by Barticlees Jones

Copyright© 2015 by Barticlees Jones

Sex Story: Helpless high school girl is the woods.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Prostitution   .

Amber reluctantly got to her knees in the pine needles. It was another one of their "dates". The cuffs holding her hands together behind her back hurt. She looked forward and watched as he unzipped and pulled out his penis. The rumor at school about his size was true. He had a big cock. Amber should know, she had been forced to suck it for him at least a dozen times now.

"You know what to do, Amber" he said pointing it at her face. Amber leaned forward and took it into her mouth. It would be a lot easier if she could use her hands but he didn't want to make it easier for her. He enjoyed hurting her. She had no doubts that if she didn't suck his cock the way he liked that he would indeed take her anal cherry; he would "butt fuck the Hell out of her" as he had promised. Amber sucked for all she was worth.

Amber had to. If her parents ever saw the pictures that he had of her she would never be allowed to go out again and her social life would be over. Amber hated the thought. She was popular at school and she wanted to get a cute boy named Alan to like her. She hoped they would marry some day. But Alan probably wouldn't even look twice at her if he could see the pictures.

Amber tried again to deep throat him. She vomited in her mouth. She managed to swallow most of her vomit but spit out a little onto the ground next to the big tree and then resumed sucking him off. She knew this was just the preliminaries. He would let her suck his cock for a while before he would get hot enough to hold her head and fuck her face. She knew from experience that he would fuck her mouth for a while before he finally came in her mouth. He loved cumming in her mouth. He didn't care whether she swallowed it or spit it out so long as he knew he had just ejaculated in her pretty mouth.

Amber didn't mind the woods. She secretly preferred to suck him off in the woods because the cuffs hurt her wrists less when they were holding her hands behind her back in the woods. The cuffs hurt like hell when she had to lean further over in the front of his pickup truck and give him head. Plus, there was less chance of anyone seeing her kneeling naked in the woods than there was when she was naked in his truck.

He liked to make her do him in busy parking lots. He would park in back and watch the people going in and out of the mall of the stores while her pretty head bobbed in his lap and his cock head explored the back of her throat. He seemed to cum harder in public with people around. Probably because he knew how ashamed she was to have to service him this way. But what could she do?

She told everyone that they were just friends. That is what she told her Mom whenever she asked about him. She could never admit the truth that he was blackmailing her and essentially raping her several times a week. He was her rapist. But what scared her most was that for some reason it didn't bother her enough.

Sometimes when she was at home masturbating in the shower or in her bed all alone with her stuffed toys around her, visions of her forced blowjobs would pop into her head. She would blush at the memory but they always made her wetter. Amber tried to rationalize it but it was getting harder and harder to lie to herself. In fact, it had gotten to the point that she couldn't cum when she jacked off unless she let her mind wander at least a little to their sessions, or "dates" as he liked to call them.

Amber was thinking about that very thing when she felt his hand on the top of her head. Now he was holding her head still as he began to fuck her face. Why didn't she resist him more? Why did her throat seem to try and expand of it's own volition? Why did she realize that she secretly hoped that this time she could take his whole sausage down her innocent little throat.

Amber could feel the wetness between her legs. Amber squeezed her legs together to try and get some friction as her plunged his cock ever deeper into oral cavity choking off her air.

And then it happened. Her throat expanded just a little more than the previous times and it popped into her gullet. She heard him sigh loudly and freeze; holding her head still as he savored the feel of his cock buried completely in her mouth. His pubic hair tickled her nose.

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