Handyboy Begins

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A well-endowed young man's talents are discovered and exploited.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   First   Size   .

Mrs. McKee parked her car in the driveway and came in the back door, put down her purse and looked into the small, pine-paneled office next to the kitchen. She drew a quick breath, her hand to her mouth as her vulva quivered.

She stepped forward and bit her lip when she saw her trusted young babysitter sitting before the glowing computer screen with his upright cock in his hand, stroking up and down steadily, his lips parted as he made gasping sounds. She choked back a cry as her clitoris trembled.

She noticed several things at once. The boy's erect penis was very big and very hard and on the computer screen a tattooed man was butt-fucking a slim blonde girl so fast that the thrusts could not have been counted. And her pussy was suddenly wet.

"Billy," said Mrs. McKee quietly.

The boy hit the power button and stood, trying to push his rigid prick back into his trousers. It wouldn't fit into his tight jeans despite his two-handed struggle to bend the stiff thing. His face turned bright red as he let go, and it jumped up as if made of spring steel. It was rigidly curved and aimed slightly upward. And now it was dripping.

"Come here," the woman said as Billy turned to face her, blushing and stammering, his cock rising well above the horizontal and quivering up and down. To the woman it looked a foot long and as big around as a softdrink can. She felt her vulva become warm and wet at once. She had seen a lot of cocks, but never one to match this bobbing monster. She had to have it.

She took his hand, led him down the hall and into the guest bedroom, ignoring his excuses and trying not to grin as he held his unzipped trousers to his waist and his huge prod bobbled along before him like a knight's lance. She stepped out of her tiny underpants in stride, holding the doorframe and tossing them behind her, sat on the side of the single bed, smiled at the youngster, spread her legs, pulled up her skirt and beckoned him to come closer. His huge cock's eye seemed to be looking right at her and oozing pearls of clear juice. She noted that his scotum had swollen into a global sac the size of a baseball.

"Please," the boy said, tears in his eyes

Billy just stood there blinking as Mrs. McKee reached out and grasped his quivering manhood with both hands. Her touch almost made him explode. His young prong was hot, hard and bigger than any cock the very experienced woman had ever seen; more than eight thick inches of throbbing manhood on a slim boy who was barely adolescent. Her fingers barely encircled it. She smiled, licked her lips and stroked gently.

She elbowed her skirt up her thighs and pulled the youngster to her hairy gash, set the head of his thick shaft at her oft-used opening, now already wet and quivering, held down his rearing prod, tilted up her pelvis, put one hand on his hard butt and the other on his balls and then said, "Push."

She smiled and gritted her teeth as she shifted her hands to his lean buttocks and pulled him to her, looking down to watch his thick rod disappear in her mat of curly hair. She groaned and closed her eyes as it rubbed across the sensitive labia, crushed her clitoris and aroused her G-spot. She closed her eyes and whimpered, knowing it was going to hurt, wanting it to hurt.

Billy gasped, tried to hold his pants up and closed his eyes.

To say that Bill Jamison enjoyed being deflowered by Mrs. McKee would be a good-sized understatement. He had never felt such pleasure in his nearly-fifteen years and when the woman he was buried in unbuttoned her shirt and shrugged it off, he did as he was told and peeled down her frilly bra and then sucked the large, dark tits she held up for him like grapefruit. He didn't know what to do with his hands which were tangled in his jeans and belt.

Since he had been hard at it in front of the computer for nearly a half-hour, the youngster climaxed almost at once, pumping ropes of thick jism into the lady of the house, but he never stopped ramming, his buttocks clenching and relaxing as he hammered away at her seemingly bottomless vagina, squishing out his cum with his hot piston. The room filled with the sounds of grunting and slapping flesh. Billy felt his heart beating furiously.

"More, more," the woman gasped between gritting teeth, her eyes closed. He was butting her cervix and stretching her tender flesh with every withdrawal. She tried to slow him without success.

Billy sobbed and humped. Mindlessly.

She was groaning, her fingers locked in the small of the boy's back as he continued to accelerate, snorting and gasping. She kicked off her shoes, wrapped her legs about the eager lad and rolled them both up on the bed.

Once she got him to his back, she mounted his loins, grinning and exhaling, her hands on his chest and then holding his shoulders, and she rode him until she climaxed, squealing and shuddering, shaking her head with lust, drooling down on him, her big boobs flopping about his reddened face and lapping tongue. Their meshed groins became a swamp.

Her orgasm scared the hell out of Billy, but when the woman fell atop him, seemingly exhausted, soft breasts flattened, he rolled her over with very little effort, pulled her thighs up atop his, got to his knees, grabbed her wide hips and fucked her until she begged him to stop, which might have been fifteen minutes later.

"Uh, uh, uh," he gasped, smashing them together, squishing out their fluids.

He had enjoyed watching her jugs jerk and jiggle as he drove in and out of the gasping woman whose eyes were closed and mouth was open most of the time. He was giving her half-foot thrusts at more than a hundred strokes a minute. He grabbed her soft breasts and crushed them as he leaned back and sobbed with effort and pleasure.

"Enough, enough," she moaned as he smacked their sweating bodies together. "Please, please."

"Almost, almost," the boy gasped, arching his back and feeling his balls churn again as he held her at the wide pelvis and watched her big boobs actually rotate as he hammered away. Lava seemingly flowed down his internal pipes, and it felt as if steam burst from his penis as he ejaculated repeatedly, crying out with relief and pleasure.

The woman pushed him away and stumbled out in the hall to the bathroom with streams of jism oozing down her legs. The boy straightened his clothes, pushed down his softening ram and thought about what he had done, what they had done. He smiled. It was wilder than anything he had ever seen on the Internet or imagined in his bedroom with his cock in his hands.

"It's time for you to go home," the woman said, pushing her hair from her sweating face and buttoning her shirt. "I'm glad the children were no trouble." She gave him two tens.

"It's just ten dollars," said the boy.

"Not this time," she said, tousling his hair.

Billy got on his bike and rode home in the dark, and Mrs. McKee went to bed, her pussy both sore and satisfied. She did not even hear her husband come in from his bowling night.

Two days later, Mrs. McKee called Billy's home and asked him to come cut her grass and help her clean out her garage on Saturday. He said he would be there, and she said she was glad. She petted her pudenda and said, "Soon."

Billy got to her home early, parked his bike and rolled out her big mower which started on the first pull. He did her back lawn in less than an hour, shut off the mower and went to the screen door for a drink of water. Mrs. McKee met him with a smile, wearing a very short, light blue, translucent robe, her feet bare, hair tied back, lipstick fresh. "Come in," she said, spinning so that the cover-up flared open above her wide hips and rounded ass. It was all she was wearing and her pussy was already wet. She had shaved her pudenda and groin for the first time in years.

The boy followed her down the basement steps to a leather covered sofa that had seen better times. She sat, her thin robe gaping open, and he stood before her as she undid his belt and pulled down his shorts and underpants.

She smiled and looked up at him as his huge member began to fill. "Good time to take a short break," she said, leaning forward to kiss his awakening prick which still hung limply, arched out like a wide serpent, more than half a foot long. She lifted it on one hand, surprised by its weight and slurped it into her mouth and to the very back of her tongue. It quickly grew and hardened as she licked his balls.

Billy had read about blow-jobs and seen plenty of Internet clips of girls sucking men's cocks, but he had never imagined that any real female would do his. He closed his eyes and tangled his fingers in Mrs. McKee's hair as she drew him deeper and circled his cockhead with her tongue, humming to herself deep in her throat.

Billy came in a few minutes and the woman put her hand over his mouth as he ejaculated down her throat. When he stopped spurting, she kept right on sucking for his penis was still long and hard. And when she realized he was not going soft, she eased his upright ram from her lips, watched it snap up to his hard belly, let herself down on the old sofa and spread her legs, knees raised and wide apart.

"Get to work," she said with a smile as her pussy lips fluttered, "but quietly. My husband is upstairs on the computer." She parted her cunt's pink lips. Billy whimpered as he knelt between her legs.

Billy speared the woman, drove his whole cock up into her, bounced on her body and rode her hard, arching up above her and bringing her quickly to a rollicking climax that forced her to put her fist in her mouth when she came, both of her big breasts in his squeezing hands and one of her ankles on Billy's shoulder. The boy hardly noticed as he shifted into what he thought of as "fullspeed ahead" and smacked their bodies together senselessly, holding the willing woman's wrists beside her ears until he heard her beg for him to stop, her face covered with her hair.

Billy pulled his long, hard cock out of the moaning woman, found his clothes and went out to cut the front yard. Mrs. McKee and her husband left to go shopping before he was done, but she told him she had put his money in an envelope in the garage. When he put the lawnmower away, he found a white envelope containing fifty dollars. He counted again, put it in his pocket and pedaled home.

Two days later a woman who said her name was Sims called, said Mrs. McKee had recommended him and asked if he could do some chores for her on Saturday. Billy said "sure," and the woman said, "Nine o'clock, all right?" and gave him her address.

Mrs. Sims was only twenty-five and had been married for less than a year. Both in college and in her days before marriage, she had been very sexually active, seldom going a week without a new and exciting partner. Now she was bored and horny and when she told Mrs. McKee, a friend of a friend, about her vexing problem, the woman had suggested she call Billy. "He's young, but he is very good, almost tireless," she was told. "And you are not going to believe that size of his cock."

So Marty Sims showered that morning, trimmed her tidy bush down to a small knot of curls, donned her tightest shorts and baby-doll t-shirt and waited rather nervously for a boy ten years her junior. Her husband was off golfing with his buddies and would not be home until early afternoon.

The first thing Billy saw after he parked his bike was the woman's hard tits poking her tight yellow t-shirt and the second was her long, shapely legs and tiny shorts which fully displayed her bulging sex lips, cutting them neatly in half, as well as the lower quarter of her ass cheeks. "Hi," he said with a wave, feeling his prick quiver.

"Come in," the woman said softly, "I'm Marty and we can start in the cellar. There's lots to do."

Billy followed her down the steps, admiring her bare waist and her round buttocks. At the bottom of the basement stairs, Mrs. Sims turned and faced the boy, putting her hands on his shoulders and smiling. They were about the same height so she had no trouble turning her head slightly to the side and kissing his firmly, darting her tongue in and out of his mouth. "I want what you gave Mrs. McKee, if you don't mind," she said breathlessly as Billy grabbed her, pulled her to him and kissed her back, pressing his tongue into her throat and kneading her firm butt. "And I want it hard and fast."

"OK," he said, when their mouths parted. 'Whatever you want." He had no idea how this had happened but he intended to enjoy every minute of it. It seemed dreamlike, this woman and her obvious lust, her exciting body, her wonderful smell. He could actually feel how hot she was.

Mrs. Sims took his hand and led him a studio couch covered with a bright quilt. "Let's start here," she said as she pulled her stretchy t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor. "And see how we fit."

Her breasts were small, round, and pink tipped. Billy followed suit and tossed his t-shirt aside and pulled the woman to him so he could feel her hard nipples on his lean chest. She wiggled and gasped as their tongues dueled and their mouths devoured each other, and she also undid his belt and buttons and stripped off his shorts and underwear and then wiggled out of hers without breaking the kiss, feeling his hot, hard prod on her thigh and then rubbing her bare belly.

"Oh my," sighed Marty Sims as she grasped the boy's jumping prick. She sat on the couch and took the head of Billy's hardening member into her talented mouth. In her college sorority she was acknowledged to be the best cocksucker in school as well as the busiest. She prided herself on her ability to control a man once she had his cock in her mouth and his balls in her hand.

Billy gasped with pleasure as the woman rolled her tongue about his glans and sucked him deeper into her mouth and throat. In less than a minute, he came, surprising Marty who had forgotten how fast adolescents can climax although she had started sucking cocks when she was only twelve.

Marty Sims, feeling a fire begin to burn in her pussy, recognized that the boy she was sucking didn't grow soft in her mouth after he exploded twice in her throat, pouring what felt like a gallon of sperm into her. But Billy stayed hard and even began moving her head back and forth on his shaft by holding her tightly at the ears while she maintained a virtual liplock on his prick. He seemed to be getting harder and bigger instead of going limp.

The woman shook her head from side to side and dislodged Billy's blood-hot member from her mouth. She smiled up at him, licking her lips, and trying to ignore the huge pole jutting from his nearly hairless groin. "Now you do me," she gasped. "Kneel down."

Marty wiggled out of her tiny panties, tossed them aside and said, "Come here, little boy." She got her legs up over his shoulders and rocked her pelvis upward to present her nearly bare vulva to his mouth. "Eat me," she said between gritting teeth.

Billy shook his head and looked up at her luscious breasts, noting how hard her little nipples had become. "I don't know how," he said, blinking.

"Lick, boy," she demanded, "Lick hard and deep, from bottom to top, lick me."

Billy didn't like the musty smell very much, but he did as he was asked because he assumed that he eventually was going have an opportunity to plow this woman's tight-lipped cunt with his throbbing cock. He lapped at her labia, and she pressed his face into her slit as his tongue went into her. He heard her whimper and felt her shake so he assumed he was doing it right.

"Deeper, deeper," moaned young Mrs. Sims, "Dig in with your tongue."

Billy did his best, pressing his tongue into her overheated gash again and again and then licking upward until the tip of his tongue discovered her tiny, erect and super-sensitive nub, her clitoris. He licked it hard. She squealed and writhed.

"Oh," cried Marty, with a shudder. 'More, more," and she came as Billy nibbled her clit with his chapped lips and got his mouth around it and sucked while the woman spasmed and cried out repeatedly until she fell back and let go of his head.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as Billy mounted her, set the head of his hard prick as her soggy opening and shoved all of his long, thick shaft straight up into her. He looked down between them and watched it disappear, proud of how stiff he was. He hit bottom, backed off and pressed even harder, stretching her vagina and threatening her uterus.

Marty screamed, put her fist in her mouth and then she wrapped her long legs about the boy's waist and pulled his mouth down to hers. Billy had wanted to delay his next ejaculation but she demanded action, and he began pounding into to her and smacking their bodies together at more than a thrust a second. In and out went his thick shaft, covered with their juices, in and out faster and still faster, rocking the old sofa and bouncing the young woman off the cushions as if she was some loosely strung doll. Billy, still wearing his gym shoes, dug in his toes and gave her the best he had.

"Hey, Marty, I'm home," came a yell from upstairs.

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