Demon Crossing

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A thousand years ago demons crossed using a realm gate. We were lucky then because there was an army there to stop them. I was a scout and this year was my turn to go to the valley known as Demon Crossing to look for signs they were returning. When I found them I thought we would have time. I never thought I would be the one to face the demon army and try to close the realm gate.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cream Pie   .

I rode into the valley reluctantly and headed toward a pass on the far side. This whole valley was called Demon Crossing and there was a reason. Once a millennium ago an army of demons had spilled out of their realm and into this valley. They had one thing on their mind, to kill and destroy.

We had been lucky, there had been signs before the demons surged out of the realm gate and a army was here to stop them. Every year one man was sent to scout the valley for signs that the demons might return. The men were trained soldiers and scouts who were taught all the signs that might appear if the demons were returning.

I glanced back at the wizard and girl and shook my head. The wizard wanted to find where the realm gate had been and the girl was a slave. They had been a couple of leagues from the valley when I met them. I slowed at the stream we had to ford and crossed while watching the water.

I stiffened when I saw the film on the fast moving water and the few dead fish, "something is wrong."

The wizard looked up, "what?"

I rode out of the water and looked up at Demon Watch. It was a tall tower built with magic and was solid stone with a hollow core. It was two hundred paces tall and fifty across. At the top was a spear of star silver that attracted lightning. I could not even imagine how many times it had been struck.

Every storm that passed over this valley had sent lightning into that single spear. I looked at the wizard, "there is a film on the water. The water is moving fast but the film is still there."

He turned in the saddle and looked back and down, "hum..."

I looked at the setting sun and swung down, "we will camp here and head for the center of the valley tomorrow."

I unsaddled my horses and watched as the girl struggled before going to help her. The wizard was standing by the stream staring into the water as he created a flame on the surface. We picketed the horses and I made a fire. I glanced at the wizard as I rolled out my bedroll and he gestured and sent another to me.

He gestured to the girl and pulled out a pipe, "use her."

I looked at the quiet girl and then at him, "what?"

He shrugged, "she needs a man. I do not mind helping those in need but I am not young and she is an amorous thing."

She blushed as I looked at her, "so you bought her because..."

He snorted, "so she would not go to a whoremaster."

I added the extra bedroll to mine and went to pull out rations. I made dinner with the girl helping. I was almost done when I saw the strange bird. It was more reptile than bird, even if it was flying. I thought of a dragon but it was way to small. The wizard walked around the camp and created a ward before looking at me, "I think you have enough signs."

I nodded as I pulled an amulet from my shirt. I wrapped my hand around it and concentrated, "this is Cory. I have demon sign at the Demon Crossing. Muster the army and send them as fast as you can."

It was awhile before I felt and heard the answer, "what signs?"

I stiffened, "water that will burn and flying lizards. What other signs do you want?"

"Scout the valley and the army will muster."

I felt them leave as I let the amulet go. I looked at the wizard as he sat to meditate and I moved to the bedroll. The girl knelt beside me and reached out to undress me. I caught her hands, "you do not have to."

She shifted and looked into my face, "please?"

That was more than enough and I sighed as I started to undress. I kept looking outside the camp but the horses were calm. I pulled the girl around and took her clothes off and laid her back on the bedroll. She smiled as she spread her legs and I bent to suck on a pretty nipple. She gasped and shivered as she held my head.

I grinned as I turned and moved over her. I used my knees to spread her legs and slowly sank my thick cock into her. I gave her a kiss as she shifted and squirmed and I began to press and finally pulled back to fuck her. She clutched me and her eyes widened and I grinned and sank my cock back into her.

She gasped and shuddered and her tight pussy clenched, "ooohhhh!"

I fucked her slowly and she hugged me while lifting her hips. It was not long before her pussy became slippery. It was grasping and squeezing each time I pushed into her. She shuddered and began to struggle and buck as she wailed, "aaahhhh!"

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her while gushing sperm. She squirmed and jerked as her pussy constantly tightened, "mmmm!"

When I was done I gave her a kiss before I started to fuck her again. Her eyes went wide and she clutched me, "YES!"

After several times I stopped and kissed her as I pulled out. I pulled a blanket over her and stood to look into the night around us. I dressed and went to check the horses and glanced at the wizard. He was still meditating and had not moved. I slipped out and made a slow circle around the area before returning.

Before I walked into the camp I looked towards the center of the valley where the demon realm gate was thought to have been. I was turning away when I saw the glow between there and Demon Watch. I stiffened and spun as I ran for the camp, "WAKE!"

I started packing quickly as the wizard slowly shifted and the girl jerked up. I pull her to her feet, "dress."

I looked at the wizard, "wake wizard before the damn demons get here!"

I threw everything onto the horses as they started to snort. I caught the girl and tossed her up and onto my horse. I started for the wizard but he stood and looked around, "what has happened?"

I snorted as I spun, "the demon realm gate is open and they are coming through."

I heard the screams and roars and bellows and knew we could not out run them. I looked at Demon Watch and started pulling the horses as they jerked and stomped. The few that came to scout the valley knew what almost everyone else did not. I reached the tower and went to the north side.

I looked at a hand print in the stone and placed mine in it. I pushed and there was a grating sound as a huge slab turned and I pulled the horses into the dark. The wizard did something and the narrow hall brightened. The stone closed behind us and when I reached the center there was a clear area with spiral stairs that went up into darkness around the edge.

I left the horses as I almost ran up the stairs and reached into my shirt for the amulet, "this is Cory. The realm gate is open and the demons are crossing!"

I let the amulet go and kept running up the stairs. When I reached the top I stepped out and looked around. There were demons that could fly so I made sure none were above us. I went to the crenel in the wall and peered to the north and tried to see the area around the glow. Dozens of figures moved around and a few were very large.

I looked around for something and my eyes came to rest on the silver spear. Only the point did not look silver anymore. It looked like bronze and seemed to sparkle. I moved to it and slowly reached out and lifted it out of the hole that held it up. It almost felt like there was no weight to it but I could feel the power it held.

I turned to the stairs as the wizard finally climbed up with Aurora, "can you close the stairs?"

He was looking north but nodded, "of course."

I moved towards the stairs, "go back down and close the stairs and seal it. Stay inside until the army comes."

He turned and looked at me and then at the spear I held. He grinned, "you are going after them at the realm gate."

I nodded, "and you and Aurora are staying here."

I went down and pushed through the horses and walked down the dark hall with one hand on the stone of a wall. When I reached the stone blocking the entrance I fumbled to find the lever to open the way. After it opened I put my had on the now raised hand on the outer surface of the stone. I pressed and the stone shifted as it moved back into place.

I turned and took a breath, "time to fight."

I held the spear in my right hand as I started to jog towards the glow. The first group of demons came out of the night but were to late as I kept going. The huge clearing was filled with demons of all sizes. In the center was a shimmer as another demon stepped through. I slowed to a walked and sliced out and to the right.

The spear sparkled as it sliced through the demon rushing me. It flared as if it were alight before turning to ash. I spun the spear and jabbed the other way while continuing towards the shimmer. The point sank into another demon and it froze before turning to ash like the first. I brought the spear back and shifted and brushed a large black sword to my right.

I was going to stab forward and into the huge demon that held the sword. Instead lightning cascaded down the blade melting it before encasing the demon. It began to smoke and then burst into flames before collapsing into ash. I spun the spear and stabbed back and into the groin of another demon.

Even as I yanked the spear out it flared and died. I was still moving towards the realm gate as I shifted to the right and slashed down to take a demon's arm. Flames exploded out of the arm as it screamed and I finally saw a human mage. He looked young and threw something at me.

I held the spear towards him and the discolored point sparkled and I felt a tingle. Lightning answered the spell like a tree spreading into the sky. It branched many times and the demons it struck did not have time to scream before they became living pillars of flame. One struck at the mage but something around him blocked it and I grinned as it bounced.

It struck back through the demons larger than before and just kept branching. When one reached for me the spear drew it in. I was still walking as the demons close to me died and had a clear path to the mage. He sneered as he started another spell and a large group of huge demons charge towards me from behind.

This time when he gestured I held the spear out as the spell struck and turned and pointed back towards the demons. It was not lightning but shards of something black that left the spear. It went through the demons and they began to scream in agony as they melted. I looked at the mage as he was looking around for a way out.

I strode towards him and slashed a new large demon with wings as it flew out of the realm gate. It screamed as it crashed behind me and burst into flames. The mage turned to flee and I shifted and threw the spear. It slammed through his back and he screamed as he fell. He writhed around but he did not catch on fire.

When I reached him it looked like he was being sucked dry and I reached for the spear. His body finally shattered into dust and I turned to look at the gate. The shimmer had changed into a huge dark curtain and a monster demon stepped out. It stood at least twenty paces tall and roared before taking a step.

I lunged and stabbed the spear into the huge ankle and the demon froze before continuing. I was jerked off my feet but managed to hold onto the spear and pull it out. The hole was smoking as the demon lord strode towards the others. They shifted and went to their knees as it reached them.

I looked at the gate and finally at the ground below. I saw the lines and symbols and moved closer and used the point of the spear to draw through them. Another huge monster had started to step out as the curtain rippled and changed before snapping closed. The demon roared and screamed as it was cut in half.

That drew the attention of the demons to me again. The huge one turned and stomped towards me and I shifted as the rest charged. I slashed out and across into the huge clawed hand that reached for me. The monster jerked it back as flames engulfed the hand. I stabbed a demon and yanked the spear back and to the right to slid a wicked sword away.

I brought the point down and across a demon's shoulder and chest and it screamed before fire consumed it. The monster lifted a foot and started to stomp and I dove and rolled away. Two demons rushed after me only to have the huge foot smash them to the ground. The monster shifted and they were turned to paste as I stabbed the spear into the foot.

The smoke coming from the other hole now had flames. As I yanked the spear back I saw the inside of the demon. It was like the inside of a forge and I turned and started to run. Somehow I did not think this monster would just turn to ash. What was left of the demon army charged after me and the monster bellowed as it followed.

I dodged trees and bushes and slowly the demons fell back. The night was ripped open by the huge monster demon as it became a living sun. Trees and anything else close to it burst into flames, including many of the other demons. I kept running as the other demons scattered and I turned to head back to Demon Watch.

I slowed to a trot and then a walk and when I reached the tower I looked around before I crossed the open area. I placed my hand in the print and then jerked and reached for the creature that landed on my shoulder and wrapped arms around me. I started to slice into it with the point of the spear when I realized it was not attacking but clinging.

I shifted and tried to look at it and saw the scaly tail and bat like wings. I looked around and moved into the tower and turned to close the stone. Once it was closed and dark I began to walk and try to pull the creature around and down. It came but continued to cling to me as I walked.

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