Living Next Door to Heaven 2
Introduction to Part VI: El Rancho del Corazón

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Introduction to Part VI: El Rancho del Corazón - Brian and his clan have survived high school, have found love, have formed into casa, and are ready to move to El Rancho del Corazón to go to college at IU. Rhonda has come out of her shell, is the new producer for their TV show, and is Brian's newest lover. The parents are all behind the clan moving in together on the ranch that Anna purchased and leased to them. They are ready to conquer the world. It should be easy from here on. Right? RIGHT???

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Rags To Riches   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Nudism  

Time: A few years ago. The day after high school graduation.

Place: Northern Indiana and Bloomington, Indiana—or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Description: This is a continuation of Living Next Door to Heaven 1. Technically, the first chapter in Part VI would be chapter 117 overall. The action begins immediately after LNDtH1 chapter 116. I've chosen to restart chapter numbering with the start of the new serial. Brian Frost, one-time runt geek of the neighborhood, has gathered nearly 40 others into his Clan of the Heart. He has become the protector and leader, or patrón, of the clan. Casa del Fuego comprises thirteen women and two men. Now, most of them are going to college, many to Indiana University in Bloomington. They have their love, their ambition, and a new home: El Rancho del Corazón. It should be smooth sailing from here on. Right?

Names: If you read LNDtH1 v1, completed 3/23/2015, you will find a few changes implemented in v2, posted 5/20/2015 and carried forward in Parts VI and following. The story and action are the same, but a few of the names (mostly last names) are slightly different. A cast list follows this intro, and I've tried to be as complete as possible. Changing the names serves two purposes. First, to protect the innocent. Second, to pull the SOL version more closely in line with the fully rewritten released version on Kindle.

This is a work of fiction. If you recognize someone, please don't tell them. Any resemblance is strictly coincidental and probably highly insulting!

Codes: mt/ft, ft/ft, MA/FA, FA/FA, polyamory. There is a fair bit of explicit sex in this part as most of the kids have graduated and are heading for college and life. There is no attempt to identify every kind of act or event in this very long story in the codes. When you are dealing with 40 kids ranging in age from 16 to 23, they are likely to get into any combination possible. Part VI includes safe sex, multiple-partner sex (both MFM and FMF), first times, pregnancy, violent and non-violent attacks on the casa or members thereof, nudity, horses, chemistry, cooking, martial arts, college life, and lots of very cute girls doing all the things teenaged boys (and some other teenaged girls) wish for.

Definitions: Describing the relationships of each of the characters is complicated, especially as they have moved into more permanent relationships. Therefore, they have developed the following terms to describe the group. Although most of the terms are Spanish in origin, the group uses their own rules and does not distinguish between singular and plural or between male and female. For example, compañera may refer to either a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or to all a boy's girlfriends. Since the terms are used commonly, they are not italicized like foreign words would be.

Tribe—the entire extended family, mostly referring to the parents and siblings of those in the agreement.

Clan—the group of all those who have signed the clan charter or extended agreement.

Cousin—any member of the clan.

Casa—household. The cast below is listed by casa.

Hearthmates—members of a given casa.

Cónyuge—spouse or mate; those hearthmates considered in a long-term, intimate relationship within the casa.

Novia—fiancé or fiancée (not distinguished by gender); those intending to enter into a long-term intimate relationship with each other but who aren't quite there yet or who want a handfasting ceremony first.

Compañera—a girlfriend or boyfriend (not gender specific); within the casa, often synonymous with hearthmate.

Amiga—man or woman of a different casa that is intimate with another.

Patrón—the leader of the clan or clan chief. It is not an elected position. The clan simply recognizes Brian's leadership.

Matrón—the female leader of the clan or clan queen. Like patrón, it is not an elected position. Rose has apparently risen to this position within the clan.

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