Living Next Door to Heaven 2

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Cast - Brian and his clan have survived high school, have found love, have formed into casa, and are ready to move to El Rancho del Corazón to go to college at IU. Rhonda has come out of her shell, is the new producer for their TV show, and is Brian's newest lover. The parents are all behind the clan moving in together on the ranch that Anna purchased and leased to them. They are ready to conquer the world. It should be easy from here on. Right? RIGHT???

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Rags To Riches   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Nudism  

Joanne "Heaven" Barnes: The titular 'girl next door' who always had an eye out for Brian and continues in many ways to influence his life even though she is now a famous 20-year-old international model; birthday: 5/20.

Casa del Fuego

Brian Frost: 18, freshman with sophomore standing at IU in the fall; 5′6″, brown hair, blue eyes; patrón of the clan; birthday: 10/5.

Rhonda Gordon: 17, producer of Young Cooking, not going to college; 5'5", brown hair, green eyes; Brian's novia; birthday: 7/5.

Rose Davis: 18, freshman at IU; 5'1", golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes; Brian's cónyuge and matrón of the clan; birthday: 12/21.

Whitney Anderson: 18, freshman women's basketball player at IU; 6'3", dark brown hair, brown eyes; Brian's cónyuge; birthday: 5/3.

Samantha Cortales: 18, freshman at IU; 5'4", raven hair, brown eyes; Brian's cónyuge; birthday: 2/4.

Liz Nowicki: 18, going to beauty school; 5'8", red hair, hazel eyes; Brian's cónyuge; birthday: 5/18.

Jennifer Pratt: 18, freshman at IU; 5'6", dirty blonde hair; Brian's and Courtney's cónyuge; birthday: 8/14.

Courtney James: 18, freshman at IU; 5'4", butterscotch blonde hair; Brian's and Jennifer's cónyuge; birthday: 6/20.

Elaine Frost: 21, senior at UIndy; 5'3", red hair, brown eyes; Brian's cónyuge (not related); birthday: 3/17.

Donna Gordon: 20, junior at Oberlin; 5'6", brown hair, green eyes; Brian's compañera and Rhonda's sister; birthday: 3/20.

Sora Miller: 19, sophomore at IU; 5'3", black hair, brown eyes; Brian's compañera; in 'Kappa' sorority; birthday: 1/20.

Nicolette "Nicki" Duval: 18, freshman at Brown University; 5'9", brown hair; brown eyes; Brian's compañera; birthday: 4/3.

Josh Whitaker: 18, freshman at Bethel College; 5'10", brown hair; blue eyes; Cassie's compañera; birthday: 12/10.

Cassie Clinton: 18, freshman at Bethel College; 5'4", brown hair; brown eyes; Josh's and Brian's compañera; birthday: 1/26.

Mary Williams: 17, senior in high school; 5'4", brown hair; blue eyes; Cassie's compañera; birthday: 10/28.

Casa de la Tierra

Carl Fisher: 18, freshman at IU; longtime friend of Brian, 6'2" sandy red hair; Brenda's and Louise's cónyuge; birthday: 11/30.

Brenda Lenox: 18, freshman at IU; 5'4" buxom blonde; Carl's and Louise's cónyuge; Brian's amiga; birthday: 11/17.

Louise Bacon: 18, freshman at IU; 5'6" dark hair; Brenda's and Carl's cónyuge; birthday: 6/10.

Judy Larson: 16, high school junior; short at just under five feet; birthday: 12/18.

Lexi Cortales: 16, high school junior and varsity cheerleader; Samantha's little sister; birthday: 12/1.

Monte Miller: 16, high school junior; Sora's little brother; birthday: 1/14.

Ross Davis: 16, high school junior; Rose's little brother; birthday: 2/16.

Casa del Agua

Doug Swift: 18, freshman at IU; longtime friend of Brian, 6'3"; Rachel's and Doreen's cónyuge, but with Doreen it is without intercourse because she is his sister; birthday: 3/15.

Doreen Swift: 22, employed, not going to college; Doug's sister/cónyuge with whom he shares an intimate relationship, though not consummated; Brian's amiga; birthday: 2/28.

Rachel Harris: 18, freshman at IU; dark hair; noticeably buxom; 5'5"; Doug's and Doreen's cónyuge; Brian's amiga; birthday: 4/7.

George McCall: 17, high school senior; 6'2" basketball player; birthday: 9/18.

Theresa Kelly: 16, high school junior; birthday: 11/5.

Casa del Sol

Lionel Trane: 18, freshman at IU; 6'10" basketball player; Sugar's novia; birthday: 2/10.

Sugar Evars: 18, employed, not going to college; 5'2" full-figured; Lionel's novia; birthday: 1/2.

Lamar Trane: 21, senior at IU; 6'10" varsity basketball player; Renee's compañera; Lionel's brother; birthday: 3/1.

Renee Carver: 21, senior at IU; 5'5", former bleached blonde, now brown hair; in 'Kappa' sorority; Lamar's compañera; birthday: 12/2.

Rich Fisher: 16, high school junior; 6'4" varsity basketball player; Carl's brother; birthday: 3/22.

Susan Conway: 16, high school junior; birthday: 4/15.

The Clan of the Heart (at large)

Geoff Hopkins: 18, gay; college uncertain; Kevin's compañera; birthday: 5/30.

Robyn Koontz: 18, college uncertain; birthday: 1/11.

Leonard Hamm: 16, high school junior; small gay guy; birthday: 5/21.

Nancy Hess: 16, high school junior; birthday: 6/3.

Pam Owens: 15, high school junior; youngest member of the clan; birthday: 8/7.

Kevin Hofstedter: 18, freshman at University of Washington; ex-officio member of the clan and Geoff's compañera; birthday: 2/28.

Sandy Donaldson: 19, sophomore at IU; Sheriff's daughter; hippy chick; long straight dark hair; hanging out until she can join; birthday: 10/10.

Denise Raymond: Deceased; murdered after junior prom date with Josh; always remembered as one of the clan.

Tribe of Elders

Harry & Nona Frost: Brian's parents.

Anna Pratt: Jennifer's mother; lover of Nona and Harry.

Rex & Maria Davis: Rose's parents; Rex is a real estate attorney and handles the legal issues for the clan.

Janet Anderson: Whitney's mother.

Claude & Joyce Gordon: Rhonda's parents.

Paul & Amanda Lenox: Brenda's parents; Paul is a real estate developer.

Cecile Carver: Renee's mother.

Sylvester 'Sly' & Lily Cortales: Samantha's parents.

Jean & Ariel Duval: Nicki's parents; Jean is a corporate attorney.

Malcolm & Regina Evars: Sugar's parents.

Jim & Jill Swift: Doug's parents.

Ken & Claudia Harris: Rachel's parents.

Bill & Crystal James: Courtney's parents; own the Tally Ho Restaurant.

Fred & Alice Jones: Elaine's parents.

John & Bea Clinton: Cassie's parents; own a private airport.

Juall & Eva Miller: Sora's parents.

Arthur & Teri Pratt: Jennifer's father and stepmother; litigation attorneys in Indianapolis.

Lech & Irene Nowicki: Liz's parents.

Doris Trane: Lionel's mother.

Don Whitaker: Josh's father.

Ford & Ellen Barnes: Joanne's parents.

Drs. Ben & Ruth McCall: George's parents; Ruth is a psychologist; Ben is Professor of Sociology at IUSB.

Doris Hamm: Leonard's mother.

Bonnie Owens: Pam's mother.

Extended Family, Friends, and Others

Betts Partridge nee Frost: Brian's sister, married to Allen; living in Seattle.

Allen Partridge: Betts' husband; works at high tech company in Seattle.

Madeline Partridge: Betts and Allen's daughter (one year old).

Addison Partridge: Allen's sister; 18; will be a senior; 5'9" tall; light brown hair.

Jordan & Grace Partridge: Allen's parents.

Grandpa Frost: Brian's grandfather; now in a 'retirement home'.

Bill Fisher: Carl's older brother.

Cam Jones: Elaine's older brother.

Bill Williams: Mary's older brother.

Drew Barnes: Joanne's younger brother.

Louise "Lou" Casey: Women's basketball coach at IU.

Master Cho: Whitney's martial arts master.

Sheriff Jim Donaldson: Monroe County Sheriff near Bloomington. Sandy's father.

Ms. Hammer: High school English Lit teacher.

Coach Hancock: High school basketball coach.

Ms. Streeter: High school drama and speech teacher.

Harvey Grissom: Producer of The Homemaker's Hour with Miss Polly.

Miss Polly: Hostess and star of The Homemaker's Hour with Miss Polly.

Ron Filmore: General Contractor

Mr. Randall: Insurance Adjuster

Marshall Jacobs: Next door neighbor in Bloomington. Farmer who supplies hay.

Arnie Thornton: Retired Industrial Arts teacher and Ron's father-in-law.

Adam Wolfe: Sophomore football player at IU and part time model.

Isaac Schroyer: Manager at the Nappanee Manufactured Housing factory.

Lonnie Phillips: Professor of Media at IU.

Steve Green: Head of a pseudo frat on campus called AXE.

Dawn Vargas: Sophomore sorority girl from 'Gamma House;' first girlfriend on Brian's new show. 5'9" dark brown hair in a ponytail.

Cathy White: Sophomore sorority girl from 'Gamma House;' friend of Dawn's. 5'9" medium brown hair in a ponytail. (They look a lot alike.)

Angela Kimes: Brian's show-and-tell partner at summer science camp in fifth grade; now a classroom monitor at IU.

Wayne Enders: Belligerent, misogynist geek; member of AXE; in Courtney's computer class.

... and others.

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