One Way Trip

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: I thought being in a plane would mean no walking... when my bomber exploded I was ejected. Of course I was all the way on the other side of the enemy's country. Now I had to turn my one way trip into a long walk out. A mistake showing gold coins to get food earns me a wife and someone else to care for on the way back.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

When I joined the military I selected the air corps thinking I would not have to do a lot of walking. The war with Clar was getting a lot harder now that both Nees and Rus were providing weapons and equipment. Their anti air weapons were much better and their fighters were starting to take down a lot of our planes.

I became a gunner for a high altitude bomber. It was not easy, especially with the thin air. That was why I had been selected, because I had a higher tolerance. It was a balance using bombers because we had to select military targets and avoid hitting civilians. My first week in southern Clar was an eye opener.

The people did not look like defeated enemy, they seemed satisfied and even helpful. The Han colony forces were very effective and skilled. I was the starboard gunner and used a twelve millimeter minigun. My first flight went well and even with enemy fighters and firing from the ground we hit a enemy base.

The next mission was in the far northwest corner of the country. Both Nees and Rus had created a base where they were stockpiling everything they were bringing in. It was a huge depot filled mostly with new weapons and ammunition. We left as the sun went down and had three full squadrons with us.

Before we were even halfway we had enemy fighters. Ours fighters engaged them but many broke through. One came up towards us from the right and I fired and it was ripped apart before exploding. I cut a second in half as it went after another plane. Finally they dropped away and we started getting random rockets.

All the planes fell into a few staggered lines to make their bomb run. We were in the middle of the squadron. Hundreds of rockets were being fired at us as we approached and released. The bombs were falling when one of the enemy rockets hit the front of the plane. It exploded and half the plane vanished and I was thrown out with the minigun.

I tumbled and spun and yanked at the parachute. It opened and I was jerked up in time to see the rest of the plane vanish in another explosion from a second rocket. Unlike combat troop parachutes mine could not be guided or directed. I was a long way up and watched the devastation from all the bombs.

By the time I landed the last plane had already released their bombs and everyone was on the way home. I rolled and came to my feet and quickly folded up the parachute and hid it. I checked my vest for the emergency items we were required to carry. One pocket even held ten gold coins we had to turn in after each flight.

I was to the north of the enemy base and hesitated before I headed into the hell we had created. In the dark and confusion I was hoping to pass through and keep going. When I got closer, debris was everywhere and I was moving around craters. I stopped when I saw a weapon crate and then moved closer.

The top had been ripped off and when I turned the crate over half the carbines were missing. They were the new Rus ten mellimeter with three mage bands. I took one and checked it before adjusting the single point sling and putting it on. I moved out again but searched for any crates that might hold ammo.

When I found the scattered and bent brush shotguns I would have ignored them except I saw a ammo crate in the middle. I moved closer and glanced at the sounds of men yelling orders while fighting a fire. I turned the crate and broke it open and shook my head, "wrong kind of ammo."

I lifted one twenty five round box of ten gauge shotgun shells. I looked around and started searching and finally I found one shotgun that was not bent or broken. I loaded it and stuffed four full boxes of shells into my pockets. I stood and started moving, now I was armed. Of course a hundred meters away I walked right to a broken case of carbine ammo.

I slipped several bandoleers over my head and under my arm and loaded a magazine in the carbine. I slipped around the few men fighting fires and continued south. I stopped when I saw the shattered side of a command building. I looked around but no one was near and I moved closer.

Inside I saw broken map boards and quickly pulled the maps off and rolled them up. I started to leave when I saw the open safe. Safes are not common especially in the middle of a war. I pushed the door the rest of the way open and pulled out papers and folders. I moved to a pack and dumped it and loaded everything into it before I left.

Two hours and I was several kilometers to the south. I let the carbine hang while carrying the shotgun. I moved slowly, afraid the enemy would appear at any moment. When the sun rose I was resting not far from a village. I could look out and see a field of grain and knew I would have to go around.

I was exhausted and snapped awake as a man nudged me. I froze as I looked up at him and he gestured. I could not understand him when he spoke but at least he was not carrying a weapon. I finally stood and moved in the direction he had gestured. A few minutes and we reached a house beside a river.

I could smell food cooking and licked my lips, "food?"

He frowned and I hesitated before I reached into the vest and pulled out the pouch of gold and showed him, "food?"

He grinned and lifted his voice and a woman looked out. She looked at me and then smiled and turned. A moment later a stunning teenage girl came out with a pack. I glanced from her to the man and he gestured to the pouch of gold. I handed it to him and he pulled the girl close and then pushed her at me.

I blinked and it finally hit me that I had just bought his daughter. He moved to the door as I looked at the girl who smiled. He came back with a couple of leaf wrapped objects and held them out. I accepted them and they were warm and I could smell meat. I gave one to the girl and opened the other.

I ate slowly and looked around and knew I had to start moving. I started to leave and the girl followed. I was still hungry but kept going and before long we were in the thick jungle like forest. An hour and we walked into a burnt area and found the wreckage of another bomber. I was a little wary because it might still have bombs.

I had the girl wait and climbed into the wreckage. Each bomber carried ten men and I found all ten. They were dead and I searched them and took the gold coins. I also took the large emergency pack by the door. After I climbed out with the pack I moved what I had in the other pack and put it on.

I gestured to the girl and we started walking again. Inside the pack were ten rations and I opened one and shared it with the girl while we walked. I glanced at her as she ate and walked and kept looking around, "I wish I spoke your language."

She smiled, "I speak your language."

I blinked, "your father..."

She laughed, "saw your money and wanted to get rid of a daughter."

I grinned and then chuckled, "I am Ashton but you can call me Ash."

She touched her chest, "Yuki."

We stopped several times during the day. Once so she could squat and lift her skirt while looking at me as she peed. I grinned and opened my pants after she was done and peed while she watched. In the late afternoon we came to another village and I looked out while my stomach growled. She touched my pack, "you have more gold?"

I looked at her carefully and she smiled, "give me one and I will go buy food."

I took the pack off and dug into it and pulled out one pouch and then a single coin. She accepted it and walked away but left me with her pack. I was worried she would tell someone about me but thirty minutes later she returned with a cloth bag. It had a loaf of bread with several thick and hot sausages with some type of batter fried greens.

We ate and then I climbed a couple of trees to stretch out a hammock. Yuki was naked when I climbed down from the second. She opened and pushed my pants down before turning and going to her hands and knees. It was not dark yet and looking at her bald pussy had my cock hard.

I knelt behind her and felt her before I slowly forced my cock into her. Her pussy was hot and tight and gripped my cock. She sighed and pushed back and I held her waist as I began to fuck her. I used deep strokes and it was not long before her pussy was slippery. She shuddered and moaned as she went to her elbows, "ooohhhh!"

Her pussy was constantly clenching as she rocked forward and I pulled back. Several minutes and I was fucking her hard and she was shaking and jerking. She twisted and spasmed and kept shoving back, "aaaahhhh!"

I buried my cock and held her while pumping sperm and she squirmed and her pussy kept clenching, "mmmm!"

When I finished I rubbed her ass, "you can ride my cock in the hammock."

She looked back and grinned and I pulled out and helped her stand. I hung my pack and hers and then finished stripping and climbed into the hammock. She waited and then followed and straddled me. Her pussy was very slimy but she slid down my cock and laid on me before she started to grind and rock.

I came in her several times before she stopped and laid still. I woke many times during the night to animal sounds. When the sun began to come up I rubbed her back and woke her. She stretched and kissed me as if she did it every morning. She was careful looking around and under the hammock before she climbed out and I followed.

She pulled me through the thick forest a little ways to a stream. She checked it before walking in and starting to wash. I grinned as I followed and had her squat so I could clean her pussy. After we were done we returned and took down the hammock and put everything away. We got dressed and put packs on and I handed her the shotgun.

I started walking south and she followed and began pointing plants out that we could eat. At the next village she slipped in and bought food with the change from the gold coin. She even got enough to take with us. I purified water to drink at streams and each night we used the hammock ... Not before she had me pump at least one load of sperm into her.

She still fucked me in the hammock and slept on me like I was her favorite pillow. Two weeks later we were far to the south and getting close to our lines. Yuki was carrying the shotgun and I kept the rifle ready. We had a few scares with large predators and poisonous serpents but so far we had not fired at anything.

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