Hermione and Cho Experiment

by gen. cardinal

Copyright© 2015 by gen. cardinal

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Cho takes a potion and Hermione reaps the benefits

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   TransGender   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   .

"Professor, aren't you supposed to show us first?" asked Hermione.

"Well, that may be the case, but let's see what you can do."

Hermione just shrugged her shoulders and went to the back of the classroom with the other students. They grabbed various books off of the shelves and were back at their tables. She just opened one up and found a sleeping potion that she hadn't made but looked simple enough to make. All was required was a bit of catnip, alcohol and some other ingredients. She set a beaker to the burner and started her procedure. "Hermione, could you help me a minute?" asked Cho.

"Sure, let me see the potion your working on." She took the book and it appeared to be a modification of polyjuice potion, except that it didn't require a victim's hair or it didn't require it to blend for a month. The ingredients were lace wing flies, leeches, powered unicorn horn, and fluxweed. She had most of the ingredients on hand except for the powdered unicorn horn. "Professor, do we have powered unicorn horn?"

"That's a more rare ingredient used in few potions. I'll have a look in the store room. You are all doing wonderfully." He walk out of the clssroom and dissappeared. "I wonder what this potion does. It certainly doesn't change you into someone else. All it does it change a part of the body the user wants too. It doesn't last very long though. Only a day it says." Explained Hermione. "What is the name of the potion?"

"It's called Mordenkianen's disjunction. I've never heard of him."

"I haven't either. I'll have to look him up in the library later tonight."

Just then Professor Slughorn returned with the ingredient. "Here you are. Just a pinch should do for this potion. Mordenkianen's disjunction. Never heard of the fellow." He wandered around the class checking on the other student's progress. Cho dumped the powder into the cauldron and stired the brew. It fizzed sending forth a bit of smoke. She looked into the cauldron and saw a black thin brew. "Are you sure it doesn't need to sit for 21 days, Hermione?"

"Not according to the recepie. How does it look?"

"Not that bad actually. Just looks like a normal drink."

"I wouldn't taste that if I were you. It could be poisonous."

"I don't know. It couldn't be that bad since its in a book." She took a vial from her bag and transfered some of the potion into it. SHe stoppered it and placed it into her bag. "Alright class, thats enough for today. If you've finished, put some in a vial for me to grade."

They walked out of the classrom and went about thier day. After dinner, Hermione went to the libray. She found the tome on wizarding history and started to scan the pages. After hours of this, she found nothing. SHe went back to Gryffindor Tower and got ready for bed. She soon fell asleep. The rest of the week went by quickly. On saturday morning Cho cornered her at breakfast. "Hermione, you have to come with me."


"I want to try that potion we made in class."

"I hope it doesn't kill you. I couldn't find anything on that Mordenkeinan guy either. I hope it works the way you wnat it too."

"Me too. She grabbed Hermione's hand and they raced off to the toilets. They made sure they were the only one's in there and Cho pulled the vial from a pocket of her robes. "Bottoms up." With that she threw her had back and swallowed the potion in one go. SHe threw the vial away and looked at Hermione.

"Anything yet?"

"No, not yet." Suddenly, Cho grabbed at her stomach and ran into the nearest cubicle. Hermione could hear her friend start to grun and moan in pain.

"Are you ok? Can I do anything for you?"

Suddenly the noise died down and out walked Cho. She apeared the same in her school shirt and robe. But there was a slight buldge in her skirt. SHe smiled at Hermione. "I'm all better."

"What do you mean? Are you ok?"

"Feeling great." She pulled Hermione close to her and kissed her softly on the lips. Hermione melted into the embrace and pulled Cho close. They kissed for a few more minutes before Hermione could feel something press against her leg. "Was it a penis?" she thought to herself. She looked down and there was a big buldge in Cho's skirt. "Cho, is that what I think it is?"

"I don't know. Would you like a peak up my skirt?" They both were curious as to how her new appendage would work.

"I might, but not here." They held hands and walked out of the toilets. They walked up the stairs to the seventh floor accross the tapestry of Barnabas of Bamily. Suddenly a door appeared. Cho turned to Hermione and winked. She opened the door and usured her friend in. Inside was a tub, a bed, a shelf full of oils and lotions. Once again they embraced and looked lips. Hermione once again felt Cho's new penis press against her body. SHe pulled away and knelt down.

Her hands went to the skirt button and zipper. She fumbled with them for a few seconds and the skirt fell to Cho's feet. Sudenly, she was faced with the massive buldge. She pulled down Cho's panties and the cock sprang free. IT was half hard, hairless and had a set of massive balls. Hermione's mouth watered.

She never tasted a cock this big before. Even bigger than Ron's and Harry's combined. Hermione stood up and pushed Cho to the bed. She bent down and placed the massive member in her mouth getting it wet. Her hands grabbed Cho's legs and pushed them up. She wanted total access to her crotch. Cho's anus was totally hair free. She wondered if that was part of the spell or her grooming. Her tongue became soft as she licked up to a massive orb. She took it into her mouth and sucked lightly. Cho gave a low moan as she switched to the other one. Hermione gave a small smile. SHe took the massive cock in her mouth running her tongue around the head. The precum tasted sweet. Hermione's head bobbed up and down making it come to full mast. It was 8 inches long and around an inch thick. When she looked up at CHo, Her eyes were closed and her hands were tugging on her nipples through her shirt and bra. Her head was in constant motion. She pulled off and rubbed the spit covered penis in her hand. "Do you like this Cho?"

"Oh my god it feels awesome! Now I know why Dean loved to have his cock sucked. I can feel everything down there." Hermione resumed her blowjob. She increased the suction on her mouth. She wanted to taste the cream of her friend. Cho screamed out, "Oh, oh oh ... keep sucking Hermione! Don't stop!" She clutched at hermiones head pulling her firm. Hermione was nose to pubic mound as the cream flowed into her mouth. It was several spoonfulls, she gauged this by how many swallows she had to do of the cum. Cho had her head back and eyes closed. "How was that, Cho?"

"Best on I've had in awhile. Actullay first one with a penis." She gave Hermione a half smile. and pushed up on her elbows. This pushed out her tits for Hermione to see. Hermione stood up and started a slow dance. The room was filled with the sounds of erotic music. Every so often, a piece of clothing hit the floor. Once she was down to her standard issue bra and panties, She took the bra off and threw it over Cho's eyes. Cho grinned and threw it off. Hermione turned around and started to pull down her panties. The crotch was wet with desire. She bent over exposing her wet sex. Cho Grinned like a school boy and started to stroke her cock. Once Her panties were off, Hermione went back to the bed and crawled over Cho. She kissed her again and pulled open her shirt. Several buttons went flying across the room. Cho's tits were still bra covered, but Hermione didn't mind. Her mouth went to one hard nipple and sucked. CHo grabbed her head and pulled her tight. Hermione switched to the other nipple. She looked down and saw that cho was hard again. Cho sat up and threw off her shirt and bra. She attacked Hermione with her face on her small but pert tits. The nipples were tight and crinkled. Just right for sucking. Cho sucked on into her mouth. Hermione pulled Cho to her tit. SHe was sucking and licking it for all her worth. She pulled and twisted the other one. Cho became aggrassive and threw hermione on her back. Hermione pulled her legs back, "Fuck me please, Cho."

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