Doing Dara Johnson

by mysteria27

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Erotica Sex Story: A hot mother likes to flirt with her son's friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Did you ever hear of the term “Helicopter Mother?” Well, Dara Johnson was exactly that. She basically would watch her son and know what he was doing every minute of the day. She was kind of overbearing with wanting to know the whereabouts of her son.

When he was little, she’d take him to the park but instead of parallel playing with other children, she’d be right behind him like his shadow. She’d encourage him to make friends but would help him so he wouldn’t fail.

She was always in the PTA at school. Her eyes and ears were always listening to any information about her son. You see, Dara Johnson was a single mother and her son meant the world to her. She was overbearing at times, but she was a wonderful woman with a big heart. She had so much love and compassion for her son.

Her intense concern for her son carried over to his teen years. She trusted her son, but still wanted to know where he was at all times. She knew her behavior was annoying, but her son’s safety was more important.

It was kind of embarrassing at sixteen to always be texting your mother and telling her where you were and who you were with. That’s what Kevin Johnson had to do. He called his mother all the time and told her what he was up to. If she didn’t hear from him, she’d call and text until he answered.

His friends would often tease him. They would always tell him that his mother was a cougar. She always flirted with Kevin’s friends and was a little touchy feely with them all. The guys loved the attention from her, but Kevin was always a tad embarrassed. He wondered if his mother would ever fuck any of his friends.

His friends would love to fuck Kevin’s mother. If she were in the right frame of mind, she might have had sex with all his friends. She liked his friends to know they’re special to her. She gave them all tasks to do around the house and would often give them a pat on their asses, or a feel to their biceps or if they were lucky she may have moved her hand in front of their pants to get a feel of their cocks.

Jack has been the lucky friend who had Dara feel him over his jeans on his dick. After she did that, he had a boner as stiff as steel. He had to jack off in the bathroom. These things really annoyed Kevin. None of the other mothers ever acted like this. It drove Kevin crazy that his mother appeared to be a slut. His friends took pictures of his mother and all admired her kick-ass body. She liked to flaunt her body when the boys were over.

Dara had lots of boyfriends in and out of the house. She, unfortunately, was a screamer when having sex and Kevin always knew when his mother got lucky. The men never stayed the night, they stayed long enough for his mother to have an orgasm or two. She didn’t like it to be awkward with her teenage son in the morning.

Kevin and his friends were playing pool in the basement. A few of the guys snuck in cases of beer. Kevin and his friends were eighteen, but you still had to be twenty-one to drink. Kevin’s mother didn’t care if they drank but insisted that they stay the night if they were drunk. She already knew that the boys would be staying the night.

Dara went downstairs to check on her son and to make an announcement.

“I need to do some shopping and need somebody to take pictures of me in the outfits I want to buy. Would any of you be interested in coming along?”

“I’d love to help,” shouted Mark.

“Pick me,” Jack announced happily.

“Figure it out between you all. I need to go lingerie shopping. I need somebody to be honest about my decisions.”

All the boys snickered and were laughing. They all wanted to be the lucky one to go shopping with Dara. Their dirty minds were working in overdrive. Kevin was annoyed that his mother would even ask for this kind of a request. He wasn’t happy with his mother and felt his face turn red from embarrassment.

“Kevin, your mother is so fucking hot! Do you think she’ll blow me?”

“Fuck off!” Kevin said angrily.

“Kevin, do you mind if I go?” Mark asked enthusiastically.

“Sure. If you want?”

“Okay! I’m going. See you idiots later.”

Mark ran up the stairs and found Dara tapping her shoe and looking down at her watch. Mark licked his lips looking at the hot mother. She was dressed in a short skirt with a tube top and heels. Her tube top was white colored, so her breasts and nipples showed.

“Are you ready? You’re the lucky one?”

“Yup. You need lingerie? I bet you’ll look so hot.”

“When I shop, I need opinions. Perhaps, you can take photos of me.”

Mark followed Dara to her car. They both got into the car. Dara put on some music and she sped away. Mark made idle conversation with her, but his mind was racing. He couldn’t imagine where she was taking him and what he was going to be asked to do.

“There’s a really cool store where I buy my lingerie. I think you’ll really like it. Just act like you’re much older. I’m sure it won’t be a problem. You’re with me and I’m a really good customer.”

Mark swallowed his spit hard and had no idea where she was taking him. He was feeling his underwear getting very tight, while his dick was starting to twitch. He was imagining all kinds of naughty things.

They drove for about half an hour. Finally, they arrived at the location. Mark looked like he’d seen a ghost. She was taking him to an adult store. It was called “Kitty’s Boutique.”

“We’re here.”

“Okay. I thought we were going to a lingerie store. This is an adult store.”

“Yea. They have great things inside. Come on! Don’t be a prude now!”

Mark followed Dara into the store. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There were vibrators, blow up dolls, whips, chains, lotions, lingerie and a whole bunch of things he’d never seen before.

Dara pulled him over to the lingerie section. She picked all kinds of things. Things he’d never even seen before. The store wasn’t crowded, and she was taking lots of things off the racks. She made Mark hold them in his hands.

After she picked out lots of things, she brought him into the fitting room with her. He sat on a chair while she undressed. He saw her amazing body nude which made his cock grow. He was so horny seeing her in the revealing lingerie.

“Let me pose and you can take my picture. Use my phone!”

Mark took her phone and snapped pictures of her in the lingerie. He got a good look at her shaved pussy. He saw her enormous breasts and her amazing ass. He was dying that she was undressing in front of him. She put some ball and gag in her mouth while he snapped pictures of her. She was really hot and was driving Mark crazy with all the slutty outfits. Some of the outfits had cut-outs and her tits just showed.

She put on some latex rubber thing that held her body tight. She put on fishnet stocking with crotch cut-outs and even tried out a vibrator that she wanted to buy. She basically fucked herself, while Mark stood with his mouth opened wide. She was the sexiest person Mark knew.

She ordered Mark to take pictures of her fucking herself and in each outfit. She liked dressing up for him. He looked like he would pass out which excited the hot mom. She licked her lips and played with her breasts. She made sure to put on a show for Mark. She wanted the other boys to be jealous of the hot night he had with her.

“You know, there’s an arcade in the back. They play pornos. Want to check it out?”

“Hell, yes!”

“Let me go buy this stuff and we can go in the arcade.”

Dara went to the counter and bought the outfit. She handed her a twenty for tokens for the flicks. They went into a doorway and entered the dark room. There was a bench in the room and like a screen. The floor was sticky with cum from other patrons jacking off. It was sleazy but exciting for Mark.

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