Clan Peacekeeper

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The Peacekeeper clan is not like the others. They hold a secret that is passed down through the ages. For them it is about maintaining the peace and balance between clans. Now that has extended to all races and includes enforcing laws. Two men are caught trying to assassinate the emperor's voice and the leader of the clans heir. A young peacekeeper saves them and is rewarded but now he must show his new mates the secret his clans keeps.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Kaire did not really have the same types of crime as the humans. At least not until we learned more about them. We have had peacekeepers for a millennium but mostly they were to settle clan disputes. Now they were more like the human constables or peace officers and had learned to cope with the new crimes.

I was sixteen and unmated and a cadet officer in my clan. What that meant was any arrests had to be reviewed by a clan member that was a full peacekeeper. Not that I had ever made a mistake or was not trained. Unlike a full peacekeeper who carried a plasma pistol I was only allowed nonlethal weapons.

The capital of Kair had a large collection of other races. Our clan was one of the few taught all their languages and as much about them as we could. I was coming from a lecture on new forensic techniques. Most of the killings were simple matters between males. If it was another species it could be anything from revenge to greed to passion.

The only thing identifying me as from the peacekeeper clan was the wide blue belt. I wore a comp and comm and had a expanding metal wand at the back with several plastic restraints. I was walking across a street when I saw the small group. From the large males around the outside I knew one of the royal family was in the middle.

They were headed in the same direction I was and I fell in behind them. There were two humans between us and I got a glimpse of a third in the middle of the bodyguards. He was tall and slim with grey hair and kept talking to a golden Kaire beside him. I recognized him when he turned his head as the human emperor's voice.

The golden Kaire turned to speak to him and I recognized him too, as the emperor's son and heir. Emperor Serg was strange in a lot of ways but had brought us out of the past and into the modern world. His human brother was more Kaire than many and more approachable according to my clan leader.

A disturbance ahead made the bodyguards move forward and I saw the two men move faster. I quickened my step as the way they move seemed to scream in my head. I was almost to them when the one on the right pulled a pistol and pointed it towards the heir and the emperor's voice.

I stepped and my left hand caught his right wrist and twisted up and back while I turned. I snapped a kick across and into inside of his left knee. I yanked and the weapon spun away as he fell screaming. I took a step over him as the other man spun while pulling a pistol. He was bringing it up when it went off and I was half spun to the right.

There was a burning tearing pain through my right shoulder as I growled and my left hand snapped out with the claws extended. I caught the forearm and twisted as I snapped a kick into his groin. He screamed as my claws ripped his arm open and the gun flew aside. He went straight down and I turned as knelt.

My right hand clamped around the back of his neck and the claws dug in, "why human?"

He yelled and tried to move and I let my claw slip out more as I squeezed, "WHY?"

He stiffened, "I was paid!"

I looked at the other man and realized the prince and the voice were both looking. Their guards were rushing back and I looked at the human, "who paid you?"

He licked his lips, "I want a deal."

I growled as I squeezed and lifted him by the neck, "you shot me human. If you do not tell I am going to rip your spine out."

He stiffened, "Sar Paulson!"

I let him go and he dropped to the walk and I yanked his hands behind him and put him into restraints. I moved to the other man and yanked him onto his stomach. I put him into restraints as he screamed from the pain of his broken knee. I stood and glanced at the prince while pulling my comm, "you need to leave your highness."

He smiled, "you are wounded."

I glanced at my shoulder as I opened the comm, "I will live but you need to be protected."

He bowed and the emperor's voice pulled him back and into the bodyguards. I sighed and ignored the pain, "this is cadet Alec Sar Nor. I have two humans that tried to kill the emperor's voice and the heir. I need a peacekeeper and a medical response at my location. I will leave my comm open for them to track."

"It will be a minute cadet. How bad were the humans injured?"

I looked at the two men, "one has a broken knee and the other has deep claw lacerations in his right forearm and claw punctures in the back of his neck. I have a through and through wound from a plasma round in my right shoulder but I think the plasma sealed it."

There was a pause before the dispatcher answered, "stand by cadet the peacekeepers are running full response."

I blinked as I nodded, "understood. Be advised I released the heir with directions to leave with his guards."

The dispatcher chuckled, "we will let his father know."

I felt a little light headed and moved to lean against the wall. A siren was screaming and lights flashed as a fast peacekeeper vehicle streaked around a corner and in the distance I could hear more. Two of my clan stepped out and one moved towards me as the other went to the humans.

I nodded to my uncle as he reached me and turned me to see the back of my shoulder, "you are still bleeding Alec."

He looked at the humans as they were yanked to their feet, "report."

I started from the beginning and went straight through. By the time I was done the medical response team was there. One tried to pull me towards their vehicle but I pulled back, "wait."

My uncle started asking questions while the humans were sedated and loading into the vehicle. Over a dozen of the clan were here now and more than one had gone to look at exterior building vids. My uncle finished and nodded, "I concur with your assessment."

I cleared my throat, "Sar Paulson?"

He grinned and displayed his teeth, "it is our turn to show claws."

I sighed and nodded, "good."

I had to go into the medical unit and let the doctors work on my shoulder. The two men received treatment and were put into isolation for clan guards to question. They had already been charged with attempted murder and the attempted murder of a peacekeeper. My father had been on duty but arrived with my mother who was a nurse.

He was proud and my mother fussed over me. He was the one to tell me Sar Paulson had tried to flee and was caught at the spaceport. He had not wanted the heir dead but had ordered the death of the emperor's voice. It had something to do with his denial of a permit on one of the Kaire colony worlds.

After two liters of regen nanites and a pain neural patch I was put in a bed to rest. I woke to semi dark and the door opening. I shifted as I reached to the side for my baton. The Kaire that stepped in chuckled, "relax cub."

I stiffened as I recognized him, "sir."

He moved to the bed and looked at me, "I wish to thank you for what you did. The two men you captured admitted they would have killed my son."

I shook my head, "it is what..."

He touched my hand, "no youngling. It is what your clan would do but you are not yet a full peacekeeper. You acted to save another with no regard for your safety as a warrior would do. My family learn at a young age to step in and do what needs to be done. Not all of our people do this or even react the way you did."

He glanced at the door and nodded and I followed his look to see a girl. She was silver with black spots like me and her tail swung slowly. I looked at him and he smiled, "the clan council has read the report on your actions. They wished to gift you with a mate since you are single."

I blinked and looked at the girl, "it is not..."

He squeezed my hand, "yes it is. I wish it were one of my daughters but they are spoken for. Her name is Shay Sa Nas Celden and she is sixteen. She is learning comp engineering."

I looked at the girl before I sighed and nodded and he turned towards the door again as someone cleared their throat. I followed his look to see the emperor's voice with a girl beside him. He smiled as he moved towards the bed, "youngling."

I sighed as I lay back, "sir."

He nodded to the emperor, "my lord has expressed his gratitude. When he learned what your clan council was going to do he contacted his niece."

He turned, "she is here as an exchange student studying your legal system."

I looked and realized the girl was in her late teens. She smiled and put her hand on the emperor's voice, "my cousin is trying to say they asked if I would meet with you and consider a bond marriage."

I snorted and shifted as I moved to the other side of the bed, "there are no marriages here."

I slipped off the bed and carefully swung my right arm. I looked at her and the emperor's voice, "do you know why?"

He smiled and looked at her and she shook her head as I walked around the bed, "when Kaire take a mate we must accept the person completely with any and all flaws."

I caressed Shay's cheek, "once we mate it is for life."

I looked at the human girl, "you wish to learn of our laws? One of the things humans have brought is violence but not like we knew it. It was unknown for a Kaire female to be raped. Now it is happening and over ninety percent kill themselves."

I looked at the emperor, "we take mates and learn to accept them and try to adapt for them. I am a cadet peacemaker and if I choose Shay I must help her with what she wishes to do."

I moved to the human girl and caressed her cheek, "but there is more. Kaire can take more than one mate but it must be voluntary and all mates must adapt. If I choose to accept you as a mate I must also learn to accept you and help you. Just as you would have to accept and learn to help Shay and she you."

She nodded and looked at Shay and I turned and moved to where my belt lay, "think before you choose."

I put my belt around me and turned as I adjusted it, "I do not enjoy being in the medical unit longer than I must."

I bowed to the emperor and the emperor's voice before looking at Shay, "Shay Sa Nas Celden I see you."

Her smiled seemed to light the room as she moved towards me, "Alec Sar Nor Peacekeeper I see you."

Her tail slipped around my waist and I slipped an arm around hers, "I claim you."

She purred as she pressed against me and we rubbed cheeks. I looked at the human girl and she was smiling and took a breath, "I am Sasha Gloria Wellington and I see you."

I looked at Shay and she looked at Sasha before looking into my eyes and nodding. I let her go and walked towards Sasha, "I am Alec Sar Nor Peacekeeper and I see you."

She grinned as I reached her, "I claim you."

I snorted but the emperor laughed and headed for the door, "she sounds like a couple of my mothers."

I watched him leave with the emperor's voice following. Sasha cleared her throat, "you need a sling for your arm."

I looked at her and opened my mouth only to have Shay appear and put her hand on my chest. I looked at her and finally nodded, "yes my mates."

She smiled and I walked to the door and gestured to a nurse. A couple of minutes and I was leaving with the two girls. A public transport took me home which was the cadet warren. I hesitated and Sasha grinned, "we could go to my apartment."

I looked from her to the warren and then at Shay before I nodded. Her apartment was in a human warren with human security guards. We went up to the top floor and into the very large home. Sasha glanced around as Shay hugged my side, "I never realized how large this place is."

I shook myself, "I need to wash the medical stink off."

They grinned and started stripping while pulling and pushing me. The huge bed made me look as I was pulled past it and into a very large fresher. Beside the large shower was a bath but I felt my shoulder and shook my head. I removed my belt as Sasha started the water and pushed Shay and her in before I followed.

I felt the warm water and sighed as I moved to stand under it. Sasha giggled and Shay grinned as I closed my eyes and purred. They began to wash me as I breathed in water to clean and clear my sinuses. I turned and reached for Sasha and caressed her strange human body. Shay laughed as I cupped a breast and used a thumb claw to rake the nipple.

Sasha shivered and then grinned and kissed me. I was surprised and felt a tingle go through my body and straight to my balls. I grinned and turned to Shay and caressed the soft fur above her pussy. She growled as she spread her legs and shivered. Sasha giggled and turned to shut the water off, "we better take this to the bed."

I nodded and moved out and started to reach for a towel but Shay tapped my hand. I looked at her as she took the towel and checked the bandage on the wound before drying me. I sighed and realized how my life had changed. I took the towel and dried Sasha since she had no fur and then did Shay.

I pulled them out and after me as I headed towards the huge bed. I let them move onto the bed and Sasha turned and pressed against Shay, "you first."

I looked at her and Shay smiled, "thank you."

Sasha grinned as she pushed her back and moved down while looking at me, "Alec?"

I smiled as I moved onto the bed, "you wish me to do something?"

She pushed Shays legs open, "see the tiny nub at the top of her slit?"

I looked and nodded and she rubbed it gently. Shay gasped and her hips lifted as she shivered. Sasha grinned, "that is where our clit is. It is very sensitive and gives us pleasure. We will also like touches on the inner lips and inside us."

She touched Shay's small inner lips and slipped the tip of a finger into her. She shuddered and humped and I grinned as Sasha giggled. She pulled on me, "we are going to lick her pussy and make her cum."

I moved and did not hesitate as I licked through her pussy and growled at the scent that hit me. Sasha hugged me and moved to suck on Shay's clit and then it was my turn. We went back and forth as Shay gasped and moaned and kept lifting her hips and shuddering. Her scent filled my head the longer I licked her pussy.

Sasha finally pulled me up, "fuck her Alec."

I shifted as Shay put her arms around me and humped against her pussy. Her eyes widened as my cock emerged and pushed into her. I kept humping and pushing until my cock was buried and she was struggling and bucking as she wailed, "aaahhhh!"

I pulled back and she clutched me as her tight pussy clenched, "nnnoooo!"

Sasha giggled as I sank back into Shay and started to fuck her using long strokes. She thrashed and spasmed while her pussy milked my cock. I hesitated as Sasha reached between my legs and began to massage my balls. I continued to fuck Shay and loved the way her warm pussy felt around my cock.

Slowly I started to use firm thrusts and she cocked her legs and howled, "yyyeeeesssss!"

Before long I was fucking her hard and deep and she was jerking and struggling again. I shoved into her and she tightened her hold as I kept pressing before I gushed sperm. She twisted and bucked while her pussy rippled and gripped my cock, "YES!"

She jerked and squirmed as I kept pumping cum into her, "ooohhhh ... mmmm!"

She slowly dropped her legs and shuddered while her pussy milked my cock. I rubbed her cheek before I pulled out and turned. I pushed Sasha back and moved up to rub her cheek and she caught me and gave me a human kiss. I shivered at the feel and then smiled and moved down. I sucked on her nipples and she gasped and caught my head.

I grinned as I licked them and moved back and forth and finally down between her legs. I looked at her pussy and it did not look any different from Shay except it only had a small triangle of hair above it. I started to lick and she lifted her hips and shuddered. I rubbed the sides and teased her clit and sucked.

I nibbled gently and she gasped as she thrust up, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept licking her and sucking on her clit until she was struggling and started to buck. I grinned as I started to move up and she twisted and rolled onto her stomach. She went to her knees and looked back and I moved behind her to feel her wet slit. I shifted and pressed against her as I began to hump.

My cock emerged and I bent and shifted before slowly pressing into her. She groaned as my cock sank deeper and spread her pussy open. I straightened once my cock was in and started to hump and push. She pushed back and shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed, "mmmm!"

I continued to go slow with long strokes and it was another minute before she jerked away and then shoved back, "HARD!"

Shay laughed as I grinned and held her with one hand and started to fuck her hard and deep. Her warm and slipping pussy clenched and tightened each time I tried to pull out. She struggled and twisted while she howled, "yyyeeeesssss ... mmmm! Fffuuucccckkkkk..."

I continued to fuck her hard and felt Shay when she started to massage my balls. I groaned as I kept shoving into Sasha and pushed to get deeper. The slow build up in my balls seemed to make my cock swell. Her knees spread wider and I finally buried my cock and held her as I gushed a huge solid stream of sperm.

Sasha screamed as her pussy gripped my cock and warm cum was pumped into her womb, "oh my ... YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed as I spent myself in her and when I stopped she sagged to the bed panting. I slowly pulled out and Shay turned me and pushed me onto my back, "we will do all the work now."

They did and it was awhile before I slept. I woke to Shay purring and turned my head to see Sasha brushing her fur. I smiled and winched as I shifted, "we need to make a trip my mates."

They looked at me as I moved off the bed and headed for the fresher. Sasha caught up first and cleared her throat as I stopped to look around. Shay rubbed my back, "where do we go?"

I moved to the shower, "to the clan pillars in Ire."

She hissed as I rubbed my right shoulder before turning on the water. Sasha had followed us and turned me, "what is the clan pillars and where is Ire?"

Shay turned me to face her, "we are not allowed in Ire."

I smiled and rubbed her cheek, "you are now. You will understand why after we get there."

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