There Oughta Be a Law
Chapter 9

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Don meets two babes and adventures follow.

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Tuesday Evening

After I left work I wasn't quite sure how things were supposed to go now. I knocked on Carolyn's door just in case. Stephanie answered the door and threw herself into my arms.

"Uncle Don! I'm so glad to see you."

I grabbed her ass and kissed her.

"Hi Steph."

She rushed off ahead of me to her bedroom. Her shorts looked like they were painted on her ass. I sure hope she didn't look like that in public. When I reached her bedroom she was already naked and she helped me take my clothes off.

"Hurry up, Uncle Don. I need you inside me right now."

She might have been annoying if she wasn't so damn hot. She lied on her back and spread her legs.

"Give it to me, Uncle Don."

I slammed into her hard.


I just let her buck at me for a bit. She was really riled up and I didn't want to come right away.

"OOohhhhh, Fuck ya, Ohhhh god, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh."

And then she went limp. I was still hard inside her. I started licking and slobbering over her delectable breasts and nipples. Her large nipples were so much fun to play with.

It wasn't long before she was rotating her crotch relentlessly against me and cumming and cumming some more. I was still hard in her and I went up to kiss her passionately. She looked at me in awe.

"You are freaking unbelievable you know that. I don't care what you say. I know I'm 18 and you're 42. I know you already have two wonderful girlfriends and there's no room for me, but I love you. I love you so much."

"I still say what we have is not love, but I care for you very much, Stephanie."

She smiled and kissed me hard.

"Don't worry, I'm not upset with you or anything. I'm just letting you know how I feel."

I kissed her tenderly for a bit and then I pulled away from her. I tapped her knee.

We switched to doggie. I slipped two fingers up her butthole and slammed my cock into her cunt.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh fuck ya."

I slammed it into her pretty good for 5 minutes or so. I was now ready for the last round, but I stopped for a minute.

"Are you up for anal again, Steph?"

She looked back at me with adoration.

"You don't have to ask, Uncle Don. You can have my ass whenever you want it."

This was one very special young fuck buddy, let me tell you. I spit in her ass and then entered her relatively slowly. She pushed right back against me.

"Give it to me, Uncle Don, give it to me good."

I lost it then and pounded the living shit out of her for 5 minutes or so.

"Ohhhhh Aaaah. Ohhhh Fuck. Ohhhh God. Ohhhh Jesus. Ohhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaahhhh."

I must have left a gallon of cum in her ass. My dick was just throbbing and throbbing.


We both collapsed.

"Wow," she said with puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, wow," I replied.

When I got to Ellen's, Carolyn was also there. Both ladies rushed up to me with radiant smiles and kissed me.

"Hello, my lovelies," I said.

They both giggled.

"I hope you showed Stephanie a good time?" asked Carolyn.

"I don't think she's complaining," I said with a smirk.

"You horny old goat," said Ellen with a sexy grin.

I blushed.

"Guilty as charged my dear."

I reached for Ellen and kissed her passionately for a minute or two and then grabbed Carolyn and did the same. We had a nice dinner together.

"So, am I supposed to be with Stephanie every day at 5:30 or what? How's this going to work?"

"Carolyn and I have been discussing it. We're not really sure. Go ahead and knock on the door at 5:30 every weekday. There might be a few times when nobody answers.

We will try sleeping with all 3 of us for the next little while and see how that goes. Are you ok with that?"

"I can live with that," I said with a shit eating grin on my face.

They glanced at each other and giggled. After dinner the ladies were loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. I was getting horny watching my two girlfriends and I must have been obvious about it, because they both started wiggling their bodies as they performed their tasks. I couldn't take it anymore, I picked a time when they were close together and I attacked them. My left hand was feeling up Carolyn's crotch and my right was fingering Ellen.

"You girls are going to be the death of me," I said.

They both laughed and their fingers met at my rock hard cock. I licked Ellen's neck and then did the same to Carolyn. They both were getting as fired up as I was. We headed straight for the bedroom and we had a free for all. I'm not really sure what happened in what order. All I know is that wherever I looked there was a beautiful body part waiting for me. I know I fucked all four of their holes and I know I licked both their cunnies furiously. At the end they both went down on me simultaneously and I came in Carolyn's mouth. I spewed a few drops of cum on both their faces and they both smiled up at me.

"Wow," said Carolyn.

"Yeah, Wow," said Ellen.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this, Ellen," said Carolyn.

"It was my pleasure," said Ellen and then she kissed Carolyn passionately.

"I am officially the luckiest man alive," I said.

They both leaned in and kissed me at the same time.

"There Oughta be a law," I said.

We all relaxed in the afterglow of amazing sex for a while. We just stared at each other and enjoyed each other's presence.

"Well this is cosy and wonderful and everything. I definitely can't complain about the company, but we need to do something about this bed. A king size would be much more comfortable don't you think?" I asked.

Ellen replied, "We've been discussing that as well. There's no way a king size will fit in here, but we are now carrying 3 apartments between us. Do you think it's too soon to look for a new place with a large master bedroom and another room for Stephanie? We can afford to get a nice apartment if we are moving from 3 to 1. What do you think, Don?"

"That's a great idea. I have no real love for my old place. I would be up for that if you ladies are ready. I might suggest we get a 3 bedrooom though. One huge master bedroom and two regular bedrooms, just in case we have some issues where one of us 3 wants some space for a while. It wouldn't be bad to have a guest room either."

"Having second thoughts about having two girlfriends at once are you?" asked Carolyn.

"No, not at all, you two are wonderful and it really helps that you were really close before I came along, but you never know. I just think it would be nice to have that 3rd bedroom as a safety valve."

"I know you, you horndog, you are just making space for the next addition to your harem," said Ellen with a huge grin on her face.

"Hey, my harem would consist of you two only. Stephanie and Stella were your idea, not mine."

"Stella? Who's Stella?" asked Carolyn.

"Stella is a good friend of mine. Don and Stella spent some quality time together Sunday afternoon at my request. She was a one-time only thing not a fuck-buddy. Remember Don."

"I remember, and trust me you two hold the keys to my cock. It's reserved for family members only until you tell me different."

"Oh, we trust you Don, don't worry. But of course I should have realized what I was letting myself in for. You didn't want to fuck Stella, but after I convinced you that you should, you went and left her wanting more. She keeps begging me for a repeat session."

I couldn't keep the smirk off my face.

"Yeah well, what's the point of having sex, if you're not gonna do it right. No need to send Stella to me though. When Steph finds a boyfriend that she wants to be faithful to, I will be just fine. You two are enough woman for me. Thanks very much."

I reached out and stroked them both. They both kissed me.

"Good answer," said Carolyn with a smile.

We had some more nice 3 way pillow talk for a while. Eventually Carolyn reached for my cock. I was limp. She gestured to Ellen and then and mock cried laughingly.

"You know what I would like to see?" I said.

"What's that?" they asked in unison.

"I guarantee you I will be hard as a rock in no time, if you two would lick each other for a while."

They looked at one another and turned bright red. They had had oral relations with each other in the past, but it had always been in the middle of a frenzied session with other people like me and Stephanie involved. I think this was their first time going from a non-sex state right into each other's arms. They stared into each other's eyes and read each other's minds like they always do and then they kissed on the lips passionately. I stood back in awe and watched them. My cock was instantly hard, but they were lost in each other's eyes. They fondled each other lovingly and then they switched into a 69. Both were moaning within seconds. I couldn't take it any longer I found the nearest asshole available and plunged my cock in.

Carolyn let out a yell. "Ohhhhhh, fuck ya."

They were both still licking each other furiously while I pounded into Carolyn's ass. She lost it completely.


I pulled out of Carolyn and Ellen quickly rearranged herself for easy access.

I slammed my cock up her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh my god."

Carolyn recovered herself and slid under Ellen for some more mutual licking. I slammed into Ellen's ass for as long as I could but I could only hold out for 3 or 4 minutes and then I came and came. All 3 of us had a simultaneous mind blowing orgasm.

"Wow," I said.

"Yeah, wow," they both replied and we all laughed.

The next morning when I woke up I was confused at first. I was spooned up against Ellen's ass and Carolyn was spooned up against my ass. It was very cosy and I just enjoyed the sensation until the alarm went off. Of course my cock did get rather hard.

I turned around and pushed them onto their backs gently. I slid my fingers into each of their cunts, and nuzzled their necks back and forth. Ellen woke up first so I slid my cock into her and kissed her. She smiled and I pumped into her. I tried to keep my fingers in Carolyn while I pumped into Ellen. I picked up the pace and Ellen came.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck ya."

Then I pulled out of Ellen and slammed into Carolyn. She was fired up by then.

"Hit me stud," she said.

I slammed into Carolyn furiously for 3 minutes or so.


"Now that's a wake up call," laughed Ellen.

"I think I'm gonna like this," Carolyn replied with a giggle.

"You ladies are gonna be the death of me," I said.

I knocked on Carolyn's door at 5:30 like usual. Stephanie answered and threw herself into my arms.

"Hi Uncle Don," she said with a grin.

"Hi Steph," I said as I grabbed her ass.

We kissed briefly and she led me to her bedroom. She seemed a little nervous for some reason.

I asked her, "Something wrong Steph?"

She replied, "Nope, nothing Uncle Don, let's do this."

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