Twins Do Homecoming

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our favorite pair of luscious sluts are reunited with the boys they met at the beach.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   School   .

The Tucker twins' social life was so constantly busy, they were both getting laid at least three times a week that fall, that they had almost forgotten the prep school boys they had met at the beach when they spent a rather frantic weekend with the principal and his buddies. (See "A Pair for the Principal") Then Madison got an e-mail on her cell phone, a question.

She showed the message to her sister when Kimberly was through sucking her current best boyfriend and sent him home, staggering down the sidewalk to his red Corvette, his balls emptied and his cock feeling as if it had been turned on a lathe.

"Sure," said Kim, licking the last spots of cum from her pink lips and pulling down her knit shirt, "don't you remember, out in the dunes, this bunch of dudes, and there were those two little brats we doped up and let the men play with."

"Oh yeah," Madison said, "They were so cute and so fucked. I do recall one they called Spike, he was really big, and Brad, he was nice too. Wasn't the president or something?" She smiled and stroked her pussy, remembering and then she IM'd Brad "zup?" and signed it Mad&Kim.

Her cellphone jingled almost at once, and she walked away from her sister and talked in the corner for a few minutes, nodding her head from time to time while she absentmindedly stroked her left tit and teased out her nipple a good half-inch. When she clicked her phone closed, she explained and pulled her hand out of her shirt. "Brad wants us to come down to the school for a football game and some parties. It's their homecoming weekend. I said we'd do it."

Kim kissed Madison and the girls let their tongues tangle as usual. Then they started planning what clothes to take and how to get out of cheerleading that weekend. They told the coach that they were "So, Cecil," Brad said. "Can you take Kimberly here to the dance tonight and maybe get them some dresses real quick?" both having terrible cramps. He believed them after Madison sucked his tongue while Kim sucked his cock, and right after school that Friday a black Jaguar sedan pulled up before the Tucker home and the girls ran out in jeans and jackets, each with a small, soft bag in her hand which had not only their slinkiest clothes but a good supply of condoms.

Brad, who was driving his mother's car, held the door for them and they piled into the back seat where two other boys were waiting, their upright cocks in their hands and smiles on their smooth faces. The girls exchanged a glance and sighed. It was always the same thing, and it was getting as dull as homeroom. Every male they met wanted a piece of ass, ho hum.

"Hey, Spike," Madison said to the boy sitting in the front seat beside Brad as the car got moving and the boys they were sitting beside began undressing them before they knew their names. The big young man turned so he could watch as Jim and Phil yanked the girls' light sweaters off, tossed aside their tiny bras and wiggled them out of their expensive jeans. The fully-dressed boys knelt on the car floor, dropped their pants, watched the lovely girls slip lubricate rubbers down their cocks and then pulled the willing girls to them, licking and sucking at their firm breasts as their eager cocks found well-heated homes in the twins' dripping slots. The girls hardly noticed when they were violated.

After that it was just grunting and heaving while the twins teased Spike and Brad between gasping orgasms, enjoying the pleasure their jugs were receiving more than the rather inadequate fucking that was going on. These days, cocks of less than seven inches seldom had a chance with the twins, unless, of course, something else was involved, like nice presents or knobby cockrings or a really talented tongue.

Twenty miles down the Interstate, Brad pulled the big car into a rest area, and he and Spike moved into the backseat with the naked twins while Jim, looking a bit out of it, took the wheel and Phil tried to get his breath back. His penis felt as if it had been turned inside out and his balls had shriveled down to peanut size; the proud stud had become a mewling dud.

Brad cuddled with Kim, kissing and feeling her up until he was sure she was ready again and then getting her to straddle his lap and let his stiff prick slide into her shaved pussy while he sucked her turgid nipples. It seemed like liquid velvet massaging his rigid member, and he was unable to hold back, moving quickly to rapid thrust after thrust, smacking them together while Kimberly shuddered with joy as her hit her g-spot repeatedly with the ridge of her rearing member.

Beside them Spike was holding Madison on his lap, her back to him, and the girl was gasping with pleasure as she moved up and down on his long pole, holding the headrest of the driver's seat and bouncing happily, showing a half-foot of slick male rod each time she rose and pressing him to her super-sensitive interior pad with every deep insertion.

Kim pulled Brad's face tightly between her boobs and accelerated their humping, hoping to get a turn on Spike's big tool. Brad groaned and arched, spurting up into the eager girl who smiled at him and licked her lips, shivering. The boy thrust upward and ejaculated again and again before he was spent. Kim held his face to her chest until she heard her sister squeal and climax beside her. Then they traded places. Neither had yet thought about protection with the boys they already knew.

When they reached the school, Spike was enjoying Kim on the back seat with her legs wrapped around him while Phil and Brad double teamed Madison in the other side with the back of the front seat all the way reclined. Brad pulled the car into the student parking area and watched the fun in the backseat for a few minutes before yelling, "Break it up. We're there."

Brad had no trouble sneaking the girls into his room since he had told the dorm monitor they were coming. The man was waiting eagerly, his seldom-satisfied cock surging in anticipation, already clad in a ridged condom.

"Mr. Michaels," Brad said, "I'd like you to meet the twins. Girls say hello to your host for the weekend. Be nice to him. He's paying for all your meals."

"Hi, girls, ' the naked man sprawled in an easy chair said, his knees wide spread and his hand filled with his thick penis. "Who's first?"

Kim got her knees on the arms of the overstuffed chair and planted her sore vulva on the man's mouth and nose while her steamy sister knelt between his hairy legs and gave him a deep-throated blowjob and teased his balls until they were empty, ignoring his gasps, gurgles and screams. Brad closed the door of his room and went to gather the members of his fraternity for supper. Mr. Michaels was moaning happily as the girls traded places. Kim tossed away the used rubber and put a new one on him with her mouth.

The meal was pizza and beer in Brad's room after they got the exhausted dorm "father' back to his quarters, his limp dick still drooling, and let him fall face down on his bed. Then it was just eleven randy boys, a half-dozen big-eyed pledges and the twins, both now wearing long prep school t-shirts and nothing else.

The four young men who had gone to fetch the girls let their brothers enjoy the fruit of their labors and by the time the last crust and the last pint can was finished, all seven had been more than satisfied, and it was getting time for lights out. The twins were sore but looking forward to more action as the pledges were set to cleaning out their pussies and asses, their young faces glowing with excitement.

The girls asked for and received some time alone in the only bathroom on the floor and anointed their sore pussies, teeth-marked tits and ravaged anuses with soothing ointments and douched themselves thoroughly with a flavored rinse. They kissed each other and giggled, seldom having had so much fun in such a short time. They tried to count how many times they had come or how many boys they done but couldn't agree. Kim decided to count how many condoms they had left.

Brad took Kim to his bed and the well-hung Spike got her bare sister up on the upper level of the bunk bed and then eagerly mounted to impale her on his huge member while he braced his big feet on the end of the bed. Brad eased his cock into the well-fucked Kimberly and they lay nose to nose for some time before he started moving in her when her pussy started fluttering on him. By then the noise from the upper level was nearly frightening. Soon Brad and his bed-mate was so deeply and fiercely engaged they hardly noticed the groaning, gasping and cries from above where Madison had her feet braced on the ceiling.

When both boys were sated, they switched partners and slept spoon fashion with their nubile dates until nature roused them to couple again. Brad started that session by entering Madison from behind and when she groaned and then gasped as he hit her love button that woke the pair below them and Kim was soon riding Spike's thick tool like a barrel-racing champion in a first-class rodeo while he tried to rein her in by gripping her big jugs hard.

Saturday morning found the fraternity brothers visiting Brad's room in ones and twos with rubber clad penises in hand until it was almost too late for the girls to get any breakfast. "Never," Brad announced proudly as he brought up a tray from the dining hall, "have so many been so satisfied by so few." Once again the pledges were assigned clean up duty and the girls thanked Brad for insisting that the boys supply their own protection since they had less that a dozen each.

By the time the girls had finished their breakfast and the horny frat boys, lunch was being served and everyone in the dorm was talking about the upcoming football game. The girls struggled into their tight jeans and bulky sweaters, pulled on knit hats and low boots and pronounced themselves ready after allowing two forlorn pledges who had been somehow left out that morning to eat their pussies.

Up in the stands they were joined by the only two fraternity members not in the game, two sophs who were on the JV team. Under the blankets they cuddled and the boys soon had their hands up under the warm sweaters to grasp luscious breasts while the girls gave both boys handjobs until their handkerchiefs were filled with spew.

The twins were surprised to see female cheerleaders waving pompoms and jumping up and down on the sideline. The cavorting girls, as usual, had no idea what the game was about and cheered at all the wrong times. The twins were disgusted as they let four more fraternity pledges lick them and suck their vulvas under the blanket during the second quarter.

At halftime Kim and Madison spotted Mr. Michaels and some other faculty members at the refreshment stand and soon found themselves in the dorm monitor's room with three other men eager to enjoy such lovely young pussies. The girls did them two at a time and left them sprawled on the floor, getting back to the game in time for the last winning drive culminated by Spike catching a TD pass and twisting his ankle in the endzone. They ignored the feeling of adult sperm oozing down their smooth thighs as they stood and cheered.

Madison and her sister made their way quietly through the basement of the gym and found themselves outside the noisy locker room. They dared each other playfully and then when they were just about to strip, Brad appeared and asked them for a favor.

"The girls from St. Cecelia's are taking care of the team on account of we had a bet, but they won't do our coaches. Say they're too big, too rough."

The twins smiled at each other. "Led us to them," Kim said, "they sound like our favorite kind."

"We saw those cheerleaders," Madison said as they followed Brad into the building. She made a disgusted face. "What sluts."

"Their school's just down the road. They're OK," Brad said with a grin. "They all put out."

The twins smiled at each other, suspicions confirmed, as they entered the coaches' office found two good-sized young men wearing jock straps waiting for them and an older man just emerging from the shower, rubbing his grizzled head with a towel, his wide meat flopping about between his legs, looking like a veal steak.

Kim took the assistant coaches into the trainer's room as her sister pulled off her sweater and began lapping at the head coach's huge prick while he mauled her tits. It was too big to suck but she managed to bring him to a quick climax with her tongue and teeth by gnawing him like an ear of corn and sucking his hairy balls. She closed her eyes and swallowed most of his spew with both hands on his swollen scrotum when he finally came with just his massive glans between her soft lips.

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