Whole New War

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: I was wounded and stuck in the rear when Rus came off the fence and attacked. I was angry and resented the injury. A walk to an area full of destroyed armor and equipment leads to a chance to strike back. With the help of several Clar we built a new type of armored vehicle. The front is bulging and the enemy pushing harder. Now it was time for me to get a little payback and the Rus were going to be on the receiving end.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

We had pushed the Clar army or what was left of it all the way to the border with Rus. As far as we were concerned the war was over. I had started as a combat soldier until I was wounded in one of the last major battles. I was stuck in Clarmont with a right shoulder wound when the Rus suddenly attacked.

This was not Clar troops or advising, it was the Rus army, from officers to privates. There was a slow bulge in the center of our lines as they seemed to keep coming. They had major air support and armor that was reaping havoc on our soldiers. Plus from intel on the west border we had a Nees army forming up.

I was in a destroyed enemy area that had been bombed and shot with missiles. A Clar was scrounging and I was feeling frustrated. He glanced at me and finally dropped what he had and came closer, "you need help?"

I snorted, "yeah I need to kill some Rus soldiers."

He grinned and then laughed, "you point them out and I shoot for you."

I looked at him and had to grin. He whistled and a girl appeared from inside a destroyed tank. She was in her mid teens and looked stunning, even in a dirty uniform. She looked at the man and then at me, "you need help?"

The tank was missing the turret and over it I could see the wing of a downed Dragon. I grinned as I had the idea, "as a matter of fact I do."

I started for the tank and gestured to the man, "can you get some men to help you?"

He followed me and frowned, "what are we going to do?"

I chuckled, "build a new type of tank."

I stopped at the tank, "I want all the treads and their support systems pulled out."

I started walking around it, "we will need a good engine and several mage lift plates from any attack craft you find."

I looked towards the dragon, "we need the missile pods from that Dragon and the nose minigun. Also a few of the grenade launchers and..."

Several hours and I had a couple of dozen Clar men and women helping me. The tank had a driver, a commander and four gunners. It had eight missile pods, two on each side that rose up and out like wings connected to an outer turret ring. The other four were on a platform that was tilted back and when activated it rose and could turn or swivel on an inner turret ring.

The twelve millimeter minigun was on the front in a small turret and had five mage metal barrels. The barrels each had three sets of five grooves. In the grooves, mage bands had been opened up and stretched and embedded. There were two grenade launchers on mini turrets to each side and behind the minigun.

Each weapon or pod was hooked into a camera that aimed it. I had the Han crest put on the sides and we were ready to go. The Clar man that was helping me was proud and slapped my back when we were done. It had only taken us a week and the Rus had pushed our line back over thirty kilometers in a bulge.

Jacob picked three men as the other gunners, Lee, Tomas and Sam. His daughter Tia had been the one to put in the mage lift plates and the engine and got it running. She was our driver and Jacob grinned and pushed her towards me, "she is yours."

She smiled shyly as I looked from her to her father before I accepted. It was getting dark and I looked at everyone, "go get some rest. We leave at dawn."

I had moved all my things to a large shed that was still intact. Tia grabbed my hand when I stopped talking and pulled as she headed for the shed. I grinned as I followed her and looked at her slim hips. She turned after walking into the shed and pushed the door closed. I reached for her uniform shirt and started undoing buttons, "you need a few clean uniforms."

She was opening and pushing my pants down, "later."

I laughed as I turned and started backing her to the bed. I dropped the shirt and reached for her pants and she ignored the buttons on my shirt and pulled it up and off. I stepped out of my pants and lifted her out of hers before I laid her on the bed. She spread her legs and grinned and I knelt and pushed her legs open.

I bent and licked through her pussy and she sighed and tilted her hips. She ran her fingers through my hair as I kept licking her and then squeezed her clit. She lifted her hips and shuddered, "ooohhhh!"

When I began to suck, nibble and tease it with my tongue she jerked and shook hard, "sssoooo... !"

She twisted and tried to close her legs and push my face away. I laughed as I moved over her and lifted and forced my cock into her bald pussy. She grunted and hugged me as she lifted her legs. I buried my cock and settled and gave her a kiss and began to press and grind. A minute and I pulled back and then sank my cock into her again.

She clutched me and her pussy clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept kissing her as I continued to fuck her nice and slow. I was using long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out before I buried it. Her tight pussy was very slippery and she was clinging to me while moaning and wailing. When I began to use firm strokes she thrashed around, "aaaahhhh!"

I fucked her hard and deep and after awhile I shoved into her and held her. My cock gushed sperm and she twisted and bucked, "YES!"

She spasmed and hugged me tight while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. When I was done I kissed her and pulled out and rolled her over. I lifted her hips as I straddled her legs and sank my cock back into her leaking pussy. It was a long time before I stopped and Tia had a satisfied look.

I pulled her out of bed and we got dressed before going to find rations. I even managed to get her three small uniforms that almost fit. We sat looking at the new tank and ate and when we were done she pulled me back to bed. We were up with the sun and went to wash and then dress and pack duffels before the others arrived.

We had two hundred and fifty six missiles. One thousand linked twelve millimeter rounds and four hundred grenades. Now all we needed was enemy to fire at. The tank had a very low silhouette and was almost a meter and a half closer to the ground. When the mage lift plates were fed power we rose two thirds of a meter before we started moving.

I was watching the road as we left the destruction and went west. There were no bumps or jars from holes in the road. When we reached the road going north a security officer was directing traffic and stared. I yelled and he woke up and gestured us onto the wider road. There were convoys and vehicles heading south.

We heard the front before we even got close and I gestured to the gunners. I put the throat mike on as I searched the road ahead, "stop by that group of vehicles Tia."

When we pulled up several senior officers turned and stared and I stood, "which way to Third Armor?"

They glanced at each other and one pointed, "what is left is that way."

I murmured and Tia started moving again as I sat. This time no one was directing traffic as we took a smaller road. Soldiers were moving back along the side of the road and I had Tia slow, "how far to the front!"

A sergeant snorted, "you are already here!"

I waved and we started moving, "weapons ready. Gunners watch your screens. Tia drop to a third of a meter."

The sound of battle and fighting grew louder and suddenly we saw a field ahead where six tanks were under fire from more than a couple of dozen enemy tanks and two companies of infantry. The only thing that was keeping them alive was the fact they were dug in. Of course with the enemy moving closer they would not survive.

I looked across the field, "Tia turn right into this field. Weapons hot. Tomas take the left, Jacob the tanks on the right. Lee target those in the middle."

I looked at the troops and glanced at Sam, "fire on the troops."

The wings lifted with the pods above us and suddenly missiles streaked out. The minigun fired and a stream of plasma reached out and went through a tank. Grenades began to explode around the enemy positions. The first salvo and three enemy tanks died. The wings shifted right and the platform went left slightly.

They firing again as the minigun sent another stream of plasm into a tank. The enemy tanks shifted and fired and the area around us exploded. I grinned fiercely, "go faster Tia! Zig zag like I told you."

The tank slid forward fast and we fired a third time. The grenades were destroying the enemy positions and they began to run. The destroyed tanks were burning and half of the others were turning to flee. Our six tanks had been forgotten and they fired and four enemy tanks died. We hit a depression and the tank went right over it and into the next field like it had not been there.

We turned and two more missiles fired. The minigun swung and fired straight through an enemy turret as its main gun turned towards us. The turret exploded and went flying into the air. The combat soldiers had thrown down their weapons and equipment to run faster. The last enemy tank exploded and I shifted, "back to the trail Tia."

The missile turrets spun to the rear as we turned to head back the way we had come. The enemy was still running as the gunners searched for targets and I shifted, "Lee fire on that wheeled vehicle."

The top missile pods turned and tilted slightly before one streaked away. The enemy vehicle exploded and I relaxed, "stand down and start a system test. Once we are out of range we can get out to check for damage and reload. Tia turn and stop by that tank on the left."

The tank turned and slowed and I glanced back before I stood and looked towards the tank, "hey!"

The top hatch opened and a man stood and looked at us. I grinned, "anymore around here for us to shoot at?"

He grinned as he looked at the fleeing enemy, "not anymore."

I waved, "take us back to where those officers were Tia."

I sat and switched to the forward screen, "nice job everyone."

It was not that long before I saw the command center and the vehicles. Tia pulled off the road and slid over a ditch as I stood. The officers were under a tarp and turned as I moved to climb out, "shut down and check for damage and reload."

I dropped off the tank from the back and walked around and towards the officers. I came to attention, "the enemy seems to have left. Is there any other place with enemy armor?"

A Han general cleared his throat, "you destroyed tanks with light missiles?"

I glanced back and up to see the men checking the missile pods, "they are slightly modified with chemtix. They have a copper rod in the core and the shaped chemtix turns it into plasma and punches it through the armor."

He grinned, "and what unit are you with?"

I reddened, "the combat hospital in Clarmont. I ... we designed and built this tank. We wanted to fight and they ... they wanted to keep Rus out of their country."

I stopped talking and he snorted, "so you are absent from the hospital and these are rebel Clar."

I shifted, "they are on our side sir and know what they are doing and we killed..."

He waved, "I was just trying to be clear sergeant."

I blinked because I was a corporal and he turned, "major Gleen?"

A thin officer cleared his throat, "sir?"

The general gestured, "get their names and attach them to our headquarters company. Make sure they have our radio channel and arrange for supplies and ammo."

He nodded, "yes sir."

The general looked at me, "to the northeast we have a major front fifty kilometers away."

He gestured and I turned to follow him to a map. I looked at the area and the enemy positions. I memorized the roads and trails and nodded, "we will head there now."

He blinked, "what about ammo or..."

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