Dillon's Protection Agency

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: From surviving an ambush and getting his client to safety I am sent to protect a daughter. From the moment I saw her I felt something. It should have been an easy job with extra benefits but when the kill team struck that night everything changed. From drone strikes to a traitor I continue to protect her until the next attack when I catch the one behind it.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I stepped out the lobby door and searched the street. I did not like what I saw as the others pushed out the door. I shifted and started to turn and three windows across the street shattered as men fired through the glass. They were not trained or we all would have been dead right then. I dove into the old man we were protecting as the others pulled weapons to return fire.

Men rushed in from the sides and across the street and they were firing. I shifted as I turned and pulled a pistol and fired down the walk. A man went down and I started to come to my feet and pulled the old man with me and shove him back in the shattered doors. I shot back and into another man leaping onto a vehicle and he spun and fell.

I yanked the old man to the side and behind the thick wall, "stay here!"

I leaned out and shot another man rushing around a vehicle. Only one of the others was still alive and firing at the men. I turned to look around the lobby before I pulled the old man after me. I pushed him down behind a wooden counter, "lay down and do not move."

I spun and moved to the back of the room and knelt behind a display. I pulled my back up weapon and changed the magazine in the other. It was several minutes before men rushed in the front door and another came in a side door. I shot the one coming through the side door as I lifted up. I shot one of two men at the front door in the head and the second in the throat.

They went down and I knelt again. The next time it was four men through the front and another through the side door. Again I shot the one coming in from the side first. The other four were spraying the wooden counter as I rose up. I shot one in the head and the next two in the chest and the last as he spun to fire at me.

I waited for several minutes before moving to the old man. The sirens were coming closer as I helped him up. I pulled him after me and out the side door. I turned and started walking as I put my weapons away. I made a call and two blocks later our back up vehicle pulled up. I put the old man in back and followed as the vehicle pulled away.

I glanced at the old man, "you never mentioned an army was after you."

He shook his head, "I did not think they would try this."

I looked at the two men in front of the vehicle, "the rest of the detail is down and probably dead."

An hour later I watched the old man board the private shuttle and turned to leave. The building I went to was owned by Dillon's Protection Agency. I was only one of many they hired and this had only been one of hundreds of contracts. Mostly we did security details on estates but there were three dozen men that worked personal protection details.

I crossed the lobby and glanced at the people before taking a lift all the way to the top floor. I headed to the southeast corner and walked into the huge office, "we lost the whole damn team."

The woman behind the desk looked up and nodded, "I know. I have been on with the constables. If we had been informed the bastard had a ten million credit bounty we would have been ready."

I sat, "what now?"

She glanced at a screen and grinned, "I have a client that needs a bodyguard for her daughter."

I sighed, "really?"

She laughed, "the note says you can fuck her hard and wear her out."

I snorted as I stood, "let me see the armor and get more ammo. Send the address to my comp."

I checked the address and the contract while cleaning my weapon and getting ammo. I added ammo for the second weapon and put both in the small of my back. I put the spare magazines under my arms in ammo carriers in the suit and then added a couple of micro grenades in my coat pockets. I dropped down the lift and went to the vehicle parking area.

I signed out one and left and drove across the city. The estate was beyond the edge and extremely large, the back side went out to orchards. The guard at the gate checked me and my vehicle throughly before sending me in. The servant at the door looked me over as he led me through the house.

The study was at one end of a huge library and the woman that looked at me leaned back. She smiled as she glanced at the bodyguard standing beside her, "have Victoria come down."

He nodded but his eyes never left me and I had the impression he was more than her guard. It turned out he was the head of her security. The woman turned a large comp screen, "your company sent your complete record. I am impressed and a little surprised you left the fleet."

I snorted as I sat and leaned back, "of course you accessed my fleet record and it was glowing with flash and praise."

She smiled, "but I missed something?"

I looked at her bodyguard slash head of security, "I killed an admiral that had turned and got my company killed. Of course fleet does not want that to get out so they ... let me retire."

She blinked, "I did not hear..."

She glanced at the bodyguard before shaking her head, "never mind. So he was a traitor and you avenged your people."

I shrugged, "I am here to protect your daughter. Is there anything I need to know?"

She smiled, "she is a horny bitch. A couple of my enemies would like nothing more than to take her and show me how bad they are."

I stood at the sound of footsteps, "is it a active threat or assumed?"

The bodyguard shifted, "think active."

I glanced at the teenager that walked in, "do you have doubts on the inner security?"

The woman shook her head, "none."

I turned and looked at the girl, she wore a see through top and a micro skirt. I smiled, "nice nipples."

I looked back, "I will keep her safe."

The girl grinned as she looked at me and turned to walk beside me, "so you are the new shield."

I snorted, "I am the new hammer. You do what I say when I say it. If you do not I will put you over my knee and spank you."

She laughed and wrapped an arm around mine, "kinky, I like it."

We went through the house and up and into a large suite with a big bed. I shifted her arm and began my own inspection as she sat on the bed. When I came out of her very large fresher she was naked and laying back fingering her pussy. I locked the door and moved a chair in front of it before I walked to the bed.

I looked at her stunning body and started to undress. She smiled as she watched and when I pushed my pants and under clothes down her eyes went wide and she licked her lips. I reached for her ankles and turned her as I lifted and spread them. I bent to smell and then started to lick her. She shivered as she tilted her hips, "mmmm!"

I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. I moved to her clit and began to suck and then wiggle my tongue on it. She shuddered and humped and started to moan. After a few minutes I stood and moved to slowly force my cock into her until it was buried. She shifted and squirmed as my cock stretched her pussy.

I held her hips as I began to press and hump and grind. Her tight pussy gripped my cock like a sheath. After a couple of minutes she shuddered and her pussy clenched, "mmmm!"

I pulled almost out and buried my cock and her eyes went wide and she shook, "fuck!"

I pressed and rubbed and then pulled out and shoved into her. She jerked and lifted her hips, "yes!"

I began to fuck her with long strokes and she was meeting each one. She shuddered and twisted and wiggled while her now slippery pussy was constantly clenching. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she arched her back and screamed, "FUCK!"

She thrashed and bucked as I kept fucking her firmly. Several minutes and she was still struggling as I shoved into her and held her hips. I gushed and spewed cum and she gasped and squirmed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

When I was done I pulled out while she panted and rolled her over. I lifted her onto her knees and spread them wide before I sank my cock into her slimy hole. I used her hard and pumped six loads of sperm into her before I stopped. She laid on the bed satisfied with a dreamy smile as I got dressed.

I sat in the chair in front of the door and leaned back, "so what next?"

She grinned, "shopping once I catch my breath."

I nodded and watched her as she shifted and a moment later she was asleep. I smiled as I watched the nymph and looked around the room. Two hours later she opened her eyes as she stretched. She looked at the time and sat up, "I fell asleep."

I snorted, "just wait until it is bed time."

She looked at me and her eyes narrowed, "why?"

I stood and walked to the bed, "because I am going to pound your lovely hole for a couple of hours and make you do some of the work."

I pulled her out of bed as she grinned and headed for the fresher. After I got her cleaned up and dressed I had her walk me around the estate. I could see the hidden security and the vids. I could also see the holes. I let Victoria talk as she showed me around and even checked the horses in their stable.

We returned to the house in time for dinner. She was in the large dining room with her mother and I was in the kitchen. I ate and returned to lean against the wall to watch her. Her mother had glanced at me when I came back in and smiled. She looked at her head of security who grinned. I slipped him a note with the holes I saw when Victoria got up to leave.

I stood by the door in a private theater room while she and her mother watched some play. After it was over we returned to her room where I closed, locked and barricaded the door. I followed her into the fresher and stripped her as she grinned. When we returned to her bed I lifted and tossed her on before I took my clothes off, "I will need to get a change of clothes."

I moved onto the bed and over her before I gave her a kiss and sank my cock into her. When she fell asleep I leaned off the bed and moved my weapon and set it under the pillow. I held her as she slept and closed my eyes. They snapped open to a barely heard pop and I rolled with Victoria as I grabbed my weapon.

We fell off the bed and I pushed her against it as I struggled up to a knee. The armored glass window shattered as the door exploded. Men came through the door and another through the window. I shot the first man through the door in the head and the second in the throat before I shifted. The one dropping through the window sprayed the bed with automatic fire.

I shot him twice in the chest and once in the head before spinning back to the door. Three more men were moving through it and I shot the first in the chest. I shifted and shot the second and he spun as the third fired. I grunted as the round slammed into my left shoulder. The tearing burning pain struck as I emptied the pistol into him and came to my feet.

I yanked Victoria up as I grabbed my pile of clothes and ran towards the fresher. I pushed her towards the huge bath, "get in and lay down!"

I turned and closed and locked the door. I moved to the side as I pulled a spare magazine out of my coat. I thought of the micro grenades and pulled one out. I reloaded my pistol as someone kicked the door. I yanked it open and tossed the grenade before slamming it. It was the element of surprise.

Bullets ripped into the door as it closed and then the grenade went off and men were screaming. I pull the door open and stepped out and shot the four men that were in the room one after another. I knelt and aimed at the bedroom door but no one came. Finally estate security arrived and yelled before looking in the door.

I went to get the rest of my clothes as they began to check bodies. I dressed in the fresher after handing Victoria a robe. I left my shirt and coat off as I checked the wound in my shoulder. A minute later her mother was there. She checked Victoria as she clung to her and looked at me with wide eyes, "thank you."

I nodded and she turned, "Stephen would you call the doctor for Mr Grey?"

I cleared my throat, "they knew your security. This was not just a minor attempt to take her. They came to kill not kidnap."

Her lips thinned, "that was their mistake."

I nodded, "and changes the rules. I need a team from my company."

She nodded, "I will call them."

Thirty minutes and we were in another bedroom and a doctor was working on my shoulder. The bullet had gone all the way through and he had an IV of regen nanites pumping into me while he cleaned the wound. I was watching the door and window with my weapon in hand while Victoria watched the doctor.

She kept looking into my face as I tried to ignore the pain. I had called the company and a team was assembling and on the way. I grinned and glanced at the doctor, "hey doc? Will the regen nanites help me produce more sperm?"

He looked up and blinked before looking at Victoria who giggled, "yes. For the next two or three weeks you will be producing a lot more than normal."

Her mother laughed from the door, "it looks like my daughter has her work cut out for her."

I chuckled as Victoria whispered to the doctor who glanced at the door and grinned, "I could give him a few shots. That would increase the size of his testicles and make it so he produces two or three times as much semen and sperm."

I laughed and stuck my tongue out at Victoria. After he left we went down to eat breakfast and then the team was there and started setting up. I pulled Victoria with us as I walked around the building and pointed out things to the team leader. He grinned as Victoria kept whispering when she found a good place to fuck me.

When we finished I pulled her after me and back to the new bedroom. I pushed her towards the bed, "strip."

The team had brought my ready bag and after I locked the door I undressed. I moved to a chair and pulled out a control unit. Victoria got tired of waiting and moved off the bed and came to straddle me. I helped her sit and slowly impale her pussy before I turned the control unit on and watched as a drone lifted.

Her tight pussy felt very nice as she wiggled and shifted and bent to look at the controller, "what are you doing?"

I smiled, "recon of the orchards."

I pulled her hip back and forth with my free hand, "get to work you."

She giggled and kissed me before she began to roll her hips and rub her pussy on me. I watched the remote screen as the drone spiraled out. I could see where the men from last night had passed and started to back track them. I lifted the drone a few minutes later and hissed when I saw the large vehicle.

Victoria was spasming and jerking while her tight pussy constantly gripped my cock. I glanced at her and bent to grab my comm. I reached around to hold her as I called the team, "we have two combat drones being loaded two kilometers to the west in the orchards."


I looked at Victoria as she twisted and jerked and let my hand slip down and pushed a finger into her ass. She gasped and her pussy clenched, "FFFUUUCCCCKKKKK!"

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