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Fiction Sex Story: While their parents are away for the weekend on business, 15yo Matt is left in charge while his 14yo sister, Michelle, hosts a sleepover for her two closest friends. Not everyone has a good time.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   .

Hi, My name's Matt. I have a problem and I need advice.

I'm 15 and I live with my parents and sister, Michelle, who at 14 is a year younger than me. I'm medium height, dark-haired and athletic, and I'm in both the school cross-country team and the football team, where I play fullback or wingback.

Although I'm a virgin, I'm pretty sure I'm gay. Although I'm happy to be their friend, the girls in my class don't interest me romantically, even though some of them have made it pretty clear they fancy me. On the other hand, I get very turned on when I think about Craig Fairchild, our football team's centre forward; a tall, blond, stocky boy with a cock to match. One day, a day I both fear yet long for, he's going to catch me admiring it in the showers. If he's homophobic, I'll be outed and everyone will ridicule me. But there's just a chance that he will feel the same as I do, and he'll let me take his beautiful cock in my mouth and suck him till he cums. I wonder if he'll want to fuck my ass with that huge cock, a prospect that both scares me yet makes me diamond hard.

My relationship with Michelle is complicated. As my sister, I love her and would take a bullet for her. But she's everything that turns me off about women, very girly, giggly, soft and curvaceous, and addicted to the colour pink. And she smells so, well, female is the only way I can put it, since I completely lack the words to properly describe it. My male friends tell me she's a stone cold fox and try to get me to set up dates with her for them but I refuse because I don't want to think of her that way.

Since forever she's hung out with a couple of girls her own age, Shauna, a tall bottle blonde who's not that unattractive for a girl, and Tanitha, a black-haired girl with exotic-looks due to part-Asian ancestry. All three girls have reached the stage where they're interested in boys. Shauna and Tanitha have both dropped unsubtle hints in my direction, unaware of my preference.

Our parents have their own business and occasionally have to travel on business, sometimes at very short notice. Until about six months ago they used to get babysitters to look after Michelle and me, but for the last six months they've trusted us to take care of ourselves, being impressed by our grown-up approach and the fact that we hardly ever fight, unlike many siblings our age.

It wasn't till we got home from school Friday afternoon that our parents told us that a work problem had arisen and they had to fly across country that weekend to sort it out, coming back late on Sunday.

"Matt, will you be okay looking after your sister?" my father asked, looking me in the eye.

I looked at Michelle.

"Sure, no problem," I replied.

"But I'm supposed to be having Shauna and Tanitha here for a sleepover Saturday night," piped up Michelle.

"Can't you switch the sleepover to one of their houses?" asked my mother.

"No. Tanitha's parents are going out Saturday night and they won't let Tanitha have a sleepover while they're not there. And Shauna's parents are doing some redecorating. Besides, it's my turn to host."

"It's your decision Matt," said my father. "Can you cope with three teenage girls all on your own?"

"Please Matt," beseeched Michelle. "I promise we won't be any trouble."

Michelle effected the moist, doe-eyed look she so often used to get her own way. How could I refuse!

"Okay squirt, but you owe me one," I acceded.

Michelle grasped me in a tight hug, crushing her disgustingly squashy breasts against my chest.

"Thanks brother, you're the best," she said, planting a yeuky, wet kiss on my cheek.

Our parents rolled their eyes as Michelle skipped happily away.

Having already done their packing, our parents departed for the airport soon after, leaving a casserole simmering in the oven so Michelle and I would have at least one decent meal before they got back.

The weekend started trouble free. Michelle and I enjoyed the casserole and did the washing up together.

Saturday afternoon Shauna and Tanitha arrived with their overnight bags and immediately headed up to Michelle's room. I didn't know their planned sleeping arrangements and didn't care. I took advantage of the nice weather to do some gardening, trimming the grass and hedges. Our parents hadn't specifically asked me to do the work but it would rack up some brownie points for me and it kept me away from the girls.

When it started getting dark, I went back indoors, showered and changed. Since the girls were still upstairs I couch-potatoed in the lounge in front of the TV. After a while all three girls came down.

"Do you want the lounge?" I asked, not wanting to share. "I can watch this in my room."

"No, we'd like to ask a favour," said Michelle, apparently the spokesperson for the group.

I was sure that whatever it was, I wasn't going to like it. So I silently stared at Michelle, waiting for the reveal.

"Could you cut off a lock of my hair?" she asked, holding a pair of scissors out in my direction. "Not a lot, a half-inch or so."

"Can't your friends do it?" I replied, looking at Shauna and Tanitha, who chose to avert their gaze.

"They could, but I'd rather you did it," said Michelle. "I trust you."

That sounded extremely flimsy to me but when Michelle came and plonked herself on my lap, I decided that chopping off a lock of her hair was worth it just to get rid of her.

I took the scissors and cut off about half an inch, choosing a location where its removal wouldn't attract notice.

"Thanks bro," she chirped, giving me a yeuky wet kiss on the cheek.

I should have know it wouldn't be that simple. As soon as Michelle got up, Tanitha replaced her on my lap. What's worse, she didn't seem able to keep still, wriggling her butt around as though trying to find a comfortable position.

"Please, me too?" Tanitha asked.

Sighing, I chopped off a piece of her hair, trying to be as careful as I had with Michelle. Just in time I saw that Tanitha's thank-you kiss was heading for my lips and I quickly turned my head to present my cheek. I think I saw disappointment in her eyes, but she took the hint and added another yeuky wet kiss to Michelle's.

There was no respite as Tanitha was immediately replaced by Shauna.

Despite being the tallest of the three, she weighed about the same as Michelle, being slender with narrow hips and tiny breasts. Although her blonde hair was cropped short, I managed to isolate a discreet lock, whose absence wouldn't show except under very close scrutiny, and carefully snipped it off.

"Thanks," she smiled, giving me the obligatory peck on the cheek, fortunately not as slimy as her predecessors.

I was sitting on the sofa feeling relief that that ordeal was over when I felt a slight tug on my hair and heard scissors snipping.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, whirling round in protest.

Michelle was holding a lock of my hair as well as the scissors.

"Thanks bro, it's for a good cause. We're doing a science project."

"You should have asked me," I grumbled.

"Would you have said 'yes'?"

"Probably not," I admitted.

"There you go then."

Michelle leaned over the back of the sofa, aiming her lips for my cheek again, but I ducked out of the way.

The three girls then disappeared back upstairs, presumably to work on their science project.

When the program I was only half watching came to an end, I realised I felt hungry. In fact, after the afternoon exercise, I felt very hungry.

I made my way upstairs and knocked on Michelle's door.

"I'm going to order a Chinese. Do you want me to order for you too?"

I tried Michelle's door but it was locked. I was going to have to have words with Michelle about that. Our parents' ground rules were that only bathroom doors could be locked because of the possibility of accidents, and the bathroom doors were designed to be easily penetrable in case of need.

"Hey, open up," I called, rattling the door handle.

A few seconds later there was a click and the door opened. There was nothing condemnatory visible but all three girls looked flushed.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yes," said Michelle. "It's just that our project is kind of secret and we wanted some privacy."

Michelle turned towards the other girls.

"Is everyone okay with a Chinese? Matt's got the menu here, so tell him what you'd like."

The three girls made their choices and I returned downstairs to phone in the order. I noticed there wasn't a click so they hadn't locked the door again.

"Dinner in half an hour," I shouted, after getting an estimated delivery time from the restaurant.

"Thanks," Michelle shouted back.

When the food arrived I paid, using cash left by my parents, then the girls came down and joined me in the dining room to eat. It was kind of fun, with each of us sampling the others' food. Afterwards we put leftover food in the fridge, cutlery in the dishwasher and the rest of the debris in the trash.

"I'm going to my room to do some reading," I said from the bottom of the stairs. "You can have the lounge if you want to watch a video or something."

"Thanks, but we're going to continue working on our project," said Michelle and the girls followed me upstairs.

My English class was studying a number of works, one of which was a classic novel. For the curriculum we only needed to study a couple of passages in depth and have an overview of the plot, but I was interested in reading the whole thing.

The novel started slowly, with long drawn-out descriptions of things with minimal relevance to the story, but when it finally got going the plot was quite interesting with twists and turns we hadn't learned about at school.

Eventually I had to take a comfort break. Passing my sister's door on the way to the bathroom, I could smell burning. I knocked on the door then tried the handle. It was locked again.

"Michelle, are you alright in there? I can smell burning," I called out.

"It's okay, bro, we're just burning a little incense."

Only partially mollified, I used the bathroom then went downstairs and helped myself to a drink before returning to my room. I really was going to have words with my sister after her friends left.

Locking her door and burning incense! I was tempted to rat her out to our parents because my ability to look after both her and the house was being seriously compromised.

Lying on my bed, I had just reached an action scene in the book when my limbs suddenly lost all strength. The book fell from my grasp, closing and losing my page. I tried to call out but I couldn't speak.

I was really, really scared. Was I suffering a stroke?

Suddenly there was a knock on my door.

"Matt, are you in there?" called Michelle.

When I didn't answer, she turned the handle and came into my room.

I, of course, hadn't locked my door. I tried to plead for help but I couldn't speak. I could see she was holding a sort of rag doll, and a lock of dark hair, which looked like mine, was attached to its head.

"Hey guys, the spell worked. He's as helpless as a baby," Michelle crowed.

Shauna and Tanitha followed her into my room.

"Are you sure?" asked Shauna dubiously.

"Absolutely," said Michelle. "Try pinching him."

Tanitha reached forward and cupped my groin, squeezing gently.

"I'm convinced," was her verdict, when I was unable to protest or protect my crown jewels.

"Are you sure he won't remember anything?" asked Shauna.

"According to the description, when he wakes up tomorrow morning he'll just have a vague, dreamlike memory," said Michelle.

"Let's get his clothes off," said Tanitha eagerly.

The girls obviously hadn't given much thought about taking the clothes off a helpless body because they had to push and pull me every which way. By the time I was naked I felt as though I'd been through a tumble dryer.

"His thingy," observed Shauna, "it's all tiny and soft."

Tanitha stretched out her hand and stroked my cock. I don't know what she was expecting but for me there was nothing remotely arousing about this nightmarish situation.

"I have an idea," announced Michelle, and she left my room.

A couple of minutes later she returned with a blob of plasticine.

She broke a piece off, rolled it into a cylindrical shape then attached it to the groin of my effigy, perpendicular to the torso, like a turgid cock. My cock became engorged and stood to attention.

"Great, it worked," said Michelle smugly.

"Wow," exclaimed Shauna.

"It's a nice one, isn't it," said Tanitha.

"And how many have you seen to compare it too?" asked Shauna jokingly.

All three girls took advantage of my helplessness to run their hands up and down my hard cock and grope my balls, commenting on their hairiness and crinkly skin. Michelle even went so far as to gently jack me but there was absolutely no chance of my cumming in this nightmarish scenario.

"Who's going first?" asked Tanitha eagerly.

"Me," said Michelle firmly. "He's my brother and I found the spell."

Tanitha looked downhearted.

"Don't worry," said Michelle, "we'll all get a turn."

Michelle tugged off her jeans and panties, leaving her naked apart from her t-shirt, bra and socks. It didn't seem fair that she got to see me naked but she still had some clothes on, but since I didn't fancy girls it was probably a good thing. However I got to see her pussy, topped by a nest of black, wiry pubic hair.

Michelle climbed onto the bed and kneeled over my groin, pressing her warm knees into my flanks.

"God, Michelle, are you really going to do this? He's your brother for Christ's sake," gasped Shauna.

"We haven't come this far just to give up now," smirked Michelle.

Michelle lowered herself until my cock was just touching her cuntlips. Using her hands, she prised her cuntlips open, revealing the entrance to her pink cunt, and directed my cock between them.

Then she started lowering herself. I found my cock being swallowed by her hot, tight, disgustingly slimy sleeve. I wanted to scream but I couldn't.

Michelle lowered herself a couple of inches until I was firmly embedded inside her.

"Oh yes, you have to try this," she said. "He's so big I can feel myself being stretched, but it's so good."

Michelle rubbed the top of her hairy little pussy and her cunt seemed to get even more disgustingly slimy. She resumed her slow descent, stopping every so often, presumably to get accustomed to being stretched. Finally she was sitting on my groin, her slimy cunt leaving a revolting damp ring as my cock was fully embedded in her rounded belly.

"What now?" asked Tanitha, disconcerted by the lack of action.

"Just give me a moment to get used to his size, then I'll fuck him like we saw in the video," said Michelle.

My fourteen year old sister was watching porn videos? That was another item to add to the list of things I needed to talk to her about.

Michelle lifted herself off me until only an inch or so of my cock was still inside her nasty, slimy cunt then she sank back down all the way. She started a rhythm of raising and lowering herself, going faster and faster. Despite her bra, Michelle's ample breasts were bouncing around inside her t-shirt like puppies in a sack, her hard nipples seemingly trying to rip holes through the two thin layers of cotton.

"Oh God, this feels so good," she gasped, panting for breath.

Not long after that she sank down all the way and stopped, sweating profusely and sucking in air.

"What's wrong?" asked Tanitha. "Have you come yet?"

"No, I can't quite get there," panted Michelle. "God, those porn actresses must be fit."

"Well they don't have to do it all in one shoot, and we've only got the sound effects to tell us they've cum," observed Shauna. "It's easy to fake. Take 'When Harry met Sally.'"

"Okay smartarse," said Michelle. "I'm going to try something different."

Michelle switched to rotating her hips with my cock still fully embedded in her nasty, slimy cunt.

"Okay, this isn't bad," was her verdict.

"Rub your clitty at the same time," suggested Shauna.

Michelle did as Shauna suggested, gently rubbing the top of her pussy while rotating her hips. She started panting again, rubbing her pussy harder and harder.

"Nearly there," she gasped.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanitha break off a couple more pieces of plasticine and fashion them into tiny spheres. She smirked at me and I felt a cold knot of fear in the pit of my stomach. With a look of triumph, Tanitha added the tiny plasticine spheres to the base of the plasticine cock on my effigy.

"YES!" screamed Michelle, forcing herself down all the way, her slimy cunt clenching rhythmically round my abused cock.

Tanitha squeezed the effigy's testicles and suddenly my cock was throbbing and spurting in answer to Michelle's clenching cunt.

"OHMYGOD," screamed Michelle, "I can feel him squirting."

That was undoubtedly the most degrading experience of my life so far, forced to ejaculate inside the disgusting slimy cunt of my own sister. I was pretty sure she wasn't on the pill so there was even a chance she might get pregnant.

Her orgasm over, Michelle collapsed on top of me, dripping sweat.

She stretched forwards and gave me a kiss on the lips. Luckily she didn't use her tongue or I might have thrown up.

"Thanks bro," she said tenderly, then dismounted.

To my horror, my cum-streaked cock was still hard as a rock.

"Me next," asserted Tanitha, spraying her clothes across the floor.

"You didn't have to get completely naked, you slut!" laughed Shauna.

"He can see your boobs."

"So what! They might not be as big as Chelle's but I might as well give him something to daydream about as payment for loaning me his hard cock."

"He doesn't need any extra payment," said Michelle. "We're already fulfilling every teenage boy's fantasy."

"Including getting to fuck his own hot sister," said Shauna.

I could probably name at least fifty boys from school who'd love to be in my predicament. I just hoped Craig Fairchild wasn't one of them.

Tanitha was a dancer with a dancer's body, lithe and yet muscular.

Her breasts were smaller and firmer than Michelle's, her pubic hair a glossy black mat.

Naked, Tanitha replaced Michelle in straddling my groin. Standing on her knees, she lined up my hard cock and lowered her pussy towards it. She had trouble inserting my cock until, with a determined look on her face, she thrust down hard. At first my rock hard cock tried to bend, then something seemed to give way and two inches slipped inside Tanitha's nasty, slimy cunt. Immediately Tanitha clenched every muscle hard.

"SHIT!" she screamed, tears trickling down her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" asked Shauna.

Then they noticed the droplets of blood from Tanitha's pussy trickling down my cock.

"You're bleeding," said Shauna. "Are you hurt?"

Michelle rolled her eyes.

"Tanitha's just broken her hymen. It's no biggie," she observed.

"You really were a virgin," said Shauna wondrously.

"Well duh!" replied Tanitha. "All three of us agreed to give our virginities to Matt. I couldn't have done that if I wasn't a virgin, could I?"

"I guess," said Shauna.

"Wait, I was a virgin until tonight but I lost my hymen long ago," insisted Michelle. "What about you, Shauna? Is your hymen still intact?"

"Um, no," admitted Shauna. "But Tanitha always seemed so confident, flirting with boys in our class and talking about sex all the time. I guess I got the wrong impression."

"We're going to have a chat later," declared Tanitha ominously. "But for now I've got a nice hard cock to fuck. I wish I were you Michelle, having this on tap all the time."

"Hey, it's not 'on tap all the time'. All I get are occasional sneak peaks at the merchandise. This is a first for me too," my sister insisted.

When had my sister been able to get sneak peaks at my privates? I would have resolved to be more careful in future except that Michelle had just got as intimate an acquaintance with my cock as she could possibly have wished, so it hardly seemed to matter.

"Are you going to be okay?" Shauna asked Tanitha with concern in her voice.

"Hell yes," Tanitha replied. "It's starting to feel real good."

Her tears having dried up, Tanitha pressed down and more of my cock was ensnared by her very tight, nasty, slimy, bloody cunt.

"Ooh, I can feel it stretching me," said Tanitha. "It feels so big inside me."

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