Clairmont was on a major river that ran from the north to south and turned east into the ocean. It was in the middle of the country and thirty kilometers from the line. Once we got off the large craft we caught a ride to an area at the edge of the base and along the wide river.

There were a couple of dozen grain barges and I headed towards a small one just off a long dock. It was suspended on four cables and had a large hole in the front right side. I was looking at it when a Clar fisherman cleared his throat. I glanced at him and he was ringing his hat, "yes?"

He gestured, "I was going to salvage that."

I looked at the huge hole, "how were you going to fix the hole?"

He looked at me as I turned back to him and grinned, "not easily."

I snorted and glanced at the barge, "what does the hold look like?"

He shrugged, "sound except for that hole."

I set my duffle down and then pulled off my heavy pack, "how much would a real boat cost?"

We talked as I watched the few Clar that were here. Most were pour fishermen with families. I knelt, "how about if I give you enough money to buy a fishing boat. You pay me back when you can and hire some of these that need work."

He looked at me and finally nodded and I opened my pack and started counting out gold coins. He looked around as I was doing this and when I was done he was quick to scoop them up. I held out my hand and he looked into my face before he grinned and clasped it. I climbed to the deck of the barge using a wooden ladder.

I looked into the hold and then set my things down and climbed in and looked around. With the cover on, it would stay dry and had a rear hatch I could use to enter. I climbed to the deck and worked the heavy wooden hold cover on. I grabbed my duffle and pack and went to the deckhouse and used the stairs to go down and into the hold.

I was trying to decide where to roll out my bed when Mui, the fisherman banged on the rear hatch. I turned and he grinned and stepped in with two teenage girls following. He bowed, "you need girls yes?"

I looked at the two girls before I blushed, "I have never..."

He chuckled, "you need girls. Katsuma, Kat and Aiko will care for you."

I finally nodded and he left and I looked at the girls clutching bags, "I have no idea how we are going to make this home. We need a bed and cushions to sit on and something to cook on and..."

I shook my head, "and I do not know where to get them."

The girls looked at each other before one moved closer, "father said you had gold?"

I nodded, "it is not doing me any good since I have no idea where to go to buy what we need."

She touched my face before looking at the other girl, "we know."

Before I knew it they were pulling me around and talking and finally I just dumped the gold in one corner. They stacked it and took some and left and I laid back where the bed was going to be. I put my head on my duffle and closed my eyes and before I knew it they were snapping open.

Someone was lifting the hold cover off and light furniture was lowered into the hold. The girls directed everything and then the cover was back on and they were cleaning the hold. The bed was like all Clar beds and on the floor. There were lots of sitting cushions and a small stove and a set of curtains to hide the hole.

They had a couple of barrels made into sinks and cooking utensils and everything they might need. I had to smile as they fussed and fixed up the place while whispering. They even made a light lunch. The gold and pouches of gems were hidden in a small enameled chest. After lunch I took the girls for a walk to see where the others were.

I was not surprised to see them sitting on decks drinking beer. The girls pulled me to a small market area full of Clar. Half of what I saw was stolen or from the black market. By the time we returned to the barge there were a lot more of our soldiers around. The girls had bought dinner and I started to help which made them frown.

I smiled and rubbed their pretty butts and they grinned and then giggled. After we ate and cleaned up we went up onto the deck. The girls had several light chair frames with canvas stretched over them. I sat and looked out at the river and watched the boats. There were a few patrol boats that always checked any boat headed towards the base docks.

The girls pulled me up as the sun was setting and led me down and lit a small lantern. Kat began to undress and Aiko started to take my clothes off, "you must seal our mating."

I blinked, "seal the mating?"

She bit her lip, "to make us yours."

I looked at Kat and smiled and gave her sister a kiss, "all night?"

She giggled and Kat moved onto the bed and smiled, "please."

I moved onto the bed and laid beside her and caressed and felt her body. She sighed and opened her legs as I started to feel and finger her pussy. It was bald and smooth and I knew a Clar tradition for girls was the painful removal of all body hair. A minute and she was shivering and lifting her hips while moaning.

I shifted and moved over her as she spread her legs wider and sank my cock in her very tight pussy. She clutched me as I buried my cock and shifted to adjust. I began to kiss her and press and it took a little while before she shuddered as her pussy squeezed. I pulled back and started to fuck her and she lifted her hips, "mmmm!"

She shifted as her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. I was using slow strokes and she was clinging to me and shuddering. After a few minutes I began to fuck her firmly and her eyes went wide. She clutched me as her pussy clenched and she began to jerk and spasm, "aaaahhhh!"

I kissed her as I kept sinking my cock and grinding. She thrashed and bucked while her wet and slippery pussy constantly squeezed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

Finally I was shoving into her as I tried to cum and she was incoherent. I held her and kissed her as my cock gushed sperm. She shuddered and wiggled as her pussy continued to milk my cock, "ooohhhh!"

When I finished I slowly relaxed while she panted and squirmed. I gave her another kiss and pulled out and looked at Aiko. She grinned as she laid back and I moved towards her and then over her. I kissed her as her hand fumbled and positioned my cock. I slowly pushed and forced my cock into her very tight pussy.

She shifted and tilted her hips as I worked my cock deeper and buried it. I stopped and kissed her before I began to press and hump and jab. A couple of minutes and her eyes went wide and she hugged me, "ooohhhh!"

She shuddered and I pulled almost out and started to fuck her. I used long, deep thrusts and she cocked her legs and her pussy clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I continued to fuck her and rubbed and pressed into her firmly. She spasmed and wiggled and began to struggle, "aaaahhhh!"

It was several minutes before I fucked her hard and kept planting my cock. Her eyes rolled up as she thrashed and bucked, "mmmm!"

Finally she went limp but I kept fucking her for another couple of minutes. I shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed sperm. She jerked and her pussy clenched as her eyes opened and she gasped. She squirmed as I flooded her with cum and she grinned while she hugged me. When I finished, I kissed her and looked at Kat.

I pulled out and reached for her as I laid back, "your turn."

It was a long time before we slept and I had both girls half on me. I woke to a morning storm and checked the time. I slipped out of bed and got dressed and knelt and kissed the girls, "I do not know how long before I return. You have my money."

Kat shifted and I caressed her lovely breast before I stood. I picked up my shotgun and left and headed towards the barges the others were in. Thirty minutes and we were walking through the base. We caught a ride and went into the combat control center. An hour of looking at maps and we were headed north on a vehicle.

Once we reached the front we got off and started walking. It took a few hours to slip through the enemy lines. After that I led and the others followed and it was dark when I heard engines. I knelt and looked at the patrol leader and he had everyone move closer. He whispered and touched his timekeeper before we split up.

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